May 30, 2011

Guest Post by Ocean Dreams - What Selma Loves

Hello! It's Sierra and I'm holding Selma's blog captive! Nah, not really, I'm just doing a few posts while she is away! :) She's out there having a wonderful trip in Istanbul and I get to blog at two blogs - mine and hers! Yay! He he.

I'm so lucky to have Selma as a wonderful friend so that's what this post is all about: what I adore about Selma and what she loves. You all know about the lovely site Pinterest, yes? Well, Selma and I have just become a tad addicted. Yes, just a tad. She "steals" my pictures and I "steal" hers, or pin, I should say, ha ha, her pictures, and we have a wonderful time on Pinterest.

The greatest thing about Pinterest, in my opinion, is that it does a wonderful job at allowing everyone to share their personalities, passions, goals, and interests through organizing their pictures! I love looking through Selma's pictures because it gives me an even bigger glimpse of who she is, even though I love who she already is! So let me show you a few of my favorites from her page, and explain why she "pinned" each photo.
She loves owls. Aren't they just the cutest?! She also loves the color purple, so that's why this picture has double purpose. Owls and purple are in "perfect" harmony. :)
She's a California girl, just like me. She loves the ocean breeze, the beautiful ocean waves, and everything that has to do with the lovely CA. If you've been to my blog, Ocean Dreams, well, then you know how much I love the ocean and CA too! Selma - we'll be back there someday together and we will enjoy every moment of our California dreamin'!
She loves the color yellow. And why shouldn't she? It symbolizes warmth, the sunshine, and everything that is bright and cheery. Just like Selma!
Shoes. Yes. Shoes. What girl doesn't adore shoes??
The color pink and purple are two of her favorite colors. It's easy to see why. Both are just simply divine!
She also loves to travel. Hence why she is in Istanbul right now and Istanbul is pictured above! I hope she is having a wonderful time and I can't wait to hear all about her trip! 

If you want to see more of Selma's passions and likes then head on over to her Pinterest! And while you are at it, start your own account! I promise you won't regret it, it is so much fun!

So do you want to know a secret?? Selma's birthday is coming up. But don't tell her I said so, okay? Her birthday is on June 2nd, this upcoming Thursday! 
Let's make her birthday week special, and you can start now by sending her some early Happy Birthday wishes! I'll be back soon, and thanks to my lovely friend Selma for letting me do a happy post about her on her blog!

~Sierra aka Ocean Dreams


May 27, 2011


Goooood morning my readers.
Guess where I am.

Yes, away.
But where?


Where I can eat the following again

Still no idea where I am?!

But I may or may not eat here



Still no clue?
Yeah I wouldn't know it either.

But the following might help ya.
I'm sure.

I'm in this gigantic and beautifully thriving city.
Home to me to some point.
Love it. Missed it.

It's so very different and still it's so familiar.
But don't worry I won't disappear while I'm here.
If you have never been to this awesome city, you are missing out.
I always say it's a combination of New York and Paris, with some perfect middle Eastern touch to it.
Missed it that's for sure.
Awww, guys, you are missing out.
Wish you all were here. 

So stay tuned.
Stories will come.
Pictures will come.
I am trying to keep that promise.


May 25, 2011


Time definitely flies...
...not only did my friend's twins turn 5 yesterday (hello? Didn't I just change their diapers?), but my other friend's baby decided to start its journey ten days early (didn't she just get married a month ago?!). Needless to say May 24 is a date I won't forget for sure, ever. And yes, for Gemini power!! ;)

I am beyond thrilled that I can see my friend and her baby girl today. Cannot wait.
So, this week has been good. Really good. Even the weather has been fantastic.
What more is there to want?!

Yes, just when I wanted to say this week is not going to be a good one it turned its back and said "wait a minute! Don't give up, because it's going to be awesome!!". Ha, so true. New life is a miracle. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!


May 23, 2011

Man Candy Monday! Wohoo!

Okay, I have to admit Leeann's idea is genius. Actually, I always look forward to Mondays. I always liked the day anyways. But now? Love it! So, today I'm gonna share some manly post again...and next week, well, next week I'm gonna pass because I doubt I have time to work on a post, but today it is hot Man Candy Day! So, without any further we go...

  all photos via google

Mc Steamy!!! Or was it Mc Sexy? I don't remember, I always go blank when I see him...
Okay, Eric Dane. Yay!
No further comment, but may I add that his wife is freakin' hot as well. What an awesome couple. Sigh...

Join the fun at Join The Gossip over at Leeann's fabulous blog.
Thanks girl for making our Mondays more beautiful. :)

Go go go!!!


May 20, 2011

Be Nice

"Be nice. But not too nice. 
I mean, don't make a religion out of it, niceness."

Mrs Mayhew in One Day

I meant to write another post but time flew by like crazy today.
My Friday evenings consist of a glass of wine (if at all; today not so much), three TV shows in a row and in between breaks a book. 
Miraculously I finished the book. Which one? Just slightly look and read above and then you'll know. A dear friend of mine asked me if I liked it, and when she did I couldn't tell because I had just started reading it. It took me longer than expected, because well, life happens sometimes. But today I finished it. I am happy about it. It's one of those books that speaks to me. However, in all honestly, I don't know if I love it or hate it, or both. I go with love it, but add a little nasty but loving look to it, because really, my mood switched with every new chapter. If you read it let me know what you thought. If not, I'd recommend it.

Apparently the movie is coming out in August. Not sure what I think about it. I am a bit irritated when it comes to the main actress. Then again, I need to see the movie first before I start writing about it. She might actually just surprise me. Hopefully. 

Hope your Friday is and was amazing.
Happy Saturday from me, already!
I'm telling you, time sure flies today!


May 19, 2011


Some of you may have already guessed, and others already know...I am going away for a few days. Okay, that is a lie. I am going away for two weeks actually and I could not be more excited about it. Okay I am a little nervous about it but it's all going to be perfect I know that. I tend to over analyze things and make them worse than what they actually are. Can someone please slap me pinch me. Thank you.

Really, Selma, keep calm!!

To get into real vacay mood (and by that I actually mean beach mood AND I am NOT going to the beach!) I thought I could share some pictures with you all...because let's be honest, we all look forward to some sunshine, beach time, little break, and just well, some time away from stress, regular and irregular days that make us nuts at times...those days we wish we could just erase forever. Whether it is stress at work, with friends, with the kids, even with the hubby, or just general stuff like "why is my pile of laundry growing so fast", or "why is this not working" or "why do my self made mac'n'cheese always turn out gross?!" things...we all need some pretty things to look at. 

I know I do.
They relax me and let me breathe for a while and forget all kinds of nasty things happening around us.
Don't we all just enjoy fresh salty air coming from an ocean, reading a book, or just napping in the shade?

And wear beach outfits we just longed for all winter long.

But in the end, really, all we want is breathe! It's what vacation stands for: relax and breathe!

I know I will.
Though until  my vacation time arrives I have to wait a little longer...not too long though. Wohoooo!
Slowly I am getting excited. All I have to do now is get my suitcase, start packing, organizing, and making sure I have everything I need and still lots of space available so I can buy some pretty things while I'm in one of my homes! Yes, readers, I'm going to one of my homes. More on that later!
And just because I'm about to find my suitcase again doesn't mean I'm flying in the next two days. I always prepare early. Not sure why. Sometimes I start two weeks ahead of time. Sometimes one week, and sometimes, yes, sometimes I just pack two days before. With a crazy expression on my face.

How do you pack?!
And most importantly when do you pack?!
Have a sunny day! No more rain for any of us!!


May 18, 2011

My happy drink "medicine"

Being sick is never funny. And by that I just mean the really not too bad and horrible stomach flu, or the flu in general. Yes, it is nasty and yes it's annoying. Though it's really nothing compared to a lot of people out there (even among this beautiful blogger community) who suffer from a greater illness, have endured more pain than we could ever imagine, and really who see a little nasty cough, fever, stomach flu and such as nothing special. I salute them all for being brave, strong and so wonderful in what they are going through. I really do. So naturally the following makes me feel bad, because really, I just had the flu. A nasty one, yes but again it wasn't anything at all. 
I'm feeling a lot better today and I'm happy about this. Sometimes our body just wants to have a real break from it all and I think it was my time to have that break. :) 
Though today's post is not about my silly flu. Over the past 20 years (yes, I'm that old!) I have learned that one nice drink helps me get better in time. It's not the best drink and it certainly is no solution. Though feeling dizzy, incredibly nauseous, and having an incredibly upset stomach has made me reach for the coke bottle. Yes, the Coca-Cola bottle we either love or hate. I know lots of people that don't drink it (and I'm very okay with that) and I know those that only drink this and nothing else (hmmmm!), and I know me who drinks it when she feels she's about to faint or can't walk straight because she's hungover. Okay, the latter part hasn't happened in a very long time (meaning years!!), so let that be put aside. Now you may think I am totally going crazy here, and may it be that way lovely readers...but today's post is about this very unique drink I call my emergency drink. Especially when there's no doctor around or any medicine I agree with. 

Call me insane.
I just love my little 125-year-old "medicine".
Yes, it just turned 125 years old if you haven't heard, read or seen it by now. Amazing!
Imagine the person who came up with this. How crazy people thought that person is to think a funny syrupy thing would be a good drink to offer people, and that this silly idea would last this long. Just wow! Sometimes I wish I had some genius brain going that would come up with something as grand as this drink. Hmmm, maybe I'm just going to try. Ha! I wish.

And since I'm a huge sucker for anything "old" and "interesting" looking...I found the following pics and I just have to share with you all. Hope you don't mind, especially those lovely once out there who just don't drink. :)

*this is a drugstore with a CocaCola sign from 1920 - awesome!*

5 cents for a glass of coke in a tea glass?! Sure!!

*it changed a lot over the years*

 *but this is the ultimate thing we all know today*

So if you excuse me, I'm going for my last glass of medicine today. No more after that. We all know this isn't the ideal drink when it comes to making sure we are on a healthy diet. But nonetheless the real deal (no diet, or zero, or whatever else there is available) will always be my medicine if I feel nasty again. Nothing else has worked for me. But I heard that other bubbly drinks do the trick as well...not as good, but definitely help, too!

Have a fantastic day!!!


Photo source: click on images 

May 17, 2011

A little surprised and upset

If you read my tweets on Sunday (just a few I have to say) you may have read "I love the Internet very very much...", and things like "don't take it for granted" etc. It has arrived. The time that will change some things, for most of my friends and family, heck, even for me. I'm talking about censorship and its ridiculousness. There, I said it. For most of you, the Internet is your work place, a place to meet long lost friends and stay in contact with everyone and everything, read the news, play games, watch missed episodes, inform yourself, get help, and express yourself through blogs and similar ways. Really, it is a source for everything. 

I appreciate the Internet. A lot. Now, more than before. Although I cannot watch or see everything you guys in the US or UK can (yes, believe it or not!!) I still do appreciate the fact that I can use Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and type in search words just as I please.
I also know that some of my readers and even your own readers out there have had problems in the past to access the Internet properly, to read everything, or to even use it. We all also know what a certain large country did and banned, it was all over the news. You would think we live in the 18th century again, where everything you do and think and believe in is questioned and you cannot use your modern thinking for your own future. Does this make sense? Maybe. Maybe not. 

Don't touch my Internet!

So, imagine me reading for weeks now that a certain quite modern country (more modern at times than my current one - yes, there I said it, too!!) has decided (ok, not the country but unfortunately those "in charge" of it) to censor the Internet starting in August. They already started, that is for sure. And although I do understand some points I don't understand why a country apparently so open and so in need to become something big and something European wants to go that way. Its people rely on the news, on the possibilities to express themselves, to learn more, to live more, and to stay in contact with everyone and everything. 

Do I only surf websites that only come from Switzerland (where I live at the moment if you haven't noticed! - Haha!) ?! Hardly. I would be stuck in a lifeless world with some info but just not enough. Yes, I do read those sites but for like ten minutes and then I'm going full force: starting here in mainland Europe, then up to the UK and then over the US. I try to read it all or at least get an idea of what is going on around the world. My favorite online newspapers are all bookmarked and I love it. Thanks to Twitter I even get more up-to-date info. Amazing!
When I need a recipe I just type something in and see what happens. When I want to drool over amazing clothing I so want but won't get I go online and look for stuff. New book ideas are gained through the Internet as well, although I love going into a book store. Fun videos cheer me up. The Internet is my friend. Not my best but it is my friend. My real friends and I keep in touch like this, because they live far far away and I am stuck here. And then there is this wonderful community I call the blog world. I love that the Internet gives me a chance to express myself, read, learn, broaden my horizon, and still keep me sane enough to enjoy the real world, too.  

Though what I read, and must hear from friends is not funny anymore.
I have encountered those bans years ago. I was a bit shocked at first and thought the Internet went down but then I read the small prints and wow, I was not only shocked but angry. Then I learned more, and stumbled upon so many other things that are not working in the so-called Internet world. So hearing this news is not surprising to me, although still shocking and upsetting. Just knowing it is possible, and it will indeed happen (unless some miracle appears in the middle of right now and August) and destroy quite some people and their lives. Not saying people depend on the Internet, but it is a source we grew to love (or hate), and one that just belongs our generation and the next.

More info on what I'm talking about this here and here and here or here or even here.
There is more but I don't want to bore you!

Sunday afternoon was a big day for all Internet people.

You may not be affected by this but think about how lucky you are for not having to deal with this, at least not now, and hopefully ever. Remember how irritated you were that blogger didn't work for a short while? Imagine you cannot blog at all anymore? Anywhere. Or keep your friends posted on your life with new and normal pictures of you. Just imagine. Just be happy!

I know this was a different post.
Sometimes different posts are needed.

Have a happy Internet day!


♥ S ♥

May 16, 2011

Wordless Man Candy Monday - Again!

I have to admit, the little bloggy break we involuntarily got last week was kind of amazing. Yes, it upset us but it was fun. Made me do lots of other things, and one of those was reading more online news *more on that in another post*, watching movies and old TV shows and such. And it just so happens it kind of inspired me to do today's Man Candy Monday post! Ready?

all pics via google

Milo Ventimiglia himself.
Brings back memories...haha! ;)
I'm sure you know what I mean by that.

Join the fun at Leeann's or drool over some more Man Candy!!
I know I will.

I told you once, and I'm gonna say it wordless posts are never wordless. If you know me you know I talk a lot, I write and share a lot, and well...I cannot stop myself. :) Haha!

I need the distraction...stayed home all weekend sick. In bed, not even in front of the TV. I tried to distract myelf by reading some blogs but felt too tired to even comment let alone read them completely. I will do this once I feel 150% better. Not sure what hit me, but heck it was and still is a total pain in the butt. Sometimes our body plays funny games with all of us.

Happy Monday!!


♥ S ♥


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