February 27, 2012

Interior Spaces with Focal Points that Enthrall

While Selma is taking some tests this week I am {just this Ocean Dreamer} taking her blog hostage (again). Thanks bestie! Be sure to wish her good luck - it's stressful taking tests and I know she's trying her hardest. But wishing her good luck would definitely boost her spirits, so good luck my sweet friend!

Since interior design seems to be something that always makes readers happy, I thought I'd do yet another interior design inspiring post. This time I decided to do it on interior designs that have defining focal points. I'm talking interior spaces where you take a look at the design and you're like wow, now that's a room/dining room/bathroom I'd kill for. I feel this way sometimes when I'm browsing Pinterest, Elle Decor, or a similar site. I just have to stop for a minute and truly gawk at the interior picture on my computer screen. I wish it would poof and appear in my own bedroom. So that you get my meaning, here are some daring focal points and spaces that I want right this minute.
Rustic meets beauty thanks to gorgeous lavender pillows in this graceful interior. I love how the wood ties in with the purple cushions so flawlessly. This tells us that a cabin can turn into something that's romantic with a little bit of tender loving care in an interior such as a living room.
If you're as much as a I fan as I am of Hollywood Regency spaces, this is the right picture to fantasize over. The stunning chandelier, lovely patterns, and faux fur pillows make this room complete. I would say the chandelier makes a bold focal point with its unique design and elegance.
What about crisp white sofas? Modern and minimalistic, this room is chic and contemporary. I love the black and white influences with the clock on the wall - very soothing and classy.
Going back to playful and fun patterns, this bedroom has fantastic purple and white colors. What I love about this space the most is how wonderfully the paper lanterns and bird picture that are placed in-between the beds seem to tie the entire room together. This is a gorgeous interior that has provides life and comfort all in one space. I wish my dorm room would have looked like this when I was in college.
And since Selma and I both are ocean dreamers, I thought I would leave you with this magical bedroom overlooking the ocean. Whether this is a vacation home or a bedroom on a boat, I really don't care. The fact that this bedroom is dreamy and surrounded by the ocean - isn't this the best focal point on the planet?! I think so.

Selma loves purple so if you didn't notice I tried to stick with lavender and purple tones for these inspiring interiors. No matter the color though, there is much inspiration to be found. So start planning and find a special space element that looks great as your focal point in your interior! You'll be happy every time you enter the room. :)

Don't forget to wish Selma good luck on her exams - good luck girl, I know you can do it! ;)

February 26, 2012

Allow Oscar Gowns to Inspire a Stunning Interior

It's me again {Sierra from Ocean Dreams blog}
 and this time I'm back to talk about the Oscars!
Oh and I'm incorporating interior design. :) 

While Selma is studying away 
(and watching the Academy Awards)
I thought I'd come up with an inspiring post for you all!
It's always amazing to see what the stars wear during the Oscars, 
and so far I'm loving what I see on the TV screen!
But seeing all of these fabulous gowns made me think
about how it would be to take a dress and transform it into
a lovely interior. So I pulled what I feel are gorgeous interiors
and paired them from Oscars gowns from the past. 

Most often interior design correlates with fashion and vice versa.
If green is trending in the interior design world it is always in style and
creates a fashionable ensemble as well! Which, by the way green is 
very much in right now, especially if you take the time to read the
latest issue of House Beautiful.

But anyway, here are some stunning Oscars outfits and
what I feel these stunning dresses would look like if you 
turned them into a sparkling interior with modern lighting!

If you take Mila Kunis' lavender dress and transform it
into a space of your dreams, you will find a beautiful
lavender interior with just a touch of yellow as an accent color.
If you take Jennifer Lawrence's gown from the Oscars in 2011
 and transform it into a red hot interior that's minimalistic and glam.
This is what you would come up with:
 Let's go chic and classic like Michelle Williams.
You can find a sweet and simple interior just like Michelle's gown.
What about beige and lace? 
Create a very feminine interior with Florence Welch's dress
as your inspiration - who doesn't love beige and creme
colors that are lovely?!
So don't be afraid the capture the inspiring dresses that you 
see on the Red Carpet tonight. Whether the dress
is classic, bold, or glistening with sequins, you can develop an
interior that reminds you of that perfect dress.
You may not be able to wear a dress and arrive to the Oscars,
but you can bring the Academy Awards to your home!

Thanks for the opportunity to guest post Selma! ;)

February 23, 2012

Catching Up On Life

Hey y'all!
Guess where I have been?
Not around the blogosphere, that's for sure!

It's been an interesting week...let me tell you. Last weekend was fun, just because the car we sat in stopped working in the middle of a very busy street and we were lucky enough to drive it to the right side of that street so we would not block anything, or get ourselves killed (nothing worked, not even the lights!!!),  and wait for the police who was awesome enough to push our car along the street and around the corner, and leave with a huge smile on his face (then again it was dark, so he might not have smiled!). 

We certainly had a blast just sitting in the car, getting pushed around, and feeling like complete idiots. Luckily, it is not our car! I know, horrible to see it this way...it belongs to the family but it isn't ours. I am just glad we don't have to sit in this car anymore. I have nightmares now. 
Funny thing though...last week...we had to call AAA more than just once or a couple of times...and I know it's why my friend and I started giggling that night because we just couldn't contain ourselves anymore. It was just too much. Car problems are just never funny....and when you have it all in one week, every day...it just gets way too much and way too weird. 

Also, over the weekend I signed up for a fun event...not a competition, but a really fun event! The Color Run! Not sure what I was thinking, because as you may all know (or now you will know) I am not a runner. I am not as active as I would love to be, and then I sign up for a 5k run?! What the heck? Really???
Then again, I can also walk and hey, I walk. I walk fast if I wear the right shoes and the right outfit....I'll be fine.  We can even crawl!!!  I hope it won't come to the crawling point but ya never know. Let's just hope it's not going to be 95 degrees...a nice 75 would be awesome. Fingers crossed!!

Worst of all...midterms are coming up.
Who ever invented these?

And who ever told professors to have midterms in the same week? STOP IT!!!
So, from today on...I'll be super busy, trying to put everything under one big belt...I have an English midterm on Monday and Wednesday (including a weird essay I don't even know how to start), an even weirder speech, no wait, two speeches, and a very confusing mythology midterm on Tuesday. Where to start?! Really! 
And again, why did I go back to school?!

But in other, fun news...
...sort of fun I think...

I started "teaching" my friend how to blog...so her blog is up and running, but she's slowly starting to get used to it all, so once she gives me her thumbs up I'll share her blog with you all. It's a compilation of every day events, linked with fun stuff she does for her husband and more. :) 

Before I end my weird, and quite long post of today.
I have to apologize because again, I am not putting up pictures I want to share with you. I know I suck. 
BUT, I had to sit down today and even catch up on my DVR and watch some fun stuff, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show. This show makes me smile, happy, and just so incredibly inspired sometimes. Not sure why but it does. So Ellen, thank you!!!

And even though you might have seen this before...this little duet of Taylor Swift and Zac Efron cracked me up and made my whole past week and the upcoming craziness dissolve into nothing. I can smile again!!!!

Never liked the song, but with these lyrics...it's fantastic!

Yes, that has been my week...let's hope it slows down!
Hope yours is much much better and filled with more fun!

Cheer me up please!!!

February 20, 2012

Wordless Man Candy

Happy Monday everyone.
If you have the day off today...hope you are enjoying it!

I'm linking up with Leeann's Man Candy Monday again...

...have fun!

all images via Pinterest!

Chris Pine.

No comment!

Hope your Monday is as sunny as mine (not that the sun is out or anything today!).


February 17, 2012

It Is Time for New Glasses

Every other year I get the itch for a new pair of eyeglasses.
I just get bored with what I'm wearing and always think I need to spice it up a little.
Even if I'm not bored with what I'm wearing I wish I not only had one
 but maybe even seven pairs so I could wear a different one each day.

My current glasses look a lot like the following and I love them a lot!

 Aren't these cute and unique?!
They are also super comfy and add such a sweet twist to my every day look.

I have to admit I have always been a contact lens girl
and thinking of wearing something other than contacts scares me.
However today, there are so many awesome choices out there that I will never
 get the feeling I am wearing something awful.
 I want to look stylish and feel happy with what I'm wearing.
Don't you?

GlassesUSA.com has awesome pairs available for everyone.
I cannot even decide which pair I should get next.

Feeling a bit vintage-y?!

The most awesome thing is that there are eyeglasses frames for any person
 with any style in any color available, and you will always find a pair that fits you!
And they are affordable!

If you are like me itching for a new pair of glasses
 GlassesUSA.com has great deals at the moment, even for prescription glasses,
and offers discounts for my readers.
Go check it out!

*Take 20% off your entire order of $80 or more and get FREE US shipping with the code: FS20
*Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses with the code Blog10

And to add some more fun!!
Try this virtual mirror!!
I'm going to try it right now...
...so much more fun to find out what frame suits you more!

Have fun!!

Tell me, do you wear glasses?
If so, are you like me always wanting more than one pair?!
Or are you more a one-pair-is-enough person?

I know I need a new pair so I am going to look for a fun new one right at this second!
Happy shopping to me and to you, too!

 {This was a sponsored post but all opinions are my own!}

February 16, 2012

You Asked I Answered

                                                                                                    Source: flickr.com via Ivana on Pinterest

About ten days ago I let you ask me and here are a few of my answers to you. Finally.

Thanks for participating, all of you!

Christianna - What is your comfort movie? Like the one you watch when you can't sleep, are sick, need a good pick me up....

It certainly depends on my mood, but my most favorite comfort movie is A Lot Like Love.
There are times I also watch Sleepless in Seattle, Fried Green Tomatoes, Turner & Hooch3 Men and a Baby, or just Big and smile from ear to ear when they dance/hop around that gigantic keyboard.
My comfort movies are easy, those movies you don't have to think too much into it, and especially when you're sick you don't want any of that! And if you haven't noticed, my comfort movies besides just one are from the 80's, early 90's, and include lots of Tom Hanks. Ha! ;)

Ashley - Tell me all the places you've lived and traveled to :)

The places I have lived in include Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago (when I was very little), and California (north and south).

All the places I have traveled to are: Turkey, Spain, Portugal (just Lisbon), Italy (Como, and various little towns in north Italy), France, Germany, Austria, Amsterdam, London, Kos, a quick trip to the Czech Republic (but really that doesn't count!), and Switzerland (obviously! BUT I haven't seen everything).

...then oh yeah the US...almost forgot about that one... ;)  Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana (only the northern part though!), Missouri, Illinois, Nevada, and California.
I have been to Phoenix and Houston airport only...so that may not count! ;)  

I could get into details, like which cities in which European country etc, but this would be awful. And I really don't wanna bore ya, besides, did you see? I haven't seen a lot. Never fully made it to Asia or Australia (yet!).

Kelsey - What's your favorite thing about living in Southern California?

I would be lying if I didn't say the weather. It is however mainly the feeling I get when I think of all the many options I have here. I know that one day I can be by the beach, and the next in the mountains, or even see and walk on snow. I get to walk and have iced drinks in the middle of the winter, and wake up They not only make me wake up every morning, but also enjoy every moment. I feel happier here in Southern California - as cheesy as this may sound...but it's so true!

Jennifer - Where would you love to travel to that you've never been to? 

On top of my list is Japan. Why? For many reasons...I have a lot of friends from Japan, and I even have someone in my family from Japan. She's one of my best friends and understands me no matter what. Besides all this, for almost 20 years I've been fascinated with that country and its culture...so why not?! Really.
But of course...I'd also love to go to Australia, and Ireland. :) 

Anonymous #1 via email - I know you are single, and since I recently split up with the love of my life (or I thought he was the love of my life) I was wondering if you liked being single.

This is a funny but interesting questions. There are times I absolutely hate being single; so much that I want to scream all kinds of nasty stuff so at least it's said and out there somehow. I want to have someone that I can come home to, I can cook with/for, surprise, laugh with, you name it...however, I also enjoy being single. I can do whatever I want to do (not that you can't when you're in a relationship!), and not think twice about why I'm booking a flight or why I'm driving to that one city without telling anyone. I don't have to share the TV, and I don't have to worry about "my other half" if he doesn't come home on time or whatnot. I love both sides, and right now I believe being single is what I have to be.

For all I know...once I'm back in a relationship...we're having two TVs! ;)

Anonymous #2 via email - are you back in school? Why? It's so awful!

I admire your honesty here. I know going back to school isn't everyone's cup of tea and let me tell you it isn't easy and it wasn't an easy decision for me. I needed something else in my life than the redundancy of every day work. Not being fulfilled with what I had and with what I was doing was horrible. I worked, and earned money yes, but my brain needed more than this. I felt like I needed another degree, one step more in education and even if this doesn't work out I am learning. Every day I am hearing something new, something that teaches me about life, love, the past and the future...my brain loves it and I'm happy. School can be horrible, but it's really not that bad at all when you look at the big picture...the horizon that slowly opens up in front of your eyes...it feels amazing!


This was fun!

And yes I know I owe you more pictures of when my friend visited, and all...I know. I suck.
But I am working on it...slowly!

February 15, 2012

Fasnacht - say what?!

Don't worry, I understand if you didn't understand my blog post's title!!!
I wouldn't either if I didn't know Swiss German, or German.

                                                                                                                    Source: google.com via Shelby on Pinterest

Either way, tomorrow is the day...at 5am, Swiss time, people are going crazy again. The fifth season is about to start and it better be an amazing week for my fellow Swiss people because I know they've been freezing their butts off for the past couple of months, and really need to get rid of this awful winter. I read it's been one of the coldest winters in almost 50 (!!!) years, and I also know that one of our little lakes in my lovely city is so frozen it was recently opened up to the public to walk on. And I'm here, in sunny California. Something isn't right. But let me not get into this...because then I'd be also telling you that they had an earthquake in Switzerland a few days ago which clearly is not really that common and makes it all a bit surreal.

So yes, tomorrow's the big day.
If you don't know what I'm talking about...click on THIS and also on THIS and see/read some more.

As a strong lover and believer in tradition (call me old-fashioned) I am missing this fifth season. A lot. Therefore I will be listening and watching (they better have those webcams again!!) starting tonight at 8pm (PST) since that'll be 5am over there. I am so stoked I can't even put it into words. 
Can you see me smile and dance?!
I can, and I also see me cry!
But I won't look like the following...

Have a fabulous day.
I'm counting down the hours till I get to sit in front of my laptop again...listening to all kinds of familiar noises and sounds!


February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...

...or not!

As many of you may know or even remember I am not a huge fan of this holiday.
This doesn't mean I'm not a romantic person. I am all for romance, all for love, and all for pink, flowers, presents, fun times with your loved one, heck I am more than all that. I'm the uber-romantic person sometimes. Nonetheless this holiday has never been my favorite.
And if you think it's because I am single...no. I don't believe in showing your loved one that you care about him/her on that day only. It's like Mother's Day...why only show them how much you care and love them on that one day?! How about on all the other days? What is then? Do you hate them?! Just wondering.

Though I'm losing my train of thought here...
Oh yeah, Valentine's Day!

Today is a day I consider ironic, too.
It is my friend's anniversary (congrats lady if you read this!!).
And it's my late cousin's birthday, too and I know her mom's going crazy right now celebrating her 21st birthday. Not sure if this is the best idea. I know though that today is not an easy day for anyone, and some of us may even wish it never came back - that dreadful happy lovely day. It's a weird day. It'll get worse in about three weeks.

Though I have to admit I am in love with all kinds of pictures I found on the internet - mainly Pinterest - and thought I'd share it with you all.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you out there!

Whatever you do I hope you get to enjoy the day!

I am also linking up with Kori today!
She's having her Valentine's Day Linkup today and I think it's a fabulous idea. 
Thanks for reminding me girl - almost forgot. ;) 

Have a lovely day, because love is endless!


February 13, 2012

Almost Wordless

This is exactly what I have to live by today...
...it's going to be a long day.

Be excellent!!!


February 10, 2012

Friday - Girl Crush

My girl crush this week (for a while to be honest) is Emma Stone!
We are allowed to have girl crushes, right?

Since I'm desperately growing my hair out again I also want to change my color. I'm tired of my brown hair although it's my natural color. Spring is around the corner and I need some inspiration. Just looking at her color (not her natural as you may know!) makes me want to change mine so badly. Suggestions?! 

Happy Friday everyone!

Any fun plans planned for the weekend?!
Nothing except a fun movie night...I heard the Vow is out. :) Haha, just kidding. I was counting down the days. It better be good. Then again, I know it will be. Just has to be.


February 9, 2012

Please Don't...

It's time for my Please Don't List!
I feel like it...especially this week!

Please don't...

...leave your dirty laundry hanging/lying around...not attractive at all.
...yell, it's not worth it!
...scream either, it's really not worth it!
...be mad for too long, because seriously life is too short!
...forget to smile!
...forget to say Thank You, and You're Welcome and Hello!
...stop kissing in front of me.
...stop making out in front of me - I am eating!!! (has happened Friday night in a restaurant!)
...throw cartons, plastic bottles and such in the regular trash bin.
...forget to recycle and separate your trash!
...forget to sit down and relax from time to time!
...forget to pick up after your dog! I mean it!
...don't piss me off!

I thought today I'd share my weekly DON'T list.
It's been an interesting week mixed with all kinds of emotions.
When one person is down in our apartment, everyone else is, too.
It's a common disease. I hate it.

The gym usually helps. It's free, so why not take advantage of it and go regularly?! 
Oh yes we are trying.

So yeah, don't piss me off.
And really, clean after your own dogs. We have two and I take care of their business...every day. I wish I could magically make it all go away but I can't, so I'm taking out a plastic bag and clean it up. So simple. It's like flushing the toilet. Enough about that.

Hope you are having a great week so far!
At least it's beautiful and sunny right now...nothing to complain about.
Sending some sun to all of you who are experiencing some awful cold winter this time of year!


February 7, 2012

SoCal Blogger Meetup

Many of you know, attended, or just heard about it...
the SoCal Blogger Event held in La Jolla last Saturday! 

It was beyond fun!
Stephanie, Tammy, Kelsey, Olivia, Kai and Hollie worked hard on this project and earn the best applause ever! You outdid yourself ladies...thank you so much. It was an incredible day, and a super fun event. Can't wait for the next one! ;)

Great venue, great food, and great staff!
(I sound like Milly in "Because I said so!")
If you ever are in La Jolla go check this place out.
Roppongi won't disappointed!!

 Ignore my hair and pose (what the h?!), but I was fortunate enough to meet these lovely ladies! :)

Among so many fabulous southern California bloggers (like Meg with whom I rode down with, the fabulous ladies in the group picture above, and Alexa)  I also got to meet this lady!
It was about time. :)
Just saying!

Now you may wonder what I'm holding onto so weirdly... 
really sometimes I wonder how I hold stuff or walk or stand even. Oh well. I'm 12 I think. :)

Our lovely organizers had awesome raffle prizes, too.
Best part was that everyone won something and no one had to leave empty handed. Loved it!
I walked home with the following three items from Fancy Design and I couldn't be happier:

 All from Fancy Designs!

I so needed stamps...how awesome is this? As if the raffle bowl knew...
I already love their products and cannot wait to get a little shopping crazy soon!!

 This was the view on our way to La Jolla.
A bunch of us bloggers from the Los Angeles area had brunch in Del Mar before heading further south.
It was such a gorgeous Saturday!
Nothing to complain about.

I just could not NOT take this picture!
So lovely!
Is it spring yet?!

If you ever come across a blogger meetup make sure you get to attend.
Thanks again ladies!

Happy Tuesday to you.


February 6, 2012

Man Candy Monday - almost wordless!

It's Monday, and I'm NOT ready for this week.
I have three papers due (one is done, two more to go and I don't know where to start!), a test and some awkward speech, too. Hmmm....not sure if I can handle all this. One step at a time I guess.

But to make it a fun week for me, just ask me over here!
I love to get distracted!

Though it's Monday and I need some yummy hotness today...hope I'm not the only one! ;)
Linking up with Leeann and her weekly awesomeness called Man Candy Monday...I'm presenting to you the following man. :) 

click on the image for pinterest source

Channing Tatum!
That's all I can say...I'm kind of speechless at the moment - hence also why I only chose two pictures... ;) 

Hope you are having a great Monday!!!



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