June 29, 2009

Better Days

Monday, and the week can start again. I have to say I am definitely to over 150% relieved. Last night I received an e-mail that absolutely took all the pressure and concern away and let me be and feel more positive. For the last couple of two if not more weeks I had had trouble reaching a friend of mine. Not knowing whether she's save or already back in Los Angeles or stuck somewhere in between Tehran and London or whoknowswhere...I just was hoping she was alright. The fun part was that I received one of those silly mass e-mails that you "must send on" in order for your dreams and wishes to come true, etc. So, I got one of those and not being a believer of such messages but liking the message itself and its words of wisdom I thought it was well-worth sending the message out so people would get inspired. My wish came true. I had to laugh when I got her message. Well, first of I was happy to hear from her after a long time (needless to say, she's back in L.A. save and sound, but extremely exhausted and frustrated), and second I just had to laugh because as a non-believer in such e-mails it sure worked. All I can say is Thank You. Really. Now, I can sleep tight again and continue living life as it all comes along.

My plans for today are:

#1 Going out in a few minutes so I get to enjoy some sun & fresh air.
#2 Grocery shopping is a must today.
#3 I need a new book. Any suggestions?!
#4 Wearing light clothes with feel-good fabrics so I will definitely feel
absolutely gorgeous while walking around in this (wonderful) heat!! This is something to look forward to, how silly.
#5 My iPod is ready again...time to walk around and dance to some music...local artists are the best anyway. Check out www.sevensoul.ch
#6 Buying a Barcelona map, one that doesn't break apart.
#7 It's Monday...either movie or TV night. I think I'll go for the latter one. Cheaper!

And yes, I think this is pretty much it. Seven things to look forward to today. Can't wait. Oh, did I mention it's my day off?! What better way to start the week, huh?!

Have an absolutely perfect day!

June 28, 2009

Happy Weekend

I had an amazing Saturday!
The city's annual old town festival was the major factor bringing us all joy and happiness. There's this big argument about its name though. I still call it old town festival, others may call it differently since its whole "theme" changed this year. However, its major highlights like all the live music performed and food stands etc are still in the old town and since it's always been the old town festival I continue calling it that way. That's just me.
As mentioned it's been great...I listened to my favorite Swiss artists, ate good and unhealthy food, drank fun and very gross looking stuff with my oldest friend and ended up going home around 2.30am I believe. Lost track of time. It was fun. It was a long day. It was all worth it. Even the rain that tried to screw things with us didn't ruin anything. The rain left and the sun came out making our faces look red (or was it the wine associated with the whole party?! - who knows). It was a memorable day!

Having finally time to catch up on some blog reading I came across "Rules to live by+Life etiquette", the title of Just a Girl in a City's blog. Trying to follow these so-called rules. At least for the next couple of summer-like days!

Hope your weekend is fantastic!
Mine sure was, well, still is...I'm heading out today, going to a friend's house so we can start talking about our upcoming Barcelona trip. I'm so excited.

And...besides festivities and blogs and Barcelona...I'm also trying to change my blog's layout a bit...haven't figured it all out yet. I'm just way too lazy at times to sit down and work on it...It seems as if I'm just writing about it...typical!

June 26, 2009

Quick and Easy

Just sad. Time passes way too fast and knowing that most of us grew up with MJ's music and that we still listen to them and automatically remember good times...wow, just sad. That's life ladies and gentlemen...life in its pure and very vital form.

Nonetheless, it's Friday and it's the last day of this awful working week. Glad to know I can sleep in tomorrow, relax and then enjoy some festivities and live music. Can't beat that mood. Yes, it sure has changed. I'm looking forward to it now. I need this. We all do at some point. So, happy early weekend! Enjoy it!!! I sure will.

June 25, 2009

Open Eyes

Thanks to findstuff22 on photobucket I get to enjoy this day today.
I want to be the girl blowing bubbles and not having a clue what the future brings.

My thoughts are all clear now, and believe it or not, certain not-so-funny issues aren't solved yet but additional issues apparently are known and heard about and there's going to be a long and heavy talk about this. Oh well, whatever that means...we'll see. All I know now is that the girl with the bubbles is my daily inspiration - at least for today.

One more day and we can call it a heavy, dramatic, and confusing week. The city I live in has a huge party going on this Saturday and even though I'm so not in the mood for any festive activities I'm actually looking forward to it. Live concerts of famous Swiss artists and all that for free...who's complaining?!?! Besides, have I mentioned our artists are eye candies of their own kind. Yummy.

June 23, 2009


It's getting nicer out there. At least when I look at the weather. At work, it's pretty much the same tense situation although the manipulative one is gone for two weeks. Just knowing what happened makes me so furious. Though, I won't write about this now. I won't write about anything now. It's Wednesday and I wanted to share some pictures...random stuff...nothing special.

Italian candy (super addictive) we have displayed on our counter. It's not the best shot but its colorful power is overwhelming...you just want to dive into this sugarland.

French "five o'clock tea" specials (a gift from my mom's trip to France)...deliciously good-looking and trust me when I say you want to have these for breakfast, lunch and dinner...and sometimes in between as snacks, too.

Easter Egg sugar stuff left over from this year's Easter I guess. They won't go bad but they looked so sad, so I chose to took a different shot here. It sort of looks like I painted this. Nice.

Have a terrific day!

Escape to Switzerland

Ms. Muse shows it all. Love her blogs, especially this one.
I'm going to escape, too...just not to Switzerland.
Can't do this, I'm already here.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

June 19, 2009

Future, Day 1

So, what's it gonna be like? Your weekend? Any plans?!
Whatever you are doing I hope you are enjoying every single bit of it.
I'm gonna be working. Luckily only on Saturday, and then I get Sunday off. Nice. I wasn't expecting this. I was fully prepared to go to work for the next twelve days. I was ready, even though I dreaded it. My mind went blank but I was ready. I'm ready for a tiny break, too. So be it! Let me have a day off, relax, and pamper myself, maybe go out for dinner and then return fully charged (as much as you can get by having only one day off) to work. Let's see what that's like.

Reading what I just wrote above shows that I'm in desperate need of a time-out. God, I thought I was able to work through, at least for three months without a full week off but I simply can't. This job makes me sick. I love it, but it's not forever and it's certainly not going to be THE job since it sickens me. I don't like being sick (who does?). A job or any kind of work for that matter should be something you can be proud of and happy about. I'm neither at the moment. I love putting out clothes for work and experiment with new stuff so the casual wardrobe of mine can be fixed up to something more fancy. So far, I've done quite a good job but besides the happiness that occurs every time I put out a new top and combine it with a shirt or skirt and think "hey, this looks amazing!" ...besides this little thrill each night before I go to bed I know I have to start to look for something else less sickening. Sounds horrible. Sounds scary, too. The future's always the next day someone I knew used to say. It's true. The future is not just next year or in five years it's tomorrow, heck in one hour or even minute! We tend to look way too far and don't see what's in front of us. But I digress and will pick this topic for later discussions. As for now, I know I need a break. I'll have one in exactly one month! Can't wait.
Barcelona will be a blast. I'm sure that my friend S. and I will have a ton of fun eating great food, discovering awesome shops and boutiques, enjoying beautiful art and historical buildings. Not to mention the looks on our faces when we see hot Spanish guys walking by...yeah....it never hurts to look. Never! Future here we come...


Friday, finally!!! Not that my weekend would start anytime soon. I have one more day of work and then, Sunday, I can finally sleep in and rest and be just lazy. I love being lazy from time to time....don't we all?!
On another note...I talked about receiving belated birthday gifts...just got another one, too. A gift certificate for my favorite coffee shop and a beautifully colored tumbler. Love it! Already used it and can't wait to use it again. Thank you S. for this present. Belated gifts and wishes are always fun.

Happy Friday...even though it's been pouring down like crazy outside...

...and thank you findstuff22 on photobucket. As always, great job!

June 18, 2009

And Round And Round It Goes

For some unknown reason my head is spinning and it won't stop. It's been incredibly hot lately and even though I love the heat (oh yes, I really do love it when it's sizzling hot outside) I can't stand it at this very moment. Maybe it's because my head feels like a big and heavy stone set onto my neck and the air around me seems to be just sticky and not going anywhere. I am stuck at work I have to say and working in a building that's definitely older than 300 years doesn't make it easier when it comes to temperatures in the high 80s and even 90s (which is not really that hot but very uncommon for this area). Did I mention we have NO air conditioning? I forgot? Oops! The table fan I have staring at me for the past five hours isn't on either. I could turn it on but I won't. Why the hell not?? It'll just blow the already warm air around and no cooling would occur. Things would get messy on my already cluttered desk, and I know that fans (as well as those lovely AC's) make my throat sick and my voice disappear for a couple of days. Has happened before and I won't allow it because I need my voice. It needs to be heard, at least while I'm at work. So, with that said I know that all I can do is wait until I can enjoy fresh air on my way home. Lots of fluids and some tiny breaks to catch at least some fresh air is gonna keep me standing, sitting and walking straight - at least for the next three hours!!

Happy Thursday!

P.s. Credit for this lovely picture goes to findstuff22 on photobucket...as always...great work!

June 17, 2009

Beautiful Teeth or so

According to my dental hygienist I have beautiful teeth. She loves them. All I can say is Thank You Pam. I am not so sure though why she loves them. I don't like them. They are apparently adorable enough to mention it each time I visit her and apparently also way too interesting to make them a specialty of some sort. Two secretaries had to come in and look at my teeth. So embarrassing. Why? I mean, why?! They are nothing special, nor custom made or anything. They are very simple, very crooked, and very, well, ordinary. After my session she told me why she loved them so much. No cavities, no holes, no fillings. She calls that perfect, beautiful in any way and just really something she could look at forever. Again, Thank You Pam.

I had to get out of there as soon as my session was over this morning. Distraction was needed, and where did I go to? Yes, my so-called favorite spot in this city. A well-known coffee shop I don't want to mention on here because it's not the best and not the cheapest. I know I know, it's not good for the freshly cleaned teeth but I just had to. I have mentioned it before and all I can say is I love its coffee, raspberry muffins, and chilling environment. It calms me. So, I went there and had a nice cup of coffee with vanilla flavor...of course, what else?! While killing time and waiting for another appointment this morning I continued reading my book. There was this one part of a chapter that really caught my attention. The author describes herself and her feelings after her divorce and even though I've never been married or divorced those feelings described my current state. I began asking myself what I'll be doing in a year from now, with a new number stapled on my back. I began wondering and thinking what I wanna do, what I must do before that. Besides paying bills and insurances and going to work each day, I have to change something in my life. It's all been wonderful and I've been blessed and privileged enough to keep doing what I've been doing but in the end it's not everything and it won't be everything. The author of my book talks about her life changing trip to Italy, and how it has affected her and why she chose to go in the first place. After her divorce she was depressed, and I mean really depressed. She went to see someone, got better, and decided to move on and enjoy and discover life beyond that divorce disaster. While roaming through Rome she describes her anxiety levels coming back and "depression" and "loneliness" talking to her (again). One of those "friends" even asked her why she messed things up with her marriage, why she messed things up with her husband, or every man she came across. Another question got to the point of really pushing it to make her, and maybe me as well, cry. Where were you the night you turned thirty, and why have things gone so sour since then?! Oh boy, I don't want to end up like that. I don't want to experience anything like that. No way! I thought beings twenty-something is difficult, but being over thirty seemed more disastrous. Why she couldn't get her act together and be living in a nice house and raising nice children was another question. I am sure that at some point we are all thinking about that stage in our lives. Sooner or later we enter that stage, and that question is pretty much waiting for us. Not seeing it now. Thinking about it for sure, not daily but regularly. My coffee break was luckily over and I had to go in for another appointment. All I could think of was my wonderfully warm coffee, that I'm blessed to be still in my 20's...and out of nowhere the weird questions lingering above me quickly dissolved.

Quick shot from today's good but still not-good coffee.

Coming home a surprise package was waiting for me. A belated birthday gift I knew was coming one day. My dear friend K. made my day today. I feel special now. Two weeks past the real date and I still get presents. Isn't that nice?! Thank you K. so much. You sure made me smile today, and forget about the book and the questions it raised. The DVD will be watched tonight!!! Thank you!


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