February 28, 2011

Wordless Monday #4

via tumblr

As you know, wordless Monday never ends up wordless. A little paragraph or two needs to be added. :)
First of all, I want to say Happy 18th Birthday to a very awesome person!!! Wish I could be in California celebrating his day, and having fun. I know they already started celebrating Saturday, and I'm already sad for not being there since to me 18 is a huge number. I'm very proud to know this guy and see him grow and work hard on his future! Beware fashion world, he's got tons of enthusiasm and talent!!!! 

And second, well...I was crazy enough to stay up late and watch the Oscars. Time difference is a pain in the butt when you want to be close to friends, and family, not to mention events like these...but I stayed up, and watched, and had a blast. Awwww...no comment!

Did you watch it? What did you think?!
Loved it or hated it?!
I sure laughed a lot, and loved it!

Happy almost wordless Monday.

♥ S ♥

February 25, 2011

Happy Post

Yes, my readers you read right...this is going to be a happy post!!!
Never thought this would happen, huh?
You are absolutely not mistaken.
I never thought this would happen. Ever.
And now it does...
...sort of. :)

So, here's what's been making me happy, smiley, relaxed, etc, etc.
  • This Sunday, and its marvelous and glamorous theme called
    The Academy Awards
  • Pinterest - I'm such a dork I have to mention it again.
  • My purple nail polish (although my finger nails seem to break these days, what's wrong with that?!)
  • Movie Day in two days (yeah for Mondays being "cheaper" movie days)
  • Friday's blog post, especially Kelly's
    (seriously, that video made me smile a lot - it was too cute!!)
  • Carnival season starting in less than a week
  • My applications being filled out; although they are quite confusing
  • My determination returned to me, it sort of got lost
How's that for a change?!
Good, huh?
 via pinterest

I think this weekend is going to be great.
Don't you?!

♥ S ♥

February 24, 2011

One Week

Time sure flies.
February is almost over, and I'm busier than ever finding my path in life.
Today it officially started snowing and although it is the first day I'm seeing snow this winter season (yes!) I'm in total shock and not in awe. I don't want it to snow. Ok, it can snow all it wants maybe until Saturday and then stop entirely. Please. Please. Please. Thank you.

In one week this city is going to have its wonderful crazy time again. 
And snow has no place and space on that agenda. 
We hate snow, and rain on those insane days and trust me when I tell you we've seen it all during that time, and warm sunny weather isn't much fun either! ;) Something in between would be nice. Just dry, not too cold, an occasional hello from the lovely sun but nothing too warm...so please, let it snow until Saturday as much as even possible and then stop so it can melt and we're having a dry and fun time again. Thank you.

Otherwise I have to show you all my mad face...and we don't want that now, do we?!

Have a fabulous day!


♥ S ♥

February 23, 2011

Friendship And Vegetable

This is just so very true.
At least when it comes to my friends.
The majority of them lives miles away and it's just purely fantastic to me that I share more with and know more about them than with the few friends I have right here. Actually it's quite sad, too. Friendships blossom, develop and sometimes wither - we all know that, and it has happened to all of us. Right?! I just think it's sad that I have to kind of force people to meet me or see me. It makes me feel less important, less worthy, and less of a person. I know I am not. I would never be able to tell my friends though. They may understand me wrong, and just blame it on my being away or something else. So I won't go there. 

With that being said life continues today...with some sunshine, laundry, a slightly better me (thank you all!), and lots of vegetables. 
I need vegetables. Kind of trying to see if I can find some fun new recipes and ideas. Fruits, too. However, vegetables come first - I feel I neglected my body a bit.

Any suggestions on what to go for these days?!


♥ S ♥

P.s. Remember, my not drinking this month?! It's worked beautifully so far, except for one glass of red wine on my friend's bachelorette party. Whoops. No judging. I thought it was a great excuse. 

February 22, 2011

The Storm Is Coming

The storm has to come, and once it does I'm going to be all over the place. 
My body aches, my toe is doing fine but hurts from time to time, and my mood is all over. I should  be concentrating on one thing only, and working my butt off in order to finish this thing. Instead, I'm sleeping like a sleep deprived person about 10 to 12 hours a day (what the heck?!), and I am pretty much doing nothing. Ok, I feel a bit under the weather and that doesn't help much. However, just thinking I'm slacking off these days makes me more miserable...however, as the quote says...the storm will come and that's when life happens again for me. I hope so. I need that. 
In other news...being sick and sleepy all the time is no fun, however, it helps me find ways to enjoy some girlie movies, shows, and it also makes me work hard to fix my computer (sometimes it just acts up and this blows!), but I found a new addiction to my internet obsessed life (dang, never thought that I'd be saying this!). In addition to all kind of fun stuff online, the best is to look for pictures that inspire me and make me smile and all. The new best way to actually save those pictures, and find them and store them (and even sort them into categories) has a new name for me: Pinterest!!!!! I'm obsessed, it's not even funny anymore. Though, this has given me a new push to work harder and do what I love the most. :) Yay!

Storm, you can come along now....

...happy Tuesday everyone!


♥ S ♥

February 21, 2011

Wordless Monday - Thank You!

This weekend was a mixture of everything and almost everyone I ever came across for the past 15 years. Saturday I enjoyed a pre-Carnival party to show some support, show my face (so people would know I do in fact exist), and make my foot suffer with a very long walk home. I still can't believe we walked all the way to the city and through parts of the city we normally would never ever walk through (but we did anyways - because we didn't want to call a taxi, nor found one that would stop for us - yes, call us stupid and lazy!). Nothing happened, and I was home by three in the morning. Sunday, I paid my aunt a visit and she cooked. I may have to add that my uncle started the process but she finished it. She's an excellent cook but needs to rest more these days after her knee surgery. Dinner was very good, as always. Then on my way home, looking out the window, childhood memories welcomed me back...seeing all those houses, buildings, lights...it felt magical. To end a very relaxing and casual day I finally chatted with a lovely friend of mine. It felt good, and I think we both needed it. Perfect Sunday! Thank you. 

So yeah, my wordless Monday pictures hardly ever come wordless.
Therefore today I chose not to display just one but two photos.
Both via weheartit, click on picture for source.

In the search field I typed in "winter" for the second picture...wonder why this showed up.
I'll take it anyways!


♥ S ♥

February 18, 2011

What Should I Say?!

I am kind of speechless.
Can someone please explain this picture to me?!
Is this paint on the dog? Or is this a very special breed? Or, am I hallucinating? Do I have to google more?!
Help on a Friday evening is needed. Desperately.

I read it was in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Still, what is up with that cutie pie of a dog?! Hmmmm....

Glad you liked the pink pictures yesterday. Brings spring closer, no?!
We all need that, at least us, freezing off our butts in the middle of February.
Can you believe March is almost around the corner?! Freaky!!!

Happy Friday everyone.


♥ S ♥

February 17, 2011

Still Hooked

Valentine's Day may be over, but I am still hooked on cuteness, romance, etc...especially when the colors pink and purple are involved. :) Enjoy!
That's all for today...

...hope you are having a fabulous day.
I am going to organize a few things, lay low, and get rid of a nasty cold. 
In the meantime, these pictures keep me warm and happy. :) And I certainly am happy!
My lovely friend M called me this morning. Although it was in the very early daylight hours I didn't mind. :)
She totally made my day brighter, even though I went to bed and slept till eleven.

♥ S ♥

February 15, 2011

Run Spring Run

For the past few days we've had quite gorgeous days...lots of sunshine, sunsets starting around 5.30 pm (which makes me think of sunsets starting at 9.30 pm...yay!!!), blue skies, no clouds, birds chirping, glove-less days and jackets that didn't need to be zipped up all the way. Loved it. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
Today, it's back to gloomy, gray and windy February again. No rain (or snow) in sight although that could change any minute. Weather in general has been very unpredictable for the past two years so you never know. Spring right now, is running away...just like Forrest Gump did. Ok, weird connection I know but I just saw my title and well, it's what it is. However, to make spring return again, or at least make an appearance that lasts let's say until May, I thought I'd share some pics I took at the mall. Yes, indoors. Lame, I know - but it brings spring closer to us, no?! YES.

Not the best pictures, I apologize. My cellphone camera is not the best. However, it's better than no pictures, and no phone. So I stop complaining. :)

On a much brighter update...as much as I'm struggling with the fact that I quit my job last year I learned that everything - no matter what - has a reason. My leaving last year, the fact that I doubt and second guess my steps every single day, and my future still being all in the open is not something I want to talk about and once I do, talk about lightly. It's the worst and heaviest topic I can think of right now. I know there are worse things out there, and I know a few people that are sick and deserve healthy moments and positive vibes much more than I do...but this unknown feeling of mine that leaves me useless and lonely is not an easy topic. Don't worry, I think I'm doing okay. I will find my way, as so many of you pointed out and do support me on this. I know I will. It's not going to happen next week but it will happen and once it does I'm going to be a girl looking back at things with a gigantic smile.
Today was one of those days that helped me smile. I learned that my old work place is going nuts!!! People get fired, the main person in charge has no clue whatsoever about this business and is spending and spending and nothing comes back in, people are unhappy, and the main boss (which should be in charge) is slowly pushed aside. His power is gone and he has no say in anything whatsoever although he would know the business and be of great help. I wasn't entirely shocked to hear this I have to admit. Moreover, I do have to confess that I just stood and listened in awe as a former colleague of mine explained what has been going on. I felt proud of my behavior, of my inner sixth sense that I left when I left. 

Happy Tuesday!!!
Thanks for reading. ;)


♥ S ♥

February 14, 2011

Wordless Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
Whether or not you are celebrating, have a brilliant day.
I found this picture and had to share it with you all.
It perfectly sums up this weekend, and today as well.
I'm speechless...ok, not so much though...the bachelorette party was fun and we pretty much went home around three in the morning...people played, danced, sang, and laughed with our lovely bride-to-be and her pink feather scarf will always be a fun memory! She lost part of it along the way and we literally knew which bathroom stall she was using...it was so pink in there! ;) 
Unfortunately I have no pictures that I could or would share, but just imagine a slightly pregnant girl with a pink T-shirt, pink feather scarf, and a ridiculously pink cowboy hat walking through a city trying to sell stuff so she could afford her ride back home!

Hope your weekend was fabulous.

Happy Monday!

♥ S ♥

February 11, 2011


Amen to that.
This not only involves turning off the TV because it's just too much at times,
but also turning the computer off.
Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, JoeShopping, and even Blogger...I am overwhelmed.
I love it all though.
And at certain times it makes me happy.
Yes, I admit that.
Thank you.
I am in the process of getting things into gear and going for what I believe makes me happy.
I also looked healthier, so right now you don't want to see my face. Trust me.
I'm determined to look healthy again!

And it's Friday...this means I've already caught up on VD, MF, and some other shows. :)
I wish I could link up to some Friday Funny or Fill in the Blank, but not today.
Hopefully next week.
And if not I'm sure that's okay too.

I'm doing what makes me happy...
...whether or not that involves sleeping in till noon.

Happy Friday!
Happy weekend everyone.

Wish me luck.
Bachelorette Party tomorrow.
Grrrr...I'll try to make sure my camera's with me.

♥ S ♥

February 10, 2011


2011 seems to be the year of weddings, babies, eat-pray-love trips, and new beginnings. My life is no exception and I'm sure neither is yours.

Online, and even on a few blogs I read and saw a sneak peak of Anthropologie's Wedding Dress collection. Couldn't resist sharing. Although I know my friend has her dress already I wonder if she ever would go for any of these. I would. My favorite?! Feel free to guess. ;)

Which one is your favorite?!
Have a fantastic Thursday!

♥ S ♥

February 8, 2011

Kiss Me

It's this time of year again...everything turns pink, red, filled with hearts and cute little things, lots of lovely flowers and whatnot. ;) I love this holiday, although I dread it. Not going to celebrate it this year, and I'm more than just fine with it. I think. I have my very special mug and I'm gonna spend it with my mug. Pathetic?! YES. Oh well, it's just a day. ;)

Don't worry about me.
My project this week is finding the perfect outfit for Saturday evening!! *I bought something but am not sure if it's the right one* Bachelorette party - without the bubbly. Well, for the bride-to-be that is. We can dig in if we really want to. ;) But by "we" I exclude myself. No bubbly for me, either - at least I'm trying not to get close to any of that...

Have a fantastic day.

♥ Selma ♥

February 7, 2011

Wordless Monday #2

Like last week I have no words to describe how I'm feeling or what I'm feeling.
So here's to today, Monday. 

I can't get this song out of my head...I can't.
And I love it. It reminds me of good, sunny times.


♥ Selma ♥

February 5, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Aunt Selma is gonna babysit today.
Not sure if I'm gonna bake something but I need to entertain some kids tonight! Yay!

Hope you had a fantastic week, and an even greater weekend ahead of you.
My week was okay - my weekend is going to be pretty lame except for the babysitting part. 
But to sum a lame week up I had my fun and happy moments:

♥  a fun picture my lovely friend M. sent me *it totally made my day - as always*
♥  Modern Family *I literally watched all episodes again!*
♥  The Vampire Diaries *hello!!????!!* I simply love Thursday night
♥  Taco Tuesday with well, myself
♥  the sun coming out, even just for a little

The rest of this past week was filled with sleeping, dreaming, contemplating, wishing, feeling better, and trying to do something. However, as you may know my life it is pretty lame. My friends live in another country, and the very few ones I have here...oh well, no comment. I hate it when people say "if you're not busy and have time...". Have we met? Do you know me? I guess NO applies to all of these questions. Sad. Oh well.

Next week will hopefully be better.
And if not, you can bet I will make it better!!!!


♥ Selma ♥

February 3, 2011

Honesty Is Refreshing

For the past few years months I've been struggling. There I said it. Then again, you may already know that. Not only have I been struggling, I've also second guessed, judged, neglected, and betrayed myself. Yes I have. I'm not proud of it but these have been the main thunderstorms in my mind and life, and it's not something to easily get rid of. Believing that once I read books again and get back into a regular schedule I would find myself had BIG FAT LIE written all over it. I thought I was doing the right thing. I failed. Maybe I didn't try hard enough. Maybe I did. 
Then my routine stopped, and for the first time in years I felt I needed to let go of it and leave it at that. Do I miss it? Yes of course. Am I happy about it? Yes. It not only shows that I loved what I was doing, but also that it was a good part in my life. Will I go back? Never again. In the last two months I grew immensely. There are no words to describe how and when but I know I have grown in so many ways. I'm very thankful for this and I will try to keep this going, and improve every single day. I would never go back again and lose what I've gained in the past two months. Letting go of my so-called routine was the best move so far.

Now you wonder why I'm writing this. There are a few reasons, but my main is that it came to my attention that life is too short, and since we try to impress so many people on a daily basis we forget to impress ourselves. Does that make any sense? Well, I've thought about it and it's all true...so many people around me (most of which I went to junior high with) are on a soul search journey these days. Men included. I'm amazed. I'm in shock, but I'm amazed. Who would have thought that whatever I've been doing and will continue doing is very normal these days. New trend? Am I that en vogue?! Are we all going to be like Elizabeth Gilbert?! Maybe. Maybe not. I'm just glad I'm not alone.

Do I feel better, now that most of it is in the open?
Not so much. Maybe a little.
But it's given me a chance to impress myself by admitting how I'm feeling. Good, huh?
Live life to the fullest...even when it's not very colorful at times. ;)
Don't worry I have a good day today. It may not seem that way but I do.

Let me find more happiness by watching some Modern Family.
Gotta love that show!!! :)

Happy Thursday!

♥ Selma ♥

February 2, 2011

Is it 5 yet?!

My goal for this month is to stay away from alcohol. :)
Good goal?! 
I think so.
This of course won't be easy because in less than two weeks there's this bachelorette party I'm attending but it will be just fine. The bride-to-be can't drink anyways. A simple cranberry juice with sprite will do the trick, too. Hopefully! Or not. We'll see.

And yes, I had to share this pic I saw on my friend's twitter page weeks ago. :)
Oh, looking at my watch...it's 5 o'clock where I am!

Happy February and happy Wednesday everyone!


♥ Selma ♥

P.s. I promise to be more blog productive soon... ;)


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