October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I am back lovely readers...yes I know I was away for quite some time, and I was not really myself either. I tried so hard to be myself and to live life, but I failed. Miserably. I am appalled at myself. Yes, only at myself. Lots has happened in the past four weeks, and I tried to keep up a normal face, a normal pose, and not show emotions until last week. I let go off everything and anything and it felt good. I had a Selma-cry day. Literally. And figuratively. A few of you know what happened and I want to keep it between us. It's not something I want to yell out loud and share with the world. Not my proudest time of the month, or the week or the year, but I am doing much much better now.

I hope you enjoyed Sierra's guest post on Friday. I loved it. I was so looking forward to fall and Halloween but literally failed to enjoy it. I got sick, and it wasn't the flu. I still am trying to recover. It'll take some time. However, I know I did the right thing and will smile again soon. So I am more than just grateful for a little bloggy help here and there when it's needed. Thank you again, Sierra, for your help.

Her lil' post got me into Halloween mood again...and since today is the official day of one of my favorite holidays...I just had to share some pictures with you all. Ready?!

Have a spooky day!!!
Or not. ;)

October 28, 2011

Home Decor - Gearing Up for Halloween

Hello! It's just me, an ocean dreamer again. ;) 

While my bestie is catching up on some much deserved sleep from her crazy schedule...

I'm here to entertain you with some fun Halloween photos!

But wait...not just your everyday photos. 
Here are some Hallowen interior design decor photos!
Sorry, I'm in a funny mood because it's 2AM my time, lol.
Leave it to Martha Stewart to impress us...
A very black and dark kitchen, perfect for Halloween!
Country Living! Loving the orange roses!
These plates are SO rad.
 This is just the sweetest!
So...have you decorated your homes for Halloween time?
I can't believe it's on Monday already! 

Have a Happy Halloween and send Selma some bloggy love...
She needs some!

xoxo, Ocean Dreams

October 23, 2011

Monday Blues

Okay, guys...I was spoiled last week (and didn't post about it...boo on me!) and now this week is going to be a b****. To top it all I am getting sick, too. Isn't this lovely? I have an exam Monday morning, a horrible class after that exam and a paper due Wednesday. My stomach already bugs me because I know I am going to fail this paper. I put so much effort in it but it's not what my professor wants or appreciates. I mean, I don't want to be one of those people writing a paper in 30 minutes and get an A. Well, scratch that, I actually want to be one of those...but I am not. I feel I need to read more, explore and research more. Apparently whatever I've been doing for the past almost four weeks isn't enough and she thinks I'm not doing my job. It pisses me off. Believe me. Then again, two very different world collide when we both sit down and it is not very helpful. Not even challenging. I'm just irked and very stressed.

With that being said...I will be a little more missing in action but hopefully will be back later on this week...hopefully. I miss you all.

Happy thoughts are needed.
We all know that.

Trust me, my diet after this Wednesday is going to be very sweet!!!!!

Hope you had a great weekend and a fantastic week!!

October 18, 2011

What I've been up to

...I hardly recognize myself. I love to write, and share with you what I've been up to but I hardly find time to sit down and do anything else besides my redundant studies and researches. I never thought I'd have such a hard time settling in, getting used to everything and all. I had too much fun enjoying life and now school work is driving me nuts. Wish I could just find a job that pays well, that makes me happy, and just allows me to be myself and live life as much as even possible. Oh well...gotta dream, right?

Either way, I thought I'd sit down once I have time or the energy to do something else and well, here I am sharing some photos with you. Some of you may recognize these, but I still wanted to share some "me time" with you all. I think it's okay for me to do so, right?

 Not the best shot but I had some Sushi with my bestie, Sierra
Hmmm, now I'm kinda hungry again.

You know, when you are bored and you have no idea what you are doing and where you are...or you do but you have to wait until you can get in...all you have to do is take out your phone and camera and take some fun shots... :)

 That was Friday night's dinner...they guys went to a game, the girls went to have some yummy food. :) 

Hmmm, I think that's supposed to be me. I love this shot. Thanks Sierra for a fun day and a great new profile pic of moi. ;) 

A friend of mine made these from scratch. Thousand times better than from a so-called coffee shop. Trust me, they were delicious...we ate 'em all. Fast.

Can never get enough of these paws. They are so soft it's ridiculous. 
They just need to be trimmed and cleaned like every day. Grrrrr.... 

This pretty much sums it all up.
I've been incredibly busy.
Yes, busy is good.
However, busy can also be terrible, and I happen to just forget to drink and eat sometimes. Not at all good. So yeah. I also try to find some time to just relax and do whatever I want to do and not what those professors want us to do. They may still think I'm 18 (hahaha, I so don't wish!!), and I am not. I'm old enough to know that there are better things out there and more important things, too, that make up life. Education is a fantastic value and a great tool to get ahead in life but sometimes it is not everything. It simply isn't. Life is the greatest teacher of all...and a PhD and all cannot alter this fact. Ha, my sole opinion, so if you disagree...I am fine with that. I really am.

Oh, and in the midst of all...I have been trying to catch up on blogs. Crazy me.
I may not always comment but you lovely bloggers out there just know I am enjoying reading you and nothing can stop me from engaging myself with some fun blog stories and all. :)
Thank you.

Have a brilliant day!!!!

October 16, 2011

Eye Candy on a Monday

I am quickly back guys. I wanted to post something else but heck I had this post ready and well, here I am. I am still super busy and pissed, and well exhausted. I looked at my last post too and laughed my butt off. My grammar really went down the freakin' tube...but it's all good. I'm gonna leave it as is so when I go through my posts and see it again I will know I was really out of it that that week. And guys, yes I was out of it and not really touching ground these days.

HOWEVER, and I have to mention it on here...my prayers were finally answered. No I haven't met my soul mate nor did I find a job that would allow me to do something else right now besides school. BUT, one of my classes got cancelled for Monday. You have no idea how happy this made me. Seriously. I have to admit I danced a little too. I am that excited....I am still smiling. I'm a dork I know but come on...the class I cannot stand the most (and the one I busted my butt off this entire week, and weekend - darn it!!) got cancelled. I am excited, thrilled, exhausted, sad, mad, and just super happy. Awwwww....at least something on Monday is awesome!!!!

Okay now to the fun part... I gave in and a couple of weeks ago I went to the movies and well got inspired by it. It wasn't the best movie, but it was okay and I am not mad I spent money on that ticket. At least I got out of the house...mingled. Somehow. ;) And definitely distracted myself...school's a drag, but I digress...

The main reason behind me starting off today's blog post like this is Leeann's Man Candy Monday series. This week, a fun guest blogger Christiana is taking over Leeann's Monday fun post and oh my...her beau is one of my favorites. ;) Great choice girl. ;)
Well, and as said as it may sound I am slowly running out of fun and sexy men ideas. How is that even possible?! Really. Apparently it is not. I just found a new inspiration. :) Yay. Let's hope it lasts a little longer. ;)

So, without further blablablahhhh from my side...here's my yummy man for this week!

Chris Evans.
Don't know him?
That's alright. Just google him, or imdb him...I'm sure something comes up. ;)

Happy Monday everyone!!! :)


October 11, 2011


Sorry guys, I am be very MIA this week.
Too much is going on, too much is bothering me, and I am about to have a mental breakdown.

This will is a crazy one...but I promise I'll be back soon...I hope.


October 7, 2011

Today's Inspiration...

...comes from this song. Not sure why I am drawn to this song. I am not religious, never was and never will be (no offense to anyone), but I do go to church occasionally (and compared to the church I grew up with the one I attend feels like Disneyland - so thank you for making it fun!!) and some of my close friends do go to church and I am fine with that and they are hopefully fine with my view on life and all. I don't judge and I accept them and everyone else for who they are and what they believe in, whether or not it collides with my beliefs and views. What I'm trying to say here I often find myself listening to religious songs, mainly because the melody is awesome, or something else attracts me in that moment. Same goes for this song. Most of my music inspiration I get mainly from the radio stations (and then combine that song with the area and mood I am currently in) and movies and TV shows. I know I found this song from a show but really, my brain is fried with all kinds of weird stories and theories and all that I cannot remember when and where I found this particular song. Nonetheless, here I am writing about it. 

In a nutshell, I love this song.
It's my inspiration these days.
It makes me feel whole.
It makes me want to sip on hot chocolate with marshmallows and wear my fluffy socks and just sit next to the window and look out.
It creates a sort of happiness in me.
Does this make any sense?
I hope so.

Hope you had a wonderful day!

October 5, 2011

What a Pinteresting day!

So, today like every other Wednesdays I am enjoying craziness. Wednesdays are my Fridays which is awesome, but at the same time I feel like it's the craziest day ever. Not sure why though. On most Wednesdays I have to turn in papers, and freak out about math quizzes or what not. Who would have thought I'd be going back to school, let alone enroll in a math class? Certainly not moi. But, what can I say, I am here and I am about to explode because really I have so much on my mind and so little time to digest it all or to even understand.

To be really honest...my mind hasn't acknowledged the fact that I'm actually back in California. I am not stuck in Europe, but I haven't fully landed over here either. I have been sort of floating around which is an awful feeling because I really truly want to be standing on solid ground. Then again, I believe this is part of life and part of what needs to happen regardless of anything else. We shall see...

...but even though today is a busy day, like most Wednesdays and Mondays in general, I found some time to sit down and distract myself...and I'm linking up with Michelle again!


Thank you Pinterest, too. You make me sane again. Ha!
Here are my favorites of this week...very random, but I gotta admit I love each and every one of them.

and my two favorites are\

Happy Wednesday everyone!!! 

October 3, 2011

Wohoo you're kinda hot! ;)

Good morning!
It's time for some Man Candy Monday again.
Missed it a few times and I'm glad to be linking up today.
Mondays are usually so dreadful but with eye candy in the morning it sure gets fun and yummy. ;) 

And really, I am speechless today so I'm just going to share the following pictures!
And...I'm going with someone else this time...

Do I really have to say who this is?
If so...I'll be even more speechless than I already am.

Why him, you ask?
He's hot.
I'm not a huge a fan of his new lifestyle and "wife", but hey, he's still hot...I just had to share him here.

So, now, all you have to do is look at more hot stuff and your day can begin! :)

Happy Monday!

October 2, 2011

Sunday Funday!

How's everyone's weekend?!
Mine started Thursday but I worked most day to get a lot of things done for school which is fabulous, and Friday wasn't any different. Woke up, ate breakfast while watching the morning news, caught up on a few blogs, went to a meeting,  read a few passages in a book, reviewed notes on Humanities, relaxed, and enjoyed the sun! 

I love when the sun comes out around noon or even later than that and its rays enlighten the whole room, or park. Love love love it!!! I don't mind morning fog at all. Really, not at all. Unfortunately, the awesome warm air is going to leave us for a while and we'll be apparently seeing temps in the 60s this upcoming week. Not bad either.

So my weekend has been good so far...Friday night was fun. We went to StyleWeekOC and had a blast. I am certainly not complaining. I even took pictures, I'm so proud of myself. AND, we even briefly met Nick Verreos.That was fun. Yay!!!! Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture with him but my friends did. I know I'm lame. However, my friend and shopping buddy M allowed me to post the picture I took with him on my blog and well, so here we go (don't they kind of look alike?!):

We had fun playing games, talking, looking at clothes and all, and taking pictures before, during and after the fun Friday event. The weekend started awesome!

And of course we went hiking on Saturday and had a fabulous time as well. My workout for that day was complete!! Hopefully, October is going to be as terrific as it started!


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