March 30, 2012

Spring Shopping!!

Spring to me starts March 1. No, not when the time changes, and not when it hits the 21st or the 20th or 23rd or whatever date you may wanna throw my way. No! It is March 1. See, spring is March, April and May, then summer is June, July and August, fall is September, October and November and good old winter is December, January, and February. I'm fully aware that it could snow in April or even May (yes yes!) but to me, for years now, March 1 is the first day of spring. That's it. :)

So, during my spring break (heck it's almost two weeks ago already!) I went shopping. I hadn't been shopping in a while and I had been itching to go out and try on new colors and all. I also had a couple of gift certificates I wanted to use instead of letting them accumulate over the next months, so yeah, it was time to go out and shop. I clearly don't have money, especially without a job, but I can't say no to stuff that is cheaper than cheap, or so marked down I just want to faint. And again, gift certificates are awesome...thank you Christmas gifts! :)

I ended up buying a lot. Candy included. But again, I hadn't gone in a long time, needed new items, and had to use my Christmas gift cards at some point. Among so many things I bought the following items and love them all equally...sort of. ;)

Ignore the wrinkled  (and bad phone camera quality - I forgot the flash!) look. Obviously I can't stand ironing these days either...whatever. :) Life takes over and I sometimes have no time to iron stuff. Sorry!

Shoes (rose) Nine West, pink cardigan and tunic Gap, red purse Coach, striped top Free People

I even bought mom a scarf she might hopefully like, and if not, I know I will! ;)
I love it when I find items for $20 instead of almost $150 or even more. Love love love it! ;) 

I am definitely ready for spring...mostly.
A new tote bag would be fun, too. And some fun jewelry, but I won't go there long as I'm healthy, can afford what is needed at the moment and that I pass my classes is more important than material things. If I could only manage all of it...sigh!

Linking up with Kori and her Fashion Friday today!

Hope you're having a great Friday and a fantastic weekend.
Can you believe Easter is basically around the corner!


March 29, 2012

My Perfume

I'm ready for spring, and ready for summer!
Best and favorite part of mine right now are perfumes...those that lift you up and make you smile the second you put them on, and make you smell fantastic!! I've been obsessed with the following for let's say a year, but I failed to buy it...because I moved away, and I didn't want to buy it and leave it behind or take it with me and it would break and all...but guess what? The first thing I am going to do when I get home (besides eating, drinking and greeting people and breathing in some Swiss air!) is buying that perfume! I'm in love. It makes me feel happy, it makes me feel feminine, and just so very lovely! 

Enough said.

Let's just face it.
I feel pure with this one!

What's your favorite this spring season?!

March 28, 2012

Two More Months

Cannot wait until I see this city again.
I'm getting more nervous and excited about it than ever before.
What will I be doing? Who will I see first? What will I be eating and drinking first?
I'm super excited!!!!

Going home will be fun.
Tons of fun.
I'll be also spending my birthday there, helping my friend welcome her fourth child, and just having a fabulous time. Gosh, I miss home. Every day!

Don't get me wrong, I love where I am, but it will never be home. I can create my own world and life, meet new friends and all but it will never be the same. Ever.

I'm counting down the days...believe me!!!
Anyone wanna join me?

And thanks to Krysten...I'm weird today! Love it!
Head on over and see why!


March 27, 2012

Cooking Time with hoisin sauce

Sometimes you just got to cook, and you got to cook something new. And that's exactly what we did. My friend Marjan and I decided it was time for some healthier food! ;) 
Does anyone want some hoisin sauce veggies and my friend's Filipino sticky rice?! 
I do! 

First, cook basmati rice, with or without salt and once it's cooked add damp paper towels on top of the rice to soak up the moisture. Sounds funny just writing this but it worked and it became sticky and dry. Just the way I like it. ;) 

While the rice was cooking we cut, seasoned, and stir-fried the onions. Added chicken, and browned them. I'm not a fan of chicken anymore, but we needed to pep the dish because the guys in the house would not have liked it without some meat in it!

While the onions and the seasoned chicken are getting ready...we started washing and cutting broccoli, asparagus, carrots, green beans and mushrooms. Added those yummy veggies slowly to the pan and stirred everything.

We then slowly also added Hoison Sauce to the whole pan, stirred it in and let it simmer a little. Stirred some more and in the end added tofu, too. From time to time we had to taste some and make sure it's not too sweet or salty.

Voila...the very easy veggie dish was done!
It was that easy. I've done something similar a few months back. And this again was so much fun. It felt healthy, and well, healthy! No frozen veggies, all fresh.

We poured everything in a pyrex and kept it warm in the oven...and I had to rush to get a picture, so I apologize for this bad last picture. I was starving and had to quickly snap away and get me some food!
The guys liked it relieved!

Best served in a bowl on top of the sticky rice!

I love veggies, and I know we all should eat more of it.
Sometimes it is hard though to just cook anything. It's mostly the thought that cooking may take a while and all that is the hardest. All I want is for the dish to be ready when we get home, but unfortunately, the dishes don't cook themselves. Yet. :) Who knows, in the future it may happen. Ya never know!!!

We definitely enjoyed our stir-fry Hoison veggie dish and I'm sure we'll be cooking something similar soon again!

Have a fantastic day!!!!

March 26, 2012

Wordless Monday - Los Angeles

That's what I love about flying into Los Angeles.
Seeing this video just made my morning!

Hope you had a great weekend!
I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday Saturday night.
We went to THIS place...such a fun place; we had a blast that's for sure!

Hope you're having a great Monday...
...and link up with some Man Candy over at Leeann's, if you want!
I know I will go over and drool a little since I forgot to do my man today!


March 23, 2012

The Carrie Diaries - Sneak Picture Preview

image courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. / photo credit: Eric Liebowitz

As a huge Sex And The City fan I cannot even describe how excited I am about the upcoming new show The Carrie Diaries. Set in the 1980s, it portrays high school aged Carrie Bradshaw juggling life, love, friends, family, and of course her love for New York City, all of which made her the adorable Carrie we all know and remember from the hit series.

I read the book and fell in love. 
Seeing AnnaSophia Robb in the role of young Carrie made me especially happy; because look at her? 
She is Carrie!!!
I'm in love with her sparkly dress and the gorgeous red heels. 
So the 1980s, but especially so Carrie Bradshaw. Love it! 
What do you think of young Carrie and her look?

Are you as excited as I am?

March 22, 2012

Fashion Friday - Kate Spade

Maybe you've read it between the lines or what not...but I love Kate Spade. Sometimes I have a little argument about that because not everyone loves her style and colors, but hey, I do love her and her style and I stand by my decision. I own a pair of sunglasses and I worship those...okay, maybe this is a bit exaggerated but I love those glasses a lot! 

So today, I'm linking up with Kori and her Fashion Friday series. If you have something to share that is fashion related you should join Kori's linkup as well. It is fun, and it will show you that pretty much anything is fashion related! ;) today, as I'm linking up with Kori I'm going to share my love for Kate Spade!!

Every girl needs a pair of bangles...or two...or three!

I love this makeup bag!!!

But my all time favorite item is the following bag.
Not sure why but I think it is the vibrant color!

If I could I'd buy all of it.
Right now. This second.
I can't.
But I can dream and blog about it! ;)

What is your fashion moment this week?
Let Kori know, and link up so we will know too. :)

Hope you had a great week.
Mine was busy but good.
Most of the time.

Thank you guys for your sweet comments on my last post. Means a lot to me.


P.s. I apologize...blogger seems to have a spacing issue least today!
And on my blog. It automatically uses spaces when I type here...hmmmm!
Either way...don't forget to link up with Kori and have a great Friday! 

March 20, 2012

The sacrifices and consequences of moi

We all know what I'm talking about here, don't we?
We all sacrificed something in our life; whether it was giving up a fun trip with friends but then spent it at home studying or helping the parents, going to a different restaurant (without the desired food we so longed for), or leaving friends and familiar surroundings in order to go to college in another state. The latter has been very familiar to me. I have sacrificed my friendships, and my relationship to my immediate family. I chose to leave everyone behind, move away and start from scratch. That I'm missing out on annual festivities, hangouts with my friends, family meetings, and fun events in general is one thing, one consequence...but I am also missing out on close relationships with my friends and their families.

Last week I had a rather rough week. It wasn't easy. Yes I was on spring break but that's not the point. I wasn't feeling well for so many untold reasons and what do I get? (unintentionally of course, I know!)
I have to learn that a friend of mine is getting married this fall, during a time I simply cannot be attending or even be around. It made me more than just sad. Words can't describe it. If I wasn't in school, had money and time to take off I'd do it all in a second and the flight would already be booked. But I am in school, and don't have that kind of money nor the time to just to leave school work and all behind for a weekend or even a week (unless there would be an awesome holiday helping me out, or someone offering to buy me the plane ticket which of course is not happening - in both instances!). So I had to say NO to the "invitation" and upset my friend. It is a disappointment I know. Trust me, I'm not happy. I'm sad. However, that's the sacrifice and the consequences I have to live with.
I just hope one day she understands.
I just feel we left things unsaid, and rather stiff...not the way I want things to end in any conversation. Life happens, and I had to sacrifice that part of my life right now.

Thanks to all of your tweets though, fellow bloggers, I felt so much better that day!

That same day another friend of mine told me something "sad", too. Not that it's super bad, but it disappointed me big time. Not sure why. I knew it was happening and I knew I might be on top of the list and I also knew I wouldn't be chosen...and why?! Because I am living away from everyone. It's part of the deal I get, right? Gotta live with the consequence. 

On a brighter note... can soon see me doing the following...I just need a car!
Getting my driver's license renewed was a weird process (since it expired two years ago! Not the regular smooth renewal...sadly; but my picture looks better now!). But it's so worth it!

So yes, I chose and am still choosing to sacrifice a few things in my life.
No biggie.
We've all done this. Right?

I live with the consequences.
And while I have sacrificed some things in my life I also came to understand that it's been a good life so far and the consequences I used to live with and am living with right now shaped me into the woman I am today!

So thank you little sacrifices and consequences!
Thank you!

March 18, 2012

Have a great Monday - Man Candy included

Hope you all survived this weekend...I did!
Saturday night we all went out for way too much Korean food, and I have to say I think I'm about to become a vegetarian. I love meat, but there was a time in my life I happily survived without it, and I think and know I can do it again. I just feel it's time again.
Sunday...well, Sunday I slept in and enjoyed the cool air. Sort of. It was incredibly freezing while we were waiting in line for an hour to a free Sunday Recovery Brunch. We were not hungover but I am sure there were people that were still tipsy from the night before. ;) And really, Sunday was a great day...very relaxing. I also got an email from my teacher saying our class is cancelled on Monday (hello, I love him already more now!). He was sick and knew he's not going to make yes, Sunday was a good day! Well, technically still is!!!


So it is time again to link up with Leeann and the weekly Man Candy Monday series. A bit earlier than usual, but hey, we all need to start the week with a smile!!!!

Hope you enjoy!

Ryan Kwanten!

And when he's not "faking" an American accent, it's even hotter!!!

What are you waiting for?!
More eye candy is waiting for you over at Join The Gossip!

Have a great day!

March 16, 2012

Fashion Friday!

It's Friday again...yes! And sad my break is pretty much over! However, this sad thought doesn't prevent me from linking up with Kori and her Fashion Friday series!

I went shopping this week.
And by that I really mean finally.
I hadn't gone since November and knowing me, and how much I love shopping this was a really hard thing to do. I survived though, and shopping was so much fun!
I ended up with a few new tops, a pair or new shoes and a new bag. Oh hello.

I hopefully end up wearing all of it so I can show you my little precious gems. :) 
But today I'm sharing with you what my dear friend M. loves and creates on Polyvore. He just started but let me tell you he's great when it comes to fashion. His style, sense, and ideas never tire me out. Sometimes they go a bit overboard but that's the beauty in it...and yeah, if you have money...go shopping with him. If not, you just end up spending money you don't have. LOL 
He's that good!!!

And if I find myself really in Paris this summer....I might as well go for this second outfit, too. 


Go check out more fashion on Blonde Episodes!
Happy Friday and happy weekend everyone. And have a safe St. Patty's day!! 


March 15, 2012


Last week, one of my favorite bloggers tagged me in a post. Here are my answers to this...I love answering questions. :)

I am supposed to answer 10 questions about here it goes:

1) Favorite Color: Purple, Turquoise

2) Favorite Animal: Don't have a favorite animal, but I love dogs, wallabies, and penguins

3) Favorite Number: 2, or even 22

4) Favorite (non-adult) drink: sweetened iced tea preferably raspberry flavored, and coca-cola if I really feel sick

5) Facebook or Twitter? Depends for what I use it - so I have to go with both
6) Passion: Movies, finding good deals, and eating out (hey, why not!!), and enjoying time out with dear friends! - I have many more passions but these three right now are my top favorites!
7) Giving or receiving presents? Both ;)

8) Favorite Pattern: Polka dots!

9) Favorite Day: Friday!

10) Favorite Flower: White roses, but white flowers in general!

Maybe you knew this already...I hope not though! ;)

And now I'm tagging the following ladies:

Marjan, Ashley, Shanna, Brianna, Jennifer

March 13, 2012

Sightseeing #2

It's been a while but hey, it's never too late. My friend visited, and well, I only shared a few pictures we took while she was I want to share some more. And if I'm not mistaken you get to see my face, too.

Sightseeing #1  just in case you haven't seen it yet!

Well, here we go.... no particular order!

We went to the Great Park in Irvine and well...that's what we did. I spare you with the utterly embarrassing pictures of me riding a panda on that carousel...but it was fun. And we were so proud of our stamps. We are dorks! Big ones!

I believe that's a picture of me at Target. Where else?
Not sure what I was doing but I remember I had fun with those Christmas piggies... :) 

One of the dogs had clearly fun with Christmas PJ's, too.

It just so happened that we love cupcakes, and even though I've been an avid Sprinkles buyer, I have to admit my heart belongs to Crumbs. Sorry. I love Sprinkles, don't get me wrong, but heck I was soooo looking forward to getting my favorite Crumbs Cupcakes again. I felt as if I was on the East Coast again.
The next day, we went to Long Beach and ended up at yet another cupcake place. Hmmmm, please don't call me a fat kid now....thank you.

One day we drove up north and I was instantly happy because, well, it's home!!!!
Finally I was in Ventura County again. Darn, I had missed it a lot. Still do.
Ventura is my home!! Just if you haven't known this fact yet.

We also went apartment hunting.
We fell in love - with the apartment models...I so want my own place.
However, who can afford an apartment that expensive and go to school? Not this lady. YET. ;)

I just love Los Angeles and its random streets filled with awesomeness... LOVE.

I think we took a similar pictures years ago in Philadelphia. However, it was winter then...and in this picture I'm happily wearing my Kate Spade sunglasses. I would never trade these in. They are awesome!

And we all know that once you are in CA you have to go to In'n'Out. I forgot to tell my friend to order her fries "animal style". No comment. I know I suck. She would have loved it. One more reason for her to move over here so she can enjoy it! :) 

I so should have gotten a haircut that day!!! Really!

And I really found my new occupation.
I help people when it comes to their hair and boots!

Looks like I'm doing a great job here! :)

Such a long day...but we managed to drive all the way to Laguna Beach and watch the sunset on top of the whole town! Pure awesomeness!!!! 
Funny thing, I really don't remember who took this picture but I assume it is this lady!

all pictures are courtesy of my friend A.

So many options....I live in an awesome place!!

I think I bored you enough with my silly pictures.
Next time I promise it won't take me almost two months to get such a post done.

Have a terrific day!


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