January 31, 2013

Winter Skin Care - It's Important!

Winter is slowly coming to an end for most of us and this means that our skin is automatically going through changes. This happens regardless of where we live. Most people ignore this fact or just keep doing what they have always been doing to keep their skin moisturized during the sometimes harsh and colder winter days. Since our skin is the largest organ of our body it is crucial to pay special attention to it on a daily basis.

Whether or not you use the same products or brands all year round, make sure you pay a little more attention to your diet and skin while giving it some extra care during this time of the year. Don't we all want to look radiant and reveal fresh and healthy-looking skin even on brutal winter days? Give your skin and even your body a boost and let it shine, and click here for puritan's pride coupons where you can get great deals on products. Both your skin and your wallet will be happy.

But for now, here are a few tips on how to keep your skin and ultimately your mood alive and well:

Drink Lots of Water - Water is the best and probably also the cheapest solution to most skin problems. By drinking at least three to five big glasses of H2O each day, this will not only keep your skin moisturized but will also make sure you feel good about yourself. Too much water apparently isn't good either, so make sure you balance your liquid intake.

One Day of No or Less Makeup - Yes, skip the daily liquid foundation, powder, or anything else. Just moisturize, and reapply if needed. Let your skin breathe and take advantage of its natural color.
If your skin is on the red side and you are not comfortable leaving the house without any make-up on, try tinted moisturizers or green-tinted oil-free primers to camouflage any redness you may experience on your face. 

Go out - Fresh air and a little sunshine never hurt. But, please don't get sunburned because that will, as we all know it, ruin your beautiful skin as well. Just make sure you have a bottle of water with you, and put some sunscreen on as well. Speaking of...

Use sunscreen - Yes sunscreen is important. Most people forget this very important fact but our skin must be protected every single day. Even on gray days it is crucial to put sunscreen on, maybe not as intensively as you would on a hot summer's day but please remember that the sun is always out, even when you don't see her. So please, do not forget to use sunscreen.

Take Your Vitamins - Sometimes it is just impossible to stay healthy and maintain a healthy all of the time. It is normal that we do not feed our body the essential minerals and vitamins it needs. So, do not hesitate to take supplements BUT make sure you take the right ones AND ask your doctor or pharmacist before you buy any. Get tested to see if you have any allergies (if you don't know already) or need special minerals or vitamins for your body. Also if you don't feel like taking pills or drinking something new, just grab an apple and an orange on the way to work or school.

Remember, we are all different. Our bodies and organs react differently to change as well. So, listen to your body, and listen to your skin and know what it needs or doesn't need. Just because you have never had issues with the change of seasons in your life doesn't mean it remains that way. Things change over time, and so do you. Just keep your eyes open, but don't forget to enjoy these last weeks of winter.

My awesome friend Sierra (also personally blogging over at Ocean Dreams) was kind enough to guest post for me today. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. It is never wrong to know more about your skin, or to rethink how your treating it. I learned a lot and will make sure to remember to use sunscreen. I always forget. I know, a big no no!

Have a wonderful day.


January 30, 2013

I. Can. Do. This.

Okay, not much has happened around me. School started.  I had to petition for one class, and I did not get in. I then petitioned for another class, and another one. Guess what? I got into both. Both classes I also don't need at all. Great. Now I'm just blah-ed out and have no idea what to do. Grrrrr....
As it all turns out, and looks like I am going with my initial plan - which is simple, easy and hopefully okay. I am not one that can take up to six classes (believe me I have done that) and successfully focus on all. I'd rather have four and clearly, thoroughly focus on all of them. After all I need to keep up my smarty-pants status my friend A. tells me almost every day. Thank you A., I can beat your butt any time I want (then again, I know I can't - he's got the military background and I doubt tiny me can beat that!!). So, yeah, school looks okay...classes too. I should be somehow okay.

So, what am I taking this semester? Well, my dear friends....let's say I read a lot about Human Behavior and Thinking...and Political Science (yuck to the max). Apparently I have to take it. I didn't a year ago so I was happy knowing I only had 3 classes left...guess what? Turns out I needed PS. Without PS I will not pass, nor will I be able to finish my degree(s) - yes plural, and really, I'm just very irritated. Needless to say I am kicking my own butt through PS, and Human Behavior. Four full classes and well, one extremely long night class as most of you know (it's from 6-10). 



I simply can.
I don't remember how I managed 18 units before (I am not taking 18 this semester trust me, I learned my lesson and I know what's good for me). I really don't remember how I managed so many units and classes at once, let alone got all A's in them. Back then that is. NOW? Heck no. No more 18 units. 12 or 14, all so I can still breathe, live, and sleep. :) 

BUT. I can do this.
I have to remind me on a daily basis that what I am doing is good for me.
I wanted to do this. I wanted to move back. I wanted to start over.
I also know I wanted to work on more degrees, get out there and explore.
Yes. I gave up on life back home, I gave up on friendships (some I gained back, some ignore me), and yes, I just feel lonely to 80%, and yes, I don't fit in at times, or don't know what fully comes around. BUT, I can do this. I can really do this. I just have to. I have hope.

Now, all I have to think about is what I'm going to do once I graduate. Paid internship? Or more studies? 

Life goes on. Regardless.
My friends back home have fun right now with all the pre-Carnival stuff going on, and I am missing out on. Some of my friends are expecting their first, or second child, some are getting married and others are just well, already married, or single, or mingling or whatever.  I may miss out on their life, they are also missing out on mine. Simple as that. They do this, and I do my thing.
So yes, life goes on.
School goes on.
I can do this.

I am a happy girl.
Even when I'm extremely miserable at times.
I. Can. Do. This.

January 28, 2013

On being single!

*Hello lovelies! I have a new URL (crazylittleworldofmine.blogspot.com) Yes I kept the blogspot, but things still got screwed up a little! Please change your settings. Thank you. 

Yes it's one of those posts again where I rant or at least openly state on how I regularly feel these days! So, if you're not in the mood to read about my every day feelings you have the choice to skip or continue reading my non-sense. So, totally up to you.

I am sick and actually also tired of being single. There, you have it. Yes. I fully and shamefully admit this fact. It's been way too long that I could actually say I was in a relationship. Dating to me is not being in a relationship. It's just not the same. So yes I'm fed up and I'm so not okay with it. There are moments where I'm fully content being single, or let's say not attached to anyone but really, let's be honest...I just can't stand it anymore.

Sure, being single has its advantages but it certainly also has its disadvantages. I'm alone. Period. I may have roommates or a few friends but I'm alone. That certain feeling of love or just being in love is missing. That certain feeling of just putting yourself second sometimes and take care of the person you love is missing too. Yes I try to take care of my roommates but it is not the same feeling. It doesn't come close at all. I'm sure you know what I mean. 

And yes, granted, being in a relationship or being married has its ups and downs as well and nothing ever comes served as a cute little pink flower on a beautifully arranged platter. I know that, too. But hello? I'm not getting younger either here...so a woman always has that in mind. Guys not so much.

So, am I looking and dating and all that jazz? Not really. Why you may ask now. Well, for once, dating has never been my style. I find it awkward getting set up by friends just because they found the so-called perfect match for me. Online dating (sorry guys) is not for me either, even though I know a few close friends of mine who have done so and are happily married or in a wonderful relationship. It's just not me. I have gone on dates, believe it or not, and most of my friends didn't know about it because I don't want the super excited hype about that date and then get slapped hard when it's all a joke in the end. I really don't want to go through this all the time. It's like having fun plans scheduled and then a day before the big event or plan everything falls apart because of one silly thing that had to come up or had to be squeezed in or because of inconsiderate people who just can't stand up to what they once talked about or promised to do. So, that exciting moment we all know exists before any date (even with your hubby, fiance or current guy) is what I would like to have only, and yes only, when I know the date will actually turn out well. 
Silly of me to think this way? Probably, but again, I've had those fun moments and those ugly dates too...so no, thank you. Not more for me!

What am I gonna do about it all?
I was thinking to sit back and relax.
After all, my classes started and I've been busy reading and taking notes again.


Gosh, I need help.

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January 24, 2013

Quote of the Day #2

First week of school is almost over! One more class to handle...with my favorite teacher so that should be fine. And I also already know a few of my classmates so I won't feel like a total loner not knowing a soul around. Not sure why I decided to take a class on a Thursday evening...but hey, it'll be okay. I'll pretend it's work that keeps me in my office a little longer than usual. And once this longer day is over I'm gonna save some trapped wine!

Have a splendid day!!!


P.s. *Hello lovelies! A new URL will be up... (crazylittleworldofmine.blogspot.com) and the old no longer exists or works. Just FYI. Please change your settings. Thank you. 

January 23, 2013

Time to wash the dishes - Thanks Influenster!

Last week when I returned from my lovely winter break I was a happily spotting a box from Influenster with three full and let me say cute bottles of Palmolive Fresh Infusions liquid dishwash soap. I was stoked. First of, I love Palmolive. And second, who can resist naturally inspired scents? I could not. Lime Basil, Ginger White tea, and Lemon Thyme are the flavors I was given and I have to say I'm delighted. 

So far, the Lime Basil and Ginger White tea scents are my favorites. My roommates and I wash dishes every day, once if not twice, and it's been fun to get these fresh flavors going in our place. I actually enjoy washing dishes more. Yes, you read right. It is possible. I enjoy washing dishes, not as much as I enjoy doing laundry but that's not the point here.  Further, I not only like the way our place smells while we are washing dishes, I actually like how easy this soap works on hard stains and how it leaves the hands soft. I can't complain. So yes, I am enjoying my free dish soap bottles!

Have you checked out Influenster yet?! It's fun!!


P.s.: I wasn't paid for this quick review.

January 22, 2013


Home has many meanings. It is where the heart it, it is where we were born or raised, or it is where we currently live. Last summer I wrote a post about home and I just re-read it again and have to say I still agree with what I wrote back then. I often wonder what I would be doing if I never ever left  Europe, or never left California in the first place. Today is a day I need to remind myself why I am here and why I call this place home too. Yes, there are always times where I wallow a little in self-pity or self-doubt (the worst ever) but it all goes away quickly when I listen to the following songs...sorta. 

And Home is also the theme here! ;) Enjoy.
I'm already a little sick of all these songs but once in a while I listen to them again. ;)
They simply make me smile.

January 18, 2013


...I have been feeling a little off. I can't blame it on the jet lag anymore. Sadly. It's now gone and I'm just feeling blah. This is normal, right?
So, I had to go out and head to Target. Target always makes me smile, especially when I come close to that one section that sells cute items. Just like that above mug. Isn't it cute?! I had to take a picture. Didn't purchase it. But couldn't resist its cuteness. Ahhhhh....

And as every girl, I also needed to feel girlie again...with clean nails, cuticles, and a brand new nail polish color brightening my confused day. :) It's Thanks a Million Windmillion by O.P.I. Loving it!!

I might not have purchased the cute mug, but I did get these pink flats. Couldn't resist. And that price? Come on!! Plus, I only have either black or gray shoes so a dash of color really has never hurt anyone, me included. Cannot wait to pair these with my favorite new scarf and top!!! I'm slightly excited!

I love this gum. Period. It's like having the best time ever in your life (so to speak) once you put it in your mouth. Okay, I now know how this may sound but yeah, I can't phrase it any different. That is, however, if you like apple pies and cinnamon and all. OH my I need another one right now. I might be slightly addicted to this gum now. At least it's better than soda...I think.

Finally, after so many years of watching How I Met Your Mother I figured out what the name of Ted's wife is (or the mother he always refers to!!). It was a rerun and we just watched it while doing laundry and such , and baaam it hit me. I heard the fun side note and was beyond stoked. Do you know it?!

And that's really my lil update for the week. (for more, check out my instagram)
Yes, no Fashion Post today. I wasn't feeling it :( Well, that's a lie, I actually forgot. Yes, I did forget. Who does that? It's Friday, and Friday means Fashion post. That simple. Apparently my brain didn't think so. 

So what's going on with you my lovely readers?
Anything new?
Anything exciting?
Hope you are having a wonderful Friday and a fun-filled weekend!!!


P.s. Should I ever consider fromspring or not?!

January 17, 2013

Life is Good

Yes, you are reading right.
Life is good my lovely readers.
Not only am I back in California, I also won an awesome giveaway, was sent free dish soap bottles to try, and am enjoying hazelnut flavored coffee each morning. Yes, life is good. Oh, not to mention I can finally watch TV shows online again. I know, I'm spoiled.

Also, one of my best friends in the whole wide world is about to become an aunt today or maybe tomorrow. I'm rooting for today just because it's a great date. My grandma's birthday (rest her soul) was always special to me, and January 17 would be just a great day to be born. Although June 2 is an even better day but we're not going there right now. ;)

School starts next week, and ugh I am not ready. Seriously, I still ask myself every single day why I chose to go back to school but it was either that or stay in Europe and be miserable. I may not always be the cheerful girl I want to be here but I am living life, I am not experiencing altitude problems like I often do in Switzerland so yeah...I am doing fine.

So, Thursday bring it on. I am well aware of the fact that is' 10.30am and I could do something else than stay online...but oh well. I know. I know. Let me just enjoy a few days without any homework, reading and writing assignments, or stress...just walking around in your sweatpants all day long makes life even more special. ;) I'm sure most of you know what I mean. ;)


January 15, 2013

Lisa Gardner Books

Over the holidays I flew to Europe to see my mom and a few of my dearest friends. It was a good time, a little boring at times but good nonetheless. Though to entertain myself I didn't just play games on my phone with fellow friends/bloggers or watch endless hours of NCIS or whatnot, but I also read. The feel of a real book is just what I love and since I had to read something new I had never or a long time ago read before (style and author wise) my friend M. suggested to read two of her Lisa Gardner books. I wasn't disappointed even though I was skeptical.

Have you ever read any of her books? 

I hadn't so when my friend told me that especially the second one (the perfect husband) was an intense one I was a little worried. Don't get me wrong. I read a lot, and I read many genres so to speak. I don't only read chick-lit although yes that's the easiest and funniest (somehow). I also read classics, poems, thrillers, and whatnot. I like to keep myself entertained. Sometimes a book that has been read and loved by so many also appeals me, sometimes I just can't stand it. Tastes are different and that's good that way.  So, when I started "the neighbor" I somehow forgot to do my homework...that's how I could not put it down. I had to force myself to write an essay rather than figuring out what was going on in the book. I was never confused nor too shocked. Maybe because of the fact that I didn't expect much and also watch a ton of Criminal Minds and other police/FBI shows, maybe it's not. Who knows. 
I really enjoyed both books, and recommend them to whoever is interested in reading something else for a few days (or just one for that matter). I usually never read reviews because I want to form my own opinion, and that's why I didn't fully include one here either. If you click on the book covers you are redirected to the main page and can in fact read and decide whether or not these are a fit for you.

Personally, I'm probably going to get another one of her books because I just feel like I am not done with her style yet. It's like back when I was 15 and read most of John Grisham's books. Could not put them down, even cried once when the book finished (and that on a plane, people thought I was nuts!!). So, here's to reading something new, something different, and something that will entertain you maybe too.

Let me know if you have ever read her books, and what you thought of them (positive or negative), and if you have any other suggestions while we are at it. :) 


January 14, 2013

Quote of the Day

Do I need to say more?
I loved being back home.
I loved seeing the people I saw, and eating and drinking the things I ate and drank.
I loved playing, singing, dancing, laughing, walking, thinking, dreaming, and reminiscing.
Home was fabulous and yet boring, but that's the constant love-hate relationship I have with it.

I am now home too.
It's a different home, one that allows me to be me.
One that allows me to stay true to myself and enjoy sunny weather.

Glad to be back, and of course, I'm missing my other home already.
I think this feeling never fades.


January 12, 2013

See ya...

Yes, Splendid, you are so right.
I love L.A. too.
And that is why I am ready to go back.
It's not going to be easy to say my see-you's but it's going to be okay. It always is.

I'm looking forward to seeing friends again.
I'm looking forward to not wearing my winter jacket, two pairs of socks, and gloves. No more!
I'm looking forward to wearing my Christmas gifts (sunglasses, and some awesome tops by, oh my, yes Splendid!)...and I'm just looking forward to engaging more in life.

For some of my favorite bloggers, 2013 is going to be their year. 
They will welcome new life into this world, and others will arrange to change certain things in their career or life in general. And one of my favorites stated she is going for the word MORE. I think I agree. More laughter, more trips, more coffee dates, more fun, more music, more silliness, more adventures, and more of whatever comes along is just one fantastic way to look forward to anything this year. 2013 will also be my year no matter what will come my way! {thanks Lacey}

Have an amazing weekend.
I know I am going to have a blast. And even if not, I will make it fun!!!


P.s. Europe, I'm missing you already!!!!

January 11, 2013

Emerald City

Good morning!

Happy Friday. I have been busy lately but in a very good way. When you travel you only have so much time, and literally, time runs faster than normally. So, blogging was easier and still more difficult for me. With a new year new fashion styles come along as well...and since I had a little time I really enjoyed this week's fashion theme for Friday's Fancies over at Alison's blog.

I had fun creating my outfits this week. Kind of makes me wanna go out and purchase anything green-ish, or emerald (which isn't easy to find around here at the moment since people prefer black, black, and yes, black for winter). I just look forward to some fun and colorful weeks ahead...black is awesome, but not everything. So, what do you think?

Hint of Emerald

My three weeks back home are coming to an end and so it's naturally to see friends and family. However, I cannot see all and I cannot split myself. Besides, I also need some time to myself while I pack and organize a few things. I also believe in the fact that if people want to see me they let me know and make it happen, even for an hour. They know I'm here and they know how to reach me. If they happen to have time they hit me up. If not, I'm not gonna bother. Simple as that. Harsh but logical. I'm not gonna squeeze in four meetings in one day. No, thank you. Did that once and it was exhausting.

Today is going to be very phoneomenal. I'm gonna be eating Cheese Fondue, the real one; not the crappy one you get at Melting Pot. Sorry, if you are a Melting Pot lover. And yeah, I meant it the way it came across. So, my lunch is going to be just perfect. Cheese Fondue...here I come. All homemade by the way. And my friends' kids will probably spill a few things today but I won't bother; that's the most fun. ;) 

Here's also an interesting link I found explaining Fondue to y'all who aren't that familiar with what I'm about to eat. So true, and it already made me hungry! :D

Have a fun day!!!


January 10, 2013

The Swiss Style

Since my lovely trip home is slowly but surely coming to an end I decided to share with you a few things I came across while strolling through known alleys, seeing familiar faces and places, hearing and reading the news, and discovering my hometown as if I had never been there before. In no particular order...

Switzerland is one intense and crazy place (no wonder I chose my blog title! - haha!)
New people arrived in my little country and it's gotten crowded.
People are not as friendly, and those that are are sadly not Swiss.
Prices went up, which is no shocker...sure, let's pay $61 for a baked potato, a glass wine and water. No prob.
The winter fog is dense and annoying.
The fog/air combo is horrible and many suffer - including me.
Pastries are awesome...just saying.
Coffee is awesome, too. Soooo good.
Beer...need I say more?!
The tourists can be annoying.
The pickpockets are even more annoying. Luckily nothing happened but it makes you paranoid.
Language difficulties in my own language? Holy cow. I was shocked.
Kids drink way too much alcohol.

People think too much about ridiculous topics such as what color a chair should or shouldn't be.
The NEWS is important...if you don't watch it you are out.
Stores close early (no shocker for me) but I had to get used to it again.
I was happy not having to tip anyone - you either deserve it or you don't. Yeah, I know, I can be mean. 
Everything is on time. Like really on time. 5.54 is 5.54 and not 5.55.
Dogs are everywhere - even in restaurants.
I missed my favorite cafes, and restaurants.
I missed my favorite shops.
Loved seeing my favorite shoes, and clothes in my closet (I know silly!).
Streets are dirtier.

People dress better.
People also dress worse.
And...People dress up, even just going to the grocery store.
People in Switzerland just dress different, period.
The local radio station still plays the same songs. Ugh.
Carnival season aka "Fasnacht" is one season I will be missing for sure. 
People already are in Carnival mood.
I was alone most of the time & I was okay with that.
I discovered nothing new, but enjoyed every single corner and dust ball I saw.
Driving is something people here need to learn again.
Walking is something people need to learn too.
Pedestrians are invisible.
Green Vodka - yes please!
My friends are the best.
My friends' kids are awesome...so much life ahead of them.
 My health insurance is kicking my butt. Negatively.
Wireless is not always available in the city.
Foggy sunsets are breathtaking.
Walking is the best method of transportation.
Swans are gracious.
Mom started watching The Bachelor (help me!!!).
Historical buildings still fascinate me.
 Stubbornness is still a word I'd use to describe people here.

I'm proud to call this country and city my home.

Who wants to come visit it with me next time?!??? 

I had the pleasure in meeting the fun gal Ashley from She's Come Undone.
If you haven't stumbled upon her blog, you are missing out.
And word has it she may return to Luzern soon.
This city is beautiful.


January 8, 2013

Zooey Deschanel - Girl Crush

I miss my Girl Crush Posts. We all have them, and it's okay. Quite normal to be exact. So I decided to go for it again and share with you another one... Zooey Deschanel. Who else? 
She's the friend I never fully had. The girl that kicks my butt when I'm down but in a fun way. The one that makes me smile and inspires me to wear my glasses all day long and wherever I go, and still look cool. And the one showing us all that bangs can in fact look great too. Plus, she's my age, not older or younger, and it makes me happy...I'm not the only one not fully acting my age. YAY! ;) 
And let's be honest, New Girl cracks me up every time I watch it. I simply had to share my Girl Crush.

What do you think?
Yes? No?

Where are my glasses? Oh yeah, right, I'm wearing them.  ;)

Have a fun day!!

Older Girl Crushes: Emma Stone / Rachel Bilson / Jessica Alba / Marion Cotillard

January 7, 2013

Sick and Tired... A Weekend Update

Hey lovelies,

Today I'm linking up with Leeann and Sami for the weekend update. ;)

But before I *picture* update you, here's what's up with me which is some sort of an undate too...

A few days ago I experienced dizziness which kind of alarmed me. I haven't felt this dizzy and heavy-headed in months. Did not like it at all. In fact, I hated it. I was about to rip all of my clothes off (yes, really!), and walk around naked if need be just to get rid of that intense heavy feeling. I had to get some bubbly drink somewhere so I could feel a little better but it sure didn't help. I looked at my mom and she just said: "oh girl, you really must have forgotten how awful this air and altitude made you feel in the past!". Thanks mom, really. Yes I did. Well, I didn't but hoped I would not experience it at all. Two weeks into my trip home and baaaam...it hit me. I pulled myself together and tried to smile and breathe regularly.
The feeling I've been experiencing is a combination of a heavy headache, nausea, asthma, and an anxiety attack. How's that for an explanation? It just sucks. I've had it before, saw doctors and was told that this feeling in this area is simply just normal. The only way to get rid of it is to leave. Also, if you were ever wondering...Yes, I did go back to school but also left home to be back at my second or shall we call it third home to not only learn more and change my career but also to feel better and healthier. And, as a matter of fact it did work. I may not work and earn money (and that's another thing I hate at the moment!), but I am feeling better, feeling myself, living life, smiling, studying, learning, growing, and just literally finding my path in life.

So, to really update you on what's been going on...

I have been feeling off for a few days now which kind of ruined my weekend.
BUT, I enjoyed NYE with friends, and thoughout my two weeks here in Europe met a few more friends for a fun getaway, get-togethers which included day trips, lunches and dinners and just silly girl talks. I missed them all. With or without kids. I missed them all. They'll always be part of me and I know I will always be part of their lives. No matter where we are in life. I know I can count on them.
AND, I'm super stoked...two of my friends will be in California in September. Yes, eight months from now but hey it's something to look forward to and I'm super excited!!!

And now I'm sure you wanna see photos?! Without further ado...


Really...in no particular order this was my weekend, my NYE and a day trip to the only area close by still covered with snow. YAY. The rest of the weekend I literally spent relaxing, and meeting my friend for a few drinks but it turned out I should not have gone out at all.

Hope your weekend was awesome.

Happy Monday!

January 4, 2013

Friday's Fancies - New Year, New Me!

Hope you all enjoyed this first week of 2013! Did anyone make any resolutions?

I didn't. I usually try to make a list and then end up not following through any of my "wishes" and "hopes", so I don't even bother coming up with resolutions...as long as I remain healthy, somewhat happy, smiling and surviving I will be doing fine. Of course, there's always something I want to have accomplished by the time the year ends. I'd be lying not only to you but definitely also to me if I said I wouldn't be thinking of certain things. And without writing them down I will know when they happen and feel awesome and accomplished. And only I will know whether or not I have accomplished any of them. So, wish me luck. ;-)

Today, Friday's Fancies over at Long Distance Loving has a fun theme...New Year -- New You!!
So, I decided to show you what I'm hoping to wear more often than just once...not that I own any items of what I am posting...but a girl can dream, right? And who knows, if I ever end up wearing something like that I might even share it with you all, and check it off my imaginary list.

New Year, New Me!

Happy Friday!!!
Any plans for this weekend?


January 3, 2013

Gold Dust

I cannot get enough of this song.
It forces me to challenge my emotions.
It forces me to look back at what has been and look forward to what may be.
Everything around me stops when I hear this.

Happy Thursday!

January 2, 2013

Better Days in 2013

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you all started beautifully.
I spent it with friends, a cute little child, lots of bubbly and a game I wasn't ready for. We laughed, we cried because we laughed so much, and we discussed baby names. It was simply perfect. I was home at three in the morning and ready to conquer this year.

New Year, New Me!

And to start it all...here's a few lines from one of my favorite songs.

And you asked me what I want this year  
And I'll try to make this kind and clear
  Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days
'Cause I don't need boxes wrapped in strings In designer love and empty things
  Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days
So take these words and sing out loud 
 ‘Cause everyone is forgiven now  
‘Cause tonight's the night the world begins again....

The Goo Goo Dolls. Who else. ;)

For more inspirational songs to start and enjoy this new year go on over and look at Christianna's fun blog The Girl With The Blue Bow. She's got some pretty darn good songs available. 

Have a fantastic one.



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