December 7, 2016

A Quick Hello

Hi my lovely readers,

I am still around. I promise. It was very necessary for me to take time off and to focus on me for a while. I have missed this community, this space of mine to read and write and share my thoughts. Yet, sometimes, a hiatus is needed and mine was long overdue. 

Winter has finally arrived in my neck of the woods, and I cannot be more thrilled. Cold, foggy mornings to wake up to is an amazing experience. It won't snow where I am at, but frost is definitely happening and I believe it is around the corner. Yay!!! This holiday season, like many more to come, will be bittersweet. It is what it is. All I can do is cherish the moments, the memories, and the stories shared. I won't let my favorite time of the year get ruined by my sad heart. Sadness is okay, we all need to let it in, but to allow it to take over is a big mistake. I am working on this on a daily basis, and I am improving beautifully. One day I'll look back, chuckling, thinking of how awful I felt and how far I have come in my journey with grief. Looking at my tiny Christmas tree gives me joy and hope, and that is really all I need this time around.

With that being shared I hope you are having a fabulous holiday season, whether or not you celebrate. Make the time to spend it with friends and family, no matter what. Cherish the moments you experience, smile, hug each other, and laugh so much you have to cry {it's the best part ever!}.

I shall see you all next year...until then, don't forget about me...just pretend I am Santa being busy and all. :)



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