February 27, 2015

Friday Five

Movie night is my favorite night. Whether it is with your best friend{s}, or with your date that night getting cozy on the sofa with a comfortable throw around your legs, and your favorite warm drink by your side...movie night is definitely my favorite night.

Last Sunday most of us watched the Oscars from our televisions but this time my favorite person and I decided to make Netflix night our special bonding date nights. So, I decided to come up with a few {creative and affordable} ideas to make those date nights special. I will get pretty by putting on some cute nail polish, find my favorite throw to use {it is somewhere, just where}, and maybe find a big fluffy pillow to lean on. It's that easy. No need to go overboard. Also, on movie nights I always wear my new glasses from Polette. I won those a while back though a giveaway hosted by Monic and I just adore my pair. That pair and some comfy cozy pants...I'm set for a fun movie night.

Also, we are still working on watching all films from this list, and so far we are doing beautifully. I am desperately trying to make my man watch certain TV shows with me but I have to come to the conclusion that he may never like those famous and well-known shows with me. I never give up so I am still holding onto a glimpse of hope here.

AND, hello, my food challenge this month will be over in two days. I am beyond excited. I so want to drink a glass of wine celebrating our 6-month anniversary. I mean, I just have to, no?! YES. Raymond wine get ready...

Happy Friday y'all!!


P.s. Plus, House of Cards starts today on Netflix...so please excuse me...

February 25, 2015

Be Yourself

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


This week has been a whirlwind of moments. Monday was very important to me and I absolutely thank you all for the positive vibes. They were greatly appreciated and came through. Thank you. Also, my favorite person may have gotten a new job where he will hopefully find himself happier and more appreciated as a hard working individual. I cannot stand places that promise you so much and then you don't get a thing in return. So, fingers crossed. Things are slowly falling into place and it will be a great year I can already tell. 

For over thirteen years the above quote has always been one of my favorites. It is inspiring and so true to my heart and soul. With that, I want some glitter in my life. I will find glitter in my life. Just looking at that image makes me happy - so I had to share this with you all. :) 

Be yourself!


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February 24, 2015

Why You Should Care About Your Anniversary

This weekend we will be celebrating our six month anniversary. I cannot believe how fast time flies. It is times like this that remind me that time is fluid and we should enjoy every single day to the fullest. Not saying we are not but we often take certain things for granted. Yes, it's been six months and holy cow in half a year it will be one full year. Unbelievable. 

Do we have any plans?! Of course we do. Well, of course I do. I am the planner. You see, I have always been the one organizing, planning, figuring out things, getting it all ready and prepared. I am OCD like that. I need that. The more details added to an event the better. The more possibilities the better {sometimes also worse}. So realizing a half-anniversary is coming up I was ready. I am ready.

Why everyone should care about an anniversary is simple. It is a time to celebrate something special. It is time to celebrate life, love, happiness, and just a fantastic time. Granted there are anniversaries that do not make us happy. My cousin's life is one of them. However, it is still a time to cherish what that person once was and what that person did to the world, to people, to us. It is still a time to celebrate. 

An anniversary can be many things but in my opinion is only one thing: a reminder of happiness.

I am ready to celebrate six months. 
How? Besides getting dressed all cute and looking all beautiful...the plan is to escape our current city and head on over to my favorite city ever. A stop at our absolute favorite cupcake place is a must, a stroll along the water, a few hikes up those beautiful hills, a fun photo shoot, and just a day full of laughter, smiles, jokes, and great food {plus, I have to make him love that city more; he hasn't fully warmed up to it yet}. It is not a one-year anniversary so we will not go overboard. It is the little things that count and all those cherished moments that will enrich our daily life.

So, why you should care about your anniversary?!
Because it is part of your chosen life and part of you. In short, because the anniversary is YOU. Cherish you, spoil you, and most importantly love you.


February 23, 2015

Positive Vibes Needed

Happy Monday.
All I need from this beautiful blog world is positivity today. My favorite person and I have a big day today and need all the super duper energy-filled empowered vibes we can get. That is all. I know it is going to be a great day, but a little extra happy vibe can never hurt. 

With that being said, life is good and will be even better in the future.

Have an amazing day, and a great start into this week. 
It's the last week this month, can you believe this?


image via pinterest

February 22, 2015

Yeah, Maybe

Blogging opened up doors for so many of us. It helped us find new friends, jobs, explore our passion, write more, read more, heck even shop more. Blogging is not just a place for our daily whereabouts and ideas or issues, it's about so much more - it's a fantastic community.
As a supporter of this great community I would like to tell you about Joey. I don't remember when I started reading her blog. All I remember is that it made me smile, come back and read on. Plus, her love for nail polish fits perfectly with mine. So when I learned her e-book was out and on sale I agreed to share the news with my lovely readers; with you!

Joey's e-book - Yeah, Maybe - will be on sale starting tomorrow until the 28th of this month; it's only $1.99 and it's available on Amazon. I believe that's an awesome deal.

Here's the blurb for the book:

For quiet, reserved, and focused 15 year old Annie Mackey, school was a sanctuary. 
 But when her bubbly and beautiful neighborhood best friend joins her at Willow Point High for freshmen year, her world is turned upside down.

Everything Annie could count on for stability is shattered, 
and she's left feeling more alone than ever before.

Just when she's about to lose all hope, 
someone unexpected swoops in and gives her a much needed lesson in perspective.

The e-book is available on amazon: http://amzn.to/1DiZ2nV

I never blog on Sundays but for Joey I thought I would make an exception. That is what this blogger community is all about y'all. Thought I'd share the love and support for a fellow blogger.

Hope your weekend has been great, and I'll be reading you soon again.


February 19, 2015

Thank you

I don't know what to say.
Yesterday, I shared some of my thoughts with you because, well, I had to. I felt it was the right time and the right moment to do so, and it felt liberating. The second I hit publish I felt excited and somewhat accomplished. I felt freer, and yes even happier. What I didn't expect was the comments I received. They made me incredibly happy, and really touched me. I knew I wasn't alone in this but I didn't expect the support, the encouragement, and even the love.

So, thank you!

Your comments made me smile, shed a few tears {yes, don't worry}, and just put me at ease. What is crazy is that my favorite person read that post as well. It was the first time I shared the blog with him. He knows I have been doing this for a while but he never feels like reading it because he believes this is my space, and he gives me that space to be me. Solely me. He not only enjoyed reading the post but he loved reading your comments as well. This is all me, my crazy little world I live and grow in.

I am thankful for this community. I really, truly am.

That is all.

Happy Thursday!


February 18, 2015

Mid-Week Thoughts

Mid-week always makes me ponder. I have long given up the "what if's" in my life. Wondering what might have happened "if we would have or could have..." will not change the present. We have to live in the NOW and not in the past or the possible future. My life has taken a totally different route than I intended it to go. I had plans to return home and start a life back home. Spending time with my dear friends {and their families} as well as with my family was the plan. Yet, life happened and I let it work on me. Life really happens. All the time. 

Should I have turned down opportunities in my life just to follow the plan I initially had?! 
Would I be happily living the plan I had in mind? 

I don't know. I didn't turn down opportunities and I followed the path I thought was right for me in that moment. I decided to meet people, go out, live the moment, fall in love, find my path and follow that way. Life happened for me. I did not share my happiness with everyone right away because last time I committed to let everyone in, disappointment rolled in and ruined it all. My family ruined it for me. As much as they love me and believe they know what is best for me {and I don't blame them}, their thoughts and beliefs are not working for me. I am not my mother, nor am I my aunts or cousins. As much as I would love to please everyone and make them proud of me I am sure I disappointed most of them by being me. 

Yet, that is exactly it. I am who I am. I have grown to be the person I want to be. I have my own style, my own ideas, make my choices, and cook the things I want to cook. I study what I think is right for me, and I read and exercise life the way I believe is right for me. I am me. Take me or leave me. Accept me or don't but don't shove it in my face. Be happy that I found my way. Be happy that I am happy. Don't remind me of the "if's or what's" in life. It won't change a thing. You just make me miserable. You make me second guess my decisions. By second guessing I get sad, cranky and even ridiculously annoying. That is not me. No one wants to be that way. So just let me be me. That is all I am asking for. Let me be the person I grew up to be, and love me the way I am. 

It took me thirty years to accept all this. It took me a while to learn to live my own life and not the one my mom wanted me to live. After all I am not my mom. I'm just half of her. It took me this long to ignore e-mails from people who just put me and my actions down. I refuse to answer calls from my godmother because she just makes me incredibly insecure and sad by her harsh words. I know she means well and I know she wants the best for me. Yet, I am not her. I am me. I am okay not having as much as she is having. It's my life. It's my choice and it's my happiness. 

Mid-week really makes me think. It is a good thing though. It definitely is. I love the friends who have been around and cannot wait to see me again. One of my besties is expecting her second child this summer and I am beyond excited for her and her young family. I have missed seeing her little one grow up and walk but she sends me regular videos and photos of her girl and it is just like me living back home and living the life I once had in mind. Life happened for my friend, and it is happening for me. I just let it be and take us where it takes us. So far, I love where it's been pushing us towards and I cannot be happier. 

If you were wondering why I am writing this post today...well, it is Ash Wednesday and back home I would be recuperating from a heavy week of Carnival Celebrations. It started last week on Thursday at 5am and ended last night {or super late this morning}. I watched most of it online through a web cam, cried a little, laughed and sang a lot, and lived vicariously through my friends posting photos and updating me on things. I shared a bit years ago on the blog about the fifth season in my hometown, I certainly missed it this year again. 

My life is great, and I love every single bit of it - the good, the bad, the sad, and the crazy! ;)


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February 16, 2015

No Alcohol Food Challenge Update

As you know I am doing a food challenge for the first six months of this year. January I gave up sweets, and this month I am giving up alcohol. I like these kind of challenges because they give me a chance to better myself and to live healthier. Giving up sweets was an interesting experience and giving up alcohol is an even better experience. It is not difficult but it is still challenging. You know, on date night we are just drinking water or sweet tea. A glass of my favorite red wine would be just perfect. Either way, I am doing great so far and even though I do miss a drop or two of my favorite wine I am not having a hard time. I have to say though that my consumption of sweets or sweeter drinks has increased; just water and tea was boring over time. 

The biggest challenge has yet to come. I will be giving up dairy next month and I believe this will be difficult. I am currently researching breakfast options to keep me going throughout the day, and believe me or not it is not as easy as I thought. The Internet is a vast place and it helps tremendously. I have found a few options and I know what I can eat or substitute or change. Giving up sweets and giving up alcohol was one thing but next month will be very interesting.

I am almost done with this month and I cannot wait to go out on a date and enjoy a glass of red wine with my favorite person. Almost done. Almost done. Almost done. YES.

Any suggestions for me for next month are greatly appreciated. Nutella bread was one option, and lots of lots of fruit and granola only. Yet this can be boring after about a week, so I need to spice it up.  So, if you know of a few fun substitutes please let me know! Thank you.

Hope you are having a great Monday!
Cannot believe this month is halfway through already, time sure flies.


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February 13, 2015

Friday Love

Navy Blue and Gold

Happy Friday my loves!
Even though it is still February I am lusting for some cute and simple spring outfits. March is around the corner after all. However, I promised myself not to go shopping until May/June unless it was truly and fully necessary. This means, major drama in the house {because, really, I so want to go shopping} and major happiness in my bank account. I have now time to give my current wardrobe a chance to show its full potential and to come up with new ideas to create fun outfits. I have seen other bloggers do this on a regular basis and believe that we can in fact use what we already own for at least half a year, we just get caught up with magazines, shows, and other beautiful fashion lovers to try new trends and spend money. As awesome as it is to hold a new skirt or a new pair of flats or sandals I know I will love to see more in my savings account each week! 

I still love to put sets together and get inspired. Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day this cute outfit would work perfectly as well {if temperatures allow of course}. My favorite person {B} and I won't do anything tomorrow. We are not into Valentine's Day Celebrations, but we will make sure to watch a movie at home. Maybe I get him to watch a silly and cute chick flick. If not, we will choose a film that is on our movie-list we update weekly. AFI's 100 movies is one awesome way to make any date night special.

Do you have any fun plans for tomorrow?
Or are you like us not doing a thing?!


February 11, 2015

GiftRocket - Makes GiftCards fun again!

Hi my lovelies,

Today, my awesome friend Marjan {and former roommate} is guest posting for me. She wanted to do this for a while but life happens and takes over sometimes. I am glad we both found the time to do this today. Marjan doesn't blog anymore but loves to write and share her wisdom. Besides her regular job she is also a MaryKay Consultant in Southern California. So if you are in need of new products or want to help her with her growing portfolio then do not hesitate to contact her. 
You can follow her on her Instagram and get in touch with her that way.


Hi everyone,

I am Marjan, and I am so happy to be guest posting for Selma today.

I cannot believe how fast time flies. It was just last year during the holidays that my work was giving out gift cards whether it was for winning a raffle prize during the Employee Luncheon, holiday party gifts, or for the Employee of the Month Award {$200 - woohoo!}. 

I want to take the time to tell you about GiftRocket and why it has been an amazing and efficient experience for me personally! It is basically the easiest way to send cash gifts. It is done in three easy steps, and you can schedule a transaction for a future date.
Simply, it is a cash gift with an e-card. You can even suggest where the cash gift can be used. Best part? It is all via email - no paper wasted, no card to lose and no unused balance. The recipient can choose between bank transfer, credit card, check in the mail, or PayPal. 

Don’t you hate when you get a gift card to somewhere you cannot use? Well, not with Gift Rocket – it is flexible and really like getting a cash as a gift! Check out their website or Facebook

Happy employees certainly equals a happy work life!

GiftRocket is a great way to make anyone smile. If you haven't tried it yet I can only say good things about them.

Thank you for letting me guest post and be part of this great community.
Have a great day.


Hope you enjoyed Marjan's guest post. Don't forget to stop by her Instagram and say hello!


Disclaimer: This was a guest post by Marjan. All opinions are her own. She or I were NOT asked to write for GiftRocket and were not gifted anything to write this post.

February 9, 2015

Love is in the Air

Good morning.
Saturday is Valentine's Day. Even though we don't celebrate this day it is still a time I love to get creative or at least dream of being creative. It is one of those days that makes me happy. Everything looks and feels girlie. The Confetti Sticks above are just the cutest and will go with any party {even a future NYE party} and just add the perfect touch to Valentine's Day. Here is a step by step explaining on how to make these pretty sticks. If you are in need of more confetti inspirations then The Confetti Bar is the place to be. I love confetti, and even when the floor looks like a colorful palette of all kinds of colors and shapes it's a great way to make anyone smile {especially on a bad day}. 

If you are like me not getting enough of confetti or glitter {or both} I found the cute idea shown above. These DIY glitter vases are so pretty and would perfectly add some sparkle on Valentine's Day and can eve go with an Easter or a baby shower or any spring party. Plus, they are so easy to make. Love is definitely in the air. Adding a few cute festive touches here and there has become easy and affordable. A nice self-made touch to any place makes a home so much warmer.

Are you going out and about for Valentine's Day decorations?!

I personally will not but will work on these vases for Easter. We need some cuteness in our little nest. 


February 6, 2015

Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

last minute v-day list
If you are into Valentine's Day and its cuteness but haven't fully gotten new items to enhance this so-called romantic day, then here are a few items that may add a little sparkle to your V-Day. If you didn't catch the sarcasm...I don't like Valentine's Day. I believe it is a holiday people invented to make more money. Don't get me wrong, I love everything I see and put up here. I even own the perfume and will probably get those earrings and the bag or the mug {I am obsessed with cute mugs}. I just don't understand why "we have to" go all out on February 14 for our loved ones. What happens with all the other days?! Seriously. Same goes for Mother's Day.

I digress. If you need to spruce up your wardrobe or are still looking for something cute to add to your home there's still time. It's in one week, so breathe. I have my nails painted pink and own a pair of cute, fluffy and pink socks but that's about as close as I get to "celebrating" this day. Those earrings are darling and call my name. I can hear them.

Have a fantastic weekend!

February 4, 2015

What Are You Willing To Do For A Pizza?!

Pizza is one of my favorites. It fuels me and it makes me smile when I smell its deliciousness from afar. I even love making my own pizza, at home or in a restaurant. Over the past few years make-your-own pizza places have sprouted and it is no secret that all of them are successful {some more than others}. It is like creating your own sandwich, just this time it is a pizza. 

The other day I discovered that my absolute favorite Southern California joint Pieology made its way to Sacramento. Apparently they opened about two months ago and oh my, my heart skipped a beat knowing my beloved pizza making place is just ten minutes away from where I live. Yay!!!! 

This company is expanding immensely fast. When my friend M and I discovered this place they only had about three locations and all within Southern California. Now they have expanded to Arizona, Central and Northern California, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon and other states. No doubt they will open more locations. 

The trick with this company is simple. Make your own pizza regardless of how many toppings you add and it's $7.95 plus taxes. They have some favorites you can order just like that, or skip the pizza and get a salad only {but to be honest, I have never seen anyone get a salad...}. Gluten free pizza crusts are also available for an extra $2 {or they forget to charge you, like they mostly forget with me and then you are even happier and luckier when it comes to the delicious outcome}. They even change their gloves for you. Plus, I have never had an issue with their gluten free pizzas, ever. Kudos to that.

So, what am I willing to do for a pizza?!
I waited 40 minutes in line the other day to get my beloved Pieology Pizza. I wasn't happy. This was the longest wait ever. It usually takes, on really heavy days and lunch/dinner hours, 20 minutes and that is tolerable. But forty long minutes was ridiculous. So I sucked it up, waited, got my pizza and enjoyed it like I always do, went home and wrote the company a few suggestions so they hopefully improve the service at that specific location {newly opened or not, service needs to be great}. 

Yes, I am willing to stand in line, and I am willing to share and tell. I believe in giving back. If I am not satisfied with something I will tell. I wrote Starbucks before, had issues with other chains and what not, and always got my money back or even was sent coupons for free meals. I never raised my voice, or got mad in front of people but politely told the manager or the main people behind a brand how I felt and what went wrong. Openness and respect from me was heard and welcomed. 

You might be wondering what the point of this post is?! The point I am making here is one, go out and explore new restaurants, two, if Pieology is in your area and you haven't been GO THERE NOW, and three, when you are not satisfied with something write or/and talk to whoever is in charge, be polite about it and let them know that you simply have a few suggestions for a better service or future outcome. 

If no one tells them what went wrong how will they ever know?!

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February 3, 2015

Dear Spider

Dear Spider,

I hope you are having fun crawling up and down the ceiling, mocking me, and creating your own little nest in my place. I hope you are happy. I hope you are busy and get pleasure out of whatever you are doing. I hope you are content because I am not. I don't want to see you when I come home. I don't want to see you at all. I want to catch you and get rid of you. Not sure how but I do. You see, I don't like spiders. You terrify me. You might be more scared of me than I am of you since I must be gigantic to you {I probably really am a giant to you} but you have eight legs if they are all still intact. You create the most intriguing things nature can offer and yes, you may get rid of bugs and what not, but this does not make me like you more. Sorry. You look weird, have eight legs {yes I have mentioned that already} and just creep me out. Please leave and never come back. Please. This is a warning to you. If you don't leave you may end dead. Yes, I am sorry. I don't want to do this but if you leave me with no other choice if you continue to create your nest here. Okay?! Okay.

A very terrified and grossed out girl.

Get the heck out of here!



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February 2, 2015

February Food Challenge - No Alcohol

Last month I posted about an idea or dare I say challenge I found in this vast blog world. I am following through.

For the month of January I nixed sweets {NOT sugar}. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Living gluten free has made me more conscious about what I eat; I had to give up lots and lots of sweets. Over time I found foods to replace my urge for desserts. Remember, I don't like chocolate and even though chocolate is naturally gluten free I won't touch it - so if you thought I suffered because I couldn't have chocolate anymore you were mistaken. However, having a major sweet tooth and being gluten free has been an obstacle; one I learned to live with. Gluten free bakeries exist but none never rocked my world. Kara's cupcakes is the only place I go weak when it comes to gf cupcakes. They are to die for. Literally. They are the most delicious and moist cupcakes ever made. Perfection. Enough about them, I'm already drooling. So, giving up sweets last month wasn't difficult. I basically made sure I didn't get close to candy, gf cookies {glutino's gluten free wafers are my favorites}, cake mixes, sugar cubes or anything dessert-like. Sweets to me are more cookies and candy. Staying away from sugar will be the worst challenge I believe...so stay tuned, it's in a few months. 

This month I am giving up alcohol. In all forms. No more wine, gf beer, mixed drinks {as if I am drinking this much}, martinis, etc etc. No more! Lucky me, I chose February to go through with this challenge. It's the shortest month; I chose wisely because I love wine!!!

Wish me luck, and excuse me while I devour a cupcake.

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