May 31, 2010

Read, Read, Read?! Maybe.

It's again that time of year when reading becomes part of my daily commitment.
Yes, granted...during summer I should be doing something else, like spending more time outsite with friends (yeah I guess that's never going to happen over here!), or walking on the beach (none over here!), enjoying the sun (hello, where is she?), or just enjoying life to the fullest. I wish I could go to the zoo, or walk on the pier, or go out with girls and have fun shopping one afternoon long, or go out and eat at some cool restaurant, etc etc. Yes, I'm pathetic. Totally. At least I can dream. 

But back to the book part...this awful spring/early summer makes me read more and buy more books. Ha! I have a huge stack of books waiting for me to be read. Don't know where to start. I can't read more than one book at a time. I could months ago...not sure what happened. here are a few of my books waiting to be read hopefully over the summer (that is, if I'm not going to be distracted much by TV shows, shopping, and possible job and school hunting).

These are just a few books waiting for me. I have a ton more, but need to get through these first.
Any suggestions for me? Any good reads you wanna share with me, so I can read them too?! I'll be more than thrilled to know what you think and all. Let me know. Please. And just for the record, I do read everything (except for - and now I'm sorry for everyone that does - Twilight Series, or the Sookie Stackhouse Series or so. I've read the Sookie Stackhouse ones so don't get me wrong, but I'd rather watch the shows/movies.) But yes, I do read everything...old, new, girlie, serious, sad, real, if you've got anything you want me to read or highly suggest let me know and I'm trying to find it and read it and all. :) Thanks a lot!

Happy Monday everyone.

♥ Selma ♥

all pics via google images

May 29, 2010

Since I'm bored, tired, and having a hard time...

...I decided to cheer myself and you up with some pictures.
I know it's lame.
I feel exhausted.
I took a nap and it lasted two hours.
Loved it.
Now I'm more exhausted but definitely relaxed.
My weekend can begin; I need the rest.
So, pictures would be an easy I thought, but then I thought some more...

I mentioned it a very few times (if at all)...the environment is a precious thing to me. I may not talk about it or blog about it like others do, but I do care and try to take care of it. I'm that nice to it. I recycle, I reuse (a lot), I save water (a lot!!!), I seperate my trash in all kinds of things (incl. the color of bottles, paper, carton, plastic, etc etc), and I walk (a lot!). Not that any of this matters because it is just me, and just me alone doesn't help the environment much but it's me. Now you may ask yourself, why on earth is she now referring to nature, environment and all that stuff?! Her blog's never about this and why now?! Well, main reason (and one that has been bothering me for a while) is the gulf coast and its marvelous (in a sarcastic way; I'm Miss Sarcasm sometimes!) carpet of glorious oil. It's been keeping me busy. Unfortunately, not as busy as I would like to be. It bothers me, maybe not as much as it may bother you; maybe more or maybe less. I know people that are affected by this and I'm not lying. Just a few great ones, but that's already enough. I just wish there was an easier and faster way to help and deal with stuff but my hands are tied. Plus, since I've been back over here I've been lazier than lazy...not so sure why. I always blame it on the weather.
So needness to say...if you read my tweets (is that even called/written this way?!) about this and it bugs you...haha...sorry!!!! ;) I can say and write about what I would like to write about so there's no stopping me. :) OK?! Ok. ;)

So, without further ado here are pictures helping me enjoy the weekend, get relaxed, dream of better and happier times. :)
Speaking of happy times; the best thing happening this week (and literally, it's the best thing ever!!!!!)...I got my first two birthday presents!!! One was the Michael Buble concert (yay on that one, and if you've never been to his show and love his music...I highly recommend it...just him as a person with his jokes and all in between songs...amazing; never laughed this much during a concert!), and my second one came in today from warmer Florida!!!! Love my friend K! Thanks girl, it means so much to have no idea!

 Happiness right next to me?! My eye drops are right next to me, so nope.
But I guess there's a lot more to this sentence than what I see...
...besides one of my friends just told me she's pregnant and I'm more than thrilled for her. Can't imagine her at all being a momma, but as she put it: I don't regret it or pity me at all, I'm loving it, and every other hassle and obstacle in my life vanished away in every moment of it and can't wait to show him/her the world and how I've been loving life so far!
So wanna visit her now!!!!

Happy Memorial Weekend everyone!

all pics via we ♥ it


May 26, 2010

Smelly Wednesday

I never much talk or in this case write about beauty products. I don't want to start now either but it's spring, almost summer and as much as I would like to deny it I love make-up and lotions, and minerals, and all that jazz. Just love it. After all I'm a girl. And spring/summer comes with some new and old products, or just makes me want to use more and smell like a walking coconut. ;)
Anyways...things have been a bit hectic and weird around here, so the only awesome thing in my life happening is when I take a shower (no visual intended) and then put on lotion that smells so delicious I want to start eating it. Ok, gross...but I think you get my point. Doesn't lotion smell better when everything's warmer and sunnier?! Not sure. I just think it does. So, my point now is that even though I've been feeling odd lately and just not in the creativity mood (just so happens sometimes) the only thing that keeps me smiling and dreaming is my lotion, shower gel, etc etc.... so I thought...let's write about it and post some pics. :)
Happy deliciously smelling Wednesday.
my favorite powder this spring (via Physician's Formula)

love this blush (also via Physician's Formula)

Love nail further comment on that.
My quick hand lotion for when I'm on the road (and a lot of other products) by Bath and Body Works

I love Wild Honeysuckle; it's my absolute favorite one. Ever!

Some Sea Island Cotton does the trick, too. ;)

For spring, I also love using these two perfumes...
1) Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger 2) Romance by Ralph Lauren

My eyeshadow usually is a combo of this Sephora Eyeshadow Set

To protect lips (because they always need protection, no matter the season) I got hooked on this one, thanks for Jen over at Haute Whimsy (thanks girl!)
And then I just need some lip gloss...right now I'm just so into this Victoria Secret smells good, tastes good too (oh yeah!) and's girlie. :) I need this sometimes, ok, all the time. ;)
Besides...when I'm fed up with the above mentioned perfumes and body sprays...I'm also going for some VS splashes...yummy. ;)

So, with this last one...I totally feel like a walking coconut put in a vanilla cupcake...and yes, if you are now thinking I'm nuts...I might as well be. I love my mornings to start with all kinds of smells...sure enough, not all at the same time because that would be just gross and too much. But all these products remind me of ways to enhance my gray days, to make me smile again and just to make me happy. It's so easy to enjoy the day. My future may be unknown at some point but I know how to embrace the day and make me happy just with a splash or two of my favorite spring perfume, or body splash. Hmmmm....

Have a fantastic Wednesday! :)
I sure a few hours I'll be swinging and singing along with Michael BublĂ©. :D  Cannot wait!!!


May 24, 2010

Tuesday Inspiration

Spring's in full bloom now...rain's gone...but it's said it's going to come back Wednesday for about a week...let's hope not! Please, no more rain for us. We've had it and understand it's part of the weather cycle but enough is please spare us with that wetness again! Thanks.

It's early Tuesday for me, late Monday for most of you my lovely here's to a wonderful day and a fantastic spring morning!!!

all pictures via we ♥ it

My day off again and I'm about to enjoy it to the fullest.
Sitting outside in a cafe sipping on hot coffee with a muffin on a plate, some fresh smelling flowers on the table and the lake in front of me...that's what my day is going to look like.
How's your day going to look like?!

Happy Tuesday.


May 23, 2010

11 Days and Not Happy About It

Yes, soon I'm going to turn one year older (and less wiser I'm sure). Am I excited?! Nope. Sure, it's my birthday and I love birthdays, especially my own!!! Granted, this sounds conceited but come on (!), don't we all love our own very special day???!! I bet we do. On Birthday-Morning I always wake up relaxed, happy, refreshed and just ready for the day. The feeling is different. No crazy thoughts, no hectic in my mind...just a blessed feeling of being utterly happy.
This year, I keep my fingers crossed...I wanna wake up as happy as I did in the past few years...and not think about the new number on my back, not think about whatever I didn't accomplish but rather think of what I've accomplished so far and will accomplish in the next few months. Radical changes need to happen. I'm done pitying my life, and situation and even though a lot of people around me don't seem to understand and see what I'm feeling and seeing I'm going to ignore them and go for whatever I think is right for me. :) Kind of sounds as if I'm repeating myself but it's what it is. I can't please others before I'm not pleasing myself (no visuals intented here...ha! but I know how that last sentence sounded!).
So, to embrace the weekend and look sort of forward to my big day I found some pics for inspiration... ;)
All from my fave site of course: We ♥ It

wish I could dress up one day and have a big party!
...just like that! Less balloons though because they freak me out!
For years I've wanted a cake on my birthday!!!!
Will it happen this year??!!!!
or cupcakes will do the trick too!

So keep your fingers crossed...I sure will hope for some sweet stuff on my actual day!!
Good thing about that day...I took time off from work so I won't have to drag myself over there and deal with all kinds of craziness! Clever me!! ;) No party is planned, just a few friends coming (hopefully!) together for a drink or two. Originally, I wanted to ditch my birthday all together and spend it in Istanbul *in my fave restaurant* or in Paris *with a few close friends* or leave everyone and just wallow in self-pity and self-misery somewhere all by myself. Ha!!!  But Paris I'm trying to squeeze in soon...hopefully.

Ok, wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the weekend.


May 21, 2010

Fill In the Blank...and Items That Will Bring Spring/Summer Closer

Ok, it's Friday and yes, it's almost midnight, meaning it's Saturday in less than ten minutes where I am...but I don't care, because I love Lauren's Fill in the Blank Fridays...and well, here I am... :

1.  One fashion trend I really regret is   pink jeans overalls, and yes *Lauren I have to copy this!!!*  Disney and Sesame Street character items on t-shirts. NOT cool. Especially when you're like 12 or so.  What the heck was I thinking?

2.  The one thing that always completes any outfit is    a pair of earrings and a cute scarf. I love simple as they can get; it makes them instantly very classy. And matter what season (almost!)  .

3.  I would describe my personal style as    hmmm...a mixture of  bohemian, hippie, classic, sportive and sort of trendy but with a very slow pace to it...because I might get stuff like one year later (if at all)... Yes, can't really describe it. My style is called Selma style! ;)

4.  My fashion muse is  not just one person. One is Rachel Bilson, another one is Nina Dobrev, or also Alyssa Milano, or Sarah Michelle Prinze (known as Gellar, because some may not really know she changed her name) long as it all looks cozy, comfy and just represents my mood and looks similar to my "Selma style" above. ;) .

5.  If I could own one designer piece of clothing it would be     a Chanel dress. Definitely. I owe this to my great-aunt. Long story. She's be incredibly happy just knowing I just thought of her while writing this. Bless her heart.

6.  I would love to raid the wardrobe of   my fashion muse, at least one of them...and if I'm not entirely satisfied I'm knocking on the second one's door ;) .

7.  Today I am wearing    my pajamas in the morning till noon, then work clothes *black pants, purple flats, and whatever fancy/comfy/okay-looking top I could find in my tiny closet*, and back to my PJ's's past midnight again and I'm going soon to bed...I think. Or not. Who knows. It's my weekend and I might stay up till I'm falling asleep in front of my lovely laptop.

 So, and since the above was all about fashion or's more about that topic (sort of):

Shopping's my favorite thing to do. I admit that. I also admit that I love to find bargains. If I can find a piece of awesomeness for $20 instead of $55 or $140 I go for the twenty bucks sale, even if it means to wait a year or so. It's the same in the end anyhow...whether I buy it today or not. Sometimes I cannot wait, I also admit that. And it so happened that I bought a few things I could have waited for but then I reminded myself I shouldn't put things aside and live in the NOW...because maybe tomorrow might not even going to happen.

I don't take pictures of what I bought or found on sale and all that. But today I decided I'd share my purchases with you. Just a few. My blog's mainly filled with randomness about life, love, work, dreams, pictures of inspiration or pics from my recent trips...but it's not a fashion blog or so. Then agin, sharing my lovely finds on here isn't about fashion it's about my current life and happy moments. Right?! Right.

Ok, I don't make much sense right now...not sure why...I blame it on too much sleep. ;) Or me being awake after a long day at work and now not being able to go to bed...a bad combo!!! :) Anyways here are my three things I'm proud of, and love to, yes, they sure will bring spring closer (wherever it is...but it's coming...slowly and hopefully staying a while!!)

my new bag
(sorry for the poor pic quality...couldn't make the bag pose for you!)

my favorite shoes so far...Thank you Outlets for these!!!
And hopefully I can wear these soon on a daily comfy I wanna wear them at night in bed!

Happy Friday/Saturday!

Hope you're having a fabulous day and an even great weekend!



Never thought I'd be soooo looking forward to this weekend. Not that I have anything planned. If I had I'd be more thrilled, but at least it's one more day of work and two days off work and trust me, I am super excited.
Do I have plans?! Hmmm...let me see...

1. Do much-needed laundry
2. Color my nails
3. Sleep in, and pamper myself (a girl deserves this from time to time)
4. Go the movies (finally, Dear John!)
5. Write a letter
6. Pay one credit card bill
7. Enjoy the predicted sunshine

So, hopefully I can accomplish everything on my tiny list.

But before that, I'm going back to work today. I was frustrated yesterday. I felt like a teacher correcting everyone's mistakes. I'm not a genius and I also make mistakes (heck, we all do) but it pisses me off when I'm the one being blamed all the time and yelled at for nothing specific but using a pencil instead of a pen whereas they are making horrible mistakes with enormous outcomes. I was pissed. And Thursday wasn't much fun. Friday?! Let's see how that goes.
But again...before I go back I'm catching up on this blog world...I received two awards and I wanna share these with you. Normally I'm not good at this, but today I just thought I'd give it a try and work on this so it's not going to be piled up like crazy. ;)

The wonderful Katie over at The Adventures of Katie and Josh gave me these awards:

 I have to list 10 things I let's get started:

1. Life
2. My family
3. My friends
4. Traveling
5. Shopping
6. Sunshine all year round (incl. the warm temps!)
7. Reading
8. Relaxing on the coach
9. Movies (and some TV shows)
10. Freshly brewed coffee

Now, I'm supposed to nominated 10 awesome bloggers...and well, I've done this so many times I'm gonna skip this now. You all deserve this, and if you want to, you can grab it and claim I gave it to you and post it, too. Do it now! ;)

The second award is the following cutie:

And here are no rules attached just that I need to nominate ten bloggers again. I think I'm gonna skip this one too and let you grab it if you like this cute little sweet blog bear. I sure do.

Thank you Katie, you rock girl!!!! :)

Yes, I'm lazy but oh well. We all are at some point in life or day. Today is my very lazy day. I'm still in my PJ's and should get ready in two hours...grrrrrrrrrr....looking outside, I'd rather stay home curled up in my bed. One more day, one more day...let's hope my umbrella stays in my bag today!!! :)

Have a great Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May 20, 2010

The usual Thursday Blah...

Today is definitely one of those days that make life a bit less dramatic but definitely more weird. I woke up still dreaming about my blog layout. Yes, you read right. I had a weird dream. I was being chased by my own blog, with its ugly background color and all that. So, needless to say I think it's time to change it from top to the bottom...not sure how and when and all but it's time. No more bad and very weird dreams for me please. What the heck? Never thought I'd be dreaming about this. So weird.
Then well, looking out my window...yeah, I'd rather go back to bed and sleep more because it's gray, ugly, luckily dry but just very's supposed to be nice over the weekend...we'll see how that goes.

My hand hurts because for whatever reason my hand got caught up in a fight with four books...and hand was in between those books and it all looked weird and funny and sandwich-like and well, my hand hurts. So, typing isn't really the greatest thing on earth today I'm gonna skip my usual blahblahhhh...and go for pictures again. After all I promised pictures and here are some more...yay! :)

The house around our corner...
The church behind the post office...
A foggy Sunday afternoon...after our museum visit...
and yes, people do this Rocky-Pose all the time!
Outside the museum...
More random pictures throughout the city of brotherly love...

I have like 600 more pictures but won't bore you with those. Just thought of it...I'm not in any of the above pictures. Oh well. ;)  NYC pics will follow at some point...hopefully with my face in them somewhere. ;)

Have a great Thursday...three more hours and I'll be back at work. Grrrr.... but I'm going to be all smilely and happy and fake but good fake. ;)



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