January 31, 2011

Wordless Monday

Not that I started something new or try to copy other posts...but today I'm speechless. It's what happened over the weekend, along the way towards Monday and what happened today. It's not just news, it's everything and nothing. It keeps you speechless and you just stay in awe and wonder what may or may not happen soon...

...wordless Monday.

At least today.
At least with me.
So, a picture always helps to brighten my day.


♥ Selma ♥

January 30, 2011

Eye Candy

How was everyone's weekend?!

I was mainly thrown into a pot of weird feelings. That pot was filled with traditions, old friends, cold air, kids, expensive water bottles, music, weird drunk people, and a whole Saturday afternoon. It wasn't bad, it wasn't particularly good either. My toe still bothered me so I had to make sure no one stepped on it, my body refused to accept that it was daylight, drunk people pushing us wasn't fun either, but seeing my friends again was fantastic and knowing that my favorite kids in the world rely on me and my protection was a bonus. No matter how I'm feeling they know how to make me smile!!!

So, Sunday I'm mostly chilling...trying to regain strength and power....looking out my window it doesn't look too appealing. I know I'm staying home. Good thing I have fun magazines to look at, read, and get inspired by. This leads me to posting the following. Oh I love Sundays!!!

all pictures via google images
polka dotted top by Marc Jacobs via

Sigh. ;)
Time to save money - again!

♥ Selma ♥

January 27, 2011

Picture Time #2

If you know me you know I go gaga when it comes to certain magazines. Even worse when they are super cheap compared to what I normally have to pay - then I really go nuts. I ended up buying so many, it made my suitcase heavy. Not too heavy though. ;)
So, reading one of my many magazines last night I found the following and just thought I needed to share this with y'all. :)

"Friends are everything. It's another form of family. Loyalty, honesty, and dependability: that's it right there. Lending a kind hand or being there for a friend, it's not just altruistic - there's something that benefits everybody."

 Jennifer Aniston

If you know me you also know that I can get very emotional at times. I tend to lock myself in and ignore the world and once I enter reality I act as if everything's fine and perfect - even during the very dark times. Acting school paid off well. Oh wait, I never went! For the past few days I've been dealing with all kinds of feelings, and my emotions have been on a constant rollercoaster. It feels absolutely surreal. There are no words describing how I'm feeling, when I'm feeling, and why I'm feeling. I just am. It's who I am and who I always will be. Music, pictures, and supportive e-mails, texts, and messages make it all easier and at the same time harder. Though, positive thoughts are what keeps me going. Remember? I'm making sure to live life as positively as even possible. Miss my friends and family, and I know I will see them soon again!!!

Enjoy a few random pictures...
I had to take this picture...I love Christmas!!

I love sunsets...

...or dawn in general.

Wouldn't be complete with palm trees!!!

We also went out to see some snow...but we hardly took pictures...and those that we took are not blog worthy! ;)

Los Angeles and its infinite beauty...

I don't know what made me laugh this ugly laugh. :( I need to bleach my teeth! ;)
And excuse the hair...it was windy I think!

Sometimes you just need desserts... :)
Meeting Sierra from OceanDreams was one of my highlights!
She's such a sweet person, and I'm glad we're friends!
Read what we did that day here.
And really, excuse my hair and bad photo quality. 
Night pics are never good...but can you see the sunset?!

Perfect brunch at The Cottage in Laguna Beach!!!

Chilling in my Christmas T-shirt...on Christmas Day of course!

Or enjoying the water! My feet were in there too. Not at all cold! ;)

I love pictures like this one...they calm me!

My cravings for the sun and ocean will never go away...

...they are part of me! ;)

Hope you enjoyed them.
Hope you are having a fabulous Thursday!
This week went by fast!


♥ Selma ♥

January 25, 2011

So, here's the thing...

...I'm way too lazy.
Here, I said it. I admit it to everyone so no one's left out and surprised if at some point in life we bump into each other and I tend to keep it simple and play lazy. It's how I roll - most of the times. Not always, and not while I'm working. Laziness can be good too. It's not an entirely bad thing. Yes, you read right. I believe in being lazy as a good thing because it helps you relax, regain sanity (almost wrote insanity!! Ok, Selma!!! Get your thoughts together!), rest, dream, think, and stay healthy (in the calm way - because let's be frank, no one wants to have a heart attack by 32 or 40 or earlier, or ever!!!). 

What I would like to share with you today is not much.
It's more a little list of what goes through my mind. No real pictures (sorry guys, I'm working on it!), no stories (maybe a few), just merely blablablahhhhs from my end of the world.
I'm readjusting again which feels incredibly surreal. Wasn't I just walking in 80-degree weather, looking at the sunset at Laguna Beach, having a fantastic time with friends and family, and now?! Who am I?! Where am I?! It's very weird. I have no desire to leave the house at the moment which is very bad. I mean, I want to especially when I'm wide awake at six in the morning.  However, it's so cold outside all I want to do is stay inside and stay warm. My brain needs to adjust to a new language again. One I barely spoke in the last two months. I need a dictionary!!!!

So, what's happening this week?! Here's my list of favorite things:
  • Sleeping
  • Doing laundry
  • Drinking out of my new mug my friend gave me before I left!!!
  • Looking at pictures and remembering good times
  • Listening to music
  • Catching up on blog reading
  • Catching up on friend's updates
  • Getting my stuff together...so I can sit down and work on my future
  • Taking bubble baths (haven't for over two months! It's about time!!!!)
  • Writing Thank-You notes, and New Year's Cards (or so!) because I failed to work on my Christmas cards!!!!
  • Finding the perfect birthday gift *due 2/28*
  • Finding the perfect wedding gift *due 4/1 - and no, it's not a joke!*
Anyone has any ideas on what to get someone for a wedding?!
They don't do the registration thing...and they're also about to welcome a little bundle of joy sometime this (late) spring. So, I'm quite a loss right now.
The birthday thing I sort of have figured out. I just have to find and buy it. It's all about FASHION. :) But of course, if you have suggestions I'm more than happy to read them. :)

Happy Tuesday!!!

I'm going back to sleep now! :)


♥ Selma ♥

January 23, 2011


I took the risk and I loved it.
I do not regret one moment.
If I could I'd be going back right this second.
I do have to wait a little.
I'm terribly tired, and terribly sad.
Good times are gone and I believe bad times are ahead.
I'm giving all I can to see the positive sides in life...it's what's needed. 

So bear with me, my lovely readers...I haven't commented in a while and honestly I am dreading to even go as far as touching my google reader. :( I'm scared. I'm gonna post soon...just when I'm over my jet lag and adjusted to winter temperatures. It's quite a shocker to land in 20 degree weather whereas I just had 80. Hmmmm...can I go back right now? Thank you.

Hope you are all doing fabulously.


♥ Selma ♥

January 18, 2011

Sunny Fun

Yes, it's been beautifully sunny over here and NO, I'm not rubbing it in your face. Not even a little. ;)
We've been having great weather...I'm sorry for everyone else trying to drive or walk through snow and ice and all...I feel with ya. I seriously do because believe it or not next week I'm going to be doing the same exact thing. So not looking forward to it, but it's what it is. :(
It's been so gorgeous I want to wake up every day at 6 and go out for a run or walk or something. However, I sprained my toe last week and I'm in pain...so I have to wait a little longer until I get back to my own healthy self. ;)

So, instead of waking up at 6 I wake up at 8, catch up on some shows, have breakfast, and then go out for a walk. I either stroll around a mall, read a book on a bench, look at palm trees, play with dogs, watch a movie, pick up my friend from work, shop, or just chill...but it's always outside! :) YES. I'm glad I'm over here, walking in my sandals or flip flops in January. To get the winter feeling we went to a snow area whereas I was expecting cold temperatures...temps are colder, yes, but still warm for me. 65 degrees is not cold, even when snow is around. Sorry everyone but I did not bundle up as much. ;)

Life's good to me.
I'm happy again.
And this is what counts, no?
As crazy and banal as it may be it's the truth and I literally look forward to every day.
Let's hope I take some of that positive energy with me, and work on my future so I can say "every day is a perfect day!!!! - no matter how awful it all may be". Keep your fingers crossed. :)

I'm gonna miss it. Big time.
There are no words. I have no words.
So I let go and leave you all with this....

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hope your week goes as planned, and for me goes super super slow.


♥ Selma ♥

January 13, 2011

Picture Time

For those that weren't as fortunate to look at pictures....here are a few:
2010 ended nicely, and 2011 started beautifully!!!! :)

Have a fantastic day!!!!!

It's such a beautiful day, so sunny and warm.
Jealous?! Don't be. Or well, maybe, please be! ;)


♥ Selma ♥

January 11, 2011

Thank you!

So, I am lacking energy and the will to share stuff with ya these days.
I'm so sorry.
However, all your positive energy and thoughts and prayers helped!!! Thank you.
My friends and I are super excited and relieved that everything worked out without any further problems. For me, it was worth waiting outside in the sun and reading a book for three full hours. Thanks to Chelsea Handler I didn't get bored!!! :)

Life is good so far.
It's going to be more stressful once I get back to my old place but I won't think about it right now.
It makes me sad already, and we don't like sad me, do we?! Nope.

So, so far I liked (and that includes the weekend too)

♥  the wireless working again (I felt so disconnected for 12 hours!)
♥  good news yesterday
♥  dinner at Olive Garden (I'm still stuffed!!!)
♥  a baby shower on Saturday and its yummy drinks
♥  a birthday party up in Ventura County
♥  me tripping over my own PJ pants (my knees are still red!!)
♥  and having a fabulous time with my friends!!!!!

Hope you are all having a great day today.

♥ Selma ♥

January 10, 2011

Positive Thinking

Happy Monday!

Today, I need your positive thoughts, hopes, and everything else coming with happy spirits...it is greatly needed, and appreciated. I won't tell you why but you can trust me that it's needed. My friends need it today, and it's very crucial. So, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers today and send us some positivity over so everything will be okay today!!!

That's all I need for today.
The sun came back out and it's warming up again...thank you Orange County for being so beautiful today!!!!

So, having the sun out and slightly warmer temps is a good start.
Having all of you think of us will be even better!!!

Thank you!!!


♥ Selma ♥

January 7, 2011

Happy Friday!

One week of 2011 has passed...have you enjoyed it?!
I hope you did.
Whether or not you were stuck in bed being sick, working or studying again, chilling like me, or slowly trying to get back to normal after some terrific New Year's Eve party! ;) Yes, some people still have a hangover...not me though. ;)

In honor of Friday I'm going to do Lauren's Fill in the Blank Friday today.
I haven't done this in a while. Kinda getting excited about this. :)
Here we go:

1.   Winter is    cold and miserable. No matter where you live. :) The only good thing about it is Christmas!!!! :)

2.  Summer is   bright, fresh, hot, and colorful!!!! If it was up to me I'd have summer all year round (with some occasional chilly days of course!).

3.  If it were summer instead of winter right now I'd   be swimming in the pool, going to the beach more often, eating more fruit salad, having BBQ time with friends and would be enjoying my favorite season of all. ;)

4.  My favorite thing to do in winter is    drink hot chocolate, curl up on the couch under a cuddly blanket, watch TV, read books, and be just super comfy in all my layered clothes!!!

5.  My favorite thing to do in summer is      hang out with friends, and staying out late and not having to worry about a jacket (even at 10pm). 

6.  The ideal outfit for a sunny summer day is    something comfy that gives me this beachy feeling all day long, sandals or flip flops and of course sunglasses.

7.  The ideal outfit for a frigid winter day is   thick tights, and lots of layers... a funky sweater, a hat, and some colorful gloves. Just thinking about it makes me shiver!!!! .

I'm gonna live the next two weeks beautifully!!!!

Hope you are having a fabulous Friday and a fantastic weekend.
Any fun plans ahead?

I'm going to celebrate a friend's birthday this Saturday!


♥ Selma ♥

January 5, 2011

Quick Hello

New Year means usually a new me. Right? Right.
Change is always welcome, and usually needed. This year, I have so much in mind it makes me dizzy. Literally. I've had my quick "oh help, I'm going to faint!" moments a few days before the year ended and it wasn't fun. It wasn't fun at all. My body was telling me something. I truly believe you have to listen to what your body tells you. Every single day. Pimples, rashes, dizziness and all don't just happen. There's always a reason behind everything. Ulcers don't happen either, there's always a huge reason behind any of it. So, I'm definitely working on that. :) Not that I have ulcers, or rashes....but still...it's little symbols, with a very huge message!!!
So the new me this year is working on going out every single day and walk, drink more juices and water and less coke and coffee (at least I'm trying), and well, I'm slowly in the process of moving forward to going towards something new and something scary but something good. :) 2011 could be an interesting year! :)

So, what has happened in the last four days?
The weekend was relaxing...family time and by that I just say OMG!!!! ;) That's really all I can say.
Monday I met one of my old college friends and we had cheap sushi somewhere in Costa Mesa, and then headed to one of my favorite new places to go: Porto's.
I died on the spot just by seeing all those cakes, and sweets. :)
If you are in the area and have never been to Porto's...go have some Cuban yummy stuff. It's worth it!!! :)

Anthropologie and me apparently like each other. I went in, and saw something (in the sales corner of course!!!), and well, it fit and the fitting room girl says: "Go get it, it's so you!" So I did, and now I'm broke but who cares, right?! It's Anthro. Wish I could show you a picture but I don't have one yet. Sorry.

I've been slacking with all the picture sharing too.
However, since this is not my computer I don't necessarily want to upload stuff onto it just because I'm that nice. Then again, I'm going to do this soon and then you get overwhelmed with weird pictures of me on the beach, walking the dogs, or just having a great time. :) Until then you get to see old pictures I used on this blog before, sorry about that!!!!

Ha, and even after one month I can't believe I'm actually here!!!!! :)
I simply can't. Have I ever mentioned I love it. Always have and always will.
Just thinking about leaving soon saddens me, but I won't go there yet. I just won't. :)

Happy Wednesday everyone.
I know this post was super random, and super lame, but it's who I am...I write about anything and everything if I feel like it. ;) :) :D

Time for me to catch up on blogs and maybe change somethings on my own. :) New year means new me, and that included my blog too. No?!


♥ Selma ♥

January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Hi everyone.
Been a bit MIA but mainly because the last few days were insanely crazy with me not feeling all too well and our wireless on the computer being stupid. Yes, I said stupid. Wireless hated us or something so it wouldn't let us on or whatever, but now it's back on and hello internet world?!
I love being online and typing on a laptop. I'm in total heaven. Yes, stupid but what can I do? Not so much. I'm a total addict.

However, I love using my phone for constant twitter updates or facebook status checks or so. :) I just am such a super dork. What will I ever do when I go back for a few months to Europe?! Will I survive without my super comfy super phone?! I may die. Who knows. We shall see.

So, just wanted to check back in and wish you all a very happy New Year!!!
May 2011 be a happy, colorful, spiritual, rich, funny, and loving year for all of you!!!! :)
Happy happy happy New Year!!!

Love all my readers (yes, I do)...and once I'm back to going online on a regular basis (well, reading your awesome posts) I will comment regularly again. I miss every single one of you. Your daily or weekly inspirations are deeply missed!!!! :) And whoever's gotten comment from me in the past few weeks, feel blessed and super happy. :) You were one of the fewer ones....I have so many posts to catch up on I think I'm gonna need tons of new eyes soon! ;)

Happy third day of January or forth....wherever you are!!!


♥ Selma ♥


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