December 29, 2015

Reading Challenge 2016

Time has flown by this year it is unbelievable. It has flown by so fast I did not complete my reading challenge I had in mind for 2015. I love to read but when life hits you in the face unexpectedly you either read more or you stop. I stopped. I could not pick up a book; any book. I wasn't interested in the written word for a long time and this scared me. I had no desire to get lost in anything. The second I opened a book and decided to read it I paused for a few seconds and smiled, knowing I was doing the right thing and knowing I was feeling better. 

So with 2016 approaching I knew I needed change. It is not because a new year is about to begin. It is because I feel it is time to make a few changes in general. Life taught me a lot this year and one thing I know is to not wait for anything or anyone. 2016 will be filled with changes, and one will be my reading challenge. 

A few weeks ago, Krysten mentioned on social media that she was going to ask her other half to choose books for her to read. To be honest, this thought scared me because my other half cannot stand reading at the moment and even if, we both have very different taste in literature. To challenge our relationship and my love for the written word I knew I had to try this as well. So, thank you Krysten for inspiring me to challenge myself and my books. 

Here are the rules:

  • B solely chooses the books from my Goodreads list and/or from the shelf I mark as unread
  • I get six vetoes {though I doubt I will use them all, if any}
  • If I don't like the book and cannot make it halfway through I can stop reading it
  • If the book is part of a series and I like it I am allowed to read the next book in that series

I am excited about this. This will help me cross a few books off my online list, and it will allow me to discover genres I think I have no interest in {but we all know I do}. 2016 will be an interesting reading year for me. I am so ready!


December 28, 2015

Weekly Hopes {22}

Hope you had a marvelous Christmas time and are ready to say good-bye to this year and welcome the new one. I certainly am ready. 2015 wasn't my favorite. Every year has its ups and downs but this year had a lot more downs than usual. Losing my mom so early and so unexpectedly was certainly not on my list to see or experience. It is on no one's list. It took me by surprise, screwed up my summer {although I saw friends and family in Switzerland and Turkey again} and challenged me greatly. I have slowly learned to deal with this loss. I know I am nowhere near feeling awesome or as I was feeling before but I am feeling okay. That is one major step forward. This is all I need. One step at a time.

I stared this Weekly Hopes Series when I knew I had to change my outlook on everything. It helped me look forward to things and make plans. It helped me focus. It helped me live life. I will not discontinue this series as I see its great benefit. I don't know for how long I will continue this but so far it's been my hopeful corner of peace and tranquility.

So, with that being said...for this week and the rest of this year {wow!!!} I am hoping for a few very crucial things...let's have a look:

1 - Another helpful chiropractor appointment
2 - Movie Date with my man
3 -  A quiet, laid back New Year's Eve
4 -  Laughter, lots of laughter

How short is this wish list?!
I know I have an appointment today so I know this adjustment will be helpful again. Also, Tuesdays are movie days. Tickets are always cheaper and when you are off you better be taking advantage of that around here. We will spend NYE at home with our fur babies. We have a bottle of bubbly ready, and I have to figure out what to cook...appetizers are already thought of, just the main dish is unknown. Any suggestions?

And my last wish is so simple it shouldn't be on anyone's list but be a given...well, I have learned to let go and laugh. More so lately but it is still a process for me. So, if I can get any kind of laughter squeezed out of me I am in luck. Let's hope I find a few fun movies I haven't seen so I can laugh my butt off. 

Are you ready to welcome 2016????
Any major plans, wishes and what not for this last week?!!

Tell me!


December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas From Me to You

I am celebrating Christmas with family and I am hoping for snow on Christmas Eve and Morning. So far so good. Our forecast predicted some tomorrow. Let's hope it will come true. With us being busy preparing dinner, dessert, breakfast, and fun memories I will be offline for the rest of this week. I hope you understand.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from my side of the world to your side of the world. However you celebrate {or not} I hope this week brings happiness to your homes and laughter to your loved ones. 


P.s. My Instagram will be filled with things I won't have time to share on here. So follow along. I am looking forward to seeing you there. Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2015

Weekly Hopes {21}

Happy Christmas week everyone! I know there are people out there not celebrating Christmas and this is very normal and very okay with me. In that case, have an amazing week and enjoy it to the fullest. 

Lately, with everything going on in the world, I have come to the conclusion that I will raise my children {in the future, when it's happening} with an open-mind about religion, cultures, languages, love and life. I want my children to grow up the way I did; very very open-minded. 

Easier said than done. You probably think that is a given. Technically yes, but when I hear people, read stories, and talk to people and understand that some have no idea about certain cultures, religions, and ways of living it saddens me. You don't need to know everything but have a general {true} idea and don't judge right away. Hey, I'm not perfect either. At least I know what Christmas is, Hanukkah, and even know what Islam is about. I will not get political here but all I need to say is that what the media presents {the views, the bad people, the everything we don't want to see} ruins anything and anyone. It is not the media's fault. It is the people who are uneducated believing in others who point fingers and tear any religion apart that does not need tearing. Stop it. Just stop it. 

So, without getting too much into this negative crap, hee's what I am looking froward to this week 

1 - Family Time
2 - Christmas lights in neighborhoods
3 - Snow
4 - Tiramisu
5 - Christmas music
6 - Doggie kisses
7 - Cat snuggles
8 - Hot spiked cider

It's my happy week. I lost it a few times yesterday, mainly because certain things remind me of my mom and the good old times. I am making new memories, and creating new stories so that the old ones can remain but will not take over my current happiness. I'm trying really hard. Plus, yes, I know the first few holidays will be the tougher ones...let me just wallow a little. I will be fine. Drinking my hot cider right now already makes up for all the crying yesterday. ;)

Have a fantastic week and hopefully there are a few things on your weekly list that will make you smile! :)


December 17, 2015

Currently {3}

Thinking about: How happy I am that this semester is finally over. I didn't go to school but my man did. He should have been out of school years ago but they keep adding classes or canceling them, it just takes forever. Plus, this semester he also took over some stupid night shifts {they are over} and I would be lying if I said it did not put a strain on our relationship. We are okay. It was just one hard test for both of us to pass. For the past two months we saw each other about ten minutes per day. That is it. When he was off he slept until one or two in the afternoon.
So, I am incredibly happy that this time is finally over...and my happiness is one heck of a thing to think about. :) 

Listening to: Christmas music. It makes me happy and also a little sad. What can I say? It's the holidays...they always make me melancholic and sentimental. This year more than ever before.

Watching: Luna and Lilee wrestle with one another while I sip my steaming hot coffee. Sibling love is the cutest. Yes, it's love. Their play is fun and not at all aggressive.

Reading: House Rules by Jodi Picoult and a bunch of magazines I found at home I know I want to read and toss afterwards.

Loving: That B is done with school for this semester. He's worked really hard to get to where he wants to go and even though his school gives him a few obstacles he has managed these challenges quite well. No more school means no more stress, homework, projects, and no more drama in general.

Planning: Our trip to see family in Northern Nevada. Traveling with kittens is no problem for me but it still requires planning. It is like traveling with children of any age minus the extra clothes in case of an "accident". I'm writing a list of what to bring, and technically of what we can get in Nevada. I want to avoid extra trips to the pet store or any other store so I usually bring everything with me. Haha.

What are you currently up to?! 


December 16, 2015

Gift Ideas for the Hostess #4

We are approaching the happiest time of year pretty soon my lovely readers. It is next week. It may be the 16th today but next week is when Christmas knocks on most of our doors. If you are still invited to a holiday party, or your mom decides to invite the whole neighborhood so you can meet Mr Right {you never know...}, then don't forget to bring something with you when you attend as a sign of appreciation and a thank you. After all, you aren't going just to eat and drink, right?!

Untitled #124

Love the decanter {can you tell I love wine?!}, the chalkboard, the NYC coasters, and yes, even the lip balm set. You cannot go wrong with any of these. Even just a nail polish can make anyone's day. Plus, even if you are not invited to any party but you are attending a family dinner this holiday season you can still bring your mom, your dad, your siblings, aunt, grandparents, or even in-laws something. Look at it as a special holiday present; just showing your gratitude and happiness to be part of that special event {whatever if may be}.

Have an amazing day my lovely readers.

If you are in need of more ideas check out my last three ideas 1 | 2 | 3

December 15, 2015

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

This season is my favorite. Winter may not be my best friend but the holiday season itself makes my heart warm and fuzzy. I don't see it as stressful. I see it as a time to wrap up a year; a time to come together and cherish each other; a time to feel at ease; a time to feel cozy and bundle up; a time to drink warm drinks and not get hot flashes; a time to feel elegant and a time to not only receive but to give back! 

November and December both make me more creative. The Internet is full of unique ideas; ideas to make this time of year more festive, more cute, and more wonderful. To get a glimpse of what made my heart melt this holiday season and what got my mind going to enlighten our home I am sharing with you photos I put together on my Pinterest boards. 

The bridge above is in my hometown. I love this bridge. I love that they have put it back up again this year. Several of my friends took photos of it and shared it with me so I know my city is glowing once more with this beautifully decorated bridge.

Decorative pillows are my favorite thing this season. They brighten up any couch, and add a festive touch to the home. Wreaths and anything with red makes my heart very happy as well.

Writing on windows is my favorite thing to do during the winter season. The windows need a wash anyways, so why not have fun with them? I am huge on candles. Unfortunately, with two kittens in the house we have to be careful but so far so good. They love the Christmas tree, the lights, and do not seem to be bothered or irritated by them. My happy holiday time did not get ruined.

Have you gone out and about this holiday season? 
Did you start something new or stick to the old items you had on hand?! 
Whatever you chose to do I am sure if looks fabulous.

Have an amazing day. Go out and smile.
After all it is the most wonderful time of the year.


December 14, 2015

Weekly Hopes {20}

Ten more days and Christmas is knocking on our doors. I am ready. Yes. Today I can finally say that I am ready for the holidays. I wasn't a few days ago but today I know I am. If I missed one or two people and did not write a Christmas card or send a gift to, I can still do so after the holidays. New Year's presents and greetings are always appreciated as well. With Christmas so close by I am extremely thankful for many things but mainly for staying sane and for not freaking out as much as thought I would. With this beautiful sign my weekly hopes this week include

1 - Chiropractor appointment
2 - Wearing my new StitchFix outfit I received over the weekend {so stoked}
3 - Finals will be done by Wednesday
4 - Packing for a few days in Northern Nevada
5 - Christmas movies
6 - Cleaning out our fridge
7 - Snow

Yes, California has snow. Real snow. Fake one, too. I am looking forward to seeing and feeling real snow. A snowball fight on Christmas morning would be fantastic. Maybe we are lucky this year. Last year we were very close. We had a bunch of snow flurries but that was it then. Fingers crossed we get some snowy fun on Christmas morning. I hope we do.

What is on your list this week?


December 11, 2015

Happy Friday List

Happy Friday!

This week, on the blog, has been all about this holiday season; possible gift ideas for your friends, hostesses, guys, and what not. I am still looking for a perfect holiday sweater. Help! 
Today I want to share with you what made me happy this week. It is my Happy Friday List. Not everything I do revolves around gift shopping although let's be honest it is fun once you know what you are looking for. 

Without further ado here's my Happy List for this week. And, like every time I share this I am linking up with Krysten and Lindsay for their link-up. Have fun and join the party!

1. Rain
2. Holiday inspired nail polish
3. Cuddle time with the fur ladies
4. My man's new and normal schedule 
5. Criminal Minds
6. Thieves everything
7. Jacuzzi time
8. Wine
9. Quality 
10. My new Kate Spade bag

What made you happy this week? 
Hope it was a great week! I am ready for the weekend. Why?! Well, I'll be working mostly which I am not ready for to be honest, but it makes me happy to know I have things to look forward to. Can you believe that in two weeks Christmas will be practically over?! I can't. At all. 

Happy Friday!

December 9, 2015

Gift Ideas for the Hostess #3

It's another week closer to Christmas and another possibility to get invited to yet another party. There was once a year where I was invited to at least five parties in two weeks. Plus, the invites came pretty much three days before the event. Either people got really spontaneous or they just forgot to invite me, OR they heard my gifts were amazing so they decided to host a party! HA! 

It is not easy to find the right gift for anyone. If you don't know the host or hostess it is even harder. In that case I would go with the easiest: flower, chocolate, or {best one} a bottle of good red wine. When you know the host or hostess you can cater towards their hobby, style, or likes. One of my friends is a huge Italian food lover. She threw an early holiday/birthday/house warming party and I knew I was going to get her a big basket of lots of Italian goodies. I found this amazing store that only sells specialties from got pricey but it was so worth it. I did combine all three events in one basket, so in a way it wasn't that pricey after all. :)

Untitled #123

Look at these beauties.You can never go wrong with a holiday inspired ornament, or a cheese/meat board. Look at this cure and fuzzy throw {sold out unfortunately}, and the sparkly decanter. There are so many options. No need to go all fancy. Again, it depends on who invites you and what you know about the person. Now, excuse myself while I am headed over to Nordstrom's to get those copper mugs

Can you believe we are almost hitting mid-month?! Unbelievable. Are you done with holiday gift shopping, or are you getting mostly stuff done now or last minute?! There is nothing wrong with that. I once experienced first hand that last minute presents can be in fact better and more fun than early bought presents. :)

More ideas can be found here and here

Have an amazing day!!!

December 8, 2015

Holiday Sweater Inspiration

Colder and windier temperatures mean one thing. Sweater Weather!
I own a few sweaters but nothing as cute as what I found. In comparison mine are boring. Mine are not even holiday or winter related. I should add one to my collection with a cute reindeer or polar bear. How cute would I look? Bangs, and a cute little sweater with a white bear on it?! I'd be looking maybe 16 but I will take it.  

Untitled #119

I seriously need a cute reindeer sweater that keeps me warm in these Northern California winter. Believe it or not it does rain here and it also snows. How about a colorful, fully winter-inspired sweater? Or a snowman? So cute. Also, an elegant sweater that will even go well when invited to a half-casual holiday party? Or just sparkle all the way because you are a girl. There are so many options to choose from it is amazing. Off I go searching for the right one keeping me entertained and warm this time of year. I have a feeling January and February will be colder and gross, so I better get prepared. 

Are you a sweater person? 
I wasn't until it got cold here in California. I miss my old home when it was 75 degrees in December. Yet, I am not complaining. I like where I live and I am happy. That is all that counts, right?! 


December 7, 2015

Weekly Hopes {19}

Happy Monday.
Is it me or does time really fly by these days?! I am so not ready for the holidays. I am ready as far as presents go, but I am behind decorating which leads me to just ignore it all together and not even think further. However, I know and always preach that we should live life to the fullest and not say we would do something some day. Some day may not exist, may never ever happen. Instead of putting it off, whatever it may be, we should do it. NOW. Not tomorrow or some day. This also goes for my wreath. Still have none. This brings me to my Weekly Hopes Series.

This week I am looking forward to accomplishing or experiencing....

1 - Sending two Christmas packages away {yes, I didn't do it last week...oops}
2 - Going to two Catholic churches and lighting two candles
3 - Rain
4 - Getting a massage
5 - Back to regular schedules {YES}
6 - Putting a wreath up. A must!
7 - More quality time with my favorite person

This time of year always forces me to look back at what the past 11 1/2 months have taught and given me. I have to say that 2015 was not my favorite year. It started out beautifully with a lot to look forward to and a lot to be thankful for. All this got halted abruptly when bad news hit me and I lost my mom unexpectedly. It is a void. It hurts. I wasn't ready for this to happen so early, and I know there are a lot of you out there that understand that feeling. This feeling teaches you a lot. It pushes you to a different level of disturbed, confused, lost, and mad. I have jumped over this dark hole and am regaining happiness, regaining the will to go out and do something. 2015 will end beautifully, and I know 2016 will start fresh, colorful, and happy. So, looking back at these past 11 1/2 months all I want is quality time with my favorite person. All I want is happiness. Every single day. All I want is to live life, experience things, see places, enjoy everything...even if it is a dust ball rolling out of my dryer and the cat chasing it...whatever it is, I want to embrace it and love the moment. 

What are you looking forward to this week?! 

December 3, 2015

My Daily Routine

For weeks I thought it was time to share how my usually very boring day looks like. Most of us have a job or children or both. Some of us have neither and still manage to have a busy schedule ahead of them. For me it is a mixture of all three. And because I think it's important to note that everyone's life is different, I think it's equally important to see it in writing to make it believable, to make it real. 
I don't have a set routine. Most days are very similar yet can differ drastically depending on plans, events, and what not. You know, life happens. :) 

Here's what I was up to today:
  • 4 am - wake up call by Lilee and Luna. Both decided it was time to snuggle with me. No idea why they choose to do this at that hour. It's a trend they have recently started. Working on getting this stopped or postponed to maybe 6?
  • 5.20 am - my man came home from work. I woke up once more. Tried to go back to sleep for an extra ten minutes. Failed of course.
  • 5.30 am - alarm went off. I hit the snooze button only to turn it off two minutes later.
  • 5.30 am - 5.45am - shower, dress, and prep time
  • 5.50 am - brew coffee and got my cereal bowl and fruit ready. Turned on the news.
  • 6 am - feeding time. 
  • 6.30 am - 6.45 am - left for school, although I think we left around 6.55 am. Oops.
  • 7.30 - 8 am - arrived at school, found parking, and relaxed. It always depends on traffic when we arrive. Today it took us over an hour. 
  •  until 8.30 am - relaxed in the car by checking emails, social media and the news once again.
  • 8.30 am - 1.30pm - stayed on campus, read, took notes, waited, and talked.
  • 1.30 pm - met up with my favorite person, drove home.
  • 2.15 pm - got some gas, stopped by Sprouts, went home and made late lunch
  • 3 pm - my man went to bed. Literally. I turned on the news, turned on my computer, worked.
  • 5.15 pm - feeding time. The fur children were hungry.
  • 5.30 pm - research, and small work stuff online until my man wakes up
  • 6 pm - prepped dinner and play time with the fur babies
  • 6.30 pm - clean, work, clean, work, clean again?!

    Planned ahead as of right now...
  • 8 pm - Dinner time, finallllllly!
  • 8.30 - 10.30pm - TV time with Christmas lights on
  • Shortly after 10.30pm - bed time. Good night!
  • No school tomorrow...just a wake up call at 4 am I am sure of it

This is more or less a typical day for me. I work from home (nothing major but at least it's something as for now) and it keeps me distracted. Also, yes my man has awkward work hours. They will be over by tomorrow!!! Having him come home so early in the morning and then having to go to school is draining. I am glad I drive him to university. No one wants a sleepy guy behind the wheel. I am exhausted. My daily routine is boring I know...but it could also be worse.

If you were wondering what's for dinner?
Tonight it's simple...white rice, mixed fall/winter veggies {hello brussels' sprouts and chestnuts}, and salmon with a curry crust. Cannot wait to eat it. Most of it is prepped already, all I have to do work on is the salmon which won't be too hard. This also reminds me to get back into my recipe posting. I have neglected it for many reasons, and now I am ready to get back into trying yummy recipes and sharing my favorites with you. Stay tuned. 


December 2, 2015

Gift Ideas for the Hostess #2

Another week, another idea for more gifts. This month is long and it should end with fun celebrations. Plus, to bring a gift has never been not accepted. At least I never heard of that. 

Are you going to party your friend is hosting, your co-worker invited you to, or your mother wants you to attend so you can finally meet so-and-so?! Here are a few more ideas of what you can bring to make your hosts happy!!! 

Untitled #122

How about the ornament? I love getting a new ornament each year. Or fun glassware? Or pour spouts, or a vase? How about a fun tea towels; they always brighten my day. So many things to bring your host, so many possibilities to brighter anyone's day this holiday season.

Missed the last round? Don't worry, I have you covered here. :)


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