September 27, 2009

Don't be mad, be glad...

Yes I know I shouldn't be online...but it is Sunday afternoon, my cousin took a nap (I'm about to take one too) and I just quickly felt like stealing her laptop to browse around. Our uncle from Illinois arrived last night. We were out having fun with friends and our cousin/brother (mine/hers) and didn't get to see him until this morning. My cousin S. and I ended up driving home around 2am and we were amazed on how cheap the taxi fare was. It was a fun evening!!!!! Anyway, we just discussed some things while having a quick lunch and I wanted to show S. something, and needed to access Guess what? Not possible. This, I have come across for quite some time now...some sites are just blocked. Not accessable. Then again, as all Turks are, and as everyone else is trying to learn each day, explore the world and just have fun...they always find ways to access any blocked sites. In Turkey, they banned (for some political reasons) and well, a way was found. I'm sure there is one also to access myspace but hey, I'm ok with not going there at this moment. Though, while being here and while loving it each day a bit more I also came to understand that what we all have (whether or not we are aware of it or use it) we should be grateful for that. Not every place is as fortunate to have the same. Does this make any sense?!

So, that is what I wanted to say.
No pictures so far. I forgot my cable...but I took some.
I was, well, still am, thinking to extend my stay but might not.
I rather fly back, unpack, repack, relax a week or so and then fly over again. Who knows. No one. The world right now is mine, the future unknown and my summer misery changed itself to fall misery but believe me when I say it's gotten better...well, less dramatic!!! weird as it may sound I feel relaxed here...and my spirit seems to slowly return again. And well...something tells me (maybe my spoiled mind - something my cousin E. and I have in common) I belong here.

Have a grand Sunday.

P.S. yes, my title sounds like the "glad" commercial...

September 24, 2009

Istanbul again

Ahhh...I'm still busy over are being taken...I just don't have time to upload anything. Just quickly checking emails and my blog (the reading and catching up will be done later one...ohmy) and then it's time to go out again. So glad my cousin brought her laptop. ;)

It's great to check for a few minutes but life awaits me outside this cyberbox... ;)

I love Istanbul!!!!!

Sunny greetings from this wonderful city.

September 20, 2009


I am this marvelously thriving metropolis.
I am more than just exhausted, had some minor breakdown on the way here...a real sign that I'm in need for rest, new inspiration and paths in life.  Though all in all the journey was beyond terrific, my room is great (I forgot how big it actually is) and now I'm ready to take a nap.

You would think I should be out and about and not spending time online...and yes, I will. I was just fortunate enough to use my aunt's old computer for a while. And well, I thought I'd say hello to you all.
My cousin arrives tomorrow around noon, and then life can begin...the quick and last minute shopping part, too. She needs shoes...and I need shoes...besides, I sprained one of my toes (I did the same thing in March of this year before heading to my beloved West Coast City), and now...I did it again. Different toe though. I wonder how this could have happened. It hurts and irks me. How am I supposed to walk in those shoes? I might not be able to. Crap. So yes, the shopping tour can begin....

Have a terrific time.

Greetings from sunny and rainy Istanbul!
I love it!!!

September 18, 2009

Ready Or Not...Here I Come...

Olympia is ready, fully charged and in my handbag.
My suitcase is packed, full of clothes, shoes and presents.
Ticket, passport, money and everything else in its right spot.
My mind is spinning but doing ok.
I'm ready. Even if I'm not I just have to be.
Istanbul, here I come!

It'll be great, exciting, pleasurable, chaotic, and just fantastic!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!
Enjoy it. I sure will.

Don't forget me while I'm gone, because I'll be back with hopefully amazing pictures, and stories to tell.


September 17, 2009


...I have now 30 followers/readers (if not more) even though the number doesn't show.
I know that my friend S. is reading this blog (yes, girl I know you are, and I love your for that!!!), and I also just found out that my dear friend M. is reading this one too (and, yes, I love you for that too and I'm so looking forward to seeing you next week!!!). My friend K. I think is sneaking in sometimes and reading it too (not sure though). I think at least two of my blogger friends do read my blog but didn't add themselves as followers (which is absolutely okay!).
So, technically I do have about 30 is not a bit more than that...
...not that this says anything about my blog...I just figured this one out.
Well, I do have to say here that I'm still at work trying to kill some time before I get to go home. Thankyouverymuch. My eyes are sore and I wonder why. Tomorrow won't be any different...and then it's time to say see you all next month again...or well, better, read you all next month. As you may remember, I once wrote that I won't be taking my laptop with me. It'll be greatly missed but I am also sure it'll be a great way to enjoy the world outside this sometimes wonderful and weird cyberworld. I'll be trying to take tons of pictures (hopefully good ones) and return with a lot of enthusiasm about life, love, and friendship.

So, it is time to close this one for today.
Hope you all had a good day, or day ahead of you.

My eyes are burning...hmmm....wonder why...any idea??? I do!!! It's this computer screen...telling me to stop blogging and just go home. Ok then...I'll be obeying this time...sort of. ;-)


 10 reasons what I love about today and the next couple of weeks:
  1. Today is my mom's birthday and even though I have to work I'm also able to spend some time with her
  2. It's time for me to say good-bye at work. Finally done.
  3. Fall is in full bloom although the constant fog depresses me
  4. My trip to Istanbul
  5. Seeing family again
  6. Discussing my future (sounds weird but it's going to happen)
  7. Shopping
  8. Turkish food
  9. Being away from all the bad stuff happening here
  10. Warmer temperatures
Happy Thursday everyone!


Picture taken in Istanbul (I think it was in 2007) on one of those ferries...

September 15, 2009

Time Passes By

While reading (and catching up again!) I found one particular blog. Even though I don't like posting the same things that others had posted earlier I do have to post this video, too...this one is sort of cute. Goosebumps alert... Found on A "cherry" disposition a short while ago...and here it is:


OMG TV Moment, and only 5 days left...

Ok, I admit it. I'm a total TV junkie. Never really was until I learned that TV can be fun, entertaining, and incredibly helpful, and a real horizon opener. It also sort of enhances my life. Not that I need enhancement from TV but still. I'm living life...even with TV. Granted, not every single show is educational, nor interesting or fun. Some shows cheer me up. Some really depress me, and now some make me even mad!!! I never thought I could be this emotional about one fictional show. Ridiculous. Though I am. Mainland Europe (sorry everyone living in Great Britain!) is usually way behind when it comes to shows. Most countries dub everything and therefore it takes longer. I don't really mind (I have no choice whatsoever), so I go with whatever is on. Lately, they have found speed while working and we are on par with the most popular shows shown in the US. You should see my face when I watch new episodes I know just aired eight weeks ago in the US. I feel at home. Nonetheless, they are usually behind and it stresses me out. Thanks to the internet I get to see some previews or read reviews which are amazing. I don't mind reading ahead of time, seeing is the better part! And, when I'm in CA the TV is mine. The whole family knows that and leaves that giant thing to me. They know when I "need" to watch what...very nice! Plus, apparently my taste in shows isn't that bad...even my aunt watches a couple of "my" shows! (yes, I don't own them, but I still call them my shows.)
But I digress..., being September and all, it's time for new episodes. I'm tired of all those reruns...all I know is that I won't be seeing any Grey's Anatomy at all until next year 2010 (ok, again, that may change)...because yes, they take forever to get the new season over here and then dub it. However, as wonderful as the internet is, I watched a little preview. All I can say is OhMyGod!!!!!! Hello?! Kidding me?! Do I have to move just now so I can watch the new episodes and find out what really is going on?! I'm all excited and super nervous. I know it's silly but let me please be. I need that. Desperately. Like a Housewife!!! YES!!! That show, too. Hello?! Kidding me again?! Why?!! There are a lot of other fantastic shows out there, too many to name now. I'm excited and know that I "need" to watch them. Ok, I won't fall to pieces if I miss one or two episodes though. So anyways...again, I do love to digress...TV is my thing. It may be boring to so many of you (maybe not who knows), but it entertains me. It's part of life. At least mine. Not entirely but still.

With that said...I'm not entirely looking forward to going to Istanbul just because I'm going to miss out on some of my favorite shows and episodes. Then again, my horizon is going to be widened by visiting friends and family in Turkey, mingling and mixing two, well three, cultures together, and living life beautifully. All this doesn't make me think of any TV show at all, not even for once. I hope!

It's Tuesday exactly five days I'll be already sitting in Istanbul with my aunt trying to figure out what to do the next day! (hint, we're driving to the airport again - but not for me...) I simply can't wait. My suitcase is packed and I know I can check-in the night before I don't have to drag my suitcase all the way to the airport by myself!...Istanbul here I come...

Just re-read what I wrote and it's a bit confusing. I'm sorry.
It's just that I woke up at 5 this morning and for some reason worked way too hard (not my day and I ended up repeating things about five times), then had a great late afternoon with my friend and her children (they are super adorable three-year-olds with an energy I just adore and long for), dyed my friend's hair in less than 30 minutes and then drove back home, cooked dinner, ate, and just thought could quickly check emails only. It so happened I ended up here and am writing. Love it though. So, again, my apologies if whatever I've written is confusing, overlapping, and just a total mix of a lot of stuff...

Happy Tuesday (evening). I'm ready to go to sleep...and that at 9.30pm! Wow!!!!

And yes, so sad Patrick Swayze passed away...though he's now in a much better state!

September 14, 2009

Good Morning

Here's a clip I thought was worth posting on a Monday morning.
I wanted to post this one for quite some time but never really got around it.
It's a commercial for a grocery store over here and with their unique way to draw attention their commercials are always fun and sort of cute. I like this one the most...not that I am a huge fan of chickens!!!


Happy Monday.

September 13, 2009

Hello Fall...

I'm longing for some fun activities...seriously. Some great moments to remember, where I (or we) stroll around town or explore something new, go to a farmer's market and buy ridiculously fresh fruits or flowers, a welcoming cafe that invites people to simply sit down and enjoy the afternoon there, a winery that awaits us to discover great new wine, a shopping day at IKEA...just something. I'm pathetic I know. I've had all that, this I know. I'm missing it. Right now more than ever. My summer misery is gone, not forever, but it changed itself into fall, here I am, glad it is all over and I discover this "thing" is crawling back and making me feel the way it does at this very moment. Yes, pathetic. Yes, very normal. So, even though it's Sunday (and a regular work day for me) I had to come up with something cheerful, something that would make today a better day, a funny one, a colorful one (looking out the window all I see is a heavy overcast gray sky...) I found this picture...

...and my mood changed! I'm smiling!!! Can you believe this?! I truly am... Isn't this a cute picture?! I love it!

September 12, 2009

Saturday, the no-weekend day

Things to look forward to (for the next whole week!) :
  • Meeting a friend tonight for a couple of drinks
  • Monday and Tuesday having early shifts
  • Tuesday meeting a friend again, so we can catch up and inspire each other
  • Wednesday meeting another friend for dinner (haven't seen each other in five weeks)
  • Working with our trainee and seeing improvements every single day
  • Flying to Istanbul!!!
Plus, I am also trying to find THE perfect school, daily inspirations, and something to literally cheer me up.Then again, I get to see my favorite cousin in about eight days and this alone makes me already happier. She's inspiration to me, with her lively ways, and funny gestures...can't wait to see her again. AND, most of all, even though it's two months from now (and we all know how fast two months can go) I am going to attend a concert!!!! THE concert!!! Ok, not exactly THE concert considering it is not the first time I'm going to see them...but Green Day is stopping by in November (Green Day and Switzerland don't really seem to go well together...but apparently it's working!)...and Yes the tickets were bought today. My friend did it actually, so I'm gonna pay her pack soon. It might not be your favorite band or your type of music (who knows) but it sure is mine. Ok, not only. Though those guys are great. Saw them in San Francisco and make a very long story was fun, even more fun to see them on a normal, regular basis in Oakland, too. So, knowing they'll be in this tiny country in two months makes me jump up and down (even though I am at work). Yes.

So, my Saturday is a regular work real excitement. Boo...
Oh, fall started...that is for sure. All I'm missing is Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks. They used to have them over here and apparently it is not going to happen this year or it is too early. I need some fall inspiration, really. The sun should come out too and then with the slightly overcast skies we've been having over here it would be so terrific to sip on some deliciously flavored coffee, but no. Not yet!!! Oh well. Plus, I can't wait for some new wardrobe inspiration as well. So needed. Then again, if I do decide to go back to California for school I might not need all that. If I decide to go back to PA or even IL I might definitely need all that. I just can't seem to make up my mind. Worst of all...all this thinking and weighing options is being done while I'm at work. So much for full concentration on my part.

Hope your Saturday, well, weekend is more exciting than mine!!
Enjoy it.


September 11, 2009

We will never forget and always remember!!!!

I know what I did that day, and so do you.
I know it changed the world.
I know it changed our future.
I know it's still sad and therefore I will not write about this.

No matter where you are and who you are and how you were and still are affected by today's date, it will be something no one can ever forget and ignore.

Bless you all.

September 10, 2009

Break Time

OMG...I'm loving what I'm seeing on here. The more free time I get from work the more I spend my time online. Not really the best thing...but oh well... been packing my suitcase and so far it looks alright. I'm trying to keep it simple and all so it won't be stuffed and heavy. I just needed a break so I decided to switch from my dice shaped suitcase to my dice shaped laptop! ;) New features everywhere, new outlooks, and I'm in the mood to change some more on my blog! Not sure what though. Have found a couple of things and do have more ideas but time my lovelies is what I don't have. And the nerves attached to it. 

One fantastic thing at this very moment is that powerful music is being played while I'm struggling with my suitcase and closet and mind. Powerful music is what is needed right now, and a big glass of lemonade, and some sweets and I'm ready to go on so I'm done with the hassle of so-called pre-travel anxiety! ;)

My break time is over....


Fall's here! I'm excited and so looking forward to a colorful day and season!!!!

The only thing that just bothers me is that I thought mosquitoes left but apparently they are still around waiting for me to sleep and then when I wake up in the morning, huge mosquito bite on my left cheek!!!!! Hello?!? Why????!!!! So yes, I'm now walking around with a huge red spot, trying to hide it with all sorts of make-up and my hair (I'm glad I still have longer hair), but still... Happy September!

The sun's out and I'm about to enjoy my second day off!


P.s. I'm also packing which is a drag, considering that Istanbul has had rainy days for the last I think ten days and is looking at floods and all. Don't want to see any of it when I get there next week. Wish us all luck!

September 9, 2009

Now or Never

Walking around today and watching people while sipping my coffee I decided that I need to take some action in the next couple of weeks, well months. 2009 is supposed to be a good year. It just has to be. Every year should be something special. Every day should be something to be grateful for and every second we should live life to the fullest. Sentences we all have heard, said, and even read and written many many times but most of us are either way to busy to actually be part of that sentence or just ignore it, and others do really what the sentence means. At this moment of time I don't do what it says. Truth be told, this has been going on for a while now. Partly it's the summer misery holding me back, partly it's just me holding myself back and trying to do something else whereas "the something else" turns out to be nothing at all. Does this make any sense?! If not, don't worry. Just figured it doesn't really make sense, though this is what it actually just life is so dull and boring I need to take action and change it otherwise it continues to be nothing...or mainly a totally confusing part of my current situation. So, here are a couple of things *in no particular order* I want to have accomplished by December 31, 2009!!! I hope I get to that point where I can proudly announce my accomplishments and can actually, really, truly be proud of myself.

♥ clean out my room, closet, and other storage of clothes, shoes, etc I haven't worn in years
♥ hang out with friends more often, even when I feel incredibly insecure, bored and tired
♥ buy a replacement for Olympia (my current digital camera)
♥ apply for school (I know!)
♥ visit friends&family in Europe (considering I'm already here I should be able to do so)
♥ buy Christmas gifts NOW and not in late October
♥ learn four more dishes so I can be proud of my new cooking skills
♥ move on, and away from a certain guy
♥ dare to be who I am (not trying to please everyone so they're happy about the me they want to see)
♥ go on spontaneous trips (hopefully with friends!!!!), because life is way too short
♥ visit two particular graves and put the past behind me
♥ stroll through San Francisco again
♥ read at least six more books
♥ send three gifts to three different friends as a reminder that I'm still here (they all live far, far away, and I know I should visit them at some point but the door swings both ways...)
♥ lose some weight, even though I know I don't really have to but a tiny bit won't hurt...the summer misery's "scars" are showing now :(
♥ open my heart and soul again so I can listen to myself (sounds weird, but is true)

...and well, there are so many more things I would love to have accomplished by the end of this year. However, I am not even sure if I can go through with the above mentioned points. Let alone the ones I haven't even mentioned. Though, trying to be more positive about things I'm sure that five points will be achieved in the next few weeks. I already went camera "shopping". Found one, but am not 100% sure if it's good enough. I don't need anything fancy or professional. But, no cheap crap either! I'm so picky when it comes to these kind of things...hmmm...anyway. I'll keep you posted. With that's time to go cook some dinner...and then since it's my boys (and girls) catch the bad guys! TV is fun, not always, but once a week it's total fun!

September 8, 2009

Search. Find. Buy!

Going shopping today!
Looking for something like that...or feels so wonderful to know that this fall season is going to be just perfect! Almost like eight years ago when I made a choice that turned some things around for me. I feel as if this fall is going to do the same again!


Coffee and Pie

That's how I tried to start today. With a fresh cup of coffee and some milk. I didn't. Woke up early and forgot the whole thing. When I entered work the second thing I did (the first was to turn on the radio!), was to get myself a big mug full of warm coffee. NICE. I ended up going home more than just exhausted but also happy. I found out I won't have two days off but three!!!! How exciting is this?! So, I went home and indulged in some still perfect and good lemon pie (I can't believe this is still this delicious) and the above pictured coffee in my all-time favorite mug. My friend M. gave it to me and knowing that I'll see her in less than two weeks is one thing I truly, really really deeply look forward to! The coffee felt good, the pie even better. Its crust is to die for. The sad part about it though is that I don't remember how I made that one. I just did something and the result turned out to be the best ever. Everyone at work said so. I love baking, and cooking but don't end up liking what I created. This pie though is the best ever! Yes, it sort of looks gross...but trust me, I just had a piece and just writing about it makes my mouth water again...

...should I skip supper?!

September 7, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Finally...I have time to really read some blogs and what do I see?! 205 new blogs for me to read. Hmmm...where should I start and should I read them all, or at least try to?! Overwhelming. However, it's a wonderful idea to end a day. I sit in front of my laptop and read your lovely stories and adventures and get inspired by every single thing. As a said, a great way to end a day. It is sort of calming, too.
Monday felt long. It's a little past 6pm and I'm just exhausted. I woke up at 5.15, started working at 6.30, and now I'm just so tired I can't keep my eyes open. It was a good day though. My supervising skills are appreciated and even though I'm sure my little trainee wants to hit me sometimes because I demand so much, I'm sure she appreciates it eventually. She just realized that what we do is not sitting around and waiting for something to happen. There's always something happening and there won't be a minute not knowing what to yeah, she might be even more exhausted than I am. Just, her voice might be still intact whereas mine is long gone.

One more day and I can call it my deserved "weekend". Finally. I do need to pack my suitcase. I also need to do laundry and buy some gifts for my family and my friends and my friend who's going to be married in exactly two weeks. I can't believe this is happening so fast. I'm excited for her but at the same time also a bit worried. Not that I don't want to see her being happy and all it's just that I don't know if she's aware of what she's about to encounter in life. Not the marriage itself, and I'm sure this is going to be just marvelous. But, she's also moving away to a different country and starting from scratch. This, I have to admit, is quite common these days and I'm not saying it's something bad. I'm just wondering if she's fully prepared. So far, she's gone back and forth and sort of has a view on how things will go after she's settled. I just hope her future dreams won't be shattered or altered too much on the way. Either way, I'm excited, and I'm also excited to be seeing her again. It's been almost two years, and this is a very long time!

And I just decided not to take my laptop with me when I'm away...yes. Two full weeks without proper internet and my silly entries. I'm sure at some point I'm going to miss the internet, not because I'm addicted to it but because it's part of today's life and tomorrow's future! And, it's given me so many opportunities to stay in touch with friends, keep everyone informed and updated on my whereabouts that I'm sure not writing each day (or almost) is going to be missed after a while. Nonetheless, I'm excited to be in Istanbul again. I've missed this thriving metropolis! It's part of me, or am I part of it?! Maybe both. I'm so excited. Will take lots of pictures and hopefully post a lot on here...depending on how my camera works with me. Olympia refused to work for a short time while strolling through Barcelona and even though I've tried to replace her (unfortunately, she's gotten a bit old) it was and still is difficult to find a proper replacement. So bare with me...and her...we'll figure something out.
And yes, the camera's name is Olympia!!

So...I had a good Monday, am looking forward to my upcoming trip and crazy cousin reunion sessions (oh boy!), and laptop/internet time...what will that be?! Two weeks and no checking on anything...I'll end up having over 600 blog entries waiting for me to be read...yeah!

Have a fantastic Labor Day!!!!

September 6, 2009

Oh holy...

This weekend was hectic, hectic, and yes, hectic!
Of course I was at work trying to please every single person, and at some point I was even happy (!!!) but in the end I was glad I left and went home and watched TV. So much for my weekend! No going out, no partying, no meeting friends, no movie time, not even time for a couple of pages to read, just plain old work with a lot of talking in between (I'm supervising and training people at the moment) and my days off are not today and tomorrow but on Wednesday and Thursday!
All I want for once is a great weekend to look forward with a family BBQ, lots of people around to catch up on, drink some good wine, eat a ton of food, and just plainly enjoy fall and its cooler temperatures and great colors. Not gonna happen. Not over here. It feels so sad and so lonely!

Happy Monday!!!
picture source

September 4, 2009

Cooler and Happier

I'm still catching up on my reading...been a busy week and whenever I open my reader's list 150 new entries are waiting for me. I haven't had a chance to read most of them. I try to read from one person only...then catch up on the next...don't want to skip in between and lose track. It's like a book. You don't want to read three different kind of books at once because you might confuse them or really lose track on the way. Don't want that to happen. So, three to six or maybe seven great writers on a day...that should be enough! And I love all your stories, inspiration, and pictures! All of them!!!!

Other than that, life's been ok for most of this week.
I baked a lime pie today. It's still actually in the whole process...I'm waiting and hoping it turns out nice enough for me to bring it to work. Makes me hungry already. Speaking of work. So far it's been good. The mean co-worker is on vacation. Unfortunately she'll return on Wednesday, but I'll be having off that day and the one after...thank you!! So yeah, so far it's been good. We also have a trainee working with us, so it's a challenge to explain to her everything, but a good one. We need the extra help, and so far I think she's doing great.
Oh, and in almost two weeks I'll be in Istanbul! Can't believe how fast the time goes. My dress is ready (yes yes, I'll take a picture of it and post it soon...been way too lazy), and I think I'm still considering buying another dress or maybe even more. Maybe right before the wedding...who knows. We'll see. Though the main reason I'm so happy about this upcoming trip is that I'm going to spend most of my time with my favorite cousin, and my friends. Haven't seen them in two years and two years can be an extremely long time! Moreover, my uncle from Illinois is going to be in town as well. Family reunion so to speak! Can't complain!!! That being said, I'm just looking at my red's waiting to be packed! Once again, a procedure I'm not looking forward to...

Happy Friday...even though it cooled down a lot and seems like as if the sun was captured by all those gray's going to be a gorgeous day!!!
credit for photo

September 3, 2009

How We (Or I) Operate

It feels like as if I'm running while trying to read through all these exciting blog stories and daily inspirations. I'm not, that is for sure. Though I'm reading one, and before I know it I've read over 50 entries and my eyes are read, tired and sore. Time to relax and calm my precious eyes but the urge to read on is stronger...

My (current) favorite blogs I've been catching up on...and I don't really have favorites (they change by the topic and minute!) but they are:

* Must Fine Toes
* A "cheery" disposition
* Living and Loving In L.A.
* Too much to see, the world keeps turnin'
* My Wooden Heart
* Everyday Delights
* Crafting Happiness...My Way
* Wandering DC

Thank you all for being inspiration to me, on a very much needed daily basis! Brings home back to me! ;)

xoxo Happy Thursday!

Change Is Not Always A Good Thing

The world is changing!! We all know that. Hopefully. Sometimes change is good. Sometimes change is not so good. It all depends on how it all started and on how the outcome literally comes out.
The lovely country I live in at this very moment has its ups and downs, like every other place on this earth. Right now, I do believe though that more downs than ups occur. Strange. This country has always been part of this world and its views and whether or not we are aware of it, it sure plays a large role on this planet. Good. Not always. World War II for example...some may deny it but Switzerland played a huge part there...then again, this is a controversial topic so I won't really discuss it right now. Nonetheless, Swiss people get patted on the back and smiled at because most of the people see them as cow hugging-chocolate eating-milk drinking-in wooden houses living-neutral people. They might drink milk and eat chocolate (most of them that is) but the cliched pictures and visions you may have from Heidi movies are long gone. The name neutral got stuck mainly because...well, why??? Because, apparently they were not part of those big world wars? Maybe. Maybe not. And right now, this country doesn't want to join the European Union, so that makes it automatically an island on this continent and again, people assume since the whole place acts (and maybe thinks) differently it must be different as well and therefore be called weird names.
I was born here in this so-called neutral country, so this applies to me as well. Sort of. And today's newspaper headlines pissed me off big time.
That is the real reason behind my writing today...this country's big flaws. I don't want to point out too many negative things because let's all face it, each country has flaws and is not always doing what it's supposed to. Normal. So is this place at the very moment. So is one particular other country as well. I won't be calling them by their names, and well, one country's name is obvious I'm sure. So, apparently the hatred and intolerance between these two countries are so strong the other one wants to break up this tiny "European Island" into three pieces so it will be vanished (!!!!) from world maps. What the hell??? What's wrong here?? What the hell is the other country thinking??? Where are we? Medieval times? Probably. Either way, whatever is about to happen just showed once more how cruel people can be and how intolerant they are, heck, always have been. What happened with us? What happened with everyone?
I don't want to turn this entry into some political thing nor do I want to talk about it. It just pisses me off that no matter what we all do the world is never going to be a better place. Granted, talking and writing about it won't help and won't change things but sometimes (and I know I've already said it so many times) writing helps. I'm just pissed. Actions need to be taken, but who am I talking about it. Can't do much about it. I can just walk around with a pissed-off face trying to smile at every one and leave it as it is. I might do this, well, I have to. Political issues aside, this place has shown me (personally) how its own flaws ruin it and ruin the people living in it. All I'm saying is that whatever is happening at this very moment with this country just literally pisses me off, makes me sick to my very own stomach, and just forces me to write an entry. Ha!

Ok, any negative thoughts is a rainy day.
Wish I could send some rain over to my beloved California and its wildfires. I know that none of my friends and family members are in any kind of danger so it's all good. It's just still sad!!!!

Let it rain...and let the sun peek through the gray clouds...even for just a tiny bit...maybe...thank you?!

September 2, 2009

Miss. Love. Want.

No comment! The places, all dearly missed, loved and wanted!!!
All pictures, except for one which is actually my very own, come from Click on the picture and see where it came from.

Happy Wednesday!

P.s. It rained today, cleaned the streets, and cooled down a lot. Wish it could this in other places, too.

September 1, 2009

New Month, New Energy

"Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions."

Where that quoate comes from is not a secret, and I won't elaborate on it. Up until today the book is pure inspiration to me. I won't travel to Italy just to eat pasta pretty much every day (I can do this here, too), and I definitely won't go to India, though Bali has always been on my mind. I have friends there, so it's just a matter of time, money, and will until I get to that part of the world. But I digress...

It's September!!!! Unbelievable. Hasn't it just been June, or July?! Where did the time go? Though when I look out the window I don't really see anything else but blue sky (yeah!!), and tons of sunshine. Temps are still high and I love it. Feels almost like as if I'm back in L.A. . I'm not, unfortunately. Speaking of which - I had a dream last night and I dreamed about Los Angeles. Weird, I know. Ok, not that weird. I went to the movies yesterday (my sister's keeper) and yes, the story is in L.A. And when I watched some TV last night the main location was in the city, too, so naturally it's quite normal to dream about it. However, it's not the first time and to me a sign that I'm missing life in the big city and in a much warmer part of the world. Despite the fact that I miss the beach like crazy! Either way, I digress again (typical me), September started and not looking at the date I'd guess it's early August or mid-June! NICE.

Quickly coming back to yesterday's movie day. The movie was cute. Some would say sad. Yes, a couple of tears were rolling down my cheeks as well. I read the book about six month ago and loved it. I cried like a baby while reading it. And, when I cry while reading a book the writing is great and the story, too - not to mention the book. So, crying and reading is a very good sign. Touching story, and I really recommend the book. The movie was good too. Normally, reading a book and then watching the movie are two very different things and most of the people are disappointed in the movie. I wasn't. In fact, I liked the ending!!!! I didn't like it in the book, and well, that explains it already. Not the same! If you haven't seen the movie I recommend it though.

Coming back to my little quoate up dream and my emotions have a lot in common. I know that now. I assume I've always known just never really admitted it. My heart melts every time I see the skyline of Los Angeles, look at pictures I took or my friends are sending me, see a movie or even just hear the name. Feels like home to me. And home is greatly missed. So, a new month started and new energy slowly flows towards me...a good sign to continue my search for new adventures. My longing for my own happiness is stronger than I thought and I'm determined to work on that.
I am so a slave to my emotions...


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