February 26, 2010

Fill In The Blank...

via we ♥ it
It is Friday again, and this for once means...FILL IN THE BLANK FRIDAY.
So excited about this. Really. I think it's a neat idea...so without further blahhhh from me...
...here is what I have to say...

1.  When I'm nervous I     slowly begin to stutter, my cheeks flush, I am about to sweat like crazy and it's all just sooooo incredibly embarassing   .

2.  My favorite item in my closet is     my blue Kimchi Blue top...nothing special but it makes me feel good about myself and that's what we all need ;)  .

3.       Watching TV in a marathon-way (one show after the other and it doesn't even have to make sense in the end with all those diverse shows)        is my favorite thing to do when I need to relax.

4.  My favorite childhood memory is    playing table tennis till it got really dark outside. Those were the fine times...when we were able to stay out long and everything was okay.

5.  Something you may not know about me is   that I used to live in Trinidad and Tobago. I was tiny and super young then, but still...I lived there  .

6.  A true friend      will always be there for you, call you at least three times a week, surprise you with cute little gifts, cry with you, laugh with you, tell you your outfit is way off, tell you when you have food stuck in your teeth, show honesty and let you know your hair dresser made a huge mistake, and will drop everything to have coffee with you when you're having a bad day . *sorry Lauren I had to steal the last part, couldn't have said it better*

7.  Something I hope people think of when they think of me is     that I am kind and loyal (in any possible way). If they think I'm cute or funny or whatever too it's definitely a bonus but I just want them to think I'm a good girl because I am  .

So, if you want to read what others, including awesome Lauren, had to say on today's Fill in the Blank Friday...then hop on over to Lauren's terrific blog HERE and discover some more answers...or just play along. You won't get disappointed.

Thanks Lauren for doing this. Friday morning inspiration for me...for sure!!! :)


February 25, 2010

Pretty please

I woke up late yesterday, and even later today.
Not that I'm complaining.
However, have you had this feeling before when you slept way too long and then ended up being even more exhausted?! Kind of what I'm feeling today. My brain doesn't want to work today. My hand still hurts but my stomach problem sort of started to leave me...yes, thank you for that one. :)  And my ear...that is a never-ending story. Grrrrr....

So, without typing any further because it still hurts a lot...here are my pics for my Thursday inspiration...

 all via We ♥ It
My favorite?
The last one for sure. I love bows!!!
But I would also go with the fourth one...just cute.

Why I chose dresses?
Not sure.
Kinda thought it was appropriate...now with spring approaching and all.
Besides, what's wrong with dresses? Nothing!
That is why I chose to share these with ya.
Plus, I'm not a dress girl. Yes, please don't hate me now.
I don't wear them. Sure I do, for special occasions but that is about it.
Or, I combine them with jeans or black pants. My style.
Yes, I know I'm a dork.
Sue me.
On second thought, please don't.
Just let me be who I am. OK?!
Thank you.



February 24, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - Novel

Oh yes, wonderful Kelsey's back and that even with a new button.
Perfect for spring and just so super cute, right?!

This week's Wishful Wednesday topic is
*and I can't believe I have the energy to do this*

I wish...I could play a character's role in a book and it would be...Clare Abshire from The Time Traveler's Wife!
I absolutly LOVED this book. Haven't seen the movie (yet).
But the book I read in two days. Less than that actually.

The journey she goes through (well both of them actually), 
and the fact that they somewhat manage to live like this 
with all its ups and lots of downs is amazing.  
She's so strong and this is just one of so many more reasons why I like this character.

Love can conquer everything...at any age and in any kind of dimension.



Can't wait to see the movie. Soon!!!

For more Wishful Wednesday posts hop on over to Kelsey's blog and see what others had to say.
I'm gonna do this right after I hit the publish button. ;)

Happy Wednesday everyone.

And thank you all for your lovely comments.
I'm still feeling like crap, but my stomach flu's sort of under control now which is great.
Now, let's hope my ear is gonna be "normal" again too, soon at least...
...my fingers...that may take a while.


February 23, 2010

How Good It Can Be

So, I'm way behind everything and it won't get better.
I've been busy working, and getting better...I am dealing with some silly and very annoying stomach flu, on top of everything my right hand started to hurt or let's just say my index finger (but now I actually feel it is also my right ring finger)...so of course typing hurts like hell (excuse me but it's true) and it's just not funny anymore. Oh and a few of you know *thanks to my uncool twitter post yesterday* that my ear is infected, too. YAY!! How lovely is that?! I hate it all. I want to be healthy! What has gotten into my precious body and hit me so hard?! I have no clue and frankly I don't want to know. All I wanna know is how I'm going to get better. Soon. Like right now. Boo on this week...oh well...today is Friday (yes I know it's Tuesday, but to me it is Friday) and my weekend's about to start, so I'm gonna rest a lot, drink a lot of healthy stuff and try to get better A.S.A.P. 
March is around the corner everyone!!! And whether or not things, or the weather, or whatever work with or seem to be on my side to me March means spring time and I won't allow anyone to say or think otherwise. Ok, you can think what you want but I'm announcing the beginning of spring as of Monday, March 1st!!!! Woohoo!!!

Oh I'm in pain right now so I'm gonna keep this short. *yeah right*
I think there's an award waiting for me somewhere and if you haven't heard from me about it, or think I will ignore it or whatever I won't. I also don't ignore all of your lovely comments, and posts and stories. I may sometimes comment, sometimes I may not. Don't feel sad if I don't, and don't jump like a funny, cute and crazy person around if you get a quick "hello" from my side of the world. I want to comment on everything and all the time, but sometimes I can't. Sometimes I don't feel like it and then my sentences come out wrong and it may be interpreted differently so I usually skip the commenting. But yeah, I'm here and I read your stuff...slowly but I am reading it all.
I just haven't gotten any time to check new followers out (sorry guys, but I sure will...for sure...I already sneak-peeked and loved what I saw, so yay on your blogs as well!!), and I haven't really gotten around writing much or thinking or whatever. I feel bad, but I also know you are understanding and think it is ok. Right????!!!!!??? Prrrrrrreaaaaassse?! ;-)

So well, I'm still in pain and it's ridiculous what I can write even when I feel horrible.
Maybe it's my way to ignore the pain, or my mind thinks writing helps (because, yes, that's what I've been telling myself for the past few months or so)...but when fingers hurt writing doesn't help much. So, hopefully my mind stops thinking soon and let's me rest of a few hours and then get better. We'll see about that. Plus, I don't want to stay away from this blog world too long. Why?! If you've been away for a while you know the feeling. You may be doing different things instead of blogging but there's always something missing. So for the past few days even though I was partially blogging something was already missing...maybe the fact that I couldn't connect more to all of you...who knows...but well, let's stop my mind now...I need to rest my hand...

...but before I do *and I thought this would be a quick post* I wanted to share something with you. Remember my time in Istanbul last fall?! If not, click on here, here, here or here.

Well, it's my city. My everything. More or less. It's home. I didn't grow up there but I have family there and friends, and every time I return part of me feels at home, and every time I leave this marvelous city part of me stays, too. As a little girl I went to Istanbul (and other parts of Turkey) pretty much every summer...part of a family reunion thing and just vacation at home away from home. Huh? Confused. Me too. ;)
Anyways...so, today at work I watched CNN...ok I didn't, but I was passing by the TV at work and what I saw I liked and what I like I try to share and here you go...I don't like the music of this "commercial" but the rest is ok.

But then, watching it again I kinda didn't like it anymore. So I found this one.

And this one really brought homesick tears back onto my face. Happy tears!!! I freakin' love that city! :)
But as you may have guessed...I couldn't stop and found this interesting video. Gotta love youtube and whoever puts videos on there. Thanks!!!! :)
So, if you are interested in Istanbul, or the history, or the views, or the whatever...or just what interests me and makes me who I am...here is another one... *kinda long...sorry*

I actually found a lot more videos but thought this was enough.
Don't want to bore you, frustrate you, or whatever.
Besides, I think this is enough for today...no more video overload for your eyes. ;)
At least for today. ;)

Have a good day.
Way better than mine I hope.


February 22, 2010

Hello Monday

Happy Monday everyone!
I bet you're not looking forward to it. I'm not either. But despite my bad mood (I have no idea why...my summer misery is coming back...I can feel it. It just needs to be, otherwise I don't know what's up these days!), and the fact that I had to work this weekend (and it was sunny outside, thank you very much for making me stuck inside) I feel like sharing some cute things with you. Nothing special. Hardly anything about me. I know I know. BORING. But better this than sad and mad blog posts, right?!

There's really nothing exciting going on in my life.
Yes, Carnival is over (in another city in this country it started this morning at 6am I think), but for us here it is over. Everything went back to normal. I think I have the Carnival blues right now. Sounds better than summer misery. Besides, since this so-called fifth season's over there's nothing exciting going on. Friends neglect me again, I'm busy at work, and to top it all off...my right hand started to hurt. I'm using this one quite often. Daily. For almost everything. Especially at work. I can't have it hurt this much. Total crap. Therefore, typing hurts, and right now I'm in pain...and this makes me mad. :(

So, without further blablah from my side...I thought I'd  put up some pics...why not. Inspiration for us all. Good to start the week, or continue this day! Woohoo. Besides. I think you like those pics of mine (or of those I usually find) and therefore...here you go... :)


My favorites are the last two ones. :D
The girl with all the paint in her face reminds me of me...right after Carnival season. ;)

Yes, you guessed right. All pictures came from We ♥ It! ;)
Have an amazing day.


February 20, 2010

Weekend Inspiration

Three very random and different pictures.
I felt like sharing these...not sure what's going on but it's what I'm feeling right now and thought was worth putting on here. Happy Weekend everyone!


all via we ♥ it! :)

Hope you're having great things ahead of you this weekend.
Don't ask about mine...I'll be working...odd hours, and tyring to work things out with my boss so I get a few questions answered, and problems solved. Life in its full beauty I guess. :D

And I'm going to find more pictures of this fifth season over here...at night. That is where all the music happens...during day time it is rather boring (at least to me) so I am usually either fast asleep in my bed or like this year at work. But so far I've been unlucky finding videos or pictures. Then again, I wasn't really looking either...work was more important. ;)

Have a sweet day.


February 19, 2010

Friday Funny - Smiles

Keeping Up With Kelly & Co

Friday again, and I'm back and trying to catch up on everyone and everything...but I'm failing. :(
However, I had to laugh a lot this week...not just because my friend made funny sheep noises and irritated me with this (he won, I lost big time), but also because I bought a magazine and found this...

Ya know when you're out with friends and maybe sitting or standing at a bar or anywhere and whoops your drink's gone or people get it all confused because for some unknown reason you're drinking the same drinks?! Well, with this it will never happen again!
They look like your grandma's dentures but are ice cubes for your drinks.
Love this!!! Had to laugh so hard when I read this I had to share this with you all. :D

Gotta have them!!! ;-)

Check the website out HERE if you want to see more fun stuff...quite useful. ;)

Happy Friday everyone.
Feel free to hop on over to Kelly's blog and play along or at least look for what others found funny this week.


Fill In The Blank...

It's Friday again...and even though I'm still trying to recover from a very long week and still trying to fight with my sore body I have some time left to do this. Hop on over to Lauren's blog if you want to play along. If you don't, at least go over there and read what others had to say on this Fill In The Blank Friday! :)

1.  If I could  medal in an olympic event it would be   curling...looks easy but I know it isn't at all what it seems  .

2.  If I was stranded on a deserted island I'd take     a couple of notebooks to document this, a friend in particular or two or three, sunlotion, sunglasses, and a dictionary with me...I would not get bored at all  .

3.     Giant fish *i know how weird this sounds, but when they open their mouths i get all weirded out*     are my most irrational fear.

4.  I'd rather   be eating chocolate *yes, which I hate too* everyday,  than  listening to Swiss country music  everyday.

5.  I am   feeling under the weather or maybe under the milk *haha*...something's not right and I blame it on the milk I just drank .

6.  I should really be    looking for a new job but it's so much easier right now without all the hassle .

7.  One of my favorite things in all the world is    returning home *either city/country*(just walking on airport grounds and knowing I'm already there is the best thing ever; at least for right now!).
Happy Friday everyone.
Time for me to look for some music videos for you all, take a hot bath and then head to bed.

I might skip the music videos...way too exhausted and I feel like Carnival's over and all...but then again...on Monday it all starts again. Luckily not in my city. Thank you. ;)


February 18, 2010

Sober, Relaxed, and Satisfied

Remember, I wasn't at all into the carnival season. I wasn't looking forward to it, and I wasn't really feeling it at all. Until Thursday morning...at 3am, when I had to get up to get ready. I love to take showers that early. ;) And, I wasn't the only one...so much for apartments and their funny noises... ;)
And yes, I woke up at 3 in the morning, took a shower so I'd be smelling like a coconut and my hair would be all shiny and soft, ate some breakfast, and then got dressed...three layers of T-shirts, three pairs of socks, leggings, thermo clothes, two layers of huge sweatshirts and a big purple (of course) Mexican hoodie I got about 20 years ago when my friend returned from Mexico and got me that warm thing. Love it. :) And suprprisingly it still fits me. Oh, and two pairs of gloves, my black hat and scarf and I was ready. Oh yeah...my carnival jeans, too. Bought them a long time ago but can't wear them anymore unless it's carnival time. They have big pockets so I can store stuff (money, tissues, cellphone, lipbalm, eyedrops, chewing gum, and such). They are so worn and so dirty it's only good during this fifth season each year. ;) It gets dirty during this time of year. No new clothes allowed, unless you don't mind crying over the fact that that dirt on them won't ever go away. Those stains stay forever...sadly.
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I had to work during those crazy days. Not only on Thursday, but also Saturday and then Monday and Tuesday. Ash Wednesday though I had the day off. I survived though. Yes. And had a few moments to take pictures. Not the best, and not at all what I wanted but hey, I'm not complaining. The following pics are taken by me unless otherwise stated. I take the full blame for all those ugly and blurry pictures. haha! ;) Taking pics at barely 5 am isn't easy, so much I know now. ;)
And well, I was scared my camera would get broken or stolen or I would get beaten up by drunk teenagers (yes, sadly...this has increased, but fortunately, they hardly ever came close to where we were standing, dancing, etc etc...they drink, but stay away from the fun...they don't know what fun means!!!), so I tried to take Pembe with me during the day and then left her at home at night. And yes, most fun happens at night. Until maybe 4 am...or later. Who knows. ;)

Let's start...
I managed to take a pic of that traditional boat...arriving in the city right at 5 am.
Of course it snowed the entire morning, hence those white spots! ;)
Awesome costume. :)
They had their own little seats with them, so here they are sitting 
and waiting for people to notice them. I sure did!

Now the traditional stuff...and ya know I love tradition...
There's this square in town and its fountain is famous, and a true symbol of this city.
Of course those traditional masks and city "carnival mascots" gather there (after their arrival and walk towards that square), and then wait till thousands of confetti falls on them. They also throw out oranges...and yell stuff etc. Quite funny. Quite intriguing too, and well...messy and hot and crowded.

Here, people are waiting for those traditional ones to come to the fountain.

Here, the giant mess of confetti falling onto everyone.

It's an amazing view. So glad I found those pictures.

He's very excited. One of the traditional ones... :D

The "family" waiting to go into the city hall.
Believe it or not, I was standing a tiny bit to the left of that picture...next to that police person...
...I tried to take a picture but failed because my camera was a bit cold and refused to work so early.
My favorite building in the city, especially during this time of year.
Kinda loved the fact that it was snowing...gave it some unique touch.

And then we were walking through tons of people, heading to different squares where there was lots of music and lots of people we knew and all.
I even spotted this handsome guy.
*He just couldn't remember the next day!*
*No wonder, it was 5.35 am, and that my friends is early for a six-year old.*
I'm so proud of you!!!  :-))

Then, I had to go to work. At 6.30 the fun was over.
However, I was glad because it continued snowing and it wasn't much fun to stay outside.
But then it stopped and I heard sounds so I headed out and waited at the door (with my work phone in tow, just in case...but no call came in)...and I saw these guys passing by. The traditional ones...
He waved at me. Obviously.
Looks like a drunk "Fritschi" *yes, his name* but a "cute" one...love traditions.
And those masks are super old...way too old. :D
I'm not sure what they're doing with this.
Smoking? Brewing? Praying? Hmmm...
...either way, they all belong to two special guilds in this town, founded in the 1500s.
My friend stopped by. With her kids. But they were way too shy (which is weird because they're NOT at all shy, especially not when there's a camera around!)...she was shy too so she put her fake face on. ;)
That's what a balcony looked liked.
Loved the confetti on the snow. So romantic.

And now...some random shots...from Thursday and Monday afternoon on my way home (right after the parade or before, so people aren't around or hardly around and little me has space to take pictures), and from Saturday afternoon.


Yes, real horses are used, too! :)
Another traditional mask and all...they "scare" people...
...as a kid I was terrified of these "creatures"...not anymore though. Ok, a little.
I missed to take the pic as the lady there jumped away!! :(
Another one of my friends getting ready...and sorta hiding behind her mask.
He helped to scare winter away! :)

One video...
...this is the traditional way to start this carnival season.
Lots of paper falling onto thousands of people...and everyone's sqeezed in like a hot dog or so.
I don't like this part. I stayed out of it and waited at the water, and then heard the balloon explosions with the paper and from there walked through the streets! :)
And yes, no one's shooting...it's the balloons exploding on top of everyone! :D

 For more videos click HERE

I tried real hard to find pictures. Not as easy.
Also not easy to take pictures. I tried my best.
Sorry if I disappointed you all. ;-)

All pictures that are via www.zisch.ch were taken by Heinz Steimann of the Carnival Committee of Luzern, René Meier of Zisch, and Boris Bürgisser of LZ (newspaper).

Well, and I think I mentioned once that I got flowers for Vday...here they are...

Taken this afternoon. Still beautiful. Slowly leaving me...but still beautiful. :D

Oh and if you were wondering what I looked like at the carnival season...keep on guessing...haha!
You all know what I looked like at work...Hello Kitty!!!!!! YUP. No kidding there.
But outside...I was wearing my old costume in black/white/silver (boring I know) and I had a lot more clothes on underneath than stated earlier...thankgoodness those costumes don't make you look fat. At all. ;-)

Please disregard the fact that my face's ugly and I'm super tired! Look at my eyes!! UGLY and so small!!!
I just slept like four hours that day so yeah...oh and yes, I had a bad hair day that evening too. :(
But no one cares during this time of year anyway!!!!
Thank you.

Have an amazing day.
And yes, if your eyes are sore by now... :) Sorry about that.

P.s. and today I'm finally all okay again...all sober and happy. Sober in terms of warm again and not at all sleepy anymore! Woohoo! :D


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