August 31, 2009

Last Day

Have a terrific start into this new week. I'm sort of having off for the next few days. This has nothing to do with Labor Day but it sure feels like it. Waking up this morning I needed some purple inspiration...

credits go to wakebabe414 and hannahcheers1121 on

...this is just to start a day like this.

No real plans for today except for creating some yummy brownies (so not for me, though), going to the movies, and enjoying the last day of August 2009!!!

August 29, 2009


052, urspr√ľnglich hochgeladen von SunCravingGirl

Three more weeks and I can enjoy a view just like this one...I'm so excited!!!

Here It Goes Again...

Last night after work I wasn't able to sleep so I watched some TV. Nothing exciting was one, so I ended up watching the worst! Wife Swap was on, and even though I so don't watch this show my eyes were glued to the screen last night. One family living in San Francisco, the other one in Iowa. Very different, very scary and weird! It felt like as if the family from Iowa lived on a different planet eating nothing else but raw stuff, and living in a house where bacteria is a good friend and where cleaning supplies don't exist. Either way, I don't want to get into this topic too much because to me it is very disturbing, plus, I couldn't find a link to show you a least a little bit about this so you get an idea...but being me and now having a full idea of how they live and how others may live as well (I'm not saying it's bad, it is just very disturbing to me and not normal, but that is my honest opinion - who licks their kitchen floor? I so don't!) I am in desperate need of distraction and inspiration...all colorful and happy!!!



Have a terrific weekend!
Don't watch TV!!!!

August 27, 2009


So, while fall is slowly approaching I decided it was time to change my background again. I know, I don't want to do it too often but end up doing it anyhow. I'm not obsessed but the right background hasn't been found yet and I want it to be perfect. Plus, I am not good with any HTML or any other stuff that comes close to creating my own layout/background etc, so it always takes forever.
Either way, if you see changes all the time I do apologize for any confusion. I'm trying out a lot of options and I still want to come up with an individual blog (as individual as it can get - again, limited resources). While catching up on my blog reading one major entry caught my eye and I have to say I absolutely agree with what is written here.

Happy Thursday!
Fall might be approaching but it sure is extremely hot and humid these days. Not that I'm complaining because I love the heat and all but it's unbearable when working and not having cool air coming in. No A/C...yes, which is a good thing because frankly, too much energy is being used while having it on all the time, not to mention that it is 99 times more likely for so many of us to get sick while trying to cool ourselves (or the air) off with one...even just for a little...
...with that said...I'm now going to get myself a big glass of cold water, without ice, but cool enough it's going to help me chill a bit.


Old Times

Have I ever mentioned how much I love old pictures?! I can never get enough of pictures mirroring old times, of streets and building we know that still exist today but in these pictures look so much like a street or a building from a fairy tale or from some place else. Just knowing that it all existed way before our time (that again is a controversial topic I won't discuss at this moment) amazes me and just intrigues me. But I digress...
Am, again, catching up on so many blogs. Just now I came across this one. Even though Tina, also known as English Muse, is still absent she's got great guest bloggers contributing daily inspiration. This is just one of so many I loved. Not to mention it caught my attention due to its vintage style and Paris in its old beauty. I wanted to share this with you. Enjoy!

August 26, 2009

Bye Summer...Hello Fall....

At work I was struck at today's date! August 26!!!! Impossible. August just started and for some reason I'm not willing to give up summer yet!
Yes, I love fall and its colors but at the same time I hate it, too. Over here, fall's big brothers are rain and wind. The stepsister is called colder temperatures. I don't mind having temps in the 70s or higher 60s with nice, warming sunshine and a slight breeze along the way. That'll be perfect fall'd find me outside pretty much every single day! Though here, it's mainly grey, wet, and temps quickly fall down to 40 to max 50 sun, and well, it just looks depressing. However, I'm positive...I'm looking forward to some warmer weather, and a perfect fall time. It just has to be this way. It just has to! To make this upcoming new season more festive and more fun I even bought a magazine. With my summer misery still in full bloom (and I believe it's going to turn into some fall misery) I saw a magazine and bought it right away. I used to do this every other week, getting inspiration on new clothes, cool reads, fantastic stories about people being successful in life (and I'm not just talking about the money-making business), and just being inspired by life itself. Haven't felt this way in a very long time. Actually it feels really sad to admit this. Though today, along with a wonderful bottle of red wine, I bought a magazine. Will read through and all just after this entry. Can't wait. It sort of pushed me to go forward with my future. New season, new inspiration, perfect start towards a better future...


That's where I want to sit in the next few weeks, considering my options, reading books, finding peace, and trying to stay positive!

August 25, 2009

Wiener Schnitzel Is Not A Sausage

"If you ever wanna eat a Sauerkraut sandwich again take your Wiener Schnitzel lickin' finger and point out on this map what I wanna know." - Brad Pitt, as Lt. Aldo Raine.

The entire audience had to laugh. Yes, it sure did.
Then again, Wiener Schnitzel in the German speaking countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland has a different meaning. When a German speaking person enters those so-called fast food restaurants with the same exact name they'd be surprised to find mainly sausages and a bun, well hot dogs. Culture shock!!! However, Sauerkraut with Sausage is the common thing to eat...not the real Wiener Schnitzel. Then again, some people may have gotten it right, some not. I just thought it was funny. Tarantino made it funny!!!!!

August 24, 2009

Hello Again

Today, school started again. Not for me, but for all the kids in town. Streets and the old town feel less crowded again. Nice!!!!

Apart from that, I discovered that I'm just not intelligent. You might want to slap me right now and so be it my readers, but I feel I'm just stupid. Ok, that word is harsh. Not intelligent enough sounds better. Yes, I know. How can I say this to myself? I wonder, too. I'm embarrassed. Ashamed, too. I know what's you?! Yes, yes, the so-called summer misery of mine came back. Actually it never really left but waited for the right moment to appear again and voila, here it is. It's a sad feeling knowing that this misery is back and that it makes me feel they way it does. I know I'm not stupid, and that I am a bright young person full of life and her future waiting to be finally discovered and filled with experiences. I know all that. It just seems as if I have this enormously heavy stone on my feet and on my hands and even on my brain (yes, yes) that doesn't allow me to go online and do something else (more important) than just blogging, polyvoring, facebooking, yahooing, etc etc etc. I just had a whole week off. I did a lot but still it feels as if I failed that week. I wanted to look for an appropriate school for my tiny self, so I can finally go back and study again (which I loved, and yes, which I sometimes miss...but only really sometimes). Plus, if I don't do it now I won't ever. And that, my lovelies, I will regret for the rest of my life. There is already so much that I regret and can't change anymore I don't want this to be another of those "bad choices". Either way, if the studying doesn't change anything or doesn't give me opportunities I've been missing for so long then I can always return home, can't I?! Yes!
So, knowing that something is holding me back for unknown reasons is pissing me off. My life is boring enough at this very moment and I find no inspiration lately. I have to look for it in things that are cute and also inspirational but not truly inspiration for myself. Do you know what I mean?! If not, don't worry. Either way, life has to continue, I have to work on that and I will. The school is going to be found - soon. Just has to! Cross your fingers for me...luck is needed! ;)

In order to get rid of this bad feeling I ended up on polyvore again. Yes, I know...bad...with that I won't find a school. Here's what I found. My inspiration for today...sort of.

Have a fabulous day!


August 21, 2009

Morning Music

Woke up early, getting ready and all...and I am not in the mood to even get dressed today but I have to. I'm going to this birthday brunch party and I'm being picked up in less than one hour. Grrrr...however, music is always something that keeps me going. Certain songs remind me of certain good (or bad, or sad) times, and make my world more colorful. I think this is a very good thing. Either way, this morning, well, now actually...I feel like going back to bed. Then, turning the radio on my boys are singing....that was pure morning inspiration. Posted something a while ago about these Germans and will now post something else.
Hello morning music inspiration!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!

Friday Evening Inspiration

That's this picture...inspiration. Or, a way to look back at what happened. And, how beautiful the day was. These leaves seem so warm and welcoming. Something we all need sometimes.

Most of the tasks I wanted to start and hopefully finished are done. I'm very proud of myself. The only thing I'm still stuck with is that never ending school search. This was never easy, and never will be. My eyes are sore from sitting in front of a computer trying to read everything and take note and all...time for me to go out and eat dinner! Yes, I'm eating out tonight. I have no idea what to cook today so eating out seemed appropriate for a change. Though I have to hurry back home because Criminal Minds is on and I can't miss that one! Have missed way too much already...can't let that happen!!!

Happy Friday! And happy weekend!!!!!

Early Bird In Music Search

You would think now that I have the time to sleep in and all I would take advantage of all that and do it. Unfortunately, I'm not. I woke up at around 7.30 this morning which in my eyes is incredibly early. Then again, it's been over 90 degrees for the past few days, and yesterday supposedly was the hottest day of summer. Sleeping wasn't easy. Main reason on my part was that I got sunburned yesterday on my lovely shoulders and believe it or not on my face, too. How awful is that?! I hate when that happens. I put on a lot of sunscreen and tried to stay in the shade but the mountain sun wanted me, and got me! I look like a freshly harvested tomato! Yummy!

Today though, while trying to do as much as even possible today I took a sheet of paper I found lying around and scribbled on it what I absolutely need to do today:
  • write a letter to my dear friend A.
  • find more prospective schools so the whole search gets more complicated
  • write a long email to my lovely friend M.
  • read ten more chapters
  • clean out my closet because I know I have at least 30 things in there I don't need anymore
  • go grocery shopping
  • bake muffins
Oh, I'm also trying to find new songs to complete a summer CD. I create my own CDs with songs I either got from a bunch of CDs I already own or from songs I downloaded. Nice mixtures. I love doing this. The more unknown the better. Nothing against the songs they constantly play on the radio but new artists or those not so known over here are more appealing to me. Plus, I'm sure my friend S. possibly agrees with me that I do have special taste in music! Special, not bad. ;)

So, this is where you come in my lovely readers... ...any good ideas for good songs? Or Albums? Or whatever else? Anything, really.

I'm literally lost. My head is spinning and I can't find anything at the moment.

In the are a few pictures I took while going up the mountain!

Houses and apartments all underneath us...

We could have walked too but decided not to

Oh, my bag is in the picture, too...

The city...from a different perspective

August 19, 2009


That is what I have to do these days...breathe!

There is so much going on I don't want to deal with these days but simply have to. I'm invited to two birthday parties this week. Just realized that. Not having the slightest clue about these two birthdays showed that I wasn't really paying attention at all to pretty much anything, and that my thoughts were occupied with a lot of other things. Plus, all my friends know that I'm good at birthdays, and know all of them by heart...even those birthdays of people I spoke to or saw years ago. This week, I already missed my cousin's birthday, and now I just realized I'm invited to two other parties. On Friday, I won't go. I know how that party ends...lots of drinks, lots of fun stories and the birthday boy (ok, man!) keeping everyone until dawn. This can't happen because on Saturday morning I'm being picked up at 8.30 so we can drive up to some countryside birthday brunch thing. Tempting really, the brunch...but I dread the people. However, it'll be good for me. I hope so. It'll be good distraction and that is what I need. So, I have to breathe now...really breathe!

Plus, you would think having a whole week off allows you to do what you were supposed to do weeks ago. I haven't been able to look at all at schools or areas. The only good thing I've done so far (still am doing at this very moment, I'm just taking a break) is clean my entire room, get rid of clothes and bags I haven't worn or used in years and just mainly getting rid of junk in general. It's good cleansing - hopefully.

With that said, I better get going...more cleaning and dusting has to be done. The entire living room is empty as well. Literally empty. No furniture, just the TV in the middle of it so I can still watch some stuff...keeps me entertained for a while...I said cleaning...I meant cleaning people!!!

Have a good day!

Happy Wednesday

"People follow different paths, straight or crooked, according to their temperament, depending on which they consider best, or most appropriate - and all reach YOU, just as rivers enter the ocean. "

Quote from Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

August 18, 2009

Tuesday's Dress

Today I finally dragged myself out of bed, and out of the house towards possible stores...that might possibly have an appropriate dress for me. Easier said than done. The latter part, I mean. I found dresses...not so many, but I found them. They were either made for winter, for girls way taller or way skinnier or even bigger than me, for colorblind ones, for senseless ones, or just for those that want to go to the beach. I don't need a dress with spaghetti straps either; not for a wedding. Not for my friend's wedding, nor for any wedding in general. I need something fancy but not prom like and something I could possibly see myself wearing again...maybe. Plus, it just has to fit me.
After two hours of endless walking through a rather small town, drinking lots of water (it's scorching hot outside), a quick stop in a cafe for some coffee and raspberry pie (and no, it wasn't Starbucks!) I ended up buying a dress. Can you believe this?! I still can't. I have to say though it's not the one I had in mind. It doesn't even come close to what I had in mind. I wanted plain and simple, possibly black (yeah, I know) but with black anything goes and I can't go wrong and can add tons of colors etc etc etc... I ended up with the exact opposite of black. NO, NOT WHITE. That would be awful for a wedding, unless it's my own. I ended up buying one that has tiny flowers on it, more than just one color and looks nice. Yes, not super sexy and glamorous, but I won't stop looking anyhow. I might still find the perfect dress, now that I actually just got one. We'll see...

And I have finally found time to catch up on some blogs...I don't want to stick to the same blogs all the time, although don't get me wrong, I love them all. However, change it good. Here are a few of the blogs I read today or will finish reading today:

Just a Girl in a City
Listen for the Truth
La Mia Vita
Tudor City Girl
Spearmint Baby (even though I'm not there yet I like this blog a lot)

August 17, 2009


credit: here

Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely love postcards?!
I love to open my mailbox and have colorful postcards flying out as if waiting for me to finally check on them so they could show me where they are actually coming from. Today I got two! Ok, not a big deal I know. 20 would be a more appropriate number to be happy about but two is fair enough and plenty.

One was from my dear friend M. in Japan. Three years ago she came to my city and we met again (after so many years). I showed her places and she and her mom really enjoyed Europe. Today I got a postcard from her, and her husband!!!! It was a thank-you postcard with two wonderful wedding pictures (one traditional Japanese, the other very westernized) and their new address. This sure brightened my day!!! (ok, it saddened it, too...when is my turn, hello?!)
The other postcard was from my cousin living in New Haven, CT. Ever since she moved there I knew she didn't belong and couldn't find a way to adjust. I went all the way to visit her and cheer her up and I'm sure for those brief three days we spent together it worked but for the past few months now she fell back into her lab routine and out of her life routine. Nothing against New Haven and Yale, but I never saw her living there. So, in all her misery she left the town, heck the country, and spent some time in Europe. Impulsive. Family style. ;) Needless to say, her postcard came from Florence, but was actually written and sent from Istanbul. Now she's back in CT trying to live day by day and finish her business asap so she can leave again. Compared to my first postcard today, hers really depressed me. She should have gone to California. I would have known so many people willing to help her out, support her, cheer her up, and I'd have been there more often than on the East Coast...but she decided to go to New Haven and work there. At least I got to visit that place, too. Thank you. But it all just confused me. Her life, my life, all our lives... we are all so very different and still when it comes to life decisions like these or even slight decisions we end up in the same pot. Is life really that difficult to handle?!

What a typical Monday questions....

Have a fun day.


Good morning everyone!

It feels so good not having an alarm clock making me jump out of bed in the morning. It's almost noon and believe it or not I just woke up!!! Never felt better. Have to say that it's gorgeous outside and I better hurry up and get ready to enjoy some sun.

I'm actually amazed I went online yesterday and posted something. Never thought this would happen. Though it did. Must have been one of those moments I started to feel again. As you know, I haven't been feeling well or myself lately. Not that this has changed much.
However, last week I had this enormously long talk with my lovely friend and "little sister" C. and we both agreed on one thing (and we both better stick to that). Each of us has three goals to look forward to.
Hers are quite simple: going home (which she did this past Saturday), going to a wonderful summer island somewhere in Greece (next week), and seeing her boyfriend again (end of September).
For me, it's almost three and a half things...but who's counting: only three days left before I get off for a while (those three days are gone now, thank you), having a whole week off (which is right now), and looking forward to Istanbul and seeing family and friends again (starting Sept. 20). In between the week off and Istanbul...there is another thing...looking forward to develop myself in terms of finding the right school to continue my studies.
I came to understand that this is what I have to do. If I don't I'll blame myself forever, and I'm already blaming myself. Blame and guilt are bad for me, for everyone really. I need to get rid of these two by doing what I always wanted to do. It's going to fulfill MY life!!!!! Plus, I've just seen pictures of my friend's university and graduation (even though it's a while back) and it made my heart melt. I need this, and I'm going to have it too. Again. It's what I need. Maybe not you, but I do!

So, the goals I set for myself are quite simple too but the last one is going to be a bit tricky. Now I have time for the search. Not sure if I have the energy but the time I sure have.
Besides all this though, I'm really just looking forward to being away from work. It's time. The past week has been weird. That co-worker of mine (and if you read my former entries you know which one I'm talking about) has been nice. Way too nice. Almost scary nice. Not sure why. Not so sure if I want to know why. It's just scary. Weird and odd. Others have noticed too and we are all wondering why. Either way it's been an interesting week. But it didn't change my feelings towards that person nor the whole messy situation. I'm hanging in there and I'm dealing with it but trust me when I say I'm counting the days....

As mentioned quickly yesterday I went on a spontaneous road trip with my dear friend I. Even though I think I was feeling sick (not just from the night before, just for the record) we enjoyed driving about two hours north and exploring a new city. It's right at the border to Germany and it was our first time being there. I think she'd been there before and hardly remembered things so I call it her first visit, too. We had fun strolling around the old town, eating lunch, and enjoying the sun. Here are a few pictures, including my left foot...enjoy! Oh yeah, the last one is one of many funny-looking fountains throughout that city. ;)

August 16, 2009

Sunday Recap...

Things I've loved for the past five days:

1) Alessandro (just the name. Ok, I admit it, the guy too. But it's really just the name!!)
2) The fact that I'm actually about to finish the book. Finally.
3) Two movies: the hangover, and the proposal.
4) A fun and very long night on Wednesday.
5) Thursday's spontaneous road trip with my friend I.
6) Summer finally returning.
7) Being alone at home and playing housewife.
8) Daily visits by my neighbor's cat (I even gave her a name).
9) Having paid all the bills again.
10) And finally...knowing that I'll be having off for an entire week, actually it's nine full days and not having to deal with everyone and everything!!!!

Things I'm going to miss in the next few days:

1) Alessandro (oh how cute, I'm such a dork!!)
2) My "little sister"; she left Saturday early morning.
3) My friend M. who's going home on Tuesday.
4) The opportunity to speak English, German, and a mixture of Spanish, French and Italian.
5) Free food and drinks.

I'm glad there is more to what I'd loved than what I'm going to miss.
This past week has been filled with the usual craziness and laziness on my part. At work I felt weird, whenever I arrived I felt sick (a sign to me that this has to change immediately), at home I felt like an old lady talking to a cat that didn't even belong to me (she's so cute though). On my days off I went to see movies, went out with my "little sister" celebrating her 18th birthday (I totally forgot how old I actually am!!!) and went on a spontaneous road trip. I even managed to do laundry, clean the house and read! I'm impressed. This all lead to not being able to write much on here, which would have probably been nonsense anyhow so it is better I didn't.

I said good-bye to my little one. She's now back home in Austria most probably celebrating her birthday again...with all her friends from school. I'm gonna miss her. She's always been my daily inspiration - fun and happy girl! Today I'm going to say good-bye to another friend, too. It's that time of year again. I'm glad it's hopefully the last time I experience this. All I know though is that by saying good-bye (I refer to it as "see you's" - not as definite) part of this and every other summer slowly diminishes. We are all grown ups and know how to use the internet and therefore stay in touch...who knows, maybe even forever. Positive thinking!!!! ;)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!
In two hours I'm back at work...grrrr....last day! Positive thinking, Selma...positive thinking!!!

August 15, 2009


Have an absolutely great weekend.
I've been a bit MIA lately. Sorry about that. Will update soon, starting Monday I guess. I'll have one full week off to recover, sleep in, enjoy the last days of summer (hopefully not the last days though, would be way too sad), and just live life. More on everything later on...

Happy wonderful weekend.
Whatever you are doing, please think of me, I'll be stuck at work not being able to enjoy life outside that's gorgeous outside, and I'm inside. :( So, think of me when you do something fun! No matter what it is I'm sure it's a lot more interesting than what I'll be doing for the next two days.

credit goes to this person


August 12, 2009


Have an absolutely wonderful day.
Heading to the movies in a couple of hours. Need some fun and distraction.
And if time allows cupcakes will be made and are going to be tiny birthday cakes for tonight.


August 9, 2009

Come On, Come On

Honey, come on let's go home!
Darling!!! Come on or you'll stay on the coach and I'll enjoy the bed on my own.
Sweetie, let's go now. Please stop talking to strangers. Thank you. Come on honey bunny.
Ok, that is it. No sex tonight! Absolutely none!!!!

That's how our conversation went on Saturday, well, Sunday early morning.
Not the entire speech but it gives you an idea. ;-)

Well, let's recall what happened:
Saturday was Casino Night. First we had drinks at a fancy bar overlooking the entire city, then we headed to the restaurant located in the casino. Perfect dinner, excellent service and wine, and interesting conversations. I mostly ended up talking to the left side of the table and ignored the right side. So much for seating arrangements. Plus, you can't talk to everyone. One of my friends and I aren't really talking anymore and if we do it's mainly short, direct and not friendly (although we don't yell nor curse at each other, it's just plain cold talk). Honestly, I didn't care. I'm adult enough to handle and live with this fact. So, the right side got ignored. Another friend of mine has to have right all the time even when he's totally wrong. Arguments are a ton of fun and so challenging. Plus, he loves to hear himself win and have a say in pretty much everything. Trust me, I never gave in because I for once knew I was right on my part and he wasn't. Sorry M.!! *muuaaahhh*
Oh, we were also given $25 worth of chips (or whatever you call those) and I played and won eventually $95! Not much, but I ended up being the only one of our party (and we were four girls and five guys) winning that night. Thank you BlackJack!
Dancing and celebrating afterwards was quite amusing considering our guys went crazy and my friend C. and I were hit on by a girl from New York. Very amusing! Walking home around four in the morning... we bumped into my cousin on the way, tried to stop our guys from flirting with strange (and very unsexy and cheap-looking) girls and had fun teaching the male gender some lesson. The conversation above sums it up a little. They learned what it meant to go our with us and leave us practically stranded on the street just so they could hit on girls on the way home. What about us?! Hello?! So, the "honey, no sex tonight" talk towards our lovely (and very handsome guys in ties) worked and they ended up walking home with us instead of very young, and very unknown girls. Poor ones! ;-) We had fun. They even enjoyed playing along pretending to be cheating, flirting and whatnot bf's. ... A night to remember! Won't forget it that easily.

August 8, 2009

Happy Saturday!!!

I just had a real long talk with my neighbor's cat. She's been visiting me for quite some time. She's super cute but so hairy. Plus, even though I like cats I don't need one near me at this very moment plus she's practically a stranger!! ;-) So, I told her that she's welcome to visit and stay on my side, but, and this is the most important thing, that she's not allowed near or on the plants. Her look said it all: Yeah, whatever don't understand me and I just see you open and close your mouth...that's it. Whatever you are doing or saying I don't hear or don't wanna hear that. Hmmm, those green plants look nice... I'm done talking to her. She better behaves when I'm gone today!

Saturday, in all its glory. Plus, I feel like I'm repeating myself but it's raining again!
Yes, it's supposed to be summer and all sunny and warm but it seems that warmth lingers around whereas the sun decided to move away. Weekend's supposed to be fun and time to go out and explore the area etc but all I'm doing today is sitting here in front of my laptop and surfing the web. Everything is gray and wet outside. Way too ugly to go out. Oh, I almost forgot...tonight is Casino night. I'm almost ready, have put out a couple of options on what to wear. Not entirely sure what it's going to be but all in all I'm positive about tonight. It'll be fun! Wish me luck!!!! ;)

Hope you have some excitement planned for tonight or even the entire weekend!
Enjoy it.

August 4, 2009

Going Home - So To Speak

Tuesday, 5.30pm, click and click and print and voila...the flight is booked!

It is official. On September 20 I'm flying to Istanbul! I'm so excited it's impossible to describe it in words. Remember, when I talked about my friend getting married and that I am invited and also hesitant about it because going to a wedding stag is just plain boring? Well, guess what?! I'm not going alone!!!!!!! This is the best Tuesday morning gift ever.
Again, a rough morning, hardly any sleep and lots to do at work. I was fed up with silly questions and incredibly ridiculous stuff that I took the liberty to go online and check my emails. My favorite girl in the whole wide world wrote back to me and told me she was going to be in Istanbul as well. I wanted to instantly walk through that computer and give my cousin a huge hug - one she definitely deserved. All the pressure and all the questions and visions disappeared. I was, well, am certainly relieved. Now, I can sleep better. I won't be alone!!!!! YEAH!!!
Ok, this may sound weird to you or just silly but going to a wedding in Turkey alone is not something I envisioned myself doing. Plus, it'll be my first time attending two (!!!!) Turkish weddings. Yes, right, two! Two days after my friend's wedding (I'm super excited for her) my cousin's friend is getting married too and if I'm not mistaken I think I know her too and even if not...two weddings in one week...can't complain!!!!
NOW, all I have to do is find the right dress. Or basically two right dresses. Don't want to wear the same twice in the same week. My mission now is to find the perfect dress showing off all my lovely features but also not giving out too much. Sexy but classy. Oh boy. What have I gotten myself into?! A lot of fun and excitement I'm sure. Five weeks of driving every single store in town crazy...wish me luck. And if you ever read about a crazy girl in Europe rushing from one store to another encouraging herself every time to try one at least five different dresses and then walking out of all the stores without one single bag - that might me. I can just see myself walking my butt off and not getting or finding what I have in mind. Wish me luck!!! I so need it!

Here I go again...flying to a place I call home and still feel weird about it. That, my lovelies, is a long story. One I might once day write about. However, as I mentioned earlier I'm sure I'm going to have a blast!!!!

Happy Tuesday!

August 3, 2009

Summer Sunday

Ok, I got a little distracted yesterday. I couldn't stop surfing the web. While I was browsing the internet and looking for a potential school, taking breaks on facebook by playing on farm town and some silly restaurant application, I took another break on This was really bad. I got distracted - a lot. Loved it though. I even found THE perfect dress for my friend's wedding. Can you believe it?! I told you I would, but I also knew I'd find it in a store that doesn't exist over here and this is the worst. Needless to say I can't stop looking at that perfect dress (though I will find one, over here, and I know I will soon), and play around being creative.

Today, was, well still is, boring. So, I thought I'd post the above picture letting myself get distracted again. It's not the dress I had in mind for the wedding but it's also nice. It is also a very good inspirational picture...I feel like wearing all that and walking through cherry blossoms, letting the sun find my face and paint it golden...but I digress. Work has been so boring, the only excitement was the police arriving and taking someone in. Yes, correct. You read right. She seemed weird from the beginning on, talked about ridiculous things that didn't make any sense to any of us and came up with stories that weren't close to any truth whatsoever. I felt sorry for her. So did our boss and we had to call the police. We didn't know where she lived or where she actually came from or should go back to so this was the only solution at the moment. Exciting, huh?! Scary, too, because we weren't sure how she'd react to the police but she seemed okay with it. So yes, boring day, and I am stuck at work...and yes, I know I shouldn't be online blogging but it's all good. My job for today is done I just have to wait till my shift is over and that is in another two hours...time goes by so slowly....way too slowly.

Hope your Monday was better than mine.

August 2, 2009

Sunday Music

Happy Sunday!
I decided to post a video with one of my favorite songs.
I'm sure most of you recognize it from movies and TV shows.
I adore it. No, I love it. It's so very sad, very sexy, and very good for a Sunday post.

It might not be the best video quality but this song's so beautiful I can't get enough of it!

Until next week! ;-)


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