November 29, 2011


Life happens these days.
I don't know where I should go or what I should do in order to keep smiling, breathing, and heck, surviving. Thanksgiving break was fun, saw a couple of movies (J. Edgar and The Help - yes I know, I am so behind watching this movie...but hey, at least I saw it!), slept in (so needed) and appreciated the blog/twitter/facebook world a lot. Why? Well, you got to sign in at the right time, read the right posts and then decide in seconds. I scored some awesome sold-out tickets for December 3 to the Improv. We wanted to go but couldn't decide whether work and school allowed us some time off, and then it was too late to get them. You should have seen my face when I saw someone trying to sell her tickets (yes, Kori I'm talking about you!). I went gaga. Ok, maybe not, but I was seriously not even thinking twice about it...I said yes, asked my friend, checked work schedules and yes, got them the same night. Sometimes you just got to answer and act quickly...otherwise, the luck is gone! I think I was lucky that night! Thank you!!!
So, am I excited? You can bet on it!!! (Happy early Birthday M.!!)  :)

I am also working on preparing Christmas gifts these days...I have pretty much everything ready and will send them soon. If not, Christmas gifts turn into New Year's gifts which is nice, too. Everyone gets something for why not for New Years?! Ha!!!!

So yeah, do I sound busy?
I hope so, because I truly am.
Did I ever mention finals are coming up, too? No? Well, yes, they are and I am already freaking out.
However, after finals I'm going to St. Louis so yay!!! I'll be having a blast there.
Oh, right...I'm also packing for my trip...seriously...these next two or three weeks are going to be insane!

Have a fabulous day everyone.
Stay warm...enjoy life, and don't take it for granted (I have my reasons why I'm saying this today!!).


November 25, 2011

I am "blank" because...

Well I should I titled it I am copying things. There I said it. No, don't worry...I'm not stealing things, I am just borrowing the idea. Maybe it's the same thing. Either way I saw the following on different blogs (like here and here) and just felt like sharing this great idea. I feel I'm lacking ideas and feel my blog needs some lift-me-up moments (which of course, this post today doesn't really qualify as a lift-me-up post. You better be the judge of that one though!), and so I think a "I am "blank" because..." post is needed!

So here it is...have fun!!

click on image for source

I am weird because...
I don't like chocolate or peanut butter
I talk to myself when I feel lonely (I know it's horrible!!), stressed, or irritated
at my age I don't have my shit together (excuse my language!)
music can easily dictate my mood these days
I watch teenage drama shows on TV even though I am no longer a teenager

I am a bad friend because...
I leave my friends behind and move on with my life (in another country!)
I sometimes do not respond to text messages right away because I have nothing to say
I am jealous of what my friends have and I don't

I am a good friend because...
even though I'm far away I always think of them and want to share every detail with them
I sent my condolences across the ocean when I learned my friend's dad passed away on Monday
my friends know I'm bringing home any kind of souvenir gift wherever I go (clothes included)
I remember birthdays easily and would never ever forget them
I support them with anything I can contribute if they are in need

I am sad because...
I can't spend Christmas, New Years, or even Carnival season with my family and friends
"aunty" Selma misses out on her little nieces and nephews growing up
next year would have been the year I would have taken my cousin to Vegas with me (as promised)
     but this is never going to happen - so instead I'm planning on going and drinking on her behalf
sometimes I have nothing really to say or do and it makes me feel awkward about life

I am happy because...
I live in California again
I have friends I can rely on and never have to feel left out
of new friends I met over the past year
I can walk around without a heavy winter jacket and scarf all around my neck during winter
the dogs accept me and want to cuddle every day
this semester is almost over

I am excited for...
little things happening on a daily basis
my trip to St. Louis and countryside Illinois
my friend visiting me soon
the future and what it has in store for all of us!

Hope you had an amazing week, and a fantastic Thanksgiving if you reside in the U.S.
And if you went out for Black Friday hope you didn't get pepper sprayed!

November 22, 2011

Time for...

Pumpkin pie, of course!!!
And maybe a glass of wine.
I know, weird combo but I so feel like it.

Life's happening these days...
...and of course, I'm trying to work on my eating habits so I'm ready for Thursday!

Hope your week is great!!!


November 19, 2011


I really have nothing to say today! Really!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

November 18, 2011

Winter Fashion

Lovelies... some of you know, and I've mentioned it quickly before, I am going away right before Christmas. I'm slightly excited. Cold winter will welcome me once I land there and it will be perfect for me to enjoy "real" winter. We all know southern California doesn't really have winter. I like it that way. However, pre-Christmas and Christmas in general should consist of warm, cozy clothes, hot drinks that don't make you sweat, and colder temperatures with possible snow. I am definitely looking forward to all these parts. Now you may wonder "why on earth is she even considering going to an area that might be covered in 20 inches of snow? She lives in California where it's sunny and warm, pretty much all year round." Yes, you're right. However, I have to. It's family. And I should not ignore that part of my life, should I? And heck, I didn't even have to pay for the ticket so that's all good with me.
*early Merry Christmas to me?!*

So, by looking forward to some fun winter getaway, I thought it was perfect timing to share my love for winter clothing...and linking up with Kori's fun Fashion Friday series!!!

And when it comes to winter...I just shiver by just thinking about I was googling and pinteresting...and that's what I came up with this week. Enjoy!

I just feel like I need a pair or two, or three, or four...

Have a fantastic day and stay warm!

November 16, 2011

Plenty to be THANKful for - hometown

Today I'm linking up with Meghan (and several more awesome bloggers) and the two-week "Plenty to be THANKful for" challenge.

Manic Mother

Today's topic is I'm THANKful for My Hometown...
...and since I am away from my hometown, or from one of my hometowns (yes I have more than just one) and since I actually miss it dearly these days...this topic and idea comes at such a great time. Thanks! ;)

I am incredibly thankful for my hometown! I am proud of it, and I am proud to call it home...and I love the fact that its sister city is a city I must visit soon. Hello Chicago, I'm talking to you!!!!
Just wanted to share some pictures with you!

My hometown is Luzern, Switzerland.
It's my favorite place on earth (yes, there I said it) and even though I will always have some sort of a love/hate relationship with it you can bet anything you want I will never ever live in another Swiss city other than beautiful (and sometimes tiny) Luzern. I know a few fellow bloggers have been there already and if you for some reason haven't (totally understandable) you got to go. Not just for me, but for you. And if you don't mind the's equally beautiful during a hopefully snowy holiday season! This is mainly what I miss most these days!! Trust me, I do.

And my favorite of all...especially walking home at night underneath this made my heart smile!!!

click on images for sources

Are you THANKful for your hometown?!
I hope so!!!

So what you waiting for? Go on over and link up...I just did!


P.s.: I also love my other two hometowns....just saying! ;)

November 15, 2011

Everything ages

Maybe you've seen my post on Sunday, and seen the last picture I posted via my Pinterest. ;) I just felt like sharing all pictures I found because really, everything ages at some point...even our most known, most "loved" social networks available to and used by us. Way too funny, and so true!

Have a fantastic day!!!!

November 13, 2011

Friendship and such

I had a slight meltdown last night...okay, maybe not. But I stayed home all day, cleaned up, worked on school stuff, and ended up watching TV with a gigantic glass of wine in my hand (please don't judge). I ended up drinking a bit more than just one glass...oops. However, it was well deserved (obviously) and I was alone with two dogs, so that somehow justifies it. I even offered one dog some wine but he declined by turning his back on me. Just like that. I felt alone. However, when it was time for me to get some zzzz's, he apologized and slept next to me just so I'm fully protected if anything would ever happen. How sweet.

Though the weekend's been good to me. I made myself "homesick" by catching up on all Swiss related news, and music. I listened to my local radio station back in Switzerland and heck, they are still playing the same music. Not even one song was new. I listened at night, so this made it around ten in the morning over there, but new songs? Really. We all know radio stations play the same songs over and over again until we just can't stand the songs anymore, but this is worse. In the past three months nothing changed? Not even one bit? Wonder if I should email them and let them know. I am appalled. 

On another note...over the past three months, heck even almost four months I have learned a lot about friendship. A lot. 

I have learned that some friends are brilliant, and others just occasionally play a role in my life. I am sad that the friends I thought I could count on are not really friends these days. Right now typing I'm having a fun conversation with one of my oldest friends. She's going to Australia in a few days and I already miss her and our fun text messages. She'll have fun though being in Down Under again, seeing family and exploring new areas of that gigantic continent. I'm already looking forward to fun pictures and updates.
But going back to my friendship topic...I am just saddened that some people take friendships (and I'm not only talking about myself here) for granted. Yes, I can easily apply it to myself and my friends and in some way I am doing so. I may live abroad right now, and I may have a few friends here but this should not mean that I am not available for my old friends. Nowadays with all kinds of social sites, modern technologies, etc it is so much easier to stay in touch - if it is what is wanted. I have a feeling, some just do not get it at all. At all.

I am thankful however for the friends I stay in contact with via fun Skype conversations, so at least I know how they are and what they look like and how big their children/babies already are. For kids it is always fun to Skype. They do not understand (yet) how this is even possible...seeing me on a big screen and not really seeing me in reality but somehow it is reality. They ask the funniest questions and it totally makes my day!! I love it!

How are you keeping in touch with friends that live abroad, not just around the corner, or in a different time zone?

November 11, 2011

11-11-11 at 11.11

Today is a day where we honor all those who have fought for freedom and to protect the lives of everyone around. Today also marks the official day of Carnival season. It has this bitter taste to it though...for me that is. I am not in Europe celebrating this special day, nor will I be around in February when everything goes crazy during our awesome fifth season. And, our fun season will always mark a very confusing and dark time in my family's life as well. It'll be our season, and our thing, but it will always also remind us that we lost someone dear to us. 

And, today...I wonder how many babies are welcomes into our world. To me 11-11-11 is a magical number...very special, and very positive. It's my friends' lucky number and let's hope it's a lucky number for all of us. We all need luck in our lives, don't we? And even to you out there, maybe sitting on your bed or sofa, reading this very line and being all also need a lucky day, and luck in life...even if you don't believe in this and don't think it matters. It always does. Sometimes, life will teach you this very lesson and luck will be on your side and you will remind yourself that yes, you had read this somewhere that luck needs to be in every person's life...and then you'll find yourself smiling, and thinking back at your cynical, dark days where nothing seemed right and everything was taken for granted. 

click on pictures for sources

Have a fantastic day my readers!
And don't forget to smile!

November 8, 2011

Guess where I'm going?

Oh yes, I am going away again. I am slightly excited!
It is some time in December and even though it is little over one month away I am really getting nervous. I will leave sunny, and quite warm California for a while. Ha, I will probably be walking through snow and mostly freezing my butt off. Nothing against that, especially since I'll be spending it with family!! Yay!

Now, you want to know where I'm headed?
Don't worry I'll tell ya.

Well, I only fly into St. Louis, and I may even spend a day or so at some point in the city but I'll be spending the rest of my lil' vacay time in Illinois. Finally. Unfortunately, Chicago has to wait a little. I am sad. Don't hate me now. But I know I'll be back and definitely enjoying some Chicago time at some point. A must anyways. It's the sister city to my hometown, so at some point I have to visit it. Though, I digress...St. Louis and Illinois-farmland will be my getaway places in December!!! Wohoo! Yes, I'm that excited. I clearly need a time-out, and a break. Already? Yes, lovelies...already.

Now all I need is to find the perfect shoes/boots, and winter sweaters...and yes, y'all gave me great ideas on where to look for what items and all. Thank you!

So I'm going out in a few hours hunting down awesome deals so I can finally stay warm and cozy!!! And I may even finish my Christmas shopping this week, once and for all. I want to be 100% ready for the upcoming holiday season! My plan is to be ready by Thanksgiving...having everything wrapped up, placed into boxes and ready to be sent away! Yes, that early and yes, I know I'm crazy. Thankyouverymuch.

Have you started your holiday shopping yet?!

November 7, 2011

Man Candy Monday...

...guys, I couldn't resist. I've been stuck at home all weekend long doing nothing special but study for a stupid test that I'm having today, and spending some me-time. It's my favorite time. I have to admit it. I get easily bored and yes I was bored, but it was so good to enjoy some me-time. Who doesn't?
And what did I do? Watch TV, movies, and had some wine time on my own. ;) Yay!!!

And so I got a little inspired for today's Man Candy Monday post...seriously, this idea is awesome. 

Thanks Leeann.

Robert Downey Jr.


I know I know...he's gone through all kinds of crap in his life. His fault, others' happened one way or another. Though, I have to admit, I have liked him for years...even when he was all down at the very bottom of the bottle holding onto probably nothing but a glimpse of ridiculous hope. I still liked him. I'm trying to remember how I started my little obsession with was in the early 90s...I think it was AirAmerica...and then Chaplin?! Who knows. But it's been a very long time. And yes, if you go back and see when these movies came out and that I actually went inside a theater to watch the math, I'm not 20, or 25! Oh my.

Either way, I need some hot Man Candy I'm going over to Leeann's to check some more hotness out. :)

Happy Monday!!!

November 4, 2011

Winter $$$

I spent money yesterday. A lot. And today, I just took my credit card and stored it away so I won't be using it anymore. At least until Thanksgiving. Yes, you read right. I don't want to use it anymore. I have cash and once that cash is gone I just wait until it is December. Maybe. Who knows. We really shall see if I can do this. I am just so very sad I spent so much yesterday...but I did good. Most of what I bought are Christmas gifts, so that's okay. Add two winter jackets and gloves for me, and you get the picture. I had to. I am planning a trip to Illinois this December and it won't be sunny and 75 degrees. Nope. It'll be a bit chilly for my taste and I have no other choice but to wear some proper winter gear.
Any suggestions in general?
I totally lost my winter touch...and since I didn't bring any real winter clothes over I have to buy some. Most importantly are the shoes/boots or so...I am lost and have no idea on where to look and where to find good, solid, affordable footwear. HELP!!! 

But in the meantime...I am drooling over some of the following items.

One of my coats pretty much looks like the one below...just in a different color. 

click on images for source

I can dream about all these, right?
But in all seriousness...I need a good pair of boots, and another good pair of shoes.
Help, help, help...I don't have any. Not that I walk barefoot but almost.

Your suggestions are really appreciated.
And as formal as this may sound, I really truly mean it.

And since today is Friday, I decided to participate in Kori's weekly series...

Join the fun, and get inspired!!!

November 2, 2011

November, you are very pinteresting...

Hello is Wednesday today. And I would have never thought I'd be ready for a weekly post with Michelle over at the Vintage Apple, but here I am.

Halloween's over, November 1 is is time to look forward to some fun November time. I hope I can go out more often and meet friends and live life a bit. Don't you agree? I need this. Heck, we all do. Though before I go and talk about friendship, life, and love and what not...I'd better get going with some Pinterest fun. Don't know what it is? You better. Sign up and have fun. It's so simple and so addictive!! Beware! ;)


My pins this week were so random I laughed a little while working on this post...then again, random is not bad!!
In fact, I think sometimes we all need a little random in our lives. ;)

Don't forget to head on over and link up with Michelle, or look at other fabulous pins.

And even though today we are having 85 degrees...unbelievable...I am secretly dreaming of winter...with snow and bitter cold moments. Speaking of which though...I may be heading to Illinois this December. For maybe a week. Unfortunately, not so much to the Chicago area. I know, I suck. :( In the meantime I can dream of winter, can't I?!

And yes, since last week was rather a difficult week and I was hoping to cheer up over the weekend (which I did, by the way!), I still decided to share this last pin with you all.

click on pictures for sources

We are all a little sad from time to time. It's part of life I guess.
BUT today and for the rest of this month I try not to be sad at all. I try to embrace life and smile at it every single day. :)

Hope you had a fantastic day!!!
And yes, hop on over to Michelle's and link up!!


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