June 30, 2014

Love is in the Air

I have news my friends. BIG ones.
For starters, I officially left Orange County behind and moved up to Sacramento.
My favorite person and I both moved in, started unpacking, and making our tiny apartment home. There's still a lot that needs to be done so it really feels like home; all in due time though.
I have yet to get used to Sacramento. Change was needed. I am not sure if I am completely ready for so much change. Yet, the area we live in is gorgeous. It reminds me a lot of Pasadena. I feel like I am going to walk into some of the Walkers from Brothers & Sisters. Seriously, it's really really beautiful here. The temperatures however, ohmygosh, that is a different story. I am used to heat but this heat is weird and unfriendly.  All in all though, besides the terrible and unprofessional internet/tv service problem we have had, our first month in Sacramento has been good. Updates to follow, of course.

Second, I owe you a few updates...my Birthday Weekend for sure. :)

It was a fun and long weekend. I enjoyed it immensely, and loved spending time with close friends/family.
The photo below was taken at Thousand Step Beach in Laguna Beach. We had a fun day there, and got a little sunburned...and I still have the tan today. YAY.

And, since the title of this post is Love is in the Air...well...the BIG news is...
...I'm engaged.
Yes, my favorite person proposed and I said yes.
This has not just happened, it happened a while back in May and I had the hardest time keeping it to myself. Yes I waited this long. I know. Yet, some things just needed to settled in and be quietly celebrated. It has not fully set in yet that I am actually engaged to be married but soon it will. Some of you may think, wait, what? How is this possible when we never fully heard of him or any relationship whatsoever? Well, I mentioned him here and there, but never made it public. I am not one to boast, and I just don't feel like I needed to share details about our relationship to the whole wide world. I love it when others do, it is just not my thing. Hope this is okay.

But yes, that's the BIG news my readers...and that's also my Monday Morning Gossip. :)

Linking up with Leeann and Kimberlee.

top image via Pinterest

June 27, 2014

A Summer List


Every year right around spring and early beginning of summer I start to dream of what summer will have in store for me. I would create a list with things I always wanted to try, do, or explore. I would also have lists for each season but the summer list would be the biggest of all. Usually, I would travel around Europe; Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England, Greece or/and Turkey. I would also hang out with friends and enjoy open-air music festivals, eat out more than usual and enjoy late summer nights out on the town – with 80 degrees at 9 at night it would feel pretty darn good. 

This year my summer looks a little different. I am not traveling to Europe. I am far away from my friends and family. I am in California. I am personally and hopefully also professionally growing. Plus, I am no longer alone. Yet, all this change will not hinder me to dream of fun summer activities as well as make some of these dreams actually come true – and a new place just asks for a fun and new summer list with exciting things to do!

Here’s my list for this year. It will be fun to come back to this list and cross a few things off from time to time. After all, I want this summer to be a great one; especially since this marks a new part of my life.  

  • Explore more of Sacramento and surroundings {as of 7/1 we saw 95% of Sacto}
  • Visit Orange County {going early August}
  • Travel to and explore the Reno area {completed, yet will be going back a few times}
  • Visit San Francisco
  • Visit Monterey  
  • Go to one or two wineries
  • Make strawberry mojitos 
  • Make sangrias
  • Make popsicles
  • Bake a gluten free apple pie, and maybe a plum pie
  • Go to the Farmer's Market hopefully twice a month
  • Go to the beach because we miss it so terribly much
  • Watch a movie at an outdoor movie theater – preferably a drive-in theater
  • Go hiking
  • Read at least four books
  • Catch up on my favorite shows (Criminal Minds included)
  • Decorate the apartment with artwork so it looks welcoming and less boring
  • Turn off my phone for at least two hours each day starting July 1 for two months (yes, each day)
  • Find a job (not a summer goal but it must happen this summer)
Do you make lists, or am I the only crazy one?
Would love to hear what you have planned this summer.

Have a great weekend.

 image via DustJacket

June 26, 2014

On Friendship


Over time you start noticing that some people just aren't worth it anymore!


I found this quote on Pinterest but without a source so if you ever come across the source let me know.
Maybe it's just something someone once said, in a conversation, rather than some major philosopher. 
Either way, it is fitting.
Don't worry, my favorite person and I are still together.
We are happy. We make it work.
I cook. He cleans. He cooks. I clean.
Very simple. Ha!

We all live different lives.
I have a diverse group of friends.
There's the good old Americans, the born and raised Californians, the born and raised American from the South, the Persians, the Europeans, the Turkish, the religious, the non-religious, the slack-offers, the determined ones, the enthusiasts, the creative ones, the famous ones, the inspiring ones, and the traditionalists.
It's a mix of everything and everyone.

Some of my friends get along with others and some just don't.
That is completely fine.
The ones I thought would get along, or I thought I would still get along with just do not work together. 
I made the decision to move on and live my life according to my standards.
I tolerate other people's paths, standards, morals, and what not so I would like to get the same respect in return. That is all I am asking for. I don't want to hear nasty remarks that are halfway muffled down one's throat that just make me question my friendship. I don't want to hear "oh let's get together more often because I miss doing this" and then nothing happens but a huge walk (and probably also talk) behind my back. I tried to ignore it but it hurt.
For my birthday weekend I made the effort but that one remark just had me say NO. 

I respect the friends I have chosen to keep in my life.
I tolerate their lifestyle, and their being so to speak.
We may not always see or hear from each other on a regular basis, and we may have our differences, our fights, and we may even disagree at times but that is very normal. 
We are all adults, and we should accept one another just the way we are. 
Do not try to change me and do not make me feel bad for following my heart, and my intuition. 
That is all I am asking for.

I am blessed to call friends family.
Blog friends have also become friends in real life whether very close or not, it is better than what I went through for the past year. I won't shut that person from my life, but I won't tell that person about my biggest moments in life either. I would rather share the news on the blog...literally.

Anyways, that's my thought of today.
Friendships are needed.
I miss my friends in Europe, and I miss my friends in Southern California (sans one of course).
You have no idea how much.


June 25, 2014


My lovelies,

I have so much to tell you.
Yet this has to wait for another time.
Today I am hoping to get a real, working, no-issue added internet connection installed as well as real, no-issue, fine-working TV channels showing up in our small but cozy apartment. Fingers crossed. Toes crossed, too. It's been horrendous, and it's been frustrating. Quite frankly, I also believe having had this many issues with just one company alone has tested both, my favorite person and my own patience. If we could have we would have switched a long time ago. Unfortunately, we were forced to choose them and only them and it's made our new life here in NorCal unpleasant. 

Let's hope for a better month of July. A much happier, too. :)
I can guarantee a happier one!!

For once...we are planning on visiting SoCal soon.
I am also invited to my friend's Bridal Shower in L.A. but have yet to figure out if I can go (fingers and toes crossed again, please!)
Plus, July - besides June of course - is my favorite month. It calls for BBQs, water fun, picnics, outdoor movie theaters, cold drinks, colorful outfits, and of course lovely moments. Love is definitely in the air my readers...may it be in my life, in yours, in someone else's or just in general...love is in the air!! So go out and smile at someone, that's already part of "love". 

I'm going to do just that...after the internet is hopefully installed.

Have a great day!!!


June 24, 2014

The Time I (Almost) Lost My Patience

Hi my lovely readers,

I am back; at least for today. Bear with me. Thank you.
Before I tell you the story I'd like to point out that I am typing this from an open wifi connection I found on our property (given by our apartment community yet not necessarily with the best connection hence my non existing posts and comments). Also, I would like to point out that I handled it all sooooo very well.

May 23 I graduated and celebrated with close friends. I was also packing my belongings because I was soon about to move over 600 miles north to Sacramento. May 28 is when my big birthday weekend took place. Initially I wanted to invite people and get together but then thought - due to my move, my life changing decision to move in with my favorite person, and the apparent truth that I won't be seeing my mom and friends over the summer - it was better to keep the partying short, simple and only with close close friends. Also, if it would have been a big number to celebrate maybe I would have reconsidered.

Anyways, my birthday weekend was more like a week. We saw Maleficent at El Capitan, and let me tell you (and I'm sure I am so behind on this)...it was an amazing film. Angelina Jolie's performance was perfect and I am so glad my girls and I went out and saw it opening night! We also went out for lunches, dinners, cocktails (thank you Rooftop Lounge in Laguna Beach), brunches, bowling, movies and had a bitter sweet ending to it all.
It was a busy pre-Birthday combined with graduation, moving away, and happy future celebration...busy busy.


On my birthday I moved. Well, we moved.
It wasn't my favorite thing to do because not only did it involve driving 7-8 hours (waking up at 3 and leaving before 4am to not hit traffic with a trailer behind us) but it also involved moving furniture, realizing that I no longer was in a place with familiar stores and plazas, and that my life will be different.

I am so glad I had guest bloggers helping me out during this time.

I'd like to thank each and every contributor for their posts and appreciate their help.
Plus, I enjoyed reading the posts...so if you haven't read them yet, please hop on over and check out 

Monic's posts here & here

Sierra's post here
Leeann's post here
Marjan's post here
Mree's post here

Every move involves some kind of hardship. Not only is it a new place, but in our case also a new city/area and we had and still have to get used to it all. Things need to get organized, changed, and we need time to settle in...etc etc. Everything worked out well BUT the internet and TV connection. As of right now, we are still not having either installed, and the way it looks it may never happen. They called and said tomorrow between 10-12 but I only believe it when I see a channel finally flickering on our TV and me using my laptop from somewhere in our apartment. Only then can I breathe and smile again. Kidding, I'm breathing and smiling but not having tv and internet for an entire month can be frustrating. I never thought it would feel this bad but yes it is. 

The only company that works in our area has the most impossible and seriously worst customer service. They have an issue. Literally. Today marks week four going into five of an hopeful installation. Again, I only believe it when I see it. I mean, wtf?!?????

Not only did we miss out on tv (yes redbox and our DVDs helped a little), we also missed out on the internet. The hotspot thing on our phones only does little work, and I wasn't willing to walk 30 minutes to Starbucks to get free wifi (if working) just to check mails, update everything, and apply for jobs. I was devastated. Also I lost touch with the outer world. Hahahahaha!! My mom sent me updates on soccer scores, and occasional other news. My phone was too small to check news, updates or read blogs; let alone apply so I can finally earn some $$$$$.

Last week I hit my low point. I was ready to go off in flames. Explode. This weekend I wrote and orally practiced (yes yes! - I am a nerd) a whole written speech and statement to this company. I am going to (again) complain about the poor and unprofessional service we have been dealing with and given. I want compensation. If they come in tomorrow (yes if) and it all gets installed I will be surprised. If they show up tomorrow, and still have the nerve to charge us something for this month my patience will be gone. Let me rephrase, no matter where you live and read this you will hear me scream!!!!!

I have patience. I have real strong patience. I could have exploded the first week, or the second or the third. But I did not. Today? My patience is gone. I'm holding off from exploding. I handled it well so far but truth be told, I can't hold it in any longer. I'm done. If need be I'm working my butt off to talk to the founder of this unprofessional company or someone wayyyyy up there because I do not tolerate any more waiting. I simply do not. Not fair to us, not fair to friends, family, and holy cow, not fair to any future prospective customer of theirs. 

So my lovely readers...have I lost you?
I probably have. I needed to vent, I needed to share and most importantly I needed to reconnect. Well, still do.

If I still have your attention I thank you.
My regular posts will be up soon again...once our month-long dilemma of no internet will be resolved. In the meantime, stop by Instagram or Twitter...and keep in touch.

Miss you all,


June 20, 2014

Quick hello!

Hi my lovely readers,

Is anyone still around?! Someone?
It's been a while. A very long while to be honest. So much has happened and I have so much to tell you. However, this may take a while. I hope not too long. If you follow me on twitter you probably saw a few tweets about me not having internet or tv. This should have been installed first week of June (yes the week we moved to Sacramento). Unfortunately, some higher power didn't want us to have tv or internet. It wanted us to experience difficulty and frustration over a very simple and needed thing. I'm still mad. I'm still not having a way to go online but to use my phone. I hate this. So I can't blog, talk, research, and what not.

Yet even with us not having access to the web, I wanted to let you know I am still around and will return once this issue is resolved. In the meantime follow on Instagram or Twitter if you want to hear about my whereabouts. If we are friends on Facebook you get to see and hear even more of me and my drama. Hahaha.

I hope you enjoyed my helpers by guest blogging while I was gone. I was hoping I could be working by now but seems thigs aren't going as planned. So if you're bored just reread my former posts. That's what I'm mostly doing, too. ;-)

Anyways, wanted to stop by and say hello.

Miss you all.
I will be back but for now I need to put my phone away. Writing on this blog on a phone is a major pain in the you-know-what.


June 12, 2014

What I Love About Summer

Hey everyone! It's Sierra from Ocean Dreams blog and I'm happy to be writing on my lovely friend Selma's blog once again. ;) I hope you are having a beautiful day and are enjoying the start to your summer! Summer doesn't officially start until June 21st this year, but that doesn't mean we can't start our summer now! If you're like me and Selma you're currently in super hot temps over 100 degrees, which means you should not only be wearing sunscreen, but also having fun while drinking lots of water! ;) Here are some of my favorite summer activities that don't cost a ton of money, but are absolutely fun!


Hanging out at the Pool

I have yet to do this yet, but I have a perfectly good pool right outside my apartment in Arizona! I can't wait to hop in the pool and lounge on a pool chair. I also like reading a good book, magazine, and listen to music on my iPod while sitting poolside. Okay, I think I might have to do this sooner rather than later. The pool is definitely calling my name!


Road Trips

Who doesn't love a good summer road trip? I actually just did this to see Selma and soon I'll be doing it again to see my love whom I fondly call BK. My puppy Candy will be coming with me of course as we drive to my sunny California. Do you have any road trips coming up? If you don't, you honestly should plan one! A road trip invites adventure in in more ways than one. You can view the new sites in a city without spending a lot of money, besides gas of course. Walk around the city, go window shopping, and visit the beautiful parks. It's fun just to be outside enjoying nature while enjoying your new destination or stop along the way!


Time with Friends and Family

Of course don't forget about all of the precious moments you can spend with friends and family. Catch up with loved ones you haven't called in a while and have a fun summer day with them. Take time to laugh, love and forgive if you're holding grudges against anyone in particular. Enjoy your summer before it fades away and take a risk and invite adventure and love in!

June 10, 2014

Mango Coconut Smoothie by Monic

Coconut and Mango are my favorite, so today I decided I would combine the two for a refreshing green smoothie.

1/2 of a Mango
your favorite coconut watter
1/2 of fresh lemon juice
handful of spinach
handful of kale
2 Tbs of unsweetened coconut

Add your greens, fruit and about a cup or more to your liking of coconut water, then toss in your unsweetened coconut, BLEND and sprinkle a bit more coconut just because it's soo yummmmy !

What do you like to combine coconut with?


Thank you, Monic, for filling in for me again.
I love how yummy this smoothie sounds, so I will definitely try this today or tomorrow, 
depending on when I find my blender. :) 

We are almost settled in.
It's all coming together, and I have so much to tell you.

Hope you are having a fabulous day my lovelies.
I will talk to you soon again (and catch up on gazillions of blog posts)


June 9, 2014

The Eagle Has Left the Nest ....

Hi everyone, I am Marjan.
I have been procrastinating! This is not an easy post for me. I will try my best to be short and sweet. It all started after Selma's initial visit with us where she accompanied us to 13Bedar (getting Rid of the 13th) for the last day of the Persian New Year after which we went to Sushi!

                                                                                                             April 2009

Well, Selma was just visiting back then. I kept bugging her and asking her when she would come back. One day, she said that she would be visiting again and she came to Orange County and stayed with us. Soon after she came to stay and go to school! Here is a picture from the day we picked her up and headed to Laguna Beach! You gotta take a Suncravingirl to the beach to get some sun!

This girl and I have been through so much together from getting yelled at a the supermarket for not using a divider to testing all sorts of nail designs we find on Instagram! Now, the time has arrived and the Eagle Has Left the Nest =(
Selma, you do NOT know how much I appreciate you! You have always been there for me and I truly am grateful...you were like my live-in therapist LOL. I only hope that I was able to do the same.

I can go on forever, but I will not! Instead, I will bombard you with amazing photos because I loooove to take pictures!


She lets me take crazy pictures and try new angles.....


She went apartment hunting with me EVERY year even though I never moved........

She helped me set up my Twitter account, my MaryKay With Marjan and my Blog =)

MOST important of ALL ... She loves her little furnephews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And let me tell you! They miss their Auntie Selma!

Alexis n Ryan Vintage Inspired Clothing Line

 Hi I’m Mree from Twin Living Blog.
I’m so excited to be guest posting for Selma while she moves.

Since Selma lives in California, I decided to create an outfit based 
on my favorite California brand, Alexis n Ryan. 
  Alexis n Ryan is a vintage inspired clothing line created by Brittany Saberhagen.  
Each piece is made of crepe and chiffon material (imported from India).  
How fantastic is this dress?? 
 It really is prefect for the summer.  Add some cute wedge heels, a jean jacket for those chilly evenings and you are ready to go.  The best thing about this outfit is it can easily go from day to night. Perfect!!

Thanks so much for having me Selma!!
 Hope your move goes well.
Have a very Happy Birthday!!

Thanks for reading, please stop by my blog to say hello.
I love meeting new blogging friends.

Best, Mree


Thank you Mree for your guest post while I am still settling in.

My birthday was fantastic even though I was driving about eight hours and unpacking afterwards.
Will be blogging sooooooooon again.
Miss you all.


June 5, 2014

Wishlist for Selma by Join The Gossip

Hello there! My name is Leeann and I blog over at Join the Gossip. I'm so excited to be guest posting for Selma today, not only because I adore her blog, but also because I've had the pleasure of hanging out with her before and she's pretty awesome. In honor of our girl's birthday week, I put together a little Kate Spade gift list because she loves her Kate Spade!

Kate Spade Gifts

How cute is that clutch though? And the mug? OK it's all adorable and now I feel like each item needs to be on my birthday wishlist!

Happy birthday, Selma! I hope it's the happiest of happy days and you get everything your little heart desires!!

June 3, 2014

Go To Outfit for A Hot Summer

I am currently driving to Sacramento (or probably I am already moving boxes around, and getting everything kind of organized). Until everything is settled in - including our Internet connection, and everything else - I have a few guest posts for you to entertain you while I am absent and going through yet another major change in my life. I'm really excited about this. :)

Today's guest post is by the lovely and stylish Monic of Simply Sutter
Her blog always makes me smile and happy (yes yes!). 
So while I am dragging heavy stuff around, she's filling in for me today. Have fun!

And please stop by her blog and say hello to her.

Finding a great versatile peplum is always a great find. This neon pink top is paired today with a pair of rolled up, cut of shorts and some simple wedges. This top gives it a bit of a flirty/ flowy feel to it. This outfit is perfect to go grab lunch with your friends or simply running errands.

Top: Jcpenney Shorts: American Eagle Wedges: MaddenGirl at Macy's Wristlet: Coach Sunnies: (similar) Fossil

What's your go to outfit when your in a rush to get out the door?
I'd love to here it ♥

June 2, 2014

Happy Birthday to me! :)


Today is my birthday.
I am a total June Baby and I am loving it.
My birthday has always felt so special to me.
I felt the most beautiful and most confident on my very special day.
This year, it is a little different.
I am moving today, and moving on my birthday was not really on the menu yet I am doing this.
Also, since it is Monday I realized that there is no point for me to wait until tomorrow to move.
Everyone's working or studying today, so while I am off I better get moving.

Stay tuned from an update by moi - probably via Instagram.
While you are reading this I am traveling/moving away from Southern California.
Once I enter my destination I will sit down and celebrate...with some bubbly and real food.
Until then, road food will be fine...some gluten free chips, veggies, fruits and lots and lots of water.
That's really not how I wanted to spend my actual birthday but it will be a fun experience.


Happy Birthday to me.
I'm one year wiser, one degree heavier, and one move more experienced :)

Have a fantastic day!!!


P.s. I'm linking up with Leeann and Kimberlee for Monday Morning Gossip aka MMG
P.s.s. I also have HUGE news to tell you all! HUGE.


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