February 27, 2013

Bye February

Two months of 2013 are now officially over.
I cannot believe it!! 
These past two months for me were challenging, not at all fun, and just blah. 
However, I enjoyed a few things like seeing friends again, going to Huntington Beach for some pre-marathon fun, buying a necklace I just LOVE and winning giveaways. 
The latter really made me smile and my heart jump for joy.
Thank you Meghan and Leeann!

And that's my new favorite necklace ever...can you tell I love California?!
I ordered it here.

So hopefully March will be more fun...and more productive.
 Things will turn around. :)
They just have to.

So, February, you were an okay month.
You were emotional, draining, and just not pleasant.
You showed me sides of people I never thought I'd see and it made me sad.
You showed me that good things can happen too but only in a slight possible way.
So, here's to a fun new month full of promises and hopes.
Here's to March!!!

Bring it on!


February 26, 2013


Last week I went to Stacked.

First time ever and I was very impressed.
You order everyone via iPads...and you can customize pretty much everything.

I had a pizza - gluten free of course!

My friend had a man'n'cheese pizza, and she almost wanted to have a mac'n'cheese salad or something. Technically you can eat almost anything and everything. Plus the drinks were delicious. I was really impressed. I know I said that already. And no, don't worry I only drank one of those drinks above.

Unfortunately, it's not around the corner from where I live but it was worth driving a little further down to eat something else for a change. ;)

So if you ever feel like going out to experience something new...and you are in southern California...I'd recommend Stacked. 


February 24, 2013

I'm looking forward to....

A new week started...and therefore here's a list of what I am looking forward to this week. Yes, I won't share my weekend recap because really there's nothing to share except me watching The Strangers (thanks to Leeann's suggestion) and having to restore my iPhone once again. Boo. But the movie was great. I love scary movies.

Speaking of Leeann, I'm linking up with her Monday Morning Gossip. It's the second week and I'm excited for her and her linkup! :) You should join her too.

What I'm mostly looking forward to is that this month finally ends.
It'll be kinds of awkward knowing already two full months of 2013 passed but March (my beginning of spring) will be a fantastic month. I can just feel it. ;) 

This week...

I will watch a friend perform his best as a standup comedian.

I will attend a birthday dinner, and a birthday brunch.
(my bank account will suffer)

I will send in a short paper I was dreading to write and still don't like.

I will study (boooooo, but at least it's something to do).

And what I'm mostly looking forward to this week...

...is the warmer weather and 70+ degrees we will be experiencing.
I think that's enough to be happy for. 

Have a fantastic day!!


February 22, 2013

Happy Friday and Weekend


Happy Friday everyone.
Hope you're having a good day.

I'm gonna spoil myself with a free coffee from Starbucks today.
Also, the sun is out and even though it's chilly a stroll never hurt a soul.

The weekend is here and I hope you have plans.
I don't have any.
I may just read a book and watch movies.
Or wallow in self pity because I screwed up a paper (at least I think I have).
Or, I just stick to the book and movie.
And the Oscars! :) 
I know I'm lame.

Next weekend will be filled with birthday parties.
So, I'm okay with a mellow on right now.
And please, I don't want any drama either this weekend.
I cannot stand drama. Or tension.

Isn't the picture above gorgeous?
Anyone else ready for spring?
I am.


I know this was random and scattered but there's so much going on lately
 I can't put it all out there. 
Also, I believe having changed my diet made me more emotional? 
Is that even possible?? If so, it's annoying.
I need a glass of wine now.
Yes, even before I get my free coffee!

February 20, 2013

It's Okay...

...Thursday!!! Yes, I'm linking up with Neely again. It's been a while...so here it goes.
Its Ok Thursdays

It is okay to...

...hate the cold weather we are experiencing in southern California (I know, we are spoiled!)

...sleep 30 minutes longer...just for once. I needed the sleep.

...crave a sugar-cinnamon pretzel, but since I'm going gluten free I simply can't eat it. Crap.

...love Starbucks for giving me my money back, and for their free drinks.

...not really like our neighbors lately.

...look forward to my friend A moving to California.

...look forward to birthday parties I'll be attending in March.

...be happy for my friends...they welcomed their second girl this Tuesday.

...not to be ashamed to admit that I love TV.

...spend certain days in my PJs; all day long of course!!!


...to save money for the future (even if the future is like a week or a month away!).

...not start the day without coffee because...

Have a fabulous day! :)


February 19, 2013

Gluten Free Moi

Most of you already knew that but yes, my lovely readers I am trying real hard to live Gluten Free; for lent that is. I luckily am not gluten intolerant BUT I might be. Months ago I experienced rough tummy aching days and my friends were concerned. I was concerned, too. I mean, having constant stomach aches for no real reason stirred some questions. 

What did I eat? 
Am I sick? 
Do I have allergies? 
Clearly I can't be pregnant nor is it the time of the month, so what is it? 

It bothered me. My doctor told me to cleanse my body week by week by let's say not eating gluten for a whole week if not two, then a week or two of no dairy products, etc. It wasn't easy. I think having a gluten intolerance is the worst (and I know a few that are gluten intolerant - sorry guys I'm sending you a hug!). I survived my funky eating weeks and thought I was just under immense stress and pressure and therefore broke out and had stomach issues. Well, those issues returned. I am a little under pressure but not like before so clearly I must have some sort of intolerance. Needless to say I was happy to see lent come around so I can finally work on that "healthy plan" of mine.

So....Gluten Free it is...for now.
It's not as big of a problem so far. I'm only on day 7! I don't like bread (yes, shocker!!)...then again, if you have been to Europe you know what I'm talking about...bread there and bread here are two different stories. :) I love the one there, not so much the one here and I'm not willing to go out all the way to get "real" bread. Glad I am doing well so far. Luckily I am not craving my beloved pasta either. Yet. Let's hope it stays that way. 

And I really don't want any tummy aches anymore. I'm done.

Are you gluten intolerant?
Or have you tried going on a specific diet?

Let me know.
Anything you could recommend helps, really.

Seriously, let me know.


February 18, 2013

Monday Morning Gossip - Update from moi

Today is the first day of Leeann's new weekly linkup and I'm super excited for her. I know, I can be over dramatic sometimes. We can blog about our weekend, what we are excited about, or anything else that we feel like sharing (as in "other gossip that's going on"). And yes, I'm okay with all of that. So, happy Monday Morning Gossip to all of us!

For today I chose to update you on my whereabouts and all...since some of you probably noticed that my last post was about Valentine's Day. As you know I don't like that day. Period. To top it all I had spent it at school. Luckily, my so-called "Valentine" was my friend M. She was joking saying her husband gave her permission to spend the day with me. Then again, we both had school so we were kinda forced to spend it together. It was fun though. In'n'Out was our hang out for the afternoon. 

As you can see, we went protein style. Why? Well, M is gluten intolerant and I decided to go gluten free for Lent. Crazy? Maybe. But you get to enjoy different kinds of foods and explore a little bit with what you can and cannot eat. It's exciting so far...and yes, I'll be writing about it soon. I hope. 

Hiking was part of my weekend. I enjoy being outdoors. I don't have to run or go nuts outdoors but just being out and enjoying the sun and the views and whatnot makes me happy. Peter's Canyon was where I went. It was fun and it was HOT. Yes, finally the heat returned to southern California. Unfortunately, it left us as fast as it arrived! 

And for the evening well, Laguna Beach can be beautiful...do I have to say more?
Ignore the benches. It was gorgeous and these photos do not even come close to the beauty I encountered.

Luckily, I found palm trees. My pictures don't fully say the truth about my weekend but I'm keeping it positive. It got brighter when I saw palm trees. And yes, I'm fully aware that this is all crooked. That was not an accident. I really wanted it that way.

I'm off on this holiday today.
I am hoping I can watch the Castle Marathon today but if not, I might as well work on homework. I really hope I can sit in front of the TV...I really need to just sit back and relax. Yeah, I know. I know. ;)

Don't forget to link up with Leeann and say hi!

Happy Monday!


February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!


I'm not one that celebrates this holiday.
Call me cynical. Please do.
Call me unromantic, too. It's okay.

I love the decoration though.
And the photos I get to see on Pinterest mostly.
Not gonna lie. I am a romantic girl. Just not today.
Maybe it's because I'm single.
Or it is that I just think there are 364 more days to show your love and appreciation
for others or your loved one. 
Who knows. It is just not my day.

Plus, today was someone's birthday so it's weird to know she no longer parties.

And, above all I am stuck at school all day.
Thursday's kinda suck, don't they?
We are almost there...one more day and it's the weekend.

Whatever you do today, enjoy it.
I will too, just differently.

Happy Valentine's Day!
I so need a drink.


I chose to give up gluten for lent! Wish me luck. Are you giving anything up?
I never give up anything for lent.
Last time I did I was probably forced to when I was eight and attending church and all.
So this year it's kind of funny to go for a 40-day "cleanse".

February 12, 2013

Quote of the Day #3

Do I need to say more?
Things sometimes don't turn out the way we want them to.
Sometimes it's just too darn difficult to get what we deserve.
Sometimes our efforts in life don't get appreciated.
We often are taken for granted. I have. I think I still am.
But...all I have to do is look at the bright side of everything and smile.
Because one day things will turn into place and work just perfectly.

Can't believe it's already mid-February!
TIME, please slow down a little. I cannot handle you running this fast!
Thank you.

Happy Tuesday.


More QOTD: here and here

February 11, 2013

Song of the Day - The Lumineers

Do I need to say more? I don't think so.

Happy Valentine's Day Week.


February 8, 2013

Friday's Fancies - Layered with a touch of color

Hey lovelies,

It has cooled down over here in sunny California. It's okay though. It's what I call sweater weather. Finally! So it's quite perfect that this week's theme over at Long Distance Loving is Lovely Layers!

Since I love layers I just have to say that I simply love everything I can combine that makes sense to me. If it feels comfy and perfect it's a bonus. So, my outfit for this week is simple. A thick and warm cardigan in a bright color, a tank-shirt that goes with everything, a shirt I had my eyes on for so long, and a pair of skinnies with gorgeous flats that somewhat match the outfit. what do you think?
I was hesitant on how that red cardigan works with the top but I have to say I love it. It's that little extra touch that's needed...and really not everything has to match these days.

Colored and Layered

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!!


February 7, 2013

One More Week Until VDay & Happy Carnival Time!

Are you ready?
Will you be doing something special?
You have one more week!!

Today, though my thoughts and my heart are with my fellow Swiss people.
It's that time of the year again when everything goes crazy in Luzern.
It's that fifth season again that if you don't have that fever you just can't understand how I'm feeling being so far away from everything. It's like not being home for or not watching the Super Bowl if you are a die hard football fan. My heart aches a little.
However, I watched the beginning of our fifth season online and it was beyond amazing.
It was worth it and I loved it.
It may not even make sense to anyone but it purely made my Wednesday...
...and today I just wish I would be in Luzern celebrating a great and fun season!

Happy Fasnacht my lovely friends.
Drink something for me!! :)


February 5, 2013

The Following

Hi Lovelies!

If you know me you know I love TV and movies. No wonder I'm taking a second film class, might as well be another one of my degrees. But I digress. I love TV and when a show captures my full attention, as in no cell phone, no book, no notes, not even time to drink or munch, then yes, the show has to be brilliant - at least for me. ;) 

Heck I'm hooked!!!
But I wouldn't be a follower if you know what I mean.

Have you watched this?
If so, do you like or dislike it?


February 4, 2013

Weekend Update

Hey everyone.

I know it's been a while. I have been busy. In a very good way. :) Can't complain.
So, I thought I'd update you all on what I have been doing. Besides last night's Super Bowl Game I have been watching TV, reading ridiculous books, watching movies, and trying to keep my life afloat. ;) 

This weekend...well this weekend was mellow and oh so good.
I finally got to see my friend Erin again. Some of you may know her from her blog. Unfortunately, she's sometimes so busy it's hard for her to keep up with her lovely blog. Understandable. I miss her writing though. So hopefully one day she'll get a chance to update and inspire us with food pictures, outfits and what not again - or with something completely different. :) 

 gloomy day in HB...but we liked it nonetheless

But yes, I digress as usual. I finally got to see Erin again and we both headed to Huntington Beach. She was one of the brave ones out there getting her running bib so she could participate in the half-marathon HB had on Sunday. I'm so proud of her. Luckily, when you run you also gotta eat...and that's what we did. 
The Kahlua Pork Sandwich was amazing at Na Ko Oi. Best thing ever I had in a long time. WOW.

Aaaaannnnnddddd....remember the gum I mentioned a couple of weeks back? I found its sibling. Equally as yummy and oh so addicting.

And I had to get some refreshments for Sunday...they came in handy when the lights went out. :)

Other than that...I cleaned, I read, I did laundry, I taught some English, and enjoyed watching the Super Bowl while my roommate took a nap. I may not be into sports but heck, I have to watch the Super Bowl. 

My weekend sounds so incredibly boring. But it usually involves sleeping in and watching TV. Yes, I do want to explore and go out but sometimes it's just not possible. Besides, it gives me a chance to save up money for something bigger later on in the future. :)
If you were wondering what I was watching...Godfather, Paperboy, 10 Years, Ted, and Premium Rush. Any suggestions on what to watch next weekend? Hit me up. 

*And if you haven't noticed or changed it yet, my URL changed. So whatever I was once linked to does no longer work. My button changed too (the link specifically) so it would be nice if you could change/update it all. Thank you. And I am myself constantly changing settings and all so it's all updated. It's not a big deal but it throws many people off at first...so I just keep mentioning it for a little longer!*

Linking up with Leeann today.

Have a good Monday.



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