March 31, 2013

The Bunny is here...

Have a wonderful weekend and Easter Sunday, whether or not you celebrate.

Don't get fooled tomorrow!


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March 28, 2013

Easter Weekend - Friday Fancies!

Easter is around the corner! I cannot believe it. Where did the time go? Spring break was last week and this week our campus was so empty I'm sure people just added a second week of vacation.
For Friday, I'm linking up with Long Distance Loving again. This week's theme is no other than somewhat Easter/Spring related. Easter Sunday this year also marks the 13th day of the Persian New Year celebration...and oh my, it will be busy. All this though means spring has fully and finally arrived. I hope for everyone. No more snow for the ones on the East Coast, or Europe, or anywhere else.

Let's celebrate some, with pretty items in pastels. Pastels make me feel so girlie. Don't you agree?

Easter Pastel

Have a fabulous Friday.
I'll be studying, working out, and possibly even window shopping. I have yet to find an Easter Outfit. :(


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March 27, 2013

The Blogger With the Writing Crisis

Good morning from sunny California!
I woke up and I felt ready to conquer the day...let's hope that holds the truth until I go to Zumba tonight. ;) Today, I'm linking up with Shanna over at Because Shanna Said So because I really just feel blah-ed out lately. And some randomness usually does the trick!

Yes, we all write. And yes, we all have our moments when we cannot find anything to write about. When you have a paper due and you can't find a way to start the whole darn thing then you are in big trouble. That person right now would be me. Let me clarify though...I have already four solid pages done, and it's luckily a shorter paper but it's an annoying one. I want to write so much and explain more, and all that, but I can't. My professor won't let me. I have one more point to get across and then conclude the whole thing. It's due tomorrow. I know what I want to say but I don't know how to say it or let alone how to write it all out. It's pure insanity. 

That's my major random fact of today.
Yes, the blogger is having a writing crisis. Interesting, no?

In other good news...I'm getting my hair done tomorrow! At 3.30. Finally!
Last time I went was in July (gulp!). Yes, that's long. It's about time. I'm excited.

How has your week been so far?


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March 25, 2013

Monday Morning Gossip

Good morning.

It's been a while. I know.
My spring break was good. Just way too short and way too busy. Busy may be good but I really just wanted to chill on the couch and do nothing. I studied a little though, went to a hockey game, went to Los Angeles a few times and even bumped into Leeann from Join The Gossip while I was pretending to be a tourist. Fun fun!

Speaking of Leeann...I'm linking up today to Monday Morning Gossip.


I neglected my Google Reader so I would get used to NOT USING IT. I updated my bloglovin and even got feedly. So we shall see which one I will be using in the future. I have to get used to something. My favorite one will be taken away so I better find something that works with me. ;) First world problems, I know.

So, what have you been up to lately?

I will at some point catch up but let me know what's new with you all?

I'm off to school today. Am procrastinating with my paper and have been studying for a midterm. I'm doing fabulous. Also, I didn't go shopping even though I wanted to. I fixed my iPhone, my iTunes, and everything else. I'm excited. I also met a few friends of mine...and watched most of my shows. It wasn't a productive break but it was still fabulous. 

Disregard my stupid smile...but I found Willie!! And please don't ask why I know's a fun story. 

I'm glad I stayed away from everything computer related or internet related for a week. It felt liberating. It felt wonderful. No stress, no drama, no distractions. I may be doing this again some day.

Happy Monday everyone.

Hope you are having a fabulous week.


March 19, 2013



It will be relatively quiet this week on the blog. Hope you are okay with that.

My break started beautifully. Let's hope it stays this way.
Updates as usual on Instagram and Twitter. :)

P.s. And yes, I'm on bloglovin' - just because google reader is about to leave us all. Thought I'd throw this out there somehow as well.

March 15, 2013

Friday's Fancies - St. Patrick's Day Edition

Happy Friday everyone!!!
In two days we celebrate St. Patrick's Day so it's appropriate for a little green theme here. No?
Besides, it's been a while that I linked up with Friday's Fancies and honestly...I missed it.

So, I'm linking up with Long Distance Loving today.

I went with a simple theme today just because it's hot, and we don't want to wear much on a hot day. :) Yes, be jealous...we've had 80-degree weather and it's been gorgeous. Woohooooooo!
What do you think? Is my outfit appropriate for a hot day in a bar? Hahaha!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Do you have any plans for this weekend?

Today I'll be heading up north to see a friend I haven't seen since July. Yes, that's long.
And yeah, it's spring break....I'll be chilling and relaxing, drinking some green drinks (if they are gluten free) and studying. :( Midterm after a break is awful but I'll be doing fine!!!! :)

Happy Weekend.


March 14, 2013

Gluten Free Update


To be honest. I wanted to do a weekly post about how I experience my gluten free world (just for lent - including Sundays, too, I'm going hardcore here - to remind everyone I am not gluten intolerant). I somehow could not do the weekly update. I worked hard to maintain my sanity by staying strong and really stay gluten free. And I did. With two sad and unforeseen expectations. One, we bought something assuming it was gluten free because it's technically all sugar and baaaaaaammmmm. Wheat was definitely in it. And two, I accidentally ate something that had malt extract in it. Crap. I suffered. Big time. It hurt. And yes this got me thinking. 

Did my body adjust?
Am I really gluten intolerant?

So, well, I suffered and dealt with the consequences. Stomach aches are not funny. At all. If you are celiac or have a gluten intolerance then yeah you may know how it feels to eat something that has gluten in it and how it hurts. 

Though...and to be honest again. I actually thought eating and living gluten free would be a lot more difficult. Not saying it's easy. Heck no. It's doable and actually helped me realize how much junk we as humans eat and drink and just long for. So glad I decided to do this. 

Here's what I learned so far:

My roommate was making his famous pesto pasta and forgot I couldn't eat it. Great. I ended up spooning out the veggies. {I don't care (yet) about cross-contamination.} So it was alright. But it sucked. Big time. Also, my favorite of all time best chips are a HUGE no no. So bummed out. Soy sauce is a no no. Yes, gluten free soy sauce exists but not every Sushi place offers it. Most pizza places now offer gluten free crusts at additional cost or for free. I go to Pieology and pay a buck more for my special crust. Gotta say I like that. But I want that fluffy crust too and can't have that one (yet). Most restaurants offer gluten free menus but heck, it's just not the same. I know, such a weird problem/setback.
Gluten free pasta, bread, cereal and what not is more expensive than normal stuff. However, you get to cherish eat bite and not gulp it all down. And, you get to portion stuff too. Besides the price I kind of like gluten free mac-n-cheese. Yummy.

Positive feedback:
I lost weight. High five, anyone?
Ok, I didn't fully need to lose any weight but it was a good way for me to see where all the fat I'm eating actually goes to. I can actually now fit into pants I couldn't fully or nicely fit into anymore. Yay.
More gluten free items are available than I thought, or let's say is more available now than ten years ago. I definitely like that fact. I feel less bloated, less fatigue, and just better. My friend M. noticed it too. My energy is back, but not fully and I think this has a lot to do with it. I'm amazed.

I still have officially two more weeks to go and I'm contemplating on continuing it. First, I'll probably eat a real burger with a real bun, and a few sweets and all. Then I see results (and since I already ate something that had gluten in it and I was in pain - I might see and feel more pain), and know how to go from there. YAY. I think.

What do you think?
Am I doing the right thing?

I think I am. ;)


March 13, 2013

The Song that's Stuck...'s happened again. I heard a song and baaaammm. It's stuck. Whenever I heard it I wonder what actually happened while this song was created. Then on second thought I just don't want to know. ;) I really do. Also, I can't stop moving and singing along...what's wrong with me now?!

Have you heard this one before?

Either way, let me know what you think...OMG :) 

March 12, 2013

The Sacrifices and Consequences of Moi #2

Remember pretty much a year ago? I wrote this blog post.

Well, turns out, after all this time the friend I wrote about does not understand and not get over the fact that I could not come to her wedding. I am fully aware of what I gave up when I moved away, and what may happen to friends and family when I'm not around. I knew that. They knew that too. It's time of pure self-reflection and thorough thinking and it all tells me I should have done this all sooner. I'm sick and tired of constant reminders of the past or of things I simply can't change. Friendships are always a two-way street. There's just so much we can do. Sometimes friendships are just not meant to go on forever. Even after over 10 years.

I pretty much called it quits on Thursday. I truly believe that March 7 had a lot to do with it. Maybe my cousin finally sent me a sign telling me to take this step because it ruins me. It has for the past year. I have been struggling for so long but it seemed worthless. Whatever I say will be used against me and I just know it's not fair and not right. I felt incredibly bad, and very sad about it but it was time. What ticked me off the most and made me realize that it is indeed not possible to keep this going (at least for now, maybe in five years we decide to talk again but now I don't see a point unless she wakes up) is the fact that she thinks she is the only friend of mine who is married and expecting or whatnot. She certainly is not.

I have plenty of friends who are in a relationship, married, having kids or expecting kids. And we all manage to get together on a regular basis, we all go out and eat, and we all meet and do stuff. We may not always have time for each other but we make time. We all have family and friends, and other obligations and we still manage to maintain our friendship and value each other's company. One of my friends gave birth to her second daughter and I wasn't there. Did this make me sad? Sure. But we don't hate each other for not being closer, we actually appreciate the fact and that makes us grow closer. I mean, come on? We are adults and we should see it all logically.

What pissed me off and really made me realize that it's time to let go was the fact that she mentioned her wedding again. I never asked her to postpone it, I never made her postpone it and besides she never postponed it. I thought she realized that it was impossible for me to fly to Europe for two days. I don't have a private jet. I go to school. Hello?! So, she had to mention it again and say something like she now knows who really cares about her because they came to her wedding. Really? 
Come on? I am not blaming it on hormones. Because quite frankly, last year they weren't to blame, but now it's just her real self coming out and it frustrates me to the core. HOWEVER, I'm better than that. I call it quits, and I say bye. I don't need drama. My life's filled with drama so having her as a friend who creates drama and thinks it's all about her and no one else then NO, sorry, girl. I don't need you in my life because you are not the only one with a husband, and other friends and family. We all have it. In one form or another. And the drama that is being created through your selfish thinking is just not right and doesn't make it easier. So, I have to say bye. We may see and talk to each other in five years again but certainly not now.

So, I'm better off now. Liberated. Finally.

I'm a good enough for the friends and family I have. I thought she was part of it but apparently she is still unwilling to accept the fact that I could not attend her wedding. So, I am good enough to be me and stay true to me and what I do and who I have in my life.

I was fully aware of the sacrifices I had to face but her blaming me and then coming after me again with that wedding story? No thank you. What's done is done.

I'm over it.

Hope you are having great friends. :) 

Happy Tuesday.

March 11, 2013

Monday Morning Gossip - "A" arrived

Besides me having to read hundreds of post and reconnecting with people I missed reading about, my weekend has been okay. Busy, but okay. :) Best part was my friend A moving to California. {no, she's not part of Pretty Little Liars - lol} It's gonna be interesting having her live with all of us but it will be fun. :) And you may know her from a few blog posts from last year... {here, here, and here}. So, without further ado, I'm quickly linking up with Leeann and...

Technically, I studied all weekend long. Then my friend arrived and we let her settle in a little. And now it's Monday already. Crazy. I even forgot to use Instagram all weekend long. That's how insane it was. ;) She also wanted to go to church so we took her. Loved the colored chairs outside...I wanna have them all in my imaginary background! Plus, after church...I took her to In-N-Out...a must when you get to CA, no?


Further to my weekend...what I'm looking forward to this week is that one ugly and probably horrible exam will be over (I have it this afternoon), and that Thursday at exactly 9.45pm spring break starts. I need a break. Regardless of what I have to study for (another midterm - don't y'all love it not to be in school anymore??!!!), and probably revise or write...I'm looking forward to exploring a little more while I have a little over one week off from any homework, exams, and lectures!!! Woohooooo. It'll be well deserved!

Happy Monday everyone.

Don't forget to link up with Leeann!

March 7, 2013

It will get better


Sometimes I wish I had a portal to go through.
Today is one of those days.
Time flies, we all know that.
Once we lose someone close we realize this even more.
Today is a good day.
Yes, it is.
It is the reminder of why I am back here in my California.
It is the day that changed not only my life but others too.
If nothing like that happened I'd probably still be in Europe, miserable.
Or, I'd be in Europe doing something I don't want to be doing.
If nothing happened two years ago, your brother would not be in Australia right now.
He's like me, traveling and living abroad.
I know he would have done it sooner or later but I know he did it sooner. Just because.

Two years ago you just made me mad.
I blamed you. Then I blamed whoever was driving.
Then I blamed no one.
Turned out, well, no one was at fault.
My ridiculous intelligent professor would say you went with your passion.
That passion shaped you.
That passion led you to be where you were that morning.
And yes, it ultimately ended your life.
Call it fate or destiny.
I call it purpose.
Thank you, J.
You know why.
Today is a good day.
Yes, it is.
And I know... 


March 6, 2013

My friends...

My friends know me.
Some know me better, others know me just a little bit and pretend they know me.
Some friends or pretend-to-be friends wanna know me, but can't get around the wall I'm holding tight around me. Some wish I would act, think, behave, or just be different. I will not change myself for others.
I may know a little more trivia about a film, a show, a person, a place, a country or just any info than others. Sometimes I don't know anything at all. It's what it is. Don't judge, don't ask, don't frown. Accept it.

My awesome friend M. knew I needed a pick-me-up and that fast. She knew I had been feeling shitty for the past few weeks and felt like it was time to cheer me up. I wasn't happy-Selma and I wasn't secure-feeling Selma. She let me vent, she let me be me. I thank her for that. I truly appreciate her friendship! 
To cheer me up she randomly sends me texts with hot men. She knows me well. She also knows I'd bail her out if she ever came close to the same men because she could not contain herself and probably get herself into trouble. I'd probably collapse first (probably not, I can act my part and pretend everything's cool).

I'd bail her out...because she's my friend.
I'd have to just keep myself steady from not collapsing because if I saw both of these men (especially the first) I'm not so sure now if I'm the one who needs to bail someone out or if M needs to bail me out. Eeeeeek! :)

Hmmmm, my friend really knows me well.
I feel so much better right now. 

What do you think?!


March 3, 2013

Monday Morning Gossip - Weekend Recap

Good morning! Can't believe another weekend passed. It was a good weekend even though I had to study and endure enjoy birthday parties. Parties can be fun, but sometimes they are also pretty exhausting. Ha! I still enjoyed being around friends. Best part? I went mini-golfing for the first time in years. Yay. I missed doing this. Best night ever! So here it Monday Morning Gossip with Leeann...talking about my weekend.

Friday night we went out for Sushi. Woohoo.
As much as I love Sushi I was dreading it...Sushi means wasabi and soy sauce. Both are awesome. Soy sauce is a huge No No when it comes to a gluten free diet. So, you'd think most places have gluten free soy sauce by now but no. So, what did brave Selma do? She ate her Sushi without the wonderful brownish sauce. BUT, spicy tuna and spicy whatever else don't need soy sauce but it would have been so much better. {no photos, sorry...I was too busy eating}

There was cake, too, but again, I couldn't eat that one. I would have loved to...but oh well...what aren't we doing to feel and stay better??!! Sacrifices.

One of the best parts from this weekend was the birthday brunch I attended.
Sapphire in Laguna Beach is where we went to, and my nice bubbly and delicious Miso Salmon Salad were just superb. My dressing had to come on the side...just because. ;)

I love Laguna Beach.
I also love the fact that this photo is mystical gorgeous...where the heck did I take that photo? I don't even remember. Note to self: take your pills Selma...your memory is slowly deteriorating. 

What do normal people do in order to have fun on a Saturday night, when they feel the need to compete and act like 12-year-olds? Yes, mini golf!! Plus, they also see a bunny and wanna cuddle with it, and then, they pose for a quick photo.

We posed. I clearly can't smile. Never mind my friend's see-through shirt, it's supposed to be that way. If you saw what we stood'd be surprised. I'm not as tall as I am in this photo My friend M (the birthday girl) is much taller than me. Those of you that know me know how "tall" I am. ;)

Happy Monday Morning Gossip everyone!!
Don't forget to link up!


March 1, 2013

March 2013 - It's Time

Welcome to my spring!

Yes, I don't care about official dates that supposedly tell us that spring starts or summer or any other season. March is the first day of spring to me. Like it or don't like it. I'm okay with that. Though I am hoping spring will make me happier, make me feel better and bring good things along. I have high hopes. 
*February ended bad - with two bad grades and a sad face on my part* 

So far, my spring (March, April & May) looks pretty much like fun.
I have tickets ready to two concerts and one game already. Can't get any better than that. :) So far, each month will have one event going I'm looking forward to. I might add a few more events but I'm content with what I'm seeing in my calendar already. I'm finally gonna live life a little because it's needed - not that I have the money!

Wanna know where I am going?

My favorite event will be in May...and it'll include this song...

Happy Weekend y'all!


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