February 29, 2016

Weekly Hopes {31}

Happy last day of February!! We are blessed with an extra day this month and this year. Time to cherish it and embrace what today and especially this week has in store for each and every one of you. Last week was so so. You know the days or weeks that don't work for ya. You feel off, everything feels weird and you want to crawl into a corner and stay away from everyone? Yeah, it kind of happened. However, that's okay. It's life. This week will be better. :) 

Without further blahblah here's my Weekly Hopes for this week:

1 - March begins...meaning spring starts! Yay!
2 - Another doctor's appointment {it's a follow up...we shall see how that goes}
3 - Dental cleaning...I'm loving it.
4 - Positivity!
5 - Homemade lemon glaze.
6 - A new, fun recipe to try.
7 - Rain returning to my area.
8 - Healthy lifestyle!
9 - Opportunities!
10 - Pure happiness, and the fact that I want to share my happiness with you.

It's a different list. It's a good list. I'll be busy in the next few days and that is a good thing. Plus, even though the last 29 days did not turn out the way I would have liked them to, I think February was a good one. Nonetheless I am looking forward to a new month, spring weather, and great opportunities in life. That is what life is all about. Opportunities. Embrace them when you spy them. Really. Do it. 

With that in mind, I hope this week treats you well and all your weekly hopes get accomplished!! I'll be certainly working on mine! :)


February 26, 2016

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone. One full week has passed by again, just like that. It shouldn't amaze me but it does. Time runs faster than we can think. The longer we sit around, the less will be accomplished, the less will be experienced. Fridays help me look back at what life had in store for me. Whether it was too many trips to the vet, or no phone call from my best friend, or too many sodas, drinks, sunsets, what not. Friday posts should reflect on what we did and today I am happily doing this again. 

I'm linking up with Krysten and Lindsay today and hope you stop by and say hello!! :) Let's see what made me happy this week:

1. Free coffee
2. Supporting others
3. New set of Pajamas
4. New and taller cat tree
5. Castle
6. The anticipation to Fuller House
7. Finished reading a book {finally, so behind you guys, I am so behind}
8. My Gilmore Girls T-shirts {I ordered two and received both on the same day!!}
9. Working out more
10. Massage Day

It's been a good week. The only thing I didn't like about this week was me getting rejection letters or emails {sucks, but it's life and I am moving on} and the fact that I felt like blogging wasn't in for me. I didn't feel like sitting down and writing and sharing and what not. What is wrong with me? Any tips?! Help. Ha! 

What made you happy this week?

February 25, 2016

A Spring List

Last two summers I shared with you my summer lists consisting of things I was hoping to do, see, experience, or make during that season. Granted, not everything on my list came true. Some things were impossible {time issues}, or life got in my way and I couldn't follow through with everything. I love seasonal lists. They give me hope, they make it worth looking forward to something and they are simply fun. In an effort to accomplish as much as even possible I am sharing my spring list with you for the first time.
  • Bake a cake {blueberry peach cake 4.13.16}
  • Plant my herb garden {decided not to}
  • Make jam {failed though, but hey, I tried!}
  • Have a romantic and fun picnic
  • Clean out our closet and donate what is not wanted or worn anymore {spring cleaning}
  • Drive to the ocean
  • Drive to a lake
  • Hike along American River again
  • Create a special Easter dessert {4.13.16}
  • Buy fresh and colorful flowers at least twice a month
  • Take a two-day family trip
  • Go out of state for a few days {spring break time in Nevada}
  • Read at least three books {one per month}
It's a short list but it's a manageable list. I am looking forward to adding colors to a new season, creating a new dessert {at least new to me}, and I'm looking forward to exploring more of this gigantic country. I would like to go to Utah or Oregon. B said "just" out of state...this could mean anything when it comes to him. We shall see.

Wish me luck with my spring list, and don't forget to come back and see how I am doing. I will update this list accordingly. Oh and my spring lists starts March 1 and ends May 31.


updated: 5.31.16

February 22, 2016

Weekly Hopes {30}

Can you believe we are already writing the 22nd of this month? Crazy! Time has really flown by like nothing can stop it. I'm also doing this Weekly Hopes for the 30th time; say what?! I'm glad I'm doing this though. This series has helped me tremendously to focus on the future and I believe it's very important for me to let the past be the past and move forward. So far so good. I'm improving daily. 

Anywho, I don't want to get into this...lets see what this week may have in store for me:

1 - Massages
2 - Receiving a few T-shirts I ordered {sooooo stinking excited you guys!}
3 - Sending out more resumes
4 - Hardly any pain thanks to natural remedies
5 - Target run
6 - Mild temperatures so I can wear my spring shoes
7 - A healthy kitty {fingers crossed it was just a sprain}
8 - A less clumsy me

Not a bad list. There's not a lot that needs accomplishing and so I'm looking forward to little things. Anything should make us happy, so even a smile from a stranger in the supermarket should be something to look forward to. Ha. Creepy in a way. Also, yes last week was terrible. I even ended the week yesterday with me spilling water all over the table, floor, remotes, magazines and what not. Oh yeah, I was wet and one of my kitty wasn't fast enough to run away from the evil water. Telling you, not my week. Here's to a less clumsy me and more hopeful week with great accomplishments!! 

What are you hoping to accomplish this week?! Any Weekly Hopes for you!? 


February 19, 2016

Happy Friday!

This week has not been my favorite. Not only did I feel off all week, one of my fur babies must have fallen off something wrong and hurt her leg. Poor kitty. Coming home to a screaming kitty is no joke and it hurt my precious heart a lot. She's doing much better, but we are making sure she rests up a lot and does not climb as much. My baby needs to get better. Besides all this, it is Friday and it is time to link up with Krysten and Lindsay for their 10 Things that Made me Happy this Week series. Join the fun if you can. 

Let's get right to it, shall we? Here's what made me happy this week:

1. Rain
2. Fun orders coming my way
3. Sunsets
4. Lasagna
5. Gilmore Girls
6. Kisses from Luna {my poor baby}
7. Wine
8. Cinnamon flavored floors
9. Pink and white trees in bloom
10. Owl socks

What made you happy this week? The little things are the best things. And yes, rain made me happy and that mostly because it is needed here in California. By the way, who else celebrated Wine Day yesterday?! I sure did. :)

Happy Friday everyone!

February 18, 2016

Currently {5}

Thinking about: My life. What I'm doing, why I'm doing what I'm doing. The usual. I feel I am tested these days. Life comes in all kinds of shades and forms and that's okay. Sometimes it is a good shade, and lately it is not a good shade. Let's be honest, I think I had happier days. I need to refocus and find a medium that works for me, friends, my man, and our life. I know it's a test. I know not everything is pink filled with butterflies but for crying out loud can it please stop and be at least more comfortable around here? My current life, currently, is not that great but I know there's better days ahead, and I will embrace those better days once found. Telling you, my life is a bit crazy at the moment. :( 

Listening: To the diffuser in the room. It calms me down. It is like one of those things that I can focus on and let myself go. My kitties are asleep, neighbors are surprisingly quiet and all I'm hearing is the silent diffuser diffusing my favorite calming scent away. I feel at peace and at ease. Can't complain.

Watching: The news. It's early in the morning and I always watch the news when I get ready. Coffee on hand of course! Besides what I am doing right this second...I'm watching Gilmore Girls again, Friends again, and a few TV shows that are finally back this year.

Reading: Two books and about to dive into a third one. I am a bit behind reading. I let B choose the books I'm reading this year and it started off with a heavy one, so I am not very motivated to go on but I will. Promise. Update will follow in about a month. 

Loving: That I know life will be better. A rough patch is normal. Having difficulties finding a job is normal. There's worse things in life than that. Also, I'm loving my morning routine with a workout, and a new way to make our bed. It's the little things that make me smile, plus I have this new decor pillow and to see this every morning while putting it in its place makes me happy! Oh, and I am  also loving the milder weather allowing me to keep my winter jacket stored away.

Eating: A lot of veggies, and a lot less meat. I love my meat but we have to cut back for a little while and while I think this isn't torture, the budget won't fully allow eating steak all the time. Also, I am trying to incorporate more healthy snacks and less soda for the both of us. I am already cutting my soda intake for lent, so I have no issues with this one. My man? He struggles.

What are you currently up to?!

February 17, 2016

Silence is worse

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” 
- Martin Luther King Jr.

I am having a rough week but that's okay. I get time to reflect on the last nine months, on my life, on friends, on family, on pretty much everything. I came across this quote and knew it was an appropriate one for today's Quote of the Day post. It fits so perfectly it's shocking. Silence is often worse than anything else. I have dealt with a lot of silence lately, and while I know that everyone lives a different life I feel a quick acknowledgement would be nice. It isn't that hard. At all. I appreciate the ones that do respond. Very much.

With that being said, the past nine months have been difficult. I am alone in this and wish I had a shoulder to cry on, or someone to distract me. I have two cats who keep me busy and entertained but to be honest, human interactions would be nice. Now you wonder, wait what, doesn't she have a man in her life? Yes, I do. It's not enough. Plus, he doesn't know how to deal with my loss. He deals with his losses differently and doesn't understand why it takes me longer, why I crave human interactions, friends, a routine, something. So, although I have him I am still alone. And when I reach out to people and silence is all I get in return it hurts. Deeply.

So, Martin Luther King Jr. was right. We will remember the silence of our friends rather than the harsh words of our enemies. Silence can be very loud!!

February 15, 2016

Weekly Hopes {29}

Another day, another week. 
How was your Valentine's Day weekend?
It was pretty unspectacular for me. Went on our weekly date Saturday, did laundry, cleaned the house, read blogs, and relaxed with my muscle relaxer pills. Yay me! Nothing special, see?!

What better way to start the week fresh, with new hopes, wishes and positive attitudes? Let's jump right into this. This week I'm looking forward to...

1 - Possible rain
2 - Homemade lasagna
3 - Container Store visit {yay!!}
4 - Jacuzzi time
5 - More workout done
6 - Painting my nails {I tend to not do this often!}
7 - Answering a lot of emails
8 - Another fabulous adjustment at my chiropractor
9 - Free coffee
10 - More job applications done

It's an interesting list this week. There's rain in the forecast and we desperately need it here in California. I miss lasagna, so why not make some this week?! It's not that hard, plus I use no boil gluten free lasagna pasta which makes this whole cooking thing so much easier. I never thought I'd say it but I really like going to my chiropractor. Not only does it feel like you're entering a family practice, it's quick, painless and affordable. Plus, yes, it helps tremendously. And once done with that one I'd love to sip my free coffee and visit the container store. What's not to like about this week?!

Anything you're looking forward to this week?
Tell me!!

Have an amazing day.


February 12, 2016

Happy Friday!

Fridays are my toughest days to blog. I always want to but end up so busy I realize the next day that I should have shared my Happy Friday list with you. I love link-ups. They bring people together and it is a chance to meet new, fun people as well. Anyways, I am so glad I am joining Krysten and Lindsay's weekly link-up again. It's all about what made me happy this week. So, join the fun if you have time! 

What made me happy this week:

1 - Sunshine
2 - My hello pillow I got from Etsy
3 - Better sleep aka no kitties bothering at 3am anymore
4 - Risotto
5 - Muscle relaxer
6 - Cheaper gas prices
7 - Valentine's Movies on Hallmark Channel {don't judge}
8 - German
9 - Donations to the Goodwill
10 - The Bachelor and what happened this week {finally!!!}

So yes, lots has happened this week. I met someone who speaks German and it was fun to catch up and confuse a few people around us. I don't like pills. I am all for modern medicine but if I can go around it I'd prefer it {hence my love for essential oils and their power, more on this in another post I guess}. Yet, my doc prescribed a muscle relaxer and I gave it a shot. I was in a lot of pain Wednesday night and although my oil to lessen the pain worked within less than five minutes and lasted all night long I had to give the relaxer a try. It worked somewhat. Can't say if it fully made me happy but it worked so I added it to the happy list. My week was good. Good to me equals happy, no?!

What made you happy this week?

Happy Friday!


February 11, 2016

Chicken Pesto Bake

For months I have been following Tasty on Facebook. I love their creations. It always looks so easy, so delicious and so very inspirational. Guys, I gave in. I had to try a few things and hoped for the best. There is not much help there. Most recipes list every ingredient and step in detail, so with this I had to give my best and go with my taste buds and common cooking sense. In short, I ballparked it.

I did it.

I tried to create a Chicken Pesto Bake. It looked easy, and guys, it was so easy to make it made my day. Anyone can do this. Yes, even you believing the kitchen hates you or is after you for no real reason. The kitchen does not hate you by the way; you are always the boss! :)  It turned out so delicious we know for a fact that we'll be making this again and again and again.

Here's what you need:

- Chicken breasts {one per person is enough but you can use more}
- Pesto sauce
- Roma tomatoes {about four, cut in slices}
- Mozzarella cheese

Here's what you do:

- Preheat over to 400F {200C}
- Put the chicken breasts in a pyrex {or similar oven friendly dish}
- Optional: season with pepper and salt
- Cover each breast with enough pesto sauce {I painted mine green}
- Now put all the tomato slices on top of the chicken breasts; the more the better
- Add the cheese on top of everything {as much cheese as you would like; I used about 2 cups}
- Put in oven and bake for 40 minutes

Voila. Done. 
I served our chicken pesto bake with a small green salad on the side.
This is such an easy and very delicious dinner.

Yes, I know, my photos should be better BUT my man isn't helping me do this so cooking and taking photos at the same time requires four hands and sometimes I don't have that; well, I never have that. 


February 9, 2016

Date Night is Important

I am a proponent of date night. I believe that no matter what your relationship status you should have regular date nights; with friends or with your significant other. It's a great way to catch up with your girlfriends, or guy friends. On top of that, I think it is very important to go out once a week and spend quality time with your partner. It strengthens and intensifies any relationship. I have to admit that date nights with my girlfriends and date nights with my man are two different things, but in the end both always brightened up my days/evenings. Date Night is important!

I am highlighting Date Night in our calendar. It is usually on a Thursday or Friday or on a weekend. Not every date is the same. We don't always go out for dinner. Sometimes we end up at home watching Netflix or a DVD, sometimes we go miniature golfing or explore an area we haven't been to yet. Sometimes we play games or go out for hikes. It varies depending on weather, budget, time and mood. We realized that when we do take time for one another we get to learn more about each other, we grow and we feel better about our relationship. 

Casual Date Outfit
When going to the movies, having brunch with my girlfriends or going for an adventurous trip I try to stay casual but cute. After all it is a date night/date day. I want to look put together but not too much. Who wants to mini golf in a skirt or explore a new town in a fancy outfit? I don't. I love great quality, style and class but to a certain extend. The outfit needs to fit the occasion.
Purse | Pants | Earrings | Shirt

Romantic Date Night

Date Night for a special occasion {birthday, anniversaries, promotions} needs to feel and look more special. A colorful dress, simple flats or heels and a few accessories add sparkle to any date. Less is often more. Valentine's Day is around the corner, guys. I know I will dress up this week when we go on our weekly date!!
Dress | Heels | Perfume | Earrings

I love dates. I get to dress up and have fun. This weekend we are going to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. I will certainly dress up and have a blast. It won't be a fancy place but fancy enough for me to add some sparkle to the weekend. Plus, we will have a no cellphone rule. It's date night after all; time to enjoy each other and not other people on social media. One important aspect of why I am supporting date night!


February 8, 2016

Weekly Hopes {28}

Good morning!
How was your weekend? Did you watch the Superbowl? I did. I'm not into football at all but it being SuperBowl50 and being held close to my area I felt obliged to watch. Besides, it's once a year and I usually watch the Superbowl, so why the heck not?! 

It's time again for this week's Weekly Hopes! Are you ready? I know I am.
Let's get right to it, shall we?

1 - Warmer weather {don't be jealous!}
2 - No school on Tuesday for B {yes!}
3 - Target Run!
4 - Early Valentine's Day dinner on Saturday
5 - Etsy orders coming in - so excited!!
6 - More workout; I so need a workout buddy in my area
7 - White wine risotto for dinner {made by moi!!!}
8 - A possible visit from family
9 - StitchFix arriving
10 - Laughter; lots of laughter {I'm trying to laugh more as it is said to bring out happiness in people}

Yes, I'm trying to laugh more. Easier said than done. I have a pretty open mind and also humor. I can laugh at a lot of things. Let me rephrase this: I could laugh at a lot of things. Jokes I once found funny, or comedians I enjoyed watching in a film I no longer find amusing. We watched a film the other day. Everyone told me it was a funny movie and I should watch it because I'd be laughing my butt off. I finally did. I laughed once; in the last ten minutes of the film. That's it. B was constantly laughing and once even asked if I was feeling well. Guys, I don't know what happened but I lost my sense of humor or "fun". So I have been telling myself to laugh more. Let's see if I can accomplish this this week. Also, although I hate Valentine's Day, we are going on a VDay date. Not on the day itself but the day before. We wanted to eat out anyways. Excited. It's been a while. Meaning I have to look good and dress up, oh boy!!

So yes, not the most exciting week but it is a new week and I would like to check a few things off my to do list. Also, if I only found a job that would be nice. I'm very picky and I shouldn't be. Yet, I also don't want to take just any job. I know it sounds stupid but this is me. But until I find a good place to start working again, I will be happily applying and praying and writing.  

Any hopes and wishes for you this week?
Hope your week is more exciting than mine!


February 3, 2016

Cause Happiness

Some cause happiness wherever they go;
others whenever they go.
- Oscar Wilde
I make happiness happen. I cause happiness. Whenever and wherever I go. 
Yesterday I went to a doctor's appointment. I had to change insurances and sadly was forced to look for a new doctor. The whole procedure to find one, let alone find one that accepts new patients and isn't 500 miles away, was tough. Now I understand why people refuse to get insurance and refuse to see a doctor. Seriously, this was the worst thing ever. My doctor was nice but for an annual check up I would have wanted to get more done. When I had my paperwork done for my residency, the doctor who had to examine and check me did a better job than the one yesterday. Urgent Care took better care of me than yesterday's doctor. I felt betrayed. Unfortunately, Urgent Care does not accept my new insurance. See my dilemma? I can't even go there now. So for the next few months I am stuck with a doctor I don't like and can't change a thing. If I changed again, or even found a different doctor, I would have to start from scratch again. Meaning, I would have to wait another four months to get an appointment. I just want to cry. Literally and figuratively. I want to cry!!!

On a brighter note: I found happiness. I made it happen. I saw a pretty sunset, cuddled with my fur babies, and paid $1.92 for gas. YAY!! For California this is low, guys. Very low. I'm stoked. So yes, I make happiness happen. I cause it, even with a tiny happy dance that gas was below the two dollar mark. 
How are your gas prices?
And please tell me you have a great doctor. I need to hear this.


February 2, 2016

Goodies for Valentine's Day!

I'm trying to sweeten up life a bit. With happiness as my word this year, even my most dreaded and yes unloved "holiday" will get some love. I think I owe it to the word and to myself to add a bit of Valentine Sparkle. I won't decorate {yes, I won't!}, but I think a few cute additions to the "love weekend" cannot hurt at all. Look at these cuties I found.

Untitled #125

I have been looking for a bracelet for a while. Always wanted a lighter, non-chunky one that won't hit my wrist left and right. I usually wear simple, very similar looking studs. These earrings I felt were very appropriate for next week and for Valentine's Day. So super cute. I might splurge for once and get me those. A new perfume is always a good idea. Our body's chemistry changes when seasons change, so keep that in mind, too. This is a tip I have lived by for years hence my lovely perfume collection at home. I think I will not add a new mug to my already huge collection but if I did would be red. A little bit of pink on our nails has never harmed anyone either, am I right? And if you have a sweet tooth I suggest you go out and get yourself something sweet. I will get marshmallows or a very good cotton candy as I do not eat chocolate. If I find pink marshmallows I will be a happy woman!

Don't we all want {or need} some fun and cute goodies in our lives?
I love purple and {most} pink, so anything that comes close to this I think fits perfectly for Valentine's Day. I never liked this day. Yes, I still don't like it. I may be in a happy relationship and I am very content with my partner but this doesn't mean I love this day more. I didn't like it before and I don't like it now. The only thing I like about this day is that I can schedule in a date for that day or at least around that day. I win.

Do you decorate or go out and splurge a little when it comes to Valentine's Day?!


February 1, 2016

Weekly Hopes {27}

Happy February!!!
Lets start with what we all want this week, shall we?

Short, non-busy days!!!
Am I right?

I wish my Weekly Hopes series would bet this easy. I wish we could skip Monday through Thursday and enjoy a long and well deserved weekend. Don't we all want that? I know I do. Unfortunately, our wish cannot be granted and we have to endure five full days until the weekend. We can do this. We can do this!

My week will be filled with quite some things so let's jump right to it:

1 - Doctor's appointment on Tuesday {FINALLY!!!!!}
2 - Another wonderful massage on Thursday {yes, I spoil myself}
3 - More workouts
4 - Finding new walking shoes {mine are old and hurt and that is not good at all}
5 - Dinner at one of our favorite restaurants
6 - No overnight shifts for my man {yes, he had to go back last week...booo}
7 - New blogs to read
8 - Finishing a book I was dreading to read
9 - Possible Skype Dates?
10 - A big change {you'll find out soon!!}

I'm dreading going to the doctor but at the same time it is time. When you change your insurance and end up looking for a new doctor for weeks and then getting an appointment months later {yuck} then yes, I am very hopeful that the day finally arrived. :) A big change is ahead. I hope once the change happens you may notice a few things, or you may not. I'll fill you in later, for sure!! And NO I am not pregnant. This week's Weekly Hopes is filled with positive things :)

Until then...Have an amazing day and an amazing week ahead of you!



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