December 28, 2010


Happy Holidays! :) *technically, New Year's hasn't happened so I'm still calling it the holiday season!*
Thought I'd share a picture with you all. ;)

We took this one on Christmas Day. 
My belly was full that day (can you see?!), lucky me we went to the beach, rented bikes and explored the area...lots of fun, and a great way to lose some Christmas fat there. ;) Of course, after our trip we ended up eating at El Torito and well, that didn't help much. ;)

I'm also very happy about my Christmas T-shirts...just love them all. And yes, I have three! I'm that big of a dork. :)

Hope you all survived this past holiday weekend and are all looking forward to some fun last week of 2010.

We don't have specific plans yet for New Year's that will be interesting!?!?!!

I still can't believe I'm actually celebrating it here and doing what I want instead of pleasing others. I'm finally finding peace within me, which was needed. My lungs don't hurt anymore, my skin's all looking slightly better, I'm not losing hair as much - bottom line, my stress level is down to normal, or zero or whatever, and I can breathe again. Love that. Health is more important than a steady job and regular money coming in. Yes, of course money is important because we all have to have fun in life and get some food etc. and we all know this doesn't come cheap nor for free...but health is important, and to me this will always come first. :)

So, hope you are doing fine.
I'm going to catch up on some blog reading and then it's time to enjoy this Tuesday!!!

♥ Selma ♥

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas everyone!
No matter what, how, or when you celebrate...have a fantastic, blessed, and fun holiday season!!!

Be thankful for everything you've got, cherish each moment with family and friends, love each day as it were your last, and never every give up your hopes and dreams!!!!

This holiday season is just like any makes me look back and see what has happened over the past eleven months and how much was not accomplished or how much did get accomplished. I love it though. :)

Have a fantastic time!
I'm definitely enjoying my time!


♥ Selma ♥

December 22, 2010

Wednesday Storm Alert

Last night I didn't get much sleep.
Maybe my brain was still occupied from some fun time out with the girls...we watched (finally!!) Tangled, and also Yogi Bear. To make that evening even better...our tickets were refunded and we got extra movie passes for a next time. Let's just say I love my friend M. for being brave enough to complain every time something weird happens. It has its advantages sometimes. Yay!!! 

I also think that the recent rainstorms, and flood warnings have made it almost impossible for me to sleep. It's said that people sleep better when it rains. Maybe. I have to sleep first and then the rain can start, not the other way around. So, I did not get much sleep last night and I can feel that. Can I take a nap now?! Hmmm....nope. The dogs keep me awake, and I needed to wrap gifts, and in an hour or so we're about to bake some cupcakes or something. Cannot wait (insert sarcasm)!!! Oh well...

Let's hope the rain really stops today. They said it would. I believe it when I see it.
My shoes and my jacket are still wet...the dogs smell weird (yuck!), and the only good thing about this awful weather is that I can finish the chores at home...including the nap time, and TV time. Maybe.  ;) Hahaha.

Tomorrow night there's this Christmas event that we're thinking to attend. It's where we live and it's supposed to be fun with foods, drinks, games, music and snow. Fake I'm sure but it's gonna be snow. ;) Cannot wait.

Christmas Eve we're planning on cooking, going to church, and just enjoying some quality family time. :) Christmas Day...maybe some fun outside of Los Angeles?! We'll see. We're pretty spontaneous this week. But for New Year's? We cannot be that spontaneous...we need to plan ahead and the plan we had went down the tube a long time ago. :) Hope we find something else to do or go to.
Any ideas?! 

To end this little post today...all I wish for Christmas is sunshine!!!
I think I see some blue sky now...finally!!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone.

♥ Selma ♥

December 20, 2010

I'm singing in the rain...

...I'm literally singing in the rain!!!

Seriously, I haven't seen so much rain in months. Rain here is different than in Europe. ;) Love it though but I can't stand it anymore. It's a bit too much. We can't really walk the dogs because they don't like it and wet dogs don't really smell good either. :( However, it's what it is and by Thursday things will clear up and be nicer and brighter. :) Yay.

How was your weekend?!

Hope you all had fun.

Mine was spectacular. :)
On Saturday we woke up early to do some shopping at TJMaxx, Kohl's, Michael's and such...and out of nowhere the guys wanted to go to Palmdale. So yeah, we ended up driving (in the rain) up north and instead of like an hour it took us two and a half hours to get there. Luckily we had stopped by a very nice market and got tons of food and drinks. :) The rain wouldn't stop but Los Angeles gets somehow more beautiful when it rains and the fog surrounds the hills...just breathtaking. :) 

The night ended up with all of us watching Due Date, and then heading home at 1am. Why we didn't stay is beyond me. On our way home we stopped in Encino, had a second dinner at around 2.30am (and yes, there's the Spot!!!), and we then made it home by 5.30am. It was worth the trouble. 

Sunday we slept in till noon or 2pm, depending on how you look at it. Us girls went quickly shopping when the guys wanted desperately to go to the mall. Yes, you read right. We weren't at the mall but they called us while we were browsing through Ross this time and begging us to pick them  up so they could go the mall. Hmmm...what is wrong with this picture???! 
The second we were in the car ready to drive home they called and told us that they didn't want to go the mall anymore. Thankyouverymuchguysyousuck!!!! Nonetheless we decided to hit the road, pick up my friend's brother and go have dinner at California Pizza Kitchen just because it was located in front of the IMAX. :) That, and our trip to some stores, were on our to-do list for Sunday...the guys getting on our nerves not so much. Oh, the movie was 3D movies, no matter what kind. And TRON was fabulous!!! :)

My weekend was busy.
Today is Monday and well, all I'm doing is laundry and watching TV and soon getting ready for a Xmas party!!! Yay!!! Will wear my new shoes. For sure. Even in this ugly rain. It's a must!!!! Wish me luck. 

Off I go now...I need to catch up on lots of blog reading!!!!!

♥ Selma ♥

December 18, 2010

Happy Holiday Time

No matter where I go I see lights, lots of Santas, Christmas colors, more lights, frantic people trying to get THE perfect present for their loved ones (why always at the last minute?!??), kids either looking happy or sad, and well...there's me sucking it all in. I love this season. As much as I wasn't really in the Christmas/holiday mood I am now. For sure. Big time. Oh help me!!! 
So here's my way of sharing some fun...sadly, none of these pictures are mine. All from tumblr.

Just a few more days left...time sure flies.
It's kinda scary too. New Year's is just around the corner and we're about to start a new year!!! WOW!

Hope you're all doing fabulous.
If I'm a bit MIA in commenting and all I'm sorry...I'm trying to catch up with all of your blogs as often as I can, but sometimes that's just not enough. I'll try hard though. :)

Woohoo...just a few more days!!! :)


♥ Selma ♥

December 15, 2010

Are You Ready?!

So, it's been a while.
I'm doing fine! :)
And it's coming nearer and nearer...are you ready? Have you gotten all your presents and wrapped them up neatly and hidden them maybe? If not, you better! ;) Just kidding. Then again, no go ahead do so. Done is done. ;)

I haven't been online much and I love it.
I'm enjoying time, and that is all that counts.

Weather has been beautiful over the weekend, just so very NOT December.
I loved it anyways. I don't mind walking in flip flops and listening to Have Yourself A Very Merry Christmas...nothing ever beats that. :) 

Now though, it's cooled down and I can proudly say I'm freezing. For California standards that's normal. I even considered wearing my winter jacket today. Did not do that but I may tonight. :( Oh boy.

I'm a bad person not having gone up north to my lovely aunt's gonna kill me if I don't show up, even just for a day. I was thinking this upcoming weekend but doubt so. Rain's in the forecast. So not good. So not promising. :(
Other than that I'm a good person. ;) Promised!!!

Oh yeah, my friend's birthday was this past weekend. Crazy times I tell you all. Four days of partying. ;) Ok, if you call bowling partying then yes. ;) We had a blast. She said I should make sure to return soon so I could celebrate my birthday (in June) similarly. Hmmm...very tempting... :)

What else....Oh yeah, my desperate search of cute shoes has found a happy ending. So far. I need more shoes or boots so my search isn't over. The lovely Sierra had a good effect on me and after spontaneously seeing her this afternoon I found the shoes. Thanks girl!!!! :) :)  :) Hopefully I will have pictures up soon. I lack those and it makes blogging boring. :( My Steve Madden shoes need to be shown!!! Cannot wait to wear them. 

If you follow me on twitter you probably read that I had some troubles finding cute pants...I still do. So that search isn't over yet. I feel cursed. Seriously. I'm also seriously cursed when it comes to shopping with my friend M. She doesn't want to buy anything and isn't even looking, and I'm looking for the perfect pants, the perfect bag or jewelry. Guess who ends up buying stuff? She is. Yesterday she bought herself a Michael Kors bag...just like that. I went to the bathroom at Nordstrom's (dang that was a nice one) and when I returned she was holding that bag and smiling like a silly little girl with a huge crush on a guy she can never ever have. Lucky her, the gift card I gave her had some $$ on it so she could use that money to pay half of what the bag was worth. :) Happy Birthday M.!!! I think she's still celebrating. :) 

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I'm gonna walk the dogs now...or so I think.
I think they are walking me at times. 


♥ Selma ♥

December 10, 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday

Wow, an entire week passed by. Scary.
Well, hope you're all doing fine. I'm doing marvelous.
Soaking up the sunshine, shopping, eating delicious (mostly Persian) food, organizing stuff, clearing my's just perfect vacation time. :)

Yesterday I had a little scare there for a second or whole minute or two...I thought I'd lost all my pictures. Hello? Are you kidding me beautiful pink camera? What game are you playing? Seriously. I thought I would die right there. It told me I had only taken 7 pictures, and that I only was allowed to take 48 more. So not possible. I know I could take up to 4000 if not more, depending on the size, and I also knew I took more than just seven photos. You should have seen me. I almost swallowed on my gingerbread latte. 

I fixed it though and I have my 400-something pictures back and can take 3000 more. Thank you. 

Shoe shopping is a horrible thing these days....after having my nails done, my hair put back into shape it was time to find some cute shoes. Oh yes I did. However, I didn't buy any. Why? Well, I have some ankle issues. It's mainly the skin around my right ankle that is super sensitive so any shoe that comes even close to that area - as beautiful as it may be - is a no go. As huge as South Coast Plaza may be it's not going to a help to me because my ankle sucks. :(  So, off I go again today....maybe I have better luck.

Tomorrow is my friend's birthday. :) 
This means three day of partying. Yes, three days.
Today, tomorrow and then Sunday.
Today it only means going out at night, watching a movie around 11pm, tomorrow it's her day and we are trying to pamper her as much as even possible, and Sunday...well, she wants to see a movie (Tangled), and do some sightseeing because I know L.A. better than she does. And who's been not living here for the past let's say very sad five years?! Oh well. We'll do some crazy sightseeing then. And I'm gonna show her my avenue too. :) Yes, there's a Selma Avenue. :) 

So wish us luck!!!
Birthday weekend it is!!!
I'm already stressed thinking about it. :)

Though for today, I decided to go online (and not just check emails and facebook or twitter) and oh boy, my reader hit the four digit number there and I do not know how I will ever go through all of these blogs. ;)

Either way, it hit me because today is Friday...and well I decided to play along at Lauren's little Fill in the Blank Friday fun. So here it goes:

1.   I wish    I would have a bit more than just a million dollars so I didn't have to worry too much, nor think about school four hundred times before I apply or so, and of course besides the million dollars I also wish to have a steady job with perfect income.

2.  Yesterday I   went shopping at the mall, and I was shocked that my friend bought more than I intended. She hardly shops at malls, let alone in those stores that I went to...but oh boy, she bought, I frowned. ;)

3.  Today I will     watch TVD, clean up, relax, go shoe shopping again and start the birthday weekend with lots of energy. :)

4.  Tomorrow I will    see what life has in store for all of us, because it's not my day, it's going to be my friend's day. And if you haven't noticed, birthdays are special to me.

5.  Maybe     I'm going to push myself to drive up to Ventura next weekend. I know I should, I'm just way too lazy these days.

6.  Someday     I want to get married, have kids, live in a nice neighborhood and enjoy having two dogs around me. Especially around the holiday time I get a little emotional thinking about what I could have right this second and still don't. :(

7.  I love    waking up to sunshine, drinking coffee in the morning and just getting the day started. :) Very simple I know  but it's the little things that usually make the top of my list! :)  .

That was it. :)
Loved it.
To play along simply hop on over to Lauren's blog. :)

Hope you are all having a fabulous Friday!!!!


♥ Selma ♥

December 6, 2010

I'm Here!

I have missed it.
And the feelings I'm experiencing right this second cannot be described, they just need to be felt.
I'm in awe. And then again, there's always something missing the other side of my world, too.
Life I guess happens, but it's good and I cherish every second I get!!!

Hope you're all doing fabulously.
I'm sorry I've been MIA lately but I'm trying to catch up and read and comment. I do love that part of this community. However, while traveling and finding myself again it is not easy to do so as often. I know you understand. :)

Have a fantastic Monday!!!!
And yes, Happy Santa Claus Day (ha, so very European of me!!!)


♥ Selma ♥

December 2, 2010


Hi everyone!

Yes, I found quickly time to sit down and write.
Let's see what's been going on...Jet lag's a total b%$#@, because while walking yesterday and trying to soak up some sun my head started spinning...out of nowhere. Needless to say the water bottle in my hand wasn't enough so I had to find a quick and cheap way to get a drink. Non-alcoholic of course, although thinking about it maybe alcoholic would have helped too. ;) So since I was already walking towards Target (love outdoor shopping) I ended up there...needless to say I did not buy what I initially wanted. Ha! However, the bottle of water was new, and I'm proud of announce that I did not spend $100 at that store. That's super special. ;) Because, well, I think there was never ever a time I didn't spend less than one hundred...ha, I spend less than 30 yesterday. I'm sooooooo proud! ;)

Ok, enough about my spending spree...or lack of thereof actually.

I'm doing good. Fighting with occasional jet lag problems (why is it taken me so long this time?!), setting up my phone so I could call people and text and all, walking dogs, playing with dogs, trying to teach them not to lick me every time they see me because frankly it's annoying...haha...and the occasional thing...I'm trying to relax, get as much sun as even possible and just feel free. Pictures will follow as soon as possible. Though until then I can always use the net for inspiration. :)

I am definitely not in the internet mood so although I'm posting this today, and although I'm constantly tweeting or facebooking (I'm sure I just made this word up) I do not read any blogs. :( I feel bad. The number of unread blog posts is freaking me out but it's okay. Life is sometimes more important than that. ;) I am trying though to go back and read some, and comment. Hopefully. I'm using my friend's computer, so whenever I have time I'm going to spend some early morning hours reading your awesome posts!!!! :)

Until then...happy sunny Thursday!!
Can't believe it's already December, already Thursday and wow....can't believe I'm literally spending time down here in Orange County!!! YAY. :) I do have to say though I miss Ventura big time!!!! :) Hopefully I'll make it up there in the next few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

♥ Selma ♥

December 1, 2010


I kinda like this little monster screaming and all...I can't believe this holiday season is going to be so different than the last one. Last year I went to Christmas markets in Germany, ate funny hot dogs, drank very yummy Christmas drinks (with the traditional extra in it of course!), enjoyed snow (or not!), and loved decorating the Christmas tree and all. This year it's going to be very different. I have no idea what's going to happen. I mean, where I am right now it's not at all cold, nor snowing (as if it ever snows in southern California, along the beach I mean!), and well, Christmas markets as I know them don't exist here, and well...the whole situation is different. Not bad different, just different. I'm not comparing the two because it wouldn't make any sense. I'm just saying it's different. And, I'd love to scream a little just as the monster up there does too?! May I?! Thank you. 

So, are you ready for this holiday season?!
Am I?!
I'll try and keep you updated. Not sure if I can though since my computer time is limited.
So, yes, this is a scheduled post. I hate scheduling posts, but this makes it fun though. I mean, I get to imagine what I'd be doing in the next few weeks. It's not my first holiday season over here so it's really nothing new - but every time, even something so normal and so not out of the ordinary for me, surprises me. It enhances my life. It challenges it too, but it makes it just so very wonderful. So, hopefully, you don't mind my quick ramblings about this...even if it's scheduled.

Ok, enough about this.
Hope you are enjoying this upcoming holiday season with whatever you are doing!
I know I will.

Let's hope I have time to check on all of your lovely blogs in the next few days...until then.

Happy December!!


♥ Selma ♥


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