September 29, 2015

Dear Fall

Dear Fall,

How are you? I heard you officially started a few days ago. I always welcome you on September 1. You know it is almost October, don't you? Yet, you still feel like July. I love July but what's wrong with you? Having some difficulties adjusting? I mean, it's okay if you want to be slightly warmer than normal. You don't have to show us your rainy side or even windy side yet. It's okay to be warmer, it really is. But, you are not warmer you are hot. 95 degrees is too much, and that is just a forecast. When your temperature peaks it is usually 101 or more. Your sun is strong, and I mean really strong. I got sunburned. I always wear sunblock but your so-called fall sun burned me. This is not funny.

So, to make this letter short, can you please work out the tension you are feeling and come to terms that you need to be cooler, windier, and wetter? Also, leaves should really change color. Green is a great color but some yellow and red would be nice. And since I'm on it, I'd appreciate it if you could cool down into the higher 70s and make October a great month, so I can finally visualize myself drinking pumpkin-spiced-anything, eating fall-inspired pies and dishes, wearing layered clothes, and guess what? Yes, going to pumpkin patches. Walking onto a scorching hot field filled with thousands of bright pumpkins is no fun!!! Please get it together! Please.

You have to cool down at some point. Show your appropriate face and get yourself together, will ya!? Thank you in advance.

Sincerely and truthfully yours,


P.s. currently sipping on an iced drink because it's too hot for anything get my drift?! I hope so.

September 28, 2015

Weekly Hopes {9}

Good morning my lovelies!!

I hope your Monday is an awesome one.
I love fresh starts, cooler mornings, and brand new beginnings...each day is a new beginning, so without further ado, here's my list of my Weekly Hopes...

1. More step-accomplishments on my FitBit {I am lazy...tragic tragic!}
2. Receiving a few things in the mail
3. October starting!!! YAY!
4. A new bag {well, if I get out and buy it}
5. Creating new fall dinner ideas
6. More walks as temps went down into the 80s...I'd prefer 70s.
7. Movie Night Date with my man
8. More blogging or writing that is...more personal stuff

Yes I am looking forward to eight things this week. I truly hope that at least 50% will come true. I don't need much just a few things crossed off my list. It'll make a great week. Sometimes I feel I am hoping to accomplish too much. I just want to be happy. I just want to make each day a fun one.

Is that too much to ask?!

Have a great day, I'm starting mine with a strong cup of coffee and a healthy breakfast.


September 25, 2015

My Friday Happies

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend my lovely readers!

This week has been a whirlwind of ups and downs, but mostly ups so that is a definite plus. Since this is the end of a long week I thought I wouldn't waste any more time but share with you what made me happy this week. Plus, I'm linking up with Krysten and Lindsay again. Ready?!

1. Netflix
2. Puzzles
3. Pinterest {are you following my crazy journey on Pinterest?!}
4. Coffee I can tolerate
5. Halloween Lights
6. Less pain
8. Finished Business {stupid paperwork is sent off and worked on}
9. New fall inspired nail polish
10. My FitBit {how do I challenge myself more?!}

It's been a good week.
I'm looking forward to the weekend though. Not only does my favorite person have Sunday off {very rare!!} but he also works regular hours that will leave me stranded at night. I don't like when he works until 11pm. No bueno. So, just knowing regular hours will be back next week makes me happy already. So yes, let me get happier today by applying the fall inspired nail polish to my nails...

Hope your Friday was wonderful.
Happy weekend my lovely readers...hope you are having a fabulous one.


September 22, 2015

Vibrant - Green

Time to enjoy cooler temperatures and warmer drinks!!! Finally.
It may not be as cool as it is in other parts of this country {or other countries}, and it may not be fall season where you are {some places we all know head on into spring right that idea}. Regardless of where you are green is a fantastic color to add some pop to your life. I am not a huge fan of green. It reminds me of my mother as this was her favorite color. However, it's a refreshing and vibrant color and adds warmth and fun to an outfit. I am still looking forward to the day I will purchase a green purse. I believe this will add some hot flavor to my dull outfits. I mostly wear black, so a pop of green would be a huge step towards being braver and more fun.

Green has many shades and whether you love it as a regular grass green or more of a blue green/dark turquoise...enjoy it. I know I will wear more green this fall season...just to add a bit of fresh color to the yellow and read leaves on the ground. This makes this season so much more fun!!

Untitled #114

Green is a fun fall {or spring} color. It adds color to any dull outfit and to any mood. Also, since I personally do not wear a lot of green, if I do, people notice and compliment on the color or the outfit. It is like people wake up just looking at this vibrant color!  

Do you wear green? Is it a color you prefer or rather shy away from?
Let me know...always love to hear from you.


September 21, 2015

Weekly Hopes {8}

Hello my lovelies,

Are you with me this morning?! I was so happy about cooler temperatures last week that I jinxed everything and temperatures decided to bite me in my butt and a scorching manner that it. Hello 99 degrees. Ugh!!!

So it is probably a given what I am hoping for this week....right?! Let's see if you were right!

1 - Working on my daily walking goal and sticking to that goal!! I need to move my butt!
2 - Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods run so I can get inspired to decorate for fall
3 - Working on my emotions {writing, talking, painting, singing, dancing, crying...whatever it takes}
4 - Another visit to the animal shelter
5 - Another Sunday spent with my favorite person as he is off again! YAY.
6 - Cooler temperatures {duh!!!}
7 - A well-deserved hot drink while enjoying cooler temps...

Were you right?! Of course you were...after months of triple digit heat and temps I am definitely looking forward to cooler temperatures. Anything below 80 is amazing. We went to San Francisco a week ago. Definitely enjoyed the cold air there! 

What are you hoping to see or experience this week?!
Anything fun?

Happy Monday!!


September 18, 2015

Happy Friday - Friday Happy!

Linking up with the fabulous Krysten and Lindsay for their weekly happy list link-up. It's been a whirlwind of a week and I definitely needed a few happy moments to cheer up my mood, my mind, and my emotions. There is always something to be happy about. It's the little things in life that make life special, challenging, intriguing and wonderful. Every single day I am looking for those little tiny moments that make my current life even more beautiful. Here are my happy moments...

1. Cooler temperatures {hello, 75 degrees I missed you!!!}
2. Raindrops
3. Blisters {yes, they made me happy}
4. Water with a drop of peppermint essential oil - best water ever and it's all natural
5. Fresh tomatoes
6. Marzipan from Istanbul. My cousin brought it. So yummy!
7. A new, therapeutic pillow
8. Salami
9. Memories! Good ol' memories!!!
10. My FitBit!!!
I'm so excited. I finally got one. I know, I know, I am late in the game but hey, better late than never, right? So what next?! Do I add friends? Don't I add friends? If you own one, let me know...I need to be motivated to move my lil butt.

What made you happy this week?! Anything special?
Hop on over and join the fun!

Happy Friday!
Hope your weekend will be fantastic!


September 17, 2015

If I Could I Would...

...send you flowers each day, especially today!

Today is my mom's birthday.
Today is a tough day.
I don't even know if I should say "today was my mom's birthday".
What is correct? What is appropriate?
All I know is that today she would have received another beautiful set of flowers, a bunch of skype and phone calls from us and much more. If I could I certainly would. If I could I would send her flowers each day. Flowers don't say much but the thought counts. 

Today is a tough day.

I am trying to distract myself with work, music, and the thought that she is now much better and that she wants me to remember her and not cry like a freaking maniac. I have cried enough and even though it is part of this whole grieving process, my face, my skin and my eyes are over this wetness I create on an almost daily basis. I have not found the perfect make-up to cover up my bags or red face I get from crying. Mom would be frowning just knowing I cry so much. She definitely frowned a lot but this time I would agree with her. It is enough.

Today is a tough day.

I will honor her with one of her favorite dishes - a dish she made a lot for me years ago. I am so glad I asked her for the recipe. Today I will cook this easy dish, drink a glass of white wine in her honor and thank her for bringing me into this world, for allowing me to be me {even though she never wanted to let go off me}, and for making me sad because my sadness shows I loved her and still do and really truly miss her wherever I am.

Happy Birthday, Mami.
I hope you are doing well wherever you are and know you are in all our thoughts. One year ago you celebrated your big birthday with family and you are hopefully seeing us celebrate you one more time, just a bit differently. 

Today is definitely tough and if I could I would send you flowers!

imagive via etsy

September 16, 2015

Giveaway Time

Hey my lovely readers...I have teamed up with a bunch of amazing bloggers to give you a chance to win some fun stuff. This is a great way to celebrate one of your fellow blogger's upcoming birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to give to others?!

You have a chance to win a mystery bag put together by the birthday girl herself, and you have also an amazing chance to win some money {$250 paypal cash}!! I mean, if I could I would enter immediately!!! I'd use that money towards upcoming holiday purchases because we all know December is around the corner!

This giveaway runs for one started yesterday and runs until the 22nd!!! So hurry up!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

September 15, 2015

Glorified - Purple

Fall time means warmer, more comfortable colors. Purple does that to me. It actually calms me. It gives me this sense of peace and quiet. It makes me feel hugged in a way. Sounds weird I know but that is how I feel. It's a glorified feeling...I also feel prettier when I wear a purple top or accessory.

Untitled #113

My love for purple is huge. If you follow me on Pinterest you know I have a whole board dedicated to one of my favorite colors. Some say it is the color of "frustration" but I call it the uplifting color. Purple is fun. It can be used pretty much in any season. During a gray, rainy fall or winter it adds a splash of color to any outfit and weather, and in spring and summer it adds subtle darkness to any light-colored outfit. Plus, is it me or does purple look sophisticated? So excellent. Loving it.   

It being mid-September I am going to look for a new purple top since I either lost mine or accidentally donated it. Oops! Wish me luck.

OH and if you want some luck...I have teamed up with a bunch of amazing girls to give YOU a chance to win some moneyyyyyy so you can go out and splurge!! So enter below...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have an amazing day!! So glad it's cooling down a little.


September 14, 2015

Weekly Hopes {7}

Good morning!
Hope your Monday is spectacular and worth a smile! :)
I had a great weekend, and I am hoping that this week will be over quickly!!

This week I'm hoping for...

1. Quality Time with my favorite person
2. Therapy session is back {yes, I am going to therapy, it's not bad it's a good thing!}
3. The promised COOLER TEMPERATURES - so over triple digits
4. New blog opportunities
5. Distractions from working part-time
6. New music
7. German! My favorite person is learning it and I love hearing/seeing results
8. Getting over this will be a sad one

This week will be tough. I know I have to look forward and appreciate everything there is in life, and not dwell on the past or make it worse than it actually is. I should cherish every second. I will. I promise. I'm just looking forward to next week when this week is over.

Happy Monday!


September 10, 2015

8 Reasons You Should Cook at Home

Cooking at home can be fun. It can also be challenging and end up in a total disaster. Yes, I know, not really what you wanted to read right at the beginning. Let's be honest though, I am no cook. I may have some cooking gene in me but I am no cook and I will never be one. When I cook I sometimes fail, and often make a huge mess. However, I love food. I cannot stand chain restaurants, wanna-be restaurants {a.k.a. fast food places} or prepared frozen dishes. My love for food is real guys. I love a well prepared meal; a meal made from scratch. I love when I get as many nutrients in as possible. That being said, it is not easy to get them all in at once, let alone find an affordable place that does not rip you off with micro meals that leave you starving. So I have to cook it all myself. 

I hated the idea of cooking all the time. I wanted to get served. Yes, spoiled I know. However, I learned that cooking at home can be fun, and a great way to connect with your senses as well as with your special someone, and hey, a great way to get back in shape and feel good about yourself.

Here are a few tips on why you should cook at home {AND meal plan}...even on your worst days!!!  

1. It saves money. Literally. 
2. You could eat your favorite childhood dish every single day - just saying.
3. You can plan meals ahead of time {one week, two weeks, or even for a month} and not stress out.
4. Your partner or kids can help cook. This makes a fun date night, trust me.
5. Cooking from scratch is simply healthier!
6. You know exactly what goes into your pot and eventually mouth & body.
7. When planning meals ahead of time you become a better grocery shopper. Knowing what you need and not getting distracted by "potential deals" along the way will save you time and money! No more impulsive shopping!
8. Finding out you are creative can be rewarding. When you cook something new {Pinterest is a great help} you learn that cooking at home can be fun, very easy {don't go for a full on heavy dish that takes up half of your kitchen, budget, nerves and time!}, and that cooking is not scary at all will eventually make you feel accomplished, proud, and filled with joy. Plus, when your significant other tells you the meal was a blast and that it needs to be repeated soon you know you did well.

Are you cooking at home?
Am I the only one planning meals ahead of time or do you do that as well?
I plan our meals two to four weeks ahead of time. That way we use what we already have in our pantry and add some fun to our week by creating a new dish or so. Plus, we don't end up buying items we won't ever use.

Any fun recipes I should consider cooking next?
My favorite and easiest to make is still my one pan Mexican Quinoa Dish.

Have a fantastic day my lovelies.


two last images via here | here

September 7, 2015

Weekly Hopes {6}

Happy Labor Day to all my US readers!!

It may be a holiday, and most of us are off for the day but this does not mean I am not going to post my Weekly Hopes for this week. It's a shorter week, and therefore I know that this week will fly by like no other.

This week I am looking forward to a few things...

1. No school today, so my man will be home after an early shift at work
2. Thursday Date Day with my man...we are both off the entire day. Yay.
3. My cousin arriving from Turkey on Saturday. We will see him on Sunday.
4. Day trip to San Francisco. Finally again.
5. Stupid paperwork being sent in so we can finalize a few very important things.
6. It being a shorter week.

What are you looking forward to?
Any fun plans in mind?

Happy Monday my lovelies.


September 4, 2015

Our Fall Traditions

A new season has started {for me that is} and every time I make a seasonal list of things I would like to do, see, cook, or simply accomplish by the time that specific season is over. This time I have only one wish. I want to create a fantastic fall season by continuing our fall traditions we started two years ago. This season wouldn't be complete with our weekly date nights {at home or outside} and fun fall traditions - my fall list for this year - may it be as colorful as I imagine it to be.

Pumpkin Patches

I am a sucker for these big giants. I love them in all kinds of colors but orange is my favorite. We found a great pumpkin patch farm last year and will most probably go back to the same place. However, since we moved I am hoping to find another one closer to our new home. We can go to two patches this year! Oh, I am very excited now. Cannot wait to go perfect pumpkin hunting again. 

Pumpkin Carve Date

We started this tradition last year. We didn't have the motivation or time {that is a lie now} to get pumpkins and carve them years ago. I usually painted mine and called it a day. Lazy bum, I know. Last year we finally decided to make it an annual date day. We will get our pumpkins and carve them together. It will be a fun date, trying to compete to create the better looking pumpkin...last year we both won as we started this tradition. This year however, the competition is ON - with or without my Cinderella pumpkin {the hardest to carve, guys, but it still turned out awesome}.

Find a Local Spot or Festival to Celebrate Fall

What I love most is finding new places to go to. When we travel this is my thing to do, and my list is usually long. When we moved last year my excitement was tremendous because a new city meant there was a ton we had to discover. During the summer it was way too hot to do anything special, but during fall?! Yes please!!
We found this cute little town that hosts an annual pumpkin night. It's called the Night of 1000 Pumpkins. We went and fell in love. If you love to see carved pumpkins, lights, and people creating a free night to all means, go and attend. We will certainly go back this year. Their theme this year is Back to the Future II. This night has definitely become our to experience. Cannot wait.

I am so glad fall is knocking on our doors. I am happy temperatures are dropping {slooooowwwwwly}, and that means that soon it will be cool enough to wear a sweater, cardigan, or even jacket and sit outside and sip on hot ciders or tea. With that our fall traditions can begin. I am excited. My man and I will most probably go pumpkin hunting {haha}, then carve ours and enjoy the festivities. Yes, it's still September but as we all know time sometimes runs faster than anything else, so I am already making sure we get appropriate time off to enjoy all our fall traditions we so beautifully started.

So looking forward to our fall dates!!!

What about you? Do you have special fall traditions with or without your significant other, family, friends?
Let me know, I can always add a few ideas to our fall fun.


September 2, 2015


Last week we enjoyed beautiful days away from home in wonderful Napa. I am so glad our initial plans did not get cancelled after all. So, so glad. We had such a lovely time, saw the prettiest views and sunsets, drank wonderful wine and enjoyed fantastic lunches and dinners. We love Napa. Not only is this the place we got married last year it is also a place to calm down, relax, and just be happy. It is not too far from where we live so this is convenient. However, I have to say, Northern California doesn't only have Napa when it comes to wine, and I have to admit I feel Napa is quite overpriced sometimes but hey, which majorly known place isn't?! We love Napa.

Here we photos of our fun trip.

We stayed at the Meritage and enjoyed every minute of it. I usually do not like big hotels but have to say I liked staying at this one. Yes, it's expensive, but how many times do you get to celebrate something big?! Exactly. Plus I wanted a view overlooking the pool as well as the vineyard and I received both. :) I win!
And despite people thinking it was noisy being so close to the pool, I have to say there was no noise whatsoever. Very impressive.


We had reservations for the Napa Valley Wine Train and enjoyed our very delicious lunch from start to finish. About a week before we went on our ride, there was this group of about nine women who got escorted off the train. It was all over the news. Whatever the reason, these ladies must have been super loud, disruptive and doing something wrong. It certainly had nothing to do with race as some claim. When we went we had all kinds of "races" on our train and no one was escorted off. Apparently, I read, they were asked three times to be quieter, it is a fine dining restaurant after all. Despite this negative cloud hovering over our ride it was well worth it. It's not the cheapest ride but if you want to experience something new, something different...and maybe are celebrating something special, I'd suggest trying out the Wine Train.

Also, with my gluten sensitivity I was given gluten free options...hello?! Awesomeness. I wasn't sure how they were handling my request but upon making the reservation I told them I had a gluten sensitivity so they made sure everything was perfect. They didn't even ask, they said "here's your gluten free appetizer selection". YUM. Coming from the hospitality service industry I call this perfect service!


Some more random photos of the Napa Valley!


We went to a few wineries, among them our favorite Raymond, we then stopped by Castello di Amorosa and Chateau Montelena among many many wineries. I loved Castello di Amorosa but only for its views and the history. However, the whole winery looked and felt like it was made for tourists. I knew this beforehand but hoped it was not as dramatic as it sounded. Let's just say it was loud when we tasted wine and we felt like sardines. Definitely not a place I would come back to taste wine...only to buy wine because after having tasted ten different kinds I know which ones are my favorites. :) Plus, Castello only sells their wines at their vineyard and nowhere else.

We ended up buying wine and we are good until maybe the next time we visit in five years?! Hahaha! Yes, we bought a ton of wine. We enjoyed ourselves, don't judge!

A Napa trip will not be perfect without a trip to the Oxbow Public Market to stroll around and eat, and have dessert at Kara's Cupcakes. Love their cupcakes. Whether you want gluten free or regular cupcakes...they are the best. Sprinkles and Crumbs can say bye bye. Well, okay, maybe not exactly but Kara's is amazing!!!!

Needless to say our trip to Napa was a success. Cannot wait to go back one day.


first image credit Traci Thomas

September 1, 2015

Powerful - Red

Happy September!

I am not ready for fall. I am so not ready. September 1st is the day fall starts; at least for me. Knowing this day is today makes me shiver because without realizing it the major holidays will knock on our festively decorated doors. I am so not ready. Despite my current anxiety I love this powerful color. Red is so amazing. It makes me confident, ready to conquer the world and strong. It's great around the holidays, yes, but it being September we don't want to think about those approaching so fast. We want to relive summer, and embrace cooler temperatures by using this beautiful warm color whenever possible.

I love red lipstick during spring to add color to any gray day. In the fall I love doing this, too. I have never used lipstick on a daily basis. It is not my thing. However, when you get older you change your style and this has happened to me. It's normal. So, red lipstick it is. My favorite?! The one from Mary Kay. Love how long it lasts and that Mary Kay has such a huge variety when it comes to color. I need variety.

Untitled #110

Red is definitely powerful. I am thinking of adding more to our kitchen. I started with purple and red will go beautifully with it. Before you ask...yes, my favorite person loves the color combo. In fact, he does not really care about the color as long as there are plates he can eat his food from. So much for easy-goingness. Plus, since I threw my pink flats away {we parted mutually} I think it is time to find a decent and fun red new pair again. 

Is red your color, or is read rather something you want other people to wear or use?!

Have an amazing day.



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