July 29, 2016

25 Healthy Habits to a Better You

Life to me is beautiful. I seek happiness and purpose every single day. Ever since last year my eyes opened up, and I had to wake up and learn that every day is a miracle and a new start. No matter what yesterday brought, today is a new day and tomorrow is not even written yet. This is easier said or written than done. It took me quite some time to work on this. I mean, yes, wake up each morning, take a shower, get dressed regardless of what the day brings...and start living. When you're in pain, when you're seeing dark it is very difficult to even take a shower, let alone get dressed or eat properly. I have been there, and I have no shame admitting this. It is who I am. I am not perfect, and no matter how others present themselves they aren't perfect either. Everyone has some sort of a battle to fight, and I had to fight mine. Part of me isn't entirely done with this battle and that is okay. Life is a process and we are always in progress. 

When you start looking at the entire picture and look for happiness and a way to better yourself, you start making lists. You create lists that help you focus, and work towards a great life. I came up with a list of 25 habits to work on right now to become a better person; to find that happy spark again. This list works for most people. There are more possible steps to improve oneself and live a healthier and happier life but this is for another time. Start slow, and stay determined to find a happier, healthier you over time. Each habit is important and has helped me tremendously.

1. Start each day fresh {take a shower!!!}

2. Drink {infused} water instead of soda or sweetened anything

3. Listen to you body

4. Wash your hands often

5. Don't drink and then drive; even if you only had a glass

6. Say NO when you mean NO

7. Protect yourself from the sun

8. Exercise daily {even if it is 5 to 10 minutes a day, or even if it is stretching only}

9. Don't jump to conclusions

10. Find a way to get inspired again {music, literature, art, film, crafting}

11. Create a weekly meal plan and cook at home

12. Do not compare yourself to others; ever!

13. Find a hobby

14. Put your phone away when you're with friends/family

15. Eat more fruits and vegetables

16. Sleep at least 7.5 hours every day {it's doable, believe me}

17. Explore nearby towns and cities you hardly know but should know

18. Choose quality over quantity

19. Pamper yourself

20. Get tickets for a concert, a comedy show or a ballet

21. Have daily quiet time {30 minutes is enough}

22. Sing or dance along to songs

23. Eat your favorite dessert once a month

24. Save money {spare coins, 1/3 of your monthly income, etc}

25. Be patient

Now wait a minute, how can saving money, exploring cities or putting your phone away be helpful in finding your happiness?! You focus on the now, and you focus on you. Saving money helps with creating a great future, or helps you out in the future when you need extra money. Exploring cities broadens your horizon and gives you a chance to expand your knowledge and leave your bubble {oh so important}. Focusing on people around you, on the right now, all while you're putting your phone away you can actually create friendships, learn from others, discuss life, and make connections that may or may not come in handy some day. It's the little things. Things that don't make sense on this list are probably exactly what you need to work on yourself. Feeling a bit impatient these days?! Sit back, think, and let it all be. Stressing over things, waiting impatiently for something to happen isn't always the best. Let timing be your friend. I learned this the hard way. I wanted to get back into the working field by October 1 last year. Hmmmm...it didn't work, and quite frankly it hadn't fully worked out this way for a few months after that. I grew impatient, I grew angry. I blamed others, I blamed me. I took time off from everything, and learned that impatience brings pain and unhealthy habits. I felt sick, and I had to sit back, relax and focus on me. Patience, over time, helped me to accept the season I was in, and accept that it wasn't my time to go back to work, and it made me realize I needed to work on myself before I could even get out into the real world!

This list has helped me tremendously, and I am still working on becoming a better version of myself. I want to create memories, and a fantastic life {it's never too late to start thinking this way} and by feeling stuck, by feeling I am not enough or by feeling bored and uninspired I cannot and will not create memories or a fantastic life. Healthy habits, when exercised daily, will guide and help you find a way to feel better about yourself and life!! They certainly have helped me. 

Here's to a happy rest of of this week, and a healthy weekend!!!!


July 27, 2016

Currently {10}

Thinking about: A future trip to Southern California. I miss my friends aka family. I miss the familiarity, I miss the sounds, the food, the fun, the confusion...I miss it all. Oh and I can't believe today in one month, B and I will celebrate our two-year anniversary! How on earth?! We have nothing major planned, since we are working on our budget for a future big purchase, but I can't believe today in one month is the big day...time sure flies. 

Listening: I don't listen to anything lately. I listen to the radio in the morning but that is about it. Nothing in particular. I love music and get easily inspired by it but lately, it's not doing anything for me. Did I just say that?!

Watching: Just finished 11.22.63. Loved it. Also, currently re-watching Brothers&Sisters, and started with Arrow. Other than that, whatever movie we can think of. We made it a habit to watch at least three movies per week. Call it a date night, or just hanging out...but when it's 100+ outside, even at 7.30pm you don't want to do much but stay inside where it's cooler.

Reading: Our main guy at our bank sent us a book. It's more for me as he knows I read, so B tossed it my way {literally}, and I started reading it. It's the Third Wave by Steve Case. It's not the typical book you'd see me read on a regular basis but I'll give it a shot. :) 

Loving: I love the fact that I feel that I am better. It's one of those feelings you need to pinch yourself because you aren't sure if what you're feeling is real. I can't even describe how I am feeling. I feel relieved. I feel exhausted. I feel free. I feel fine. So yes, that's what I'm loving currently. I believe it started last week and it makes me feel accomplished, and it makes me feel beyond happy. It may have taken me one whole year, but I am 95% me again. Yay!

Planning: Despite feeling so much better, I am still planning on getting back to my old self, my old life. I want to have a regular schedule, friends I can call and meet up with, and I want to have something to say. And I want to share all that. I want to build a future. I neglected that. I focused so much on me, and that was good, but I did neglect the present at times. The other day we went to Lake Tahoe and yes, I took photos, but none of us. I neglected to do this. I used to take lots of stupid group photos and I forgot. So I am planning on getting my old present-loving-future-planning self back. 

Goofing with: Snapchat. Those filters are the best. They have had a few where they even change the voice and I am a huge sucker for those lovely filters. Can't get enough of those. I sometimes record myself calling for one of our cats and she knows she's in trouble when I do that. Yes, I'm 15 again. I know. I will never grow up.

So yes, that's me in a nutshell. I have had my ups and downs with life, and this blog suffered as well. Yet that's life, that's me...after all I call my blog Crazy Little World of Mine!

What have you been up to lately?!


July 25, 2016

Weekly Hopes {52}

It's week 52 and I am still working on Weekly Hopes. Can you believe this? I can and yet I cannot. One year ago {almost} I started with this weekly series. It was a way for me to get back into my life, to find happiness, positive vibes, and to see a future again. It may have taken me a whole year but here I am. I am still working on finding happiness but aren't we all?! There is so much sadness in this world, finding happiness and keeping a positive and healthy mind is crucial these days. That being said, I won't stop this weekly series. I will continue to look forward to each week, each errand, each activity no matter how mundane or tedious. Without further ado...

1 - Picking up my hemmed dress
2 - Giving my fur ladies a bath {chose not to do this last week}
3 - Visiting the mall, well, Nordstrom and Zara to be exact
4 - Cooking all week without going to the grocery store
5 - Be more present {on and offline}
6 - Paying more attention to my physical therapy 
7 - Smile
8 - Continue watching Arrow {I just started, so no spoilers please!}
9 - Getting my Essential Oils order in...so stinking excited
10 - Put make-up on

Yes, you read right. It's been a while that I have put make-up on. I've had an eye infection which pretty much prevented me from applying anything around my eyes. Glasses all day, every day, and no extra stuff around my eyes. I'm not into make-up much but as a girl, I want to look pretty, put together and well, girlie. A little mascara and some blush always adds sparkle to any dull face...so I am hoping I get a few chances this week to make me smile and feel girlie again. Wish me luck!!!

What are your plans for this week? Any Weekly Hopes for you?!

July 18, 2016

Weekly Hopes {51}

It's almost impossible to look at how many times I have done this weekly series. A year ago I was a mess, at a total loss, confused, angry, sad, shocked, and just speechless. Yet, I forced myself to look ahead, to move forward, and to find happiness and distraction. Every day is a gift. Every new day is a way for me to embrace life, to make myself, my man, my friends, my family, and most importantly mom, my guardian angel, proud. It's a process but it's progressing and I'm getting there. One step at a time. Weekly Hopes has helped me accomplish all that. 

I have had the pleasure following along my friends {my CA family} while they were in Hawaii celebrating a much deserved wedding this weekend. I know how awesome it is to get together with family; family who is spread all over the world, so I was cheering for them all to have fun and cherish each experience. Also, if you're following me on Facebook you know what has been going on in the past few days. So much political chaos, so much shocked anger, so many questions that leave us all baffled. I have no words on all the attacks on innocent human lives. I have no words on what happened in Turkey either. I'm stunned. For the first time in years I think I lost my voice, my opinions. Crazy. I definitely need to start and end this week on a happy and accomplished note.

1 - Chiropractor visit {oh so needed}
2 - Calling a few places to get a few things straightened out
3 - More physical therapy
4 - Sending out cards {happy mail is awesome!!}
5 - Wash the fur ladies
6 - Paint my nails
7 - Get my dress hemmed
8 - Possible Happy Hour Date?
9 - Pool time? Because when it is 108 it is no fun to be by the pool.
10 - Create a play list to make myself happy

Whatever it is you have to do this week, make it a great week. We all have work to do, errands to run and what not. I sent an email out yesterday I was dreading. I had to tell someone off, in a nice, calm manner. I also had to get out of my comfort zone and apply for a position I may not be qualified for, but hey, it has never hurt anyone to try. This week won't be different. I have to do some things I don't want to. Yet, I know that in the end, once done, I will feel accomplished and probably happier. Hey, I didn't want to stand in front of my classroom and talk for one full hour about one subject I researched on...but I did it. So, week of July 18...I will master you, too!! 


July 13, 2016

5 Things to Enjoy This Year's Summer

Summer time is always a time I am reevaluating the first half of the year. You know, what went wrong, what went exceptionally well, what could have been better and what needs improvement. Life is full of little things...things that shape anyone. We often read or say to appreciate the little things in life. Honestly this means to cherish every single moment given to you; the good and the bad. I recently read this book about the author and her decision to pay more attention to her actual life, day in and day out. Every month she decided to focus on something new. She wanted to be more alert of her life, more present, more there. Easier said than done. 

Now today, I don't want to talk about the book or how to better yourself. We all strive to live a better life, to be a better version of ourselves, and to just be happy! We all do. Even the richest people in the world try to find happiness, and enjoy the little things...some are oblivious to the fact that money doesn't buy everything, but most people are. That's besides the point. Today I want to talk about 5 things to enjoy this year's summer {or the rest of it} to the fullest possible...or if you haven't started living this summer here's a great start...

- schedule a day and be spontaneous. Hop in your car, have healthy snacks such as apples, carrots, water, and nuts with you, get gas and drive. Don't go to an area you have been to in the past year; try to explore a new place. Spontaneity is the key word. The only thing you have to do is schedule one day; whether that is an extra day off from work or a weekend off. Take that full day and live it outside your home, away from it all...and yes, don't forget your camera to remember it all by.

- summer days are longer than winter days. That's my favorite thing about this season, so I try to make every minute or hour count. Cook something new and have a date night at home {and if you're single why not invite your best friends over}. There are so many yummy recipes waiting to be tested, explored and eaten. Like Paella? Make it. Like Italian antipasti? Make it all and enjoy it on your patio. Enjoy delicious looking summer drinks? Step it up a notch and make your own! Plus, with temperatures being warmer now it's awesome to sit outside and eat later than usual gazing at the sunset! 

- go out and take a walk, and whenever you come across a person do the most simple and loving gesture there is: smile! Spread it, own it, and keep going. But make sure you don't scare people with your smile... ;) 

- money can be an issue no matter where or who you are. I get it. I'm right there with you. We are currently saving up for a house and this means all kinds of commitments and sacrifices. I love to save money but I get it, it's never a ton of fun. I look at summer as the time to scratch a few things off our monthly bill list...and with that we are learning to live life more in the now, and to be more present. We recently cancelled our cable, cut back on fun stuff {massages, games, movies, restaurants, and clothes shopping}, as well as started to be more aware of when and how we use energy and water. Gotta save where you can. With that in mind summer can be a bust, BUT no movies doesn't mean no fun and no shopping doesn't mean we will walk around naked. We have plenty of clothes, we have plenty of DVDs and streaming is an alternative option. Also, why stay inside to watch a movie or play a game when it's beautiful and warm outside?! Yes, we have temps in the 100s too and it's gross, and that is when I prefer to stay inside...so I change my plans or work around the heat.
Creativity is the key here. You don't have to spend a ton of money this summer, even when you want to be spontaneous or cook a fun meal at home. 

- most importantly though is that you have fun! If your kind of fun consists of adventures, pool parties, shopping days, hikes, or endless hours holding books...have fun with it! You can cook, explore a new area, smile and be creative but that is not worth one bit if you don't have fun with it. Fun is all this summer needs. If you can't find that then it is time to work hard on finding it because, what's the point in living a fantastic, fulfilled and happy life if you can't have fun!!

Now excuse me while I am going to pain my own nails in turquoise while listening to my favorite kind of sing-along-music. And then, I'm adding a trip to the grocery store because that allows me to buy a few more items for a few more new dishes and a summer drink I am dying to try out tomorrow. See? I might spend money on groceries but I will use that towards about five home dates with B, cooking new recipes and creating a summer cocktail. It's all about the perspective, and creativity, and yes FUN!

Happy Summer Time to all of you!!


July 11, 2016

Weekly Hopes {49&50}

Yes, my lovely readers, I skipped one whole week of blogging. And that even unannounced. It wasn't planned and I hope it won't happen again. Yet, like everything in life some things cannot be foreseen or planned and the same goes with blogging. It's what it is. I'm back and I hope to be around more. I know summer is usually a time I try to stay away from everything and anything. Blogging or simply being online is one major stay away from everything subject but hey, I'll try to pop in from time to time. Promise!!!

With that in mind...I'm going to quickly share what this week looks like for me. Or more, what I would like my week to look like. There's a ton I have to accomplish or get done and I have only two hands and 24 hours a day {minus the time I am sleeping} so we will see...

...my Weekly Hopes consist of:

- no meat all week long {easy for me, not so easy for B}
- pay bills {almost done...waiting on two more}
- get my new dress hemmed
- summer cleaning
- take care of my nails {at home pedi/mani}
- start a new book
- go out for more walks
- a home date {a movie, cute outfit and good homemade food}
- make a summer drink
- laugh more

How's your week been so far?!?
I'm working on a few new things so stay tuned but until then I'll be around as usual.
I sure have missed the blog world.



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