November 30, 2015

Weekly Hopes {18)

How was your Thanksgiving???!!!
Mine? It was filled with family, support, laughter and love. I couldn't have asked for more. Plus, yes, my Thanksgiving pants were used for three days. I am a bit full to say the least. Where's the gym?! 

We had a great holiday. Today is the last day of November. The last day!!!!!
24 or 25 days {depending on when you celebrate it} and Christmas knocks on our doors. Whether or not you celebrate it to me it is a warm time, a time to meet up with friends, family, a time to give, receive, and just enjoy the warmth of the season. Snuggling up with your fur babies, a fuzzy blanket, and twinkly lights in the background while watching a fun movie is my favorite way to relax and unwind. So this week I am happily looking forward to the following...

1 - My man's birthday
2 - My man's stupid schedule finally ends this week {Hallelujah!!}
3 - Warm drinks; maybe with marshmallows
4 - Christmas Lights in our neighborhood
5 - More Christmas music
6 - All Christmas gifts ready to be sent by the end of the week
7 - Finishing all Christmas cards
8 - Quite time
9 - Working out more
10 - Baking

What are you looking forward to?
Are you ready for tomorrow, December 1???
I am not. I am so in denial.


November 27, 2015

Gifts for Him

My man's birthday is coming up. Don't worry, I am ready and have some precious gifts for him. It was not easy as his birthday is twenty days before Christmas. I had the hardest time figuring out what to get him. It is not just the gift itself but the fact that three weeks later I would have to give him something else. Yes, I know, Christmas is not about the gifts at all. I know, I know. However, when your entire family makes you write a Christmas list you know you will receive something, so in return you feel compelled to do the same. Plus, we all love to open a few gifts either on the 24th or the 25th. It brings back childhood memories of some sorts. 

Either way, guys are never really easy to get gifts for; mine certainly isn't. Yet, there's always something he needs or secretly wants. One of my friends give her favorite person nothing. She claims that having brought children into this world was her gift, forever. I don't know about that. He showers her with gifts, so I would at least think of one item I could make him happy for one day. Don't get me wrong, I love my friend, I just think it's odd. 

Anyways, if you are having trouble finding something for you guy, last minute of course, maybe these simple items may spark an idea. I know mine will get a special T-shirt, shoes {well, we will go together shoe shopping...poor guy will be in trouble, or will it be me?!}, and a few items I know he will use and love. Here's to me finding more last minute gifts because yes, not only is his birthday coming up but Christmas, too. 

Wish me luck!

Untitled #118

November 25, 2015

Body Lotion by c.Booth

A few weeks ago I was sent a voucher to buy a c.Booth lotion and review it for testing purposes. I love Influenster and I am sure you have seen me review different products over the past four years from them. I have to admit that I don't always review on my blog. Reason is simple. If I like the product I will review it on the blog, but if I feel I don't like it or don't think it deserves a spot on the blog I will not.  

C.Booth however, I think, deserves a spot.

Its "slogan" is simple. authentic. trusted.
I don't know c.Booth that well, but I can say it is definitely simple, and smells delicious. I chose to get the Vanilla Butter 4-1 Multi-Action Lotion and it is fantastic. The bottle is huge, and what comes out of it smells awesome. The 4-1 action includes exfoliation, hydration, nourishment, and firming. Cannot complain about it. The Vanilla flavor definitely adds to the holiday season and we all need some warmth during this season.
Honestly though, I have to use the entire bottle to tell you exactly how intrigued I am with this product. I have mentioned in a previous post that I am lazy in the morning and sadly often skip the very important act of putting lotion onto my precious skin. Needless to say I have used this multi-action lotion, I just have not used it enough. So far I can tell that it nourishes and hydrates. Maybe it is me but I also see a glow on my skin. Either way, so far this product has not disappointed. Also, yes, I took that photo in my bedroom, and yes I decided to use it before I go to bed as I may not be too lazy to put some yummy smelling lotion on.

Verdict: I would give this product 4 out of 5 stars. It lost a star because of its price and the fact that it will take me forever to finish this product. I don't like throwing away unfinished products. It will take me months to finish this; maybe one year.

I found my bottle at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Ulta sells it, too. 

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

November 24, 2015

Gift Ideas for the Hostess

With the holidays around the corner there is a chance that we get invited to a party or two. Whether it is one held by your work, your best friend, your parents, or a friend of a friend you will be a guest. I was taught to always bring a gift to the host or/and hostess. It doesn't have to be anything special; something small, like a cute napkin, flowers, or a bottle of your favorite wine would do the trick. It shows your appreciation to the hosts and once you are the one giving a party you would probably want something cute in return as well. I definitely say never no.

Untitled #121

I'd definitely say yes to the pillows, an ornament, candles and any bottle of wine. Depending on the event I have seen people being very creative with their gifts. I love the fall-winter coasters, and unfortunately it is something I don't see people use as often anymore. Maybe I am hanging out with the wrong crowds? Coasters are so much fun! I brought once a unique bottle holder to an event and it was the best gift that evening; that is if you know the hosts and their love for wine. ;) 

Are you invited to a holiday party, a get-together of some sorts this time of year!? If so, and you are not sure what to bring, don't feel overwhelmed. Sometimes simpler is better.

Happy early Thanksgiving my lovely readers!!!
Whether or not you are celebrating know that I am very thankful for you!


November 23, 2015

Weekly Hopes {17}

Happy Monday and Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving there is always a time when you should reflect back and be thankful. This week is all about happiness, family, and being grateful to be alive, surrounded by my new family supporting me during my dark times {I see a light at the end of this tunnel}, and to be loved by my friends {they all live so far away from me; yes, I have no friends in this city and by that I mean zero!} and remaining family. It's a great week and a great time to be thankful for so many things. Plus, there is always something one {ehhhmmm, me} can be hoping or wishing for.

This week I am hoping....

1. that it won't snow when we travel to see family
2. to enjoy fabulous foooooood
3. to rest and enjoy a great Thanksgiving
4. no stress
5. movie time
6. Therapy

It's a small list but so worth it. This week will be short. My man has only one class to attend, so we will prepare ourselves and the fur ladies to be ready for turkey day {yes, we will starve ourselves}. If you visit family or friends this week and have to travel far, please be careful, don't stress out, and enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones. Cherish the food, the drinks, the stories, and if it happens...the drama. 

Happy Thanksgiving Week my lovely readers!!!

November 20, 2015

Friday Happy

Happy Friday.
I am finally back with a few updates. I have been slacking lately. Blame it on the upcoming holiday season, on my head and throat not wanting to cooperate, and the fact that two little kittens want momma's attention; preferably at 4am. I still need that sleep I was dreaming and hoping about. It's been a rough month. Yet, with a rough month and week there is always something to be happy about. Let's see what makes me smile!

1. Getting home in one piece on Sunday 
{we got stuck in a snow storm while driving home from the worries, we were prepared}
2.  Snuggles with Lilee. She's become more affectionate lately. Love it.
3. Hot chocolate with marshmallows
4. Christmas decoration
5. Cleaning my closet
6. Ordering most presents for my loved ones
7. Etsy
8. Oil Classes I have been attending
9. Date Night
10. Blackberry apple crisp

It's been a good week. Let's make next week even better and filled with love and lots of laughter!

 I am again linking up with the fabulous Krysten and Lindsay today. Come and join the fun! :)


November 19, 2015

Cool - Gray

With the holidays approaching faster than usual {is it just me or what?} I am always looking for winter inspired colors. Red and green are the most obvious, gold and silver are also on the list. This year I am also looking at gray. It's cool, calm, and combines well with stronger colors like red, green, plum, and even black.

Untitled #117

For years I thought gray was a boring color. It reminded me of a mouse. I don't like mice. One day I saw a photo in a magazine (mind you, that has been about 12 years ago) and the photo showed a girl wearing gray and pink, and gray and turquoise. I was hooked onto gray ever since. I learned that gray by itself may look boring but when you add a color like pink, purple, turquoise, and even red it makes the color pop and so much more vibrant. 

Is gray your color?
I am so glad I kept my gray nail polish. I will wear this next week for Thanksgiving. Add a bit of glitter or pink to the gray polish and baaaam you have yourself a bit of a festive touch to this cool color.

Have an amazing day!


November 16, 2015

Weekly Hopes {16}

Good morning my lovely readers,

I did not forget my Weekly Hopes post but simply couldn't get up and work on it. I had such a rough weekend it was rather impossible for me to sit down, focus, gather my thoughts, gather my emotions, and write coherently. However, to be honest, it is still Monday here so I am entitled to work on my happy hopes and wishes for this week. :) 

This week I am hoping for....

1 - Wrapping the already bought gifts so they are ready
2 - Preparing my man's birthday and Christmas gifts {why are both in December?! why?!}
3 - Figuring out what to get my favorite man
4 - Going to Michael's and Hobby Lobby to get some more items for the holidays
5 - Cleaning and organizing
6 - Vet appointment scheduled for the ladies
7 - Job search {I'm slowly ready to get back to life and normality}

Yes, there's only seven things this week. Our weekend was horrendous. I mean we spent it with family but driving home was a major downer. Driving over a pass and through snow...instead of two hours it took us almost seven hours. Our car was a rental due to someone hitting ours and we had to repair it {their insurance paid it all...thanks to her note on our car}. So our rental as requested was a 4x4 and ready for snowy roads. We were so fortunate...just not riding for so long. ;( The kitties didn't like it either. Getting a doctor's appointment is close to impossible. I had to switch insurance providers, and well, new patients will get to schedule in January. I'm find with waiting but can I please make an appointment NOW? Apparently not. I think that's ridiculous. Anyways, it's been a good but looooong weekend. This week better be going smoothly, happily, and without any car drama. :)

Happy Monday my readers. Hope your day is going well!


November 12, 2015

Currently {2}

Thinking about: How I should wrap all the Christmas presents we are arranging this year. Last year I went with a plain brown paper with purple polka dots {such a fun DIY project}, so this year I want to do something else. Pinterest better help me. :) 

Listening to: Pandora. It's one of many Country Music Stations I happened to find on my man's list. He's the Pandora guy, I just listen to whatever I can sing along to. :) 

Watching: The fur babies wrestling with each other and then grooming each other afterwards. It's like their afternoon treat ceremony. Ha. Also, I am catching up on shows today and will watch a Christmas movie. Exciting! 

Reading: All kinds of magazines my MIL gave me to read, and a new book I just started. 

Loving: The constant purrs I hear from Luna and Lilee. Love our snuggle time, and I love when they realize the spray bottle means they are in trouble. Haha! Plus, when I feel alone and sad and all that...knowing a kitty trusts me enough to sleep on me for hours...awwwww, it's the best feeling ever!

Planning: When we go see family in Reno I always want to do something different. I love resting and playing with the dogs {and now cats} but I want to explore the area as well. I found this great gluten free bakery. Their coffee cakes are delicious. I could eat there every single day. So yes, I am planning on checking a few newplaces out so next time we are in the area we can go explore! :)

Eating: Gluten Free Mini Pretzels from Snyder's of Hanover. This brings back so many childhood memories it's not even funny. I think this is my comfort food. I know, I know, not healthy but I am only human craving some comfort food at the moment.

What are you currently up to?!

November 11, 2015

Introducing...Luna and Lilee!

Good morning!

Let me start by finally introducing you to my new loves...Luna and Lilee.
Excuse the weird pillow in the background. That was the easiest to "pose" them for photos. Haha!
The story:
For months we wanted to make an addition to our home, our family. B grew up with dogs and cats so naturally to him something was missing at home. I always wanted to own a "real" pet. I grew up with guinea pigs and birds but let's be cute as guinea pigs are, and as cute as birds may sing...they are not necessarily real pets. Loved my pets but I always wished for a cat or a dog. Mom was vehemently against it. No discussion. 

Last year B and I started looking at possible adoption places. When we visited shelters or adoption centers we always felt relaxed and happier. It was a great way for us to unwind, forget about obstacles, stress, and all that crazy stuff going on in our lives. We knew that getting a pet would be a great responsibility and a long commitment. We never found the perfect match for us though. 

Fast forward to end of April of this year...we got more serious and ready to move, and knew that with a move we may want to finally find a companion or two. Over the summer I was told not to get a pet at all {thanks mom} and when I returned and started struggling with stress, grief, and depression we knew that a visit to the shelter or an adoption center would lift my mood. It took a few tries for me to warm up to the idea but I knew that getting a new family member will enhance my life and make adjustment and eventually life much easier.

Fast forward to October 15. We visited the biggest shelter in the area we knew had the most kitten available. We also knew we wanted a black or a gray one that would literally come in a double pack. We found our match. However, it turned out they were sick. Turned out all of them were sick. It broke our heart. You want to rescue an animal and then it turns out sick and may not make it, and even if, it would require a lot of work, money and dedication. So we went home brokenhearted.

B was determined though. He was ready. I was ready. Over the weekend we found an adoption center that looked more promising. We found cute little ones, signed up, and got put on a waiting list. Apparently we weren't the only ones wanting the cutest kittens on this planet. Three days later we got a phone call saying we were on the top of the waiting list as people didn't want to adopt them together. We wanted to adopt them as a pair. Who tears siblings apart?! 

Soooooo, that following Saturday we met the girls and fell in love. They even claimed us. Who can say no to healthy kittens claiming you as their own? Yup. We knew right there and then we shouldn't say no and say yes to getting these fluffy fur balls. Two hours later, B and I, Lilee and Luna drove home and introduced them to our home. 

Lilee: This is her given name by the lady who found her. We thought the spelling was unique and the name fit her personality. So we kept the name. 
She's slow to warm up, is a momma's girl {always near or on top of me, like in the photo below}, loves to sleep, loves to ambush her sister, and delicately eats her food. She makes funny noises, and chases the laser like a rock star! She's adopted well and knows how to hit the limit when it comes to being cute, especially when she hops on things she knows she is not supposed to. She hates the spray bottle and knows that she is in trouble if I just put it out.

Luna: Her given name was Kiki. I have a friend with that name and I know what it means in Tagalog so I decided to drop that name. We had Luna in mind...and even though she's not dark she's got this moon-like pattern and her face is slightly round {compared to her sister's} it fits. 
She's very social and loves to cuddle as much as possible. She's the climber; climbed the second she saw the cat tree. She is a foody, and thinks every time I walk into the kitchen it's food time. She tells us when she's hungry; she's quite the opera singer. She has adopted well, loves to play with her sister and chase the laser as well. Mostly though she's the brave one trying to explore everything, including the stove since last weekend. Oh boy!

And she's photogenic!

They are, as of today, four months old, very healthy according to our vet, and happy!!!
Our fur babies are already well traveled and don't complain a bit in the car. Can't complain. 

I am beyond happy. My mother instinct appeared out of nowhere. I definitely worry too much. I don't want to leave the house. I want to make sure they are okay. I know they are. They have each other and definitely entertain themselves whenever they get the opportunity. I am very glad we decided to add them to our little family. It has drastically changed my mood and my heart. I believe this has been the best decision of 2015!!

I promise this was the first and last major kitty post! I'm just so excited to have them in our life. It would be wrong not to share my enthusiasm. Besides, they are part of my life and my blog is about sharing and here I am, sharing with you our inspirational addition! 

Luna and Lilee say hello, and wish you a wonderful rest of the week! 


November 9, 2015

Weekly Hopes {15}

I cannot believe I took a whole week off from blogging. Honestly, I thought it was just a couple of days. Well, my lovely readers, life took over and I tried desperately to sleep as much as possible because I truly needed to rest my body and soul and rejuvenate. My skin looked dry, sad, old, pale, you name I had to take care of that part. Also, life itself needed to be looked at more closely. I needed time to myself. We all know that me-time is important no matter how old we are. I had a good week, with the regular ups and down any life offers. I am ready to handle this {short} week. Are you?!

So this week I am ready to conquer with more energy, more happiness and more everything! 

This week I am hoping for...

1 - More sleep {still, I need it}
2 - Three deliveries coming in 
3 - An update on our couch as it has not been delivered yet {more on that later on}
4 - More snuggles with Luna and Lilee {they will be introduced soon, I promise}
5 - Rain, rain, rain
6 - My bi-weekly therapy session
7 - A trip to Reno
8 - Christmas shopping halfway done
9 - Gingerbread Latte
10 - Getting our car repaired

It's quite a list this week. I know I will be begging for sleep. My girls come in at 4.30 thinking it is time for breakfast...ehhhmmm, no! Stop kneading and purring next and on top of me. It's like having a super turbo charged car in bed. The trip to Reno should happen once again as there is no major storm in the near future coming our way, and #10 is definitely happening as we have our repair date scheduled for Tuesday. So stinking excited. Let's just say when you park at a college structure there is always a chance someone will hit your car and that badly. Lucky us, the driver left a note and apologized and her insurance is taking care of it all. :) Good things are happening, telling you. 

What are you up to this week?! Any fun things you are excited about?
I'm just so glad I am back again.

And yes, as promised my fur ladies will be introduced soon. They deserve a spot on this blog too. :)
Happy Monday!


November 2, 2015

Weekly Hopes {14}

It's Monday excited. Well, I'm only excited about it because I know we have about four more weeks left of B's crazy schedule. I cannot stand it at all. So with that in mind, and with caring for two kittens at the same time...I am hoping for one thing only this week:


No need to say more. I need sleep. More sleep. Less disruptive sleep, less noise, less everything but MORE rest time - for both, B and me.

Hope you are having a fabulous day.
It's November and I cannot believe how that happened. Didn't we just celebrate Easter or complain about super temperatures?! Holy cow. 



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