July 30, 2011

Guess again...

Any idea on where I'm headed to?! 
Let's just say it's going to be a change, a lot of work, a lot of organizing and getting used to, but also fun with dear friends (old and new). Am I ready? Probably. It doesn't look like it and I don't feel like it though but it is going to be alright!

As you are reading this I am on a plane towards some hopefully amazing and exciting months ahead of me. Yes, months...and not just days or weeks. I am both thrilled and very scared. It is part of life I know that. We have all been in this situation and I believe there will be more times to come that will bring both emotions back and make me feel the way I'm feeling at this very moment. And yes, I am sure while you're reading this you may wonder and ask yourself where is Selma going? What is she hiding from us? Trust me. I'll let you know sooner than later. ;)

In the meantime...I know good vibes are sent my way and I appreciate every single one. It means a ton to me. Always has and always will.

As mentioned in an earlier post I will be busy for a few week, and therefore I have a few guest writers on this blog. Already had one of my longest blog buddies post a couple of days ago - love her writing style, her views on pretty much anything, and most importantly her candor. Thank you Sam for helping me out!!
And I know you will welcome my guest bloggers with open arms and enjoy them as much as I do when I read their work. I will try and stop by from time to time until I have things settled.
Moreover, I need a new laptop...big time. I left mine at home, because really it is too old and too heavy and I just need a new one. Not used, but completely new. Wish me luck. And when you see me online you can just imagine and assume that I'm using that new fun item of mine!! Or my iPhone...haha. ;)

Have a fabulous day!!!


July 28, 2011

a picture a day

hey everyone!

I'm Sam from A Careless Man's Careful Daughter, and I'm filling in for Selma today!

I'm not too good at guest-blogging (or regular blogging, come to think of it :p), so I thought I'd just tell you all a little about myself & my blog -- including two giveaways I'm hosting, ending soon!

I'm 22 (a few days in!), and lallygagging my way to becoming a nurse. It's my ultimate goal to be a Life Star flight nurse, but that one is way up there (ha, literally), and it's one that, if I don't ever get there, I won't be too disappointed in myself. So far though, I've completed a medical assistant course (11 months of accelerated classes), and am now easing my way into the job hunting process. In a few months, I plan to start EMT courses, and then hopefully by next spring start some nursing pre-req courses... fingers crossed all goes as planned! And when I say that, I mean, I'm desperately hoping my motivation doesn't abandon me halfway through.. hehe.

I'm really into anything outdoorsy, hiking, kayaking, swimming, the beach... love it all. Another big passion of mine is photography, which inspired a little project I decided to start on my 22nd birthday, earlier this week.

I love pictures & memories, and as cheesy as it sounds, I hope one day to be a stay at home mom with a bunch of kids and a house full of photos of our life. Again, cheesefest, I know. But even now, childless & single, I love to preserve every possible memory I can -- with the help of my camera, or even my camera phone.

And so, a couple days before my birthday, I decided I was going to try to tackle a "Project 365", by posting a picture a day, for the next 365 days. I'm going to be honest, that's a pretty steep feat for me. The picture-taking won't be the problem, since I'm constantly whipping my phone out to take a picture of something ... But my lazy posting habits might be a bit of an issue, hehe. To make it a little more "fresh" and sort of separate from my personal blog, I started a tumblr account, special for this project. I'm 4 days in (haven't posted day 4 yet) & going strong! Hehe. So if you're interested in pictures or 365 projects, or in anything I've said, I invite you all to check out my Twenty-Two in 365 tumblr, and my day-to-day, regular blog, A Careless Man's Careful Daughter.

^^ day 3 ^^

Even if you're not sold on the writer (that's okay, I don't even find my stuff read-worthy half the time, hehe), definitely stop by before tomorrow (ending date) for a UPrinting.com giveaway I'm hosting for a set of 100 custom-designed post cards -- winner's design! And then I have my $15 coffee gift card giveaway that ends on Sunday 7/31, winner's choice of either Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks!

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you there!

And also a huge thank you to my long-time blog buddy Selma for giving me a chance to say a few words at her awesome blog! Big shoes to fill! :)

July 25, 2011

Man Candy is needed!!!

Although I don't feel like it, I decided to join Man Candy Monday today...it's an uplifting thing to put some eye candy on here and to make my rather sad blog (at least right now) bright and fun again. At least it brought a smile to my face...awwwww.... ;)

I know I will!!

all images via google

Joe Manganiello.
I have to say, I'm not fan of his character on True Blood, and sometimes I want to shave his face, too, but I always liked him. ;) Enough said.

Have a fantastic Monday!
I'm going to enjoy some music today...at the Blue Balls. ;) A must for everyone living here!
Even though Europe is in shock, some fun is always needed! Always!!

July 24, 2011

Weekend Thoughts

My lovely readers,
Where should I begin?
I have hardly no words to describe this weekend.

My weekend started Thursday, and pretty much ends today, Sunday.

Thursday was great. I had a fun time with my friend and her kids. I even realized my future changes are happening for real. I mean, I talked about it, and I've briefly written about it, but then I received something in the mail and I knew that the changes I talked and wrote about are happening and that I'm going to have a whole year full of adventures. Good ones I'm sure. It's just tough to see my friends right now, talk and laugh and then eventually cry. See-you's have become really really tough...

...and then Friday happened.
Friday was both, all bright, glittery and fun and then baaaam...not so fun anymore.
It's not the mood swings (hello?! I'm not that old!! Yet!), it's tragedies that kill the fun, and kill the sunshine in our lives. I used the word kill, because yes, it's what happened on Friday. Not here, but close enough for me to be speechless, wordless, in shock and in pure disgust. This happens when people decide to ruin lives, end lives and still think it's fantastic what they did. I have no words whatsoever for what happened in Norway. I simply have no words, and my heart goes out to everyone affected by this cruel tragedy, this act of violence against humankind.
Really I have no words.

...and then Saturday and Sunday happened, and Sunday is still happening.
Not only is it cold, rainy, windy and just very November like in July, it also is sad. Not just the constant news and updates (and I literally turned off the TV at some point!), but also the constant see-you's I had to go through. Over and over again. It made me appreciate life more, enjoy the bad days and moments we all know exist, and it all made me love every single moment I feel pain, and angst to lose someone or something. It's part of life. Holding my friend's baby was the best thing ever this weekend. It made me smile. It made me even sing, and swing, and talk funny but it was one of the best things ever. I even stopped her from crying. She's got her whole life ahead of her. She's such a sweet and precious little one. And, I'm gonna miss her. She'll be walking by the time I see her next time. I know that much. It already breaks my heart.

However, life is still beautiful.
Life is what we all should enjoy. Every moment, even when we feel pain and feel like everything is going against us. Life is still happening. And it should be cherished.

So my lovely readers...

...I hope your weekend is less tragic, less sad, and a lot warmer. I'm seriously considering taking out my gloves. My scarf is my best friend these days...never thought I'd say this in July. :(

And, as I briefly mentioned it, yes, changes are happening.
I'm going to be moving.
And this my readers will not happen in two months from now, but pretty much in six days! 6!!!!
I'll be pretty busy and emotional, and overwhelmed for the next few weeks but it's going to be alright. I know that much. It always will.
Your good vibes were needed and I received them in all their strength and thank you, for thinking of me. :) It worked!

What does this mean now?
Am I going to be away for a long time?
Don't worry. I'm still going to be around, going to be blogging. Though in the meantime and until I get my regular schedule settled and all I have a few amazing guest bloggers helping me out while I'm busy changing my life. And I will still find time to check in on all of you and read your blogs, and even write a post on my own for a change. I have no idea how often but I know the second I buy a new laptop (yes, right I'm gonna buy a new one!! Any suggestions?!!) and things are slowly settled and all I'll be back in full force! :) With new adventures, new exciting and maybe funny stories...it's going to be all fine!!!

So stay tuned!!!

Happy weekend everyone!!!


July 21, 2011

Protect it!

As summer's pretty much in full bloom, with its hot temps and sunny days I'm sure we all are loving every single minute we get to spend outside. I know I am. Though we usually forget one thing namely to protect our skin. This won't be a "do this or that" post, but please people...when you go out and I know you are, do not forget to apply sunscreen. Even if it is a gloomy overcast day and you think the sun's not out or hardly out. The sun's always out even when you don't see her shining onto leaves or you for that matter. And sunscreen has to be applied more than just once a day. We easily forget that. And we easily think once a day is enough but it isn't.

Now you wonder why I'm writing about such a topic. It's simple. Or not. Depends on how you look at it.
A while ago I joined Danielle and Alison's site Sun Savvy, and I would love for you to go over there and read and join the pledge, too, and even if you don't do it think about what you do to your largest and biggest organ. Our skin's so fragile, and we really do neglect it. I have to admit I'm not a hero when it comes to protecting my skin. I learned my lessons, and I learned them well.

Think about it...

...how often do you apply sunscreen? Once? Twice? Sometimes?
...do you carry a little sunscreen tube in your purse? Or at least lotion with SPF?
...how often do you apply lotion to your skin? After you took that shower? Never?
...do you apply regular moisturizing lotion also at night?
...how about your hands? Hand lotion handy in your purse or not?
...or how about your feet?! Pretty nails need some pretty feet too, no?
...and how do you protect your lips? Yes, right, lips. Just a funky, glittery lip gloss? Or a lip balm with SPF?
...what about your precious hair? Wash it, dry it, style it? Any protection there? No?! Whoops!!!

You see, there's plenty you can do.
I'm not saying you should do it all, but think about it.
How often to you apply lotion, and sunscreen? Lip balm?
Crusty lips and yes I call it crusty are gross. I think I said enough. ;)

I take a shower in the morning and got into the habit of putting lotion on. Daily. I make sure it is a moisturizing lotion perfect for my own skin. I have pretty dry skin during winter and oilier but still dry skin in summer so different lotions are needed. Plus of course the sunscreen. And I use different kinds for my face and neck, too, rather than for my body. Our face and neck are more sensitive and therefore need stronger protection. Ever had sunburn on your ears?! Good for you. Once I did, and never again. We forget that area, too.

And our hair (with or without a hat) needs some protection, too. When we go for a swim in the lake or just take our hat off, our hair is exposed to lots of sunlight and lots of bad stuff in general (we all know our air is not a healthy thing, nowhere!!)...so, try to find ways to pamper your hair, too. There are especially designed sunscreen hairsprays or shampoos that do help, too, and make your hair look more shiny than dull and yellow-green looking. Or you can go for homemade hair lotions and such. Whatever works, but don't forget to include your hair, it's literally screaming for our help.

These are just a few of my favorites. I am by no means an expert but I try different lotions (even baby sunscreen sometimes!) to see what works best for me. More expensive doesn't automatically mean better, however, I learned that you still need to go with medium-priced products to get good results. I am satisfied with a lotion that not only nourishes my skin, but leaves it oil free (I hate when my skin feels sticky!), and smooth. And when I don't walk around like a red lobster I am even more satisfied.

Sometimes you have to learn from mistakes. Sometimes you don't learn at all. About  almost one month ago I got a terrible sunburn and it freaked me out. Did I protect myself and put sunscreen on? Yes I did. I even stayed in the shade, and still I got burned badly. And this is not something to be taken lightly. This can happen to you as well. Sometimes even worse.
I just learned that an old family friend of ours passed away. She's been wrestling with skin cancer for years, and to me she seemed "healed" and okay. I was wondering actually where she was, because I hadn't seen her in a long time. She would usually walk her dog in my area, and I would see her and stop and talk. She knew my grandma pretty well, and even though we somehow lost touch she was a great person and I always loved seeing her. Seeing her obituary the other day shocked me. Now, my question is answered. She just turned 60 and that my readers is not old. It's super young!!!

Some stories are pure eye openers, and sometimes it is more than just necessary to spread the word.
Think about what we do to our skin. I am not saying you should stay away from the sun and be pale all year round. I am not saying you should go out and sit in the sun forever and walk home like a little lobster. I didn't even sit in the sun when I got my sunburn and it raised a huge question mark around my summer behavior. Stay alert and don't ignore this very fact that this can also happen to you. Have your skin checked if you want, or not. Totally up to you. Really.


I'm telling you, a writer's block doesn't exist. ;) All this writing just because I pledged.
I hope I haven't scared you by having posted this, but still...I felt it was necessary to be reminded again. We tend to easily forget or ignore, and I am saying this because this also includes me. Of course.

Have a safe summer my readers, and a terrific day!


July 20, 2011

I have an obsession...

...and it is clearly known as pinning! Yes, pinning. Don't know what I'm talking about here?! Most of you know that Pinterest is a new site and made most of us addicted, and once you join the fun you know why. I've joined a while back and oh my...if I'm truly bored or just need picture inspiration I stay on the site for way too long than I actually should a short while and find tranquility again. Okay, super corny but still. I am obsessed, addicted...you name it. :) 
Therefore, I decided to join Michelle again on her Wednesday series called Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday...with my most recent and very random pins reflecting my most current thoughts, feelings, and actions! I think I said enough, no?! Yes.


All pictures are via my Pinterest! :) You are more than welcome to follow me, or ask for an invite!
Just be warned, this site can be extremely addictive!! :) 

And while you're at it, my guest post is up on my friend's blog...say hi to her! And yes, thank you girl for letting me write on your precious blog! ;)  Hope I didn't disappoint.

Happy Wednesday!

July 18, 2011

Semi-Wordless Monday

So my lovelies...
...no hot guy today. No.
I know I am sad, too! Soon again though, I'm sure! :)

How was everyone's weekend?!
Mine? Thank you for asking. It was okay. I did indeed some productive things, and even saw an old friend of mine and chatted for four hours sitting on the same chair and then realizing we totally lost track of time. This is actually a good thing, no?! We even people-watched which can be weird and shocking I have to admit. Oh and I feel bad for all those tourists here in the city. It's been cooler now, add some unexpected heavy rainstorms and well...tourists thinking it is always and anywhere 85 degrees in July. Unfortunately, it is not. We barely have 60 degrees now, and it's just wet. Luckily today (at least so far) it did not rain. Looking outside though...I'm assuming it's gonna hit us hard tonight, in like maybe three hours?! Grrrrr....

So yeah, Monday of crazy week #2 has started, and again, thank you for all your positive vibes, thoughts and prayers. I think it is working. Let's keep 'em coming! ;)  Thanks!!!

I wanted to keep this short and simple...so here are a few things that simply inspire me today!!! After all I wanted it to be a semi-wordless Monday post...I clearly suck at this.
Have fun!!!

Rain go away!!!!
It is July and I think I am not the only one here saying she wants to have some summer fun by seeing the sun and having dry days during these summer months?! Please?! Rain, you can come as strong as you'd like between 11pm and 5am. Thank you!!!

Happy Monday!


July 16, 2011

My Thoughts #2 and Pictures!!!

Horrible title I know, sorry, but I just couldn't come up with anything more appropriate! ;) 

Thank you for all those sweet comments I received for my last post. Truly meant a lot to me. Believe me or not I always thought my life would look very different today than it actually is. I am not saying my life is bad at the moment, but it is certainly not the way I thought it should and would be. I am still young, and still have time for so many things out there but at a certain age your clock is ticking and you look at things differently and you evaluate things more and think twice if not four to six times before you actually push a button that may or may not open up a new chapter in your life. It is a mixture of everything, a constant roller coaster, and I also believe without those occasional downs and question marks in life, life would certainly be very boring. Yes, I am not 22 anymore, nor 24, nor 27! I still feel 25 and I think that is wonderful. I look at my friends my age and see most of them unattached, having no children and floating somewhere with me...makes me feel less of a lonely dork. Seriously, knowing my best friend had her baby boy at 23, got married at 25 and is now a wonderful mother to three awesome kids, happily married, and having a life I always dreamed of makes me sad at times. Sure, not having all of this gives me chances my friend doesn't have. I can travel, not have to worry about my other half, or the kids or money. I can still be selfish. Just a little. Then again, her life looks more fulfilled than mine does at the moment. Really, I am floating somewhere and still worry, and wonder.

Anyways, you all know that some big change will happen in my life and I haven't fully talked about it. Unfortunately, right now I cannot share it either but know it is going to be interesting in the next few weeks, and heck even months around here, so stay tuned. In the next two weeks I'll be going through some major changes, good ones I assume (let's assume so, really!!) and I know that these changes can be both, positive and negative. I am going to try and I am going to see where this leads me to. Emotional times are ahead, but don't worry I am trying to keep it all to myself, and make you less worried. :) 

In the meantime, and since I still feel sane today...here are a few pictures I want to share with you because well, I just feel like it. Besides, as it looks like I am leaving and I am not going to see all of this for a while. I already apologize for the bad picture quality...however, I took it with my phone and it is no smart phone...so yeah...bad quality but good enough to create history! ;)


And yeah the bear(s) I was talking about earlier this week!! :) You can hardly see him or her (totally forgot which one!), and my zoom on my camera is very bad but hey, I took pictures and that is what counts!!

And some bubbly is always needed!!! Life is too beautiful and precious!!!
Ignore the lipgloss thingy on the glass (I know you're gonna see it and if not look for it now!).

Dang, I'm gonna miss all of this. More than you can imagine. But I remind myself that change is good and change is needed...and yes, good and different times are ahead of me. It is all going to be fine!!!

Happy weekend everyone!!!


July 14, 2011

My Thoughts

Thank you for thinking of me, and sending me positive vibes.
They are still needed for the next few days though.

Life has kept me busy for the past few days and it is not over.
I will have major changes going on in my life and I will tell you once I can share more. Right now it is not definite and although I have mixed feelings I know I am doing the right thing by going for what I wanted in the first place.
I am trying. 
If I don't try I will never know, right?

The picture above pretty much describes me. Sitting on the floor, exhausted, alone.
As I am typing this I have 5682 things on my mind that I need to take care of before those big changes happen. Am I excited? Yes, and No. You know, taking this step is one thing, going through with it is another. Right now I doubt my decision. Yes I do. Some of you know what I am going for and where I am headed and this may surprise you. But yes, I am doubting my decision. Not just today, for a while. However, I know me, I know that I always doubt first and then realize that it is not that bad. 

It will be part of my life. Something to look back on when I am older.
Something to share while going through this journey.
It is already part of my life.

Believe me, I didn't want to go to Como either, and then I was the one who booked the trip and wanted to go because really...if I don't try and see what's out there I will never know how I feel about it, if I like it, hate it, or just wish to do something else.

Right now I am swimming in an emotional sea. It will be okay. It will be fine. I will not be alone, and who knows what the future brings...we certainly don't. We never do.

So, with that said...I am done for today.
Sometimes bad days need to happen, no????

BUT, even when I am down I still find time or make time to share some guest blog love at my friend's blog while she is having fun in California.

Happy Thursday everyone.
WOW, I can't believe this week is already almost over!!!


July 12, 2011

Heat, Bears, Ducks and a quick stop in another country!

Yes people...today was a long day...started at five and is still going on.
Among a ton of other things I saw baby ducks, and four bears, went window shopping, killed a few bugs, spent two full hours on US land, carried one heavy bag with me all day long, drank at least one full gallon if not more (I still need to calculate this), spoke three different languages, had some hot moments (it was 90+ today, and no AC anywhere but on the train), tried to ignore a lady next to me on train (I'm not rude, I just didn't want to talk at seven in the morning), escaped some possible and heavy rain shower, and now I am trying desperately to cook, distract myself and get some very important things settled.

Ok, no YES!!!

I know, this too shall pass!!



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