March 31, 2011

Sweet Love

Do I have to say more?

all via google

I think the cake is overrated because it's just sugar, sugar and more sugar...BUT it's an accessory and needs to be pretty or cute or whatever and I just love cakes. So, if ever my day arrives you can bet I'm going to be crazy about the wedding cake. However, it won't look anything like the following picture. Or...maybe it will. Who knows. I love ladyfingers!

Is it wrong to dream about my own wedding? I doubt it is.
I know it's nowhere near, however, you never know. Life is fast, and life is fun, and we should live it up and not work too hard and feel trapped in a loveless work world with tons of stress and unhappy faces. So, a bit of dreaming can never ever hurt. :) Am I right?

That is why I found a few more pictures I just wanted to post today. It's Love Week after all and here we go:

That's how I would love to have my seating done. Yes, that many seats too.
Just one huge party. And yes, no worries about the money being spent that day. It's hopefully spent just once.
all via we ♥ it
Just couldn't resist not showing you this picture.
Thought it was cute.

I'm ready for some cake now!

Happy Thursday everyone.
Say hello to the last day of March, and bye to March 2011...cannot believe three months have already gone by...where did the time go? Seriously.


♥ S ♥

March 30, 2011


This week's just very lovely.
Not only did the sun decide to visit us on a regular basis, she actually may stay for a while too and this means warmer temperatures and more flowers, and more birds, and more couples walking around. Cannot wait for the weekend (although I have hardly any outside plans - note to myself (again): change your boring lifeless life). Have you ever noticed the amount of couples you see when spring starts? You may see a few during colder winter days but in spring? As if they just waited to pop up. Ha.
Though, yes, since my friend's getting married by the end of this week and beginning of next month (ha, never thought I'd be using these two in one sentence) I am calling this week Love Week and for today I just wanted to share a few pictures I found that resemble love. :) this case means until we age and get old and maybe forget a thing or two but one thing will never leave us...that we love each other. ;)

 all above and the very last picture via tumblr
I love her funny, surprised face! She's the cutest...totally made my day!!! :)
Don't we all wanna be as cute as her?

both via we ♥ it

Love is endless.
Love is strong.
Love is weak.
Love is timeless.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
In two days April is welcoming us again...crazy, huh?!

Hope you are all doing fine.
And do not forget to cherish life and do not take it for granted.
If you follow me on Twitter you may have read why and what I mean by that, too.
♥ S ♥

March 29, 2011

Love and other things

Since I so tenderly call this week Love Week, I decided it was time again to share some love pictures. ;) I wish I would own any of these because they make me stare at them all day long...and I could write stories about each and every picture and just fall in love over and over again. Enjoy.

                                                                      Source: via Selma on Pinterest

                                                                                 Source: via Selma on Pinterest

                                                                                 Source: via Selma on Pinterest

If love would be so easy to find some of us would not be looking for it.
If love would be so easy to see some of us would not be blind most of the time.
And just because you think you found love does not mean everyone can find or see love.
And just because you think you are happy does not mean everyone else is happy too.

Oh don't get me wrong here, I'm more than just happy two of my friends are getting married. I am. We always said they would be going down that road someday and now the day has come. Yay!
What I do not like, and never will for that matter (whether or not I am single) is when people unintentionally have the need to rub it in. My husband said this or that, my boyfriend did this or that, my husband thought it would be better and my boyfriend feels it is better that way. They have a name, don't they?! And you don't have a say in anything anymore? Do you still exist somewhere there?
And please, heavy PDA is not something I signed up for. Ever. I would really appreciate it if you kept it at some decent level. Trust me, I've seen it all and I just feel it is not necessary. Now, you'd say "don't be so bitter" but it has nothing to do with that. It is what it is, and if you want to share how happy you are, say it. Because a kiss or a grab or a touch and such are all nice and good, but are not everything. I can, if I ever wanted to, fake all of those - and if I can others can too. :)

Now, I totally lost track of what I wanted to say in the first place. Don't get me wrong I love that two people found each other and are now entering a new path in their life. One day we hopefully all will. I'm a hopeless romantic, and I love everything with a lable "love" on top - but having people constantly rubbing it in is just not necessary and somewhat tacky. :( Blah.
No offense to anyone, but just this past weekend I saw so much I wanted to tear apart...I did not see love at all, I saw "fake love" all over...from young to old and it just was sad. :(

Ok, happy thoughts Selma...happy thoughts...I just had to get it off my chest.

YES, Friday is the big day and we're all excited. The gift is ready, and the weather...hopefully too. That is all we need. Nothing more. It's the first time I am truly looking forward to an April Fool's Day. :) No one's gonna fool each other then, that is for sure!

                                                                            Source: via Selma on Pinterest

Have a terrific day!


♥ S ♥

March 28, 2011

Wordless Monday - I Do

No, I will not get married - this week, or next, or this year. At least I think I won't, though you never know. However, I know that my "wordless" Monday picture pretty much describes the following few days. Friday is the big day for my friend, and it is going to be very interesting and beautiful. So, I'm gonna call it the love week. ;) Yes, I can do that. There is no rule saying I cannot  name things, let alone name weeks, so that's what I'm doing. :)

Love week started today.
I'm definitely excited.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.
We didn't go to the ice hockey game after all, we ended up talking way too long and then thought it wouldn't be worth going. Don't worry, it would have been a free hockey game (yes, they exist). Nonetheless, it was a good weekend. :)

Happy Monday.

♥ S ♥

March 26, 2011


Four hours of shopping today literally exhausted me.
My feet hurt, my wallet is halfway empty and I am just beyond exhausted.
Though so far, this Saturday has been fun.
Met a friend of mine (so glad we got to hang out again!), went shopping with her (I personally didn't buy much), had interesting chats, and now I will have dinner tonight with that same friend and then watch an ice hockey game, too. 
What more is there to want?
Oh yeah, I met two people today I hadn't seen in over maybe 15 years, or more.
That was an amazing coffee time.
We basically bumped into one another, all of us looking for a spot to sit and sip on some espresso.
I just love my city, and my little neighborhood.
To me, this is still the best neighborhood in town - no doubt.
Very relaxed, friendly, open, and artsy. Just about my thing.

Hope your weekend started beautifully.
Have a terrific day.
I need to rest my feet some more. 

♥ S ♥

March 24, 2011

Thursday Love

I don't feel like blogging.
Not that I don't want to write or share or just vent.
It's a feeling I haven't had in a very long time. 
However, it's okay to feel this way because let's face it, we all need a break sometimes.

I got the most amazing call at 11.30pm last night. Yes, that late.
My lovely and awesome friend M. just called and wanted to catch up in a mere of seven minutes. :) Miss her.
When the time is right I will introduce her to this beautiful blog world, because she's got a blog and it's a great one, but it needs work and a bit more posts. :) Wish I could be helping her more, but I'm in Europe, and she's in sunny (or recently rainy) southern California. One day, I promise! ;)
But I know you can do this girl, yes I know. 


In other is good.
I had a dentist appointment yesterday, and well, it wasn't the regular kind that gets me excited (yes, you read right I normally get excited about a dentist appointment aka dental hygiene appointment); it was one of those appointments though I dread and did not want to hear or think about. Lucky me, my worries were quickly thrown out of the window (literally, the window there was open!) because my teeth are as flawless as before. And apparently, my teeth are still beautiful. Very corny, really, but that's what my hot dentist told me - again. :) Thank you.

Spring finally arrived and you know how happy this makes me!

 all pictures via we ♥ it
Have a perfect Thursday.
I love today, and I love spring!!!


♥ S ♥

P.s. we all know that Elizabeth Taylor passed away yesterday. Needless to say, she was a legend, a beautiful woman, a fighter, and a winner. 

March 22, 2011

Today's Happy list

Today was, although quite slow and with a late start, a productive day. My tax papers and such are all handed in, I'm relieved that's for sure. Part of my application process has finally found some sort of a meaning, and the sun came out again and won't be leaving our side until next week. Today was definitely good. What I truly loved about today, in a nutshell, was and still is

that I put my Easter decoration out (yes, too early but I love it)
my sunglasses
this blog post (I so want that dress!)
the older gay dude walking around with tight white jeans and heart-shaped two-colored sunglasses
my wedding outfit for next week's event
my neighbor's cat 
beautiful spring weather
unfriendly people (love to complain about them and then teach them a lesson!)
Eat Pray Love
no more headache
the idea of a trip to Madrid (even just for a weekend)
my empty inbox

Hope your Tuesday was as glorious as mine!
More movies await me, and I'm in need of some pretty good spring recipes. 


♥ S ♥

March 21, 2011

So not wordless Monday

Happy Monday everyone.
I look at today as a brand new day of beginnings, ideas, steps in life and decisions.
It's been rather a wet Saturday and slightly drier Sunday. I cuddled with my blanket and watched movies. :)
Rain go away - let the warm sun in (and I think it is working!).

Things have been hectic, weird, and outrageously heartbreaking but writing helps and it sure is the best cure to any kind of problem. Just let it all out and vent. Maybe not all but at least most of it.

Finishing (already did) and sending my taxes in, sending in applications, looking for a perfect wedding gift, cleaning  (unsuccessfully so far I may add) my closet for new spring outfits, and cleaning the house are still on my to-do list this week. On top of everything I also want to watch at least one new movie each day, and catch up on my favorite shows (if they have new episodes). Busy week ahead of me. I hope not, but at least I have some projects to focus on. 

Wish me luck.

Hope you're having a good day...even though it's Monday.


♥ S ♥

March 19, 2011

Where Are You Spring?!

Daylight savings time hasn't started over here weekend. But March to me is the beginning of spring time, and I just do not see any signs of spring these days. Hmmmm....come on!!! Wish I would fly to Philadelphia this spring again just to see things blossom fast and beautiful. :) But this spring I'm staying home, and enjoying it this this leaves me dreaming of flowers, sunshine, fresh air...and all things spring. Obviously.

Have a great weekend everyone.


♥ S ♥

March 18, 2011

Happy Friday

 Besides this, and a blogger free Friday...
...please remember the rest of the world, too.
Remember New Zealand, Libya, Haiti, Chile, and even the US (yes yes)? All still in need of our help.
We tend to forget because our sole concentration stays on one thing only... heartbreaking as the news of Japan's disaster is, we should not forget the rest of the world too.
There's more to what I listed...but bet ya, you forgot just a bit about one of them? Just a tiny bit.

I'm thankful my Japanese friends are okay, although I now know they are dealing with more tragedy and questions and future issues at this very moment. Life will never fully be the same. 

Have a good Friday.


♥ S ♥

March 16, 2011


We are ready.
To let go.
Source: via Selma on Pinterest

We will be missing you.
Every day, every hour, and every minute!

Say hi to grandma for me.
I know you will.

♥ S ♥

March 12, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Hello my readers,

So, this week's rather been, well, just painfully awful.
Enough said.

Just when you think things would slowly turn more positively...bad news hit again.
Most of my Japanese friends are doing okay, though I'm still waiting on a few more out there about their whereabouts and all. If you have family or friends out there, you know how I'm feeling. However, life continues. Minutes, and hours go by and we either live to the fullest or we do not.

Though, bad news aside, life as I mentioned earlier continues and it's the little things that should make us all happy (again!). Here are three of my favorite things this week...and yes, some good stuff is happening too. Yay!!!

1. This color

2. The arrival of spring - YES

3. Friends and Family

I hope you're having a fabulous Saturday and an even better weekend.
I'm going to relax most of the time, find peace and tranquility in this chaos, and enjoy the little things.

I promise to be a better blogger and commenter soon, again. :)

Hugs to all of you.

♥ S ♥

March 10, 2011

Thank You

Life continues.
Spring arrived, and I'm loving it.
At least something this week brightening up my day.
Monday was a very bad day, Tuesday was a slight bit better, Wednesday was sunny and warm and I saw my favorite soul singer walking towards me (I love those moments - and may I say his family is super cute!), and today, Thursday...only good things will happen.

Thank you all.
I never thought something like this would hit our family so suddenly.
Her friends are grieving, her parents and brother are well, you know. And the rest of the family well, we are trying to live life every minute, and imagine she's in a great place now wondering why she's up there after a fun evening out with her best friend.

To all of you my lovely readers...wherever you are...if you find yourself going out and driving matter what time it is...if you feel just a slight bit tired, even the tiniest amount, get cash and take a cab back home or ride with public transportation. You may not have the funds for a ride like that but in the end it's always worth it. Always. And I hope I do not have to mention the all-time saying: Never ever drink and drive.

One wonderful thing I can be proud of is that alcohol was not involved!!!
Double thank you. 

And yes, even during times like these...happy thoughts and moments are important!


♥ S ♥

March 8, 2011


You know, life is funny.
One moment you are happy, relaxed, and you look at life so positively...
...and the next, your world is shattered into pieces, and you constantly ask yourself why.

And all this can happen within seconds, and you just sit there and do not understand what is going on. My world stopped turning yesterday.

Within seconds nothing seemed as it was, and nothing made sense anymore.
I believed thoughts and prayers were strong and would help us overcome something so tragic.
Unfortunately, and we all know this, sometimes thoughts and prayers are just not enough.
Sometimes nothing is enough.
Sometimes you just lose.
And we lost.

♥ ♥ ♥

To my dear J.:

I remember the day you were born, I was helping mom fold laundry, and the phone rang and your dad happily pronounced your arrival on a quite beautiful day we all call Valentine's Day.
You brought light and happiness into our lives.
I remember you crawl towards me like a little baby crab. 
Just a few weeks ago I mentioned your funny walk, even though this is over eighteen years ago.
I played and danced with you, kissed you good-night, fed and changed you, helped you hold your little brother on the day he was born. You were my little one, and you were always that to me.
You made us all smile on my birthday parties - you were the highlight!!
We lost touch but that has nothing to do with the two of us or how I feel about you.
Your parents split and things changed, but our blood is the same.
You are part of me, and although life led us to different locations, life styles, and all we are family.
I am more than just thankful you went out and had fun, even followed my footsteps by going abroad for a few months...I am immensely proud of you. We all are.

Unfortunately, you did not hear me last week when I called your name, so we could not even say hello and  quickly toast to you turning 20! You were in a hurry to be some place, and things around us were loud, so no one's to blame. I am just beyond happy to have seen you then. 

Your mom, dad, and brother, as well as your cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents, friends, co-workers and many more you have touched are incredibly proud of you and love you.

What happened was beyond our control, and cannot be erased.
We are shocked, speechless, shaken, heartbroken, more than just sad, and in total conflict with our current world. There are no words to describe how painful it is to even think of the unspoken, to know that you are no longer around us, to even write this all out, but knowing you are not alone right now gives me peace and lets me believe that you are happy now - wherever you are.

Rest in peace.
You are missed.

Please keep my entire family in your thoughts and prayers.

And just for you J., so you don't need to find a dictionary or ask me all the time. ;)
*För dech gon ech erscht rächt gärn ad Fasnacht, denn das leggt au be der im Bluet. Du hesch zwar das Johr nedeso welle go, du als Guuggerchend, hesch en fantastischi Sach letscht sowie die Woche verpasst. Aber ond genau drom gon ech höt, wie gäschter, för eusi ganz Family a eusi 5ti Johresziit, denn öpper muess use - ech weiss du verstohsch das!!*

♥ S ♥

March 7, 2011

Wordless Monday - Freaky

Happy Monday everyone.
I'm still exhausted and slight bit sore from last week's kick-off and fun first carnival days. *more to come now!!* shoes for this time of year are extremely heavy (and trust me, they are heavy and just perfect for this fifth season - no need to worry about your shoes getting dirty, walked on, wet, etc) and I blame my sore body on them as always. Someone or something in this case needs to take the blame. :)

I am extremely "home sick" too...saw pictures and videos of some fun back in California...I'm so jealous!!!
But good things are ahead now.

And today, is another that will probably end in two days from now.
Yes, no more sleeping for me!!!
So I apologize for my absense, yet again.
Can't believe I stayed offline so long. 

Carnival time, I heart you very much!!

♥ S ♥

March 2, 2011

Orange, Please Don't Hit Me

If you were wondering what my title means today...well, one of so many Carnival traditions is to throw oranges out and I am hoping none will ever reach as far as my head happened years ago and I only saw little birds, and stars flying around. No fun. I'll keep my eyes closed, just like Minnie!
So please, not hit me today! Thank you. Me.

Happy Dirty Thursday!!


♥ S ♥

March 1, 2011

I Am Ready?! Are You?!

I am sure you are not.
Unless you live in the same city, or close by, and do feel the fever.
The annual fever that welcomes us all with more or less open arms, charms us, betrays us (maybe), intrigues us every time, leaves us in awe or shame, and storms our hearts...the fever called the official fifth season. Yes, you read right...the fifth season, the season only some people feel and live. I feel it every year, sometimes more sometimes less. But it's in me and I would lie to you and me if I tried to deny it. Three times the fever didn't get to me, mainly because I was miles away...but very very deep inside I felt it, and I knew it would at some point knock on my door. And it did.

Ok, before I continue with "Once upon a time..." I better get to the point.
In two days, Thursday, March 3 at exactly 5 am, we are going to start our fifth season with well, a tiny explosion. ;) Cannot wait. I'll be up by three or maybe a tiny bit earlier and then getting ready (an early morning shower, some breakfast and lots of layers added to my tiny frame take time!), and out the door walking to my favorite spots. I'm hoping to take my camera with me again, and capturing some pictures like last year. I'm not a huge photographer, let alone not when it comes to events like these. As much as I want to share things, I also know how crazy some places get and having grown up with this fifth season it's an event I look forward to but at the same time cannot fully describe and capture in photos. This time of year needs to be felt, from beginning to end. I know I will. As always.
Moreover, I know how crazy and somewhat dangerous it can get at certain places, so I want to stay sane and safe, and not get my camera nor me into trouble. Yes, it can get dangerous at times. Seen it all, even the nasty crap. Welcome to my world, and my city. I know people that don't know about this, but it's all true. This Carnival season has lots of faces and one of them is the nasty kind everyone tries to deny, ignore and hope it won't ever appear again. But that face exists, and it's no fun.
So, wish me camera and I will have a friend and her family from Australia as well. Yes, they flew all the way from sunny and hot Sydney to lovely Luzern to feel and live this season. They grew up with it too but left it years ago for some awesome adventures abroad which is amazing. But deep within it is in their hearts and souls and well...that's why they have returned this year again. I feel blessed. So, let's not hope they make fun of my California/Illinois accent again. Has happened before. ;)

With no further blablabla from my side....
....Happy Tuesday everyone.

I'm so excited about Thursday.

Wish you were all here, so we could celebrate together! :)

both pictures from last year's event via

I'm so excited, can you tell?!
I'm definitely ready.


♥ S ♥


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