August 29, 2012

Marion Cotillard - Girl Crush

Hey everyone.
Hope you are having a fabulous week.
It's gotten hot wonder I'm already sweating by 9am. Ha! :) Just kidding. Maybe.

I had fun reading your comments about my commercial obsession. For the record, I have a DVR and I love it too...but once in a while I just don't hit forward because I don't want to rush that part of my life either - everything else seems so hectic these days and so out of control sometimes, that I just long for quiet and slow moments, so why not NOT skip through commercials?! Ha. I know it's just me but thought I'd share this little info as well. :) 

It's Wednesday, and I'm linking up (late!) with Michelle and her weekly, Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday. My theme this week is literally a girl crush I have had for years. Yes, we can have that too...boy crushes, girl crushes, dog crushes...whatever. So today it is no other than Marion Cotillard. She not only represents Paris or France but Europe to me! Kind of makes me less homesick! :)

all via my pinterest

With or without flaws...she's beautiful. No?!

August 28, 2012

Evidence Doesn't Lie

Hey lovelies!

I'm letting you in and tell you a secret.
I love commercials.
Not the ones during Superbowl, although yes, they are funny, good and weird, too. I prefer regular commercials between shows, movies, and what not. Granted, it gets annoying when a movie is super exciting and then baaaammm some silly commercial comes along and ruins the suspense. Though I still like commercials. Well, love is more the word for it. I get to see what's out there, get to laugh, or wonder who in the world came up with what they came up with to show us all...I don't like skipping through. So it is no wonder that today's post involves my favorite commercial these days, for the past couple of weeks actually.
Though before I share it with you I just want to say that ever since I got back from Europe I still need to get used to the differences in commercials here versus there. It's big. Very big. Not just because of the language, but because of the content. Love differences like these. So fantastic. favorite commercial is probably one you all have skipped through, ignored, or loved as much as I have. I just lighten up each time it appears and I cannot tell you how much it makes me smile! It's that crazy. Maybe I'm crazy. Go figure. After all, you know the name of my blog. :)

So, here it comes, my favorite commercial of this year. Have fun!

"I'm not buying it" made me laugh out loud the first time I heard and saw it.


August 27, 2012

Weekend Update - Time for Batman

Hey lovelies!

I have been busy. School started again and it's been interesting so far. My favorite class is definitely Film. I always knew I was into movies, so this class is going to be more than just awesome. Speaking of, I gave in and finally saw The Dark Knight Rises on Saturday.

As a huge Batman Movie/Show fan I have to say I was a little disappointed. It was good, don't get me wrong. Great catharsis, great sound, great actors (hello!!!), but overall...I hated the villain. Obviously, the villain is never to be liked but I literally hated him. It felt too real, too non-fiction. Where's the impossible-looking villain? Not the real dude?! Really.

Anyhow, that was that...the movie and all was awesome, but the villain and the story line disappointed me a little. I was waiting sooooo long for some real action to happen. Sorry if I have spoiled things now for those of you who haven't seen it yet. Though the end was fun, and of course I have to say the Man Candy was oh-so-yummy! And I'm not only talking about Christian Bale here. ;) Sigh....

So how was your weekend?!
Mine literally just consisted of the movie...and homework, and maybe some laundry too...and yes, True Blood of course! :) :)

Linking up with Leeann, Sami and Dana!
Are you?

August 23, 2012

A little drained, and a little out of juice!

I think we all experience these days when we just feel nothing goes fast is such a day. Yesterday was such a day, too.

I posted this on Facebook last week and one of my best friends said "that is so me!!".
She was so right. This is me, too. Not every day of course.

How about you?! 
Is this you, too?!

What do you do to keep up?
How do you survive long, endless-looking days?!

I usually set goals, and make sure I satisfy all of them. By noon. Or maybe two in the afternoon. And if so, I am happy and feel accomplished. The next couple of hours I can just well, somewhat relax. My motto usually is, the faster something is done and ready the better and easier the rest of the day or week will be. I am a procrastinator but I taught myself to work on certain things early and fast (and accurate of course) so I can enjoy my weekends. And I love my weekends. They start Thursdays at 12.15pm to be exact. I so don't want to trade with anyone!

Don't be jealous!

Have a good day tomorrow lovelies!


P.s. I am sooooooooo drained these days. School started again. And I have a little writer's block - or let's say a topic/idea block. I am out of juice. 
Any suggestions?
Tips? Ideas?

Anything is greatly appreciated.

August 21, 2012

My Cleanse Drink

Are there times when you think you are just plainly full and bored of what is in your body? You know, those times after all those big holidays, or a long summer full of BBQ's, chips and drinks? I know you are feeling the pain as much as I do. :) That is when it's time to cleanse, detox, or even just simply make yourself feel healthier. 

Years ago I swore the cabbage soup cleanse was the best thing ever for me. I'd eat cabbage soup (with all kinds of green veggies) for an entire week, drank only water (no more coffee, tea, alcohol and sodas), no meat or fish, just the soup for three days and a bunch of veggies and fruits, and then slowly added bananas and milk, and lean meat later on. It worked, I lost pounds but I was also too lazy to cook that soup. My energy was back though and I was more aware of what I put into my body after my week full of cabbage soup. Though my laziness was stronger and I needed to find something else.

Today, I'm going to share another cleanse that has worked for me. It is easy to make, doesn't cost a fortune, doesn't need to be delivered and is healthy and good. I read it in a healthy magazine while I was waiting for my hairdresser to work on my hair, and well, this little cleanse has beautifully worked for me so it may also work for you, or not.

All you need is fresh ginger (preferably, 2 to 3 inches long, not longer), two oranges, and cranberry juice (one bottle; fresh juice...not the sugary stuff - and yes, that may be a bit costly but it's worth it). 
  • bring the cranberry juice to a boil
  • peel the fresh ginger, then cut it into thin slices
  • once the cranberry juice is brought to a boil, let it stand and add the ginger to it
  • let it all stand for 20 minutes
  • squeeze the oranges (fresh orange juice is sooooo delicious)
  • remove the ginger (up to you how)
  • put the juice in a pitcher/jar/whatever works
  • add the orange juice to the warm cranberry-ginger juice
  • let it cool
  • drink

  Enjoy the cool drink!

I made up to five new drinks in a week. I drank it instead of coffee, tea, or any other soda temptation. I ate regularly and may have cut out a lot of fatty foods, but literally felt my body was being cleansed. No need to get into details here, right?

I don't like ginger. I made this drink anyways and I like it a lot. It clearly is a refreshing drink whether or not you use it as a cleanse!

We all know that detoxing and cleansing our bodies can be a horrible, quite boring thing and just difficult to "maintain"... The temptation to just stop is sometimes stronger. So I was pleasantly surprised to know that I could follow through with this drink. And it was so easy!

If you like cranberry juice, fresh orange juice and even ginger...go for it.
If you don't like it at all, then well...

Just'll be fine even without my cleanse drink!

Hope you're having a good day.


August 19, 2012

Disneyland Hotels in Anaheim - Pack Your Bags & Never Stop Dreaming

Hello! It's Sierra from Ocean Dreams blog! 
It's nice to be blogging here on Selma's blog land again! :)

So earlier this week Selma and I went to Downtown Disney, which happens to be one of my favorite places to visit. Of course I would have loved for us to go to Disneyland too, but with the tickets being so expensive these days we had to forgo Disneyland and just hang out at Downtown Disney. Which, was still lovely of course. 
While Selma and I were at Downtown Disney we stumbled across the Grand Californian Hotel, which was quite lovely! We went inside to initially search for a restaurant, but we ended up in the lobby where we were in awe of the design and layout! I told Selma after seeing this hotel that I had decided that for one of my birthdays I was going to have a girl's weekend and stay at one of the hotels surrounding Disneyland. Of course I'd love to have this happen for my upcoming 28th birthday (I'm turning 28 next month), but the rumor is that you have to book these hotels months (or even a year) in advance so maybe for my 29th or 30th birthday?! Lol.
A little history surrounding this hotel: the architectural style of Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa is based on the Arts and Crafts movement that dates back all the way from the 1900s. This stunning hotel has dark wood panelings, a large and gorgeous fireplace hearth, plenty of rocking chairs, sweeping cross beams, and loft ceilings that are breathtaking. All that was missing from this enchanting hotel were fun decor elements such as logo fountains, which would look amazing with the Disneyland logo across the front of the fountains! :)
Of course who's kidding; I'd rather go to the Disneyland Hotel!! In fact, it's always been a dream of mine to stay there. I've been inside of the hotel several times, but have yet to actually stay there. I also have hung out in one of their huge ballrooms when I picked up my half marathon stuff for the Disney half marathon a few years ago, and ever since then and even prior to that, I've always wanted to stay at this lovely hotel. After all, it's the happiest place on earth, right?!
The Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California is an older hotel, but very well decorated and unlike the Grand Californian Hotel, it's filled with Disney decor everywhere. I've read that the Grand Californian Hotel has hints of Disney elements inside of it, but obviously The Disney Hotel is made to feature Disneyland so it has a lot more Disney themed decor pieces and even Disney themed rooms. In particular I'd love to stay in the penthouse and luckily I came across some images via Just check out the penthouse, Mickey everywhere, and the round bed!! Can we say amazing?!
I don't want to know how much it costs to stay in the penthouse, but I am loving the Mickey themed design! The desk area is my favorite, with a sketched Mickey who perfectly takes over the wall. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to pack up and stay there tomorrow or ASAP for that matter. I know for certain that I will be staying at the Disneyland hotel one of these years and when I do I will be going to Disneyland too! I can't wait and you better believe that Selma is coming! You all are invited too, but I don't know how much room I'll have, unless I stay at the penthouse! :) But either way, the Disney princesses never stop dreaming, so neither will I!

August 17, 2012

Turquoise Friday Inspiration

As summer is slowly leaving us - have you noticed that the sun sets already earlier? - I really want to capture the last couple of weeks full of hot air, sunshine, blue skies and whatnot. My favorite color this summer, and well any other summer really is turquoise. It gives me a cool feeling, wanting to suck on Popsicles and drink refreshing margaritas. Though, a little pink had to be added too...otherwise it would not be perfect! What do you think?!

Have a lovely day and weekend!
I was busy on Wednesday (hang out with Sierra from Ocean Dreams), and yesterday, well, the pool called my name and I couldn't really say no to that. 

Any fun plans planned for the weekend?
A friend is coming down from Ventura County and I believe we all are hanging out. And even if not, I'd be probably reading and looking for a car. Bleh. And enjoying my last weekend before school starts again. What was I thinking, really?


P.s.: New Header is up...Blog Button will be replaced soon as well!! :)   Like or Dislike?! 

August 14, 2012

Shower Time

I saw this a while back on my friend's Facebook page and thought it was a fun thing to post today.

Do you like taking showers?!
I love it. Not sure if I spend 27 minutes in the shower but I totally can see myself doing exactly that. The most random thoughts come to my mind when I take a hot shower. And then I quickly wash and rinse and get ready. haha.

Does this happen to you sometimes?

I don't know about you but I have to smile whenever I look at this!

Have a fun day!

August 13, 2012

Weekend Update - Back in SoCal

Hey everyone!

How was your weekend?! Busy? Lazy? Boring?
Mine was a bit of everything. My weekend didn't really start off nicely, it started off rather boring. I am still on vacation (one more week left though) so I really wanted to do things. BUT, what can you do without a car (yes, I'm looking!!! Any help coming my way would be appreciated just saying!), and with a huge headache lingering, California summer heat and mixed feelings all together?! Not so much. Though I managed to do something so here we little recap:

My head was spinning but I managed to walk to Target in the morning and buy some necessities, and then went to South Coast Plaza in the afternoon. I wanted to feel girlie but comfortable, so I wore jeans (yes yes!) and my lovely pink flats even though it was about 90 degrees.

 top: zara / jeans: sonoma / flats: from Italy

For months we have been struggling with some annoying neighbors that cannot throw their trash away. There are two chutes, one for trash and one for recycling (personally I think the recycling one should be separated even more but that's the European in me). Well, there are neighbors that put their nasty trash bags just into the trash room and let it be. They are too lazy to actually open the chute and put the trash in there. I mean, how difficult is it?! Come on!!
So, when I went in to throw trash away I saw a note on the wall pretty much complaining and reminding those lazy neighbors to throw the trash down the chute like everyone else. The note was hardly visible so I took it and put it outside the door AFTER I returned to throw more trash out and found two huge trash bags in the room again. I cannot tell you how disgusting and stinky it I took the note and put it right outside the trash door so whoever it was that couldn't throw his or her trash away normally would see it. Well on Friday someone wrote NO on much for consideration and rudeness. So irritating. I might as well just write the same note with nicer handwriting again!!!

Besides the trash incident and the constant wondering who it actually is, I went out and took the bus to a shopping center. I am not a fan of public transportation here (even though it's clean) and I much rather prefer to drive but I needed to get out and needed to get back into a routine so I took the bus and went shopping at TJ Maxx and Ross. Seriously, if I don't feel like going to a regular mall I really love going to these two stores. I didn't buy a thing which is great but still somewhat enjoyed my little shopping trip. Of course, I was naturally it wasn't as much fun as if I was shopping with a friend but it was somewhat fulfilling. And to see sunsets is always one of my favorite moments!

I spent time by the pool, watched buff guys show off (not attractive by the way), saw our semi-famous (or famous?) neighbor, and then headed to the mall. They had an event going and we decided to go into of many photo booths and took pictures.

 My friend Marjan and I going a little crazy?!
Sorry for the bad quality...had to take a picture of the picture!

We decided to head to Laguna Beach and have brunch at The Cottage. It's one of my favorite places and I just like its vibe and ambiance. I recommend the French Toast, and even the Laguna Scramble which I had. And a bit of walking around Downtown Laguna and along the beach was fun too. :)


And in general...I have two things to say about this turned out better than it started, but it could have been better all together...and I decided on two things: Justin Bieber's song As Long As You Love Me is kinda fun, and the Dance (A$$) song is not my favorite and kind of disgusting. Cannot stand it whatsoever. Bleh.

My weekend was interesting! HA!
How was yours?!

Hop on over and link up with Leeann, Sami and Dana just like I did!


August 9, 2012

Happy Friday's Fancies!!

Happy Friday everyone!! (a little early this time)
I think I fought the jet lag, and I think I can finally enjoy being in California again. When you don't fully know where you are or what time it is or how you're feeling you can't fully enjoy things. Though I am back and happy. I think. I am just taking things slowly these days.

Today, it is Friday and I'm linking up with Long Distance Loving's theme gingham gorg!

Oh boy...let's just be honest here, it's not my favorite print. At all. Don't get me wrong because yes, I agree it can in fact look fabulous and be cute but it always reminds me of Germany and Switzerland and their table clothes in beer restaurants. I know, ridiculous. Either way, have a look at what I came up with...I may in fact change my mind! It's not that bad after all. ;-)

So what do you think?
Good? Bad?
I like the first combo most...though really prefer the flats and bag in the second one.

Have a fun day today...and yes, head on over and link up if you wish!


Thursday Update - It's OK

Good morning from sunny and hot California!

I'm still jet lagged, but it's getting better each day...I am trying to get rid of it by today.
I'm also trying my best to stay awake, get enough fluids and sleep and enjoy summer!!
In less than two weeks I'll be sitting behind books again which I am really not looking forward to at the moment. Grrrr...

Since I can't think straight (yet), I think a "It's OK Thursday" post with Neely and Amber would be appropriate! Have fun!!

It's OK...

...that I am still jet lagged.

...that I didn't feel any earthquakes happening, but everyone else around me did.

...that I take naps during the day.

...that I am older than I look, it makes me feel special.

...that I am catching up on PLL and True Blood...just feels right sometimes.

...that I am lazy most of the time.

...that I gained over ten pounds while in Europe, so I can lose it all again here.

...that I felt like linking up with this link up today because I needed to distract myself a little. be super happy to hold my new DL in my hand...I can buy a bottle of wine now without having any problems. be excited about walking into Target today. be equally excited to be in California again. miss home already.

That's that.

It's a beautiful Thursday morning. I woke up, got ready and am sipping on my coffee contemplating about life and all. It's that fantastic. Then again, I don't want to stay in bed just so I can sleep in. I need to get back into a normal daily routine...beat the jet lag because really, my body now thinks it's almost 5.30pm at the moment, instead of 8.30am. Thank you very much. I don't want dinner, I am eating breakfast now.

If anyone of you has tips on how to get rid of a nasty jet lag, fill me in. What I am doing and what used to be okay and what used to work so well for me is not working anymore. I have been doing this flying/traveling for over twelve years, but heck, it is not getting easier. I also blame it on the fact that I am not getting younger. I used to have no problems and now this...oh well.
So yes, if you have a tip or two let me know.
Thank you.

Have a great day.



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