June 4, 2017

Life so far

Happy June.

It's hard to believe we are already experiencing month number six. Summer time. At least for most of us. Life has definitely had its ups and downs lately but mostly ups which I absolutely adore. We celebrated our three year engagement anniversary last weekend, visited family and friends back home, and are now just now settling back into a routine. It's hard when you return from vacation. Nothing changed really and yet, everything has.

A friend of mine asked me a few days ago how I was doing. Quite ironically I'm doing fabulous. Yes, I turned a year older a few days ago {or technically a number and a day only}, and yes the anniversary of my mom's passing was early May...but I am doing well. I feel I am very close to being the happy, full of energy, and ready-to-discover-the-world kind of girl I used to be. How do I notice that? I put make-up on, and look forward to the next day and actually get ready for the day. Crazy, huh? Don't get me wrong. I always took showers, and had clothes on {ha!} but I never felt the desire to look decent or at least awake or ready to do a thing. It was always so forced, and now, it all comes naturally. I can feel it and I am loving it!

I'm also doing so fabulously because for a good twelve months now I have been changing a lot in our household. I changed our lifestyle. One item at a time. One crazy ugly toxic product at a time. Slowly, but surely. It's not something you do in one day or in a week or in one month. It takes time. It takes patience as well. As crazy as it sounds I never thought I'd be this girl. I was happy where I was and how I was living. Yet, something in me changed two years ago. I realized I or actually we needed to change our lifestyle. I knew we weren't living our very best or our happiest and it's the absolute worst when you know you should be changing something but don't want to or don't know how exactly. It took me a while but I found my way. We are not 100% there yet, but one day will be. We are human after all and we all make mistakes or take a bit longer than anticipated to achieve a certain goal or dream. I have people I admire and feed off their energy and positive vibes. I learn from them. They inspire me to do the right thing, one step at a time.

This week I got rid of all my make-up. Yup. I tossed it all and kept what was so far most toxin free. I don't use a lot of make-up so it's not that dramatic, but still...I felt awful and yet very freed after I tossed the bad crap away!!
It's been a fun ride to say the least. It's not difficult to switch one product at a time, you just got to start somewhere. I did with hand soap. All those antibacterial soaps everyone loves {hey, I was one of them; emphasis on was} are not that great at all {you could read more on that here} and therefore I stopped buying them, did my research and started making my own hand soap. Crunchy, yes; so worth it though. My skin isn't dry or itchy anymore. Go figure. Over time I switched products, or decided to make my own. I mean, it's a start. I'm not perfect at all. I still eat junk food, a whole bag of chips in one day {if I really feel like it}, and I do drink coffee and sodas. Yet, I limit it all. I love food and I cook a lot at home. Nothing is processed, because 1) not good, 2) actually expensive and 3) not at all delicious. Cooking at home is a challenge but it's an awesome way to add healthier habits into our lifestyle. Plus, it is a fun date idea {married or not}. Tossing my make-up this week was yet another one of my new lifestyle challenge. I have tried several toxin-free products and have yet to fully sit down and determine which one I am going with. I'm picky, yet, I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes, life so far has been fantastic. It has had its ups and downs but lately a lot of ups and I couldn't be happier about this. Plus, it's June and June always makes my heart beat faster and happier. I love this month. I may be biased because it is my birthday month but there's something about this sixth month. It calls for a restart, a way to start over. It's six month before a new year starts. It's six months before most holidays occur. It's the middle of any year and just screams change,  and a new opportunity to start over.



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