December 31, 2011

NYE and Happy New Year!

Hey guys I'm sorry I've been so missing in action lately.
I have good reason...I am literally on vacation...and my awesome friend from Philly showed up to surprise me, but if you read my latest blog entry you know I knew that already. We are having a blast and I do admit I feel like a little tourist guide showing her what Los Angeles has to offer...and Orange County of course! She's having fun and is unfortunately telling the whole wide world where we are and what we are least people know we are still alive. :)

More on her being over here later on...

...right now I'm wishing you all a very safe and fun New Year's Eve and a wonderful start into 2012. May the New Year be bright, shiny, awesome, full of love, laughter, fun and peace for all of you. Let's rock it!!


See you all NEXT YEAR!! :)


December 27, 2011

Back to reality!

St. Louis was awesome.
Cold, and so not what I was used to and was everything I needed for my time being in the Midwest. I had a blast seeing family again, and spending some time with them and seeing where they actually live. Believe it or not, I had never been there. They always visited me, so now I thought it was about time to visit them. I think I did the right thing!

I had so much fun in St. Louis. We even went up on the Arch and enjoyed a rather clear view of the city! Unfortunately, as you can see...there was NO SNOW. I was bummed. Then again, maybe it was better this way! ;)

More pictures to come...

I have to admit I am happy to be back in California again. Just being back to my regular schedule, regular wardrobe and all makes me happy. Ridiculous I know...but it's what it is. Besides, I would not be able to share the following awesome news if I wasn't back to my regular base!

My BFF (never thought I'd use this expression ever) in the whole wide world is expecting a baby!!! I am beyond stoked. Beyond!!!! Now I'm certainly hitting the baby fever...seriously! Either way, the baby's due this early summer and I am just stoked. I may even go as far as throwing her a baby shower. I know she wants one, but parties like that aren't common in Switzerland so I don't know. Oh well. At least I get to buy more baby clothes now! YAY!!

And there's more news...but I can't spoil it yet because I never know who actually reads my blog! I will once the time is right...just remember my words for now...I know something that certain people think I don't know. They are trying really hard to confuse me but it ain't working baby!!! I know how to investigate...and well, I'm usually two to three steps ahead these days. I just pretend I am not! I just pretend I don't know anything at all. I really don't.

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas (if you celebrate it)...and hope you are enjoying the last few days of this year!! Can you believe that next week is actually already next year?!
I still can't!

Have a brilliant day.
Stay happy, keep smiling...and just pretend you didn't read the part about the secret thing I don't know about. I really just made it up. Maybe. Hmmm, yes yes, I just made it up. ;-)


P.s. I really did not make it up! I know!!!

December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone...or happy Holidays of course!

Nowadays you just don't know what to say me it's Merry Christmas!! Sounds just better!

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

I happily returned from the mid-west...more about my little trip later on. Right now, family and friends time is all that counts.


December 20, 2011

Celebrate Your Holidays with Purple Glitz & Sparkles

Why hello Selma's blog readers!
I hope you are having an amazing week leading up
to Christmas (wow, did I just say that?!) 
I honestly don't know where the time has gone, seriously.

While Selma is on her lovely trip having fun, it is I,
Sierra from Ocean Dreams blog sent here to 
entertain you! I thought I would bring some
festive fun to my bestie's blog and since I know how
much she loves the color purple, I thought I would
find some amazing photos on Pinterest to glitz 
up her blog world today.

Hopefully all of this purple glitz will brighten your
Christmas world as well! :)

Sit back and relax in your sparkly dress...Christmas is on its way!

Whenever I see Selma I always manage to give her something
purple. I can totally see her having pretty purple nails with sparkles
like these. Aren't they gorgeous?!

Don't forget about your sparkly purple heels!
The bows on these pumps are positively
precious and of course purple, lol!

Okay I just love her purple eye shadow. 
Yes, please!

This is just pure magic. Can I be her please?!

Also, let's not forget about a purple Christmas.
There's something oh so magical about purple on a Christmas
tree and pretty purple ornaments.
Don't get me started about the dining room -
so pretty!
So I found the last two photos on My Purple Hoodie on Tumblr.

Selma my dear, you must check this Tumblr page out!
Purple everything!! :)

Have a beautiful Christmas lovely readers and
thanks for reading this very purple-icious post! :)

Selma will be back before you know it
and until then let her know that you miss her!
I know I do!

xoxo, Sierra

December 15, 2011

Time for the Holidays

My lovelies,

While you are reading this I am happily enjoying my time in St. Louis. Wish me luck while I am strolling through this marvelous city. And yes, it is colder than in southern California but I will certainly not complain. Absolutely not. Thank you. I grew up with cold winters. Even though I was never a huge fan of snowy grounds and watery shoes (yes, even in solid, hard winter boots this can happen!)...I still love the holiday season and its snowy moments. There is absolutely nothing more beautiful and pure than standing outside, looking up into the sky and feeling the snowflakes slowly falling and landing on you. As cold and icy as it may be I feel most alive when this happens. My favorite and best moments!!

I hope I catch one or two snowflakes soon!


P.s. I have some fun news to tell but this has to wait!!! And don't worry, I am not moving away again. 

December 13, 2011

What I have been up to!

So my has been a while and I know I am a bit slacking off here with posts. However, life happens, and life should happen outside this world and I am absolutely fine with not posting every single day. You should be, too. Just saying.

Well, December has been a crazy month so far. Finals, Christmas preparations, birthdays,'s been interesting to say the least. And sometimes, I just have to say "no, I can't!!!". I even turned down a fun opportunity to meet fellow bloggers last week for a fun fashion/tv event (see posts by them here, here, and here). I simple couldn't go due to some heavy exam I could not postpone. I was bummed, but hey, it was okay. Sometimes you just got to say "no", even though deep down you want to say "heck yeah!". And sometimes, you just got to have good timing and a bit luck on your side as well. Yes, I was bummed I couldn't go that day, but when I got home that night (all drained from weird numbers and stuff) I received an email telling me I won a giveaway! YAY. Finally is all I can say. :) I'm telling you, as crazy as December has been so far it's been good too. 

Here are some pictures that prove I am still alive.

What a fun night we had...touching the stage...literally! 

In the midst of all the stress, at some point I managed to go to Laguna Beach and enjoy the sunset. I still don't remember why I went but really, is there a reason NOT to go to a beach and look at how the sun sets? It was a romantic night. Very much so. I was just stuck alone. Oh well.

And yeah, sorry no pic of me. I had a very ugly hair day week, heck even month. The only person that saw my new hairdo at some point was Erin. I think she liked it, huh?! It wasn't as horrible then. Haha! It's gotten worse. It just needs to grow back really really fast!!!

Who knows, next time I share some short hair pic of me...maybe! ;) 
Stay tuned.

Happy almost mid of December everyone!

December 12, 2011

Man Candy Monday!

I'm busy...yes yes. Nonetheless I could not resist today and share some Man Candy Monday's been a while that I joined the fun over at Join the Gossip. Here I am again. And yes, I can see your eyes and mind go "what the heck?!". I have to admit, he is my favorite of all. Yes, there I said it. At least I'm being honest. Right?

I liked him with longer hair, too.

Matthew Gray Gubler.

Just join the fun and hop on over to Leeann's blog and look at some more Man Candy for today, or heck this week!!!

December 8, 2011

Don't Think...

I think this pretty much describes my week.
I've been busy, and if you saw me you'd be thinking I wasn't...but I have been. I wish it was "good" busy though...yes, I believe there's a difference between good and bad busy. Ha!

And today, craziness came all together and kept me in bed. For a long time. 
Thank Goodness for some bubbly dark drink that helped a little, and aspirin, and water...and the dogs taking care of me.

I'm still not better but I am forcing myself out of bed, out of the house, and into some cooler but fresher air. Finals can wait a little (wish me luck next week!), and the Christmas presents too (as long time followers you know I usually sent stuff away by the end of November, and this year?! Not so much. The boxes aren't even sealed yet!).
I'll take it easy this year. But I will be studying for finals and will work on everything starting tomorrow...just not the boxes. They'll become New Year's gifts I assume. Ha! Oh well, we shall see.

Yes, I think too much!!!

At least I know what I'm getting this year for Christmas!!!
Do you?

Happy Thursday everyone.
Stay warm.
Stay happy...whatever you're doing...enjoy it!!!


P.s. welcome new followers! Thanks for stopping by and reading!

December 7, 2011

It looks like Christmas

Good morning everyone.
The time has come...and yes Christmas is coming closer and closer each day. In one week I'll be pretty much done with most of my classes, most of my finals and this year's awesome holiday season can finally start. Finally!! I am certainly excited! So I thought I'd give myself a little break and join Michelle's weekly fun again. This week obviously with some Christmas fun...oh, excuse me, pins!

Are you excited?
I may even get to see and feel some snow flakes this season! I'm already excited. It'll make me feel at home!

Are you on Pinterest, too? Follow me if you like.
Why not join in the fun and share your latest pins? I just did! :D
Or just hop on over to Michelle's.

Happy Wednesday!

December 6, 2011


Yes, I am homesick. Just a little bit but enough for me to go onto sties and find out how even more gorgeous my city back in Europe is. Crazy, huh? Where was all this beauty when I was there? Really? Not fair. However, just thinking about the cold winter temperatures...I am happy I am in California. Thank you.
above photos via Luzerner Zeitung Online

Besides this quite gorgeous ice skating, is also Santa Claus day! Yes, it is. And somehow I think it's a lot better to have this day on December 6 than having him come in for Christmas. Don't hate me now but it's just my opinion. Every year I chuckle a little just because to me, Santa Claus will be part of December 6...and so not coming through a chimney. ;) Ha! Then again, who wants such a Santa and his helpers to come in on Christmas?! I certainly don't!

Isn't Santa's helper scary?! I'm certainly no fan of his...but these helpers encouraged us to behave more, and work more on our good behavior throughout the year...otherwise Santa would know and December 6 would not be a fantastic day!

Santa photos via Luzerner Zeitung Online

Yes I was scared of December 6. Santa and his helpers would come to school and visit classes, walk through the city, and his helpers just looked incredibly scary...especially when you are about 8 or 10 or 15 or even 25! Ha!! Worst was, when the helpers were friends of mine and waited until they'd spot me on the street...fantastic. Little Selma definitely got scared (regardless of age!). But for the record, I was never scared of Santa although he certainly had some power over me...just his helpers always caused some heavy chills.

This is the only thing I am not missing. I love the holiday season and I am quite sad I don't experience it with familiar places and with my mom whom I miss daily...but today is a day I am happy I am not walking through Luzern. Thank you! 

Happy Santa Claus Day!!!

December 3, 2011

"Do you lye crytol gel?"

Ok, folks, let me tell you one thing...
Today is one of those day that I cherish, appreciate, and love my life as of this moment and my life in southern California. There are times I don't (let's be honest, we all do!!), there are times that I feel incredibly homesick, and there are times I just want to hug everyone around me. 
Today is one of these days. I had fun. I went out and about and maybe drank a few drinks too many (whoops!!),  and just had a blast!! I finally (and by finally I really mean finally!!) saw Anjelah Johnson. If you are not familiar with her, that's okay, but just know you are missing out big time!!! Luckily fate was on my site and I purchased two tickets at the right (or helped someone in need out), and voila...I had a blast. Granted, I froze my butt off while waiting outside (darn this awful California weather these days!), but at the same time was happily sipping on my Chai Latte. Yay!!! Best time to enjoy some warm beverage anyways...

...and now, scary Sunday is around the corner. Sadly. I have to study like hell to get at least a B on my freakin' math exam tomorrow. No way will I ever get an A in this class. 
What is wrong with me? Why am I pushing myself through school again? Will it really help me feel more accomplished, more satisfied, and even smarter? Who knows. Seriously.
At least I am here, and I am living life...that is all that counts. Sometimes you just gotta do all this....and sometimes, as worthless as it may look to you and even sound to you it is all worth the wait, the trouble, the struggle, the is worth it!!! 

I feel blessed, do you?!

Happy weekend everyone.
So sorry I've been MIA lately...I feel I'm missing out on a lot...but hey, I have less than two weeks. One paper due, and all my finals scheduled for the 14th. Can it be any more awful? Oh, and my friend's birthday is coming up too. I know what we are gonna do that weekend, and I don't have to look for a birthday gift anymore. Our fun night out tonight was worth every penny! Thank you. But I'll be in big trouble figuring out what to do and how to juggle school and fun and life and well, me. Haha!

Wish me luck!


December 1, 2011

Happy December

Already? Yes, it is December!!! 
I can't believe it either folks. But it's what it is and yes, we really have one month left of this year. 
So go out and celebrate life and December!

And I just saw the following video on TV and thought I should share it with you all. I need some fun in my life...and I know we all do, every day. The smallest things should brighten our days...not just the big ones. :)  It's kind of weird but fun at the same time. Besides, I know I need some Christmas spirit. There's no decoration in the house yet! Yes, believe it or not, but so far we've been slacking off a little. If you know me you know I LOVE Christmas. The decoration, music, food, clothing, feeling...I love it all! So it feels weird not having any Christmas twinkly and glittery fun in the house (yet!!). I am determined to change this soon. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, have fun with the video.
And if you live in southern California....try not to get blown away in the next days. Should I hold on to the palm trees in front of my house? They are moving like crazy but look stable. ;)

More info about this video is found here.

Have a brilliant day!


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