May 30, 2012

California Love

Hello there! My name is Leeann and I blog over at Join the Gossip. Today, I'm super excited to be filling in for Selma. She's the sweetest and I'm fortunate enough to have hung out with her a few times. And if you know anything about Selma, you know how she loves Southern California and the beach!

I'm a Cali girl - born and raised - so I figured I'd do a post about summertime SoCal beach essentials.

A Day at the Beach

swimsuit / hat / towel /sunscreen / beach bag / coverup / flip flops/ sunglasses

From this outfit you can tell that we like to keep it casual. Not only would this outfit be perfect for heading to the beach, it could also get you through an evening at a local seaside bar.

All of this beach talk has me wanting to head to Huntington Beach...or maybe head farther south to Sand Diego! Who wants to join me?

May 28, 2012

welcome summer!

I'm Brianna and I blog over at Heart of Life (feel free to stop on by sometime!)
First I wanted to say THANK YOU to Selma for letting me hijack her blog today (:
I am SO jealous of her trip!

But at least it's Memorial Day and the official start of summer!!
Once upon a time I lived in Hawaii and we LIVED by this quote.
It may or may not have been the reason I had to transfer because I wasn't too focused on my studies ;)

Summer is by far my favorite season, so I wanted to tell all ya'll what I think YOU should do this summer!

First things first, beach it up! Don't live by the beach? Any body of water will do- pool, river, lake, you catch my drift?
If you have none of these by you, let this girl know and we'll work on moving you somewhere where there's water! ;)

You'll need some cute swimsuits...

Don't forget your spf!
I love Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy products that help your "tan" a bit
without all the harmful rays...
just do yourself a favor and MAKE SURE you wash your hands
after you apply...
this girl forgot to do that the other night and I woke up with some nice brown hands :/

Some sunnies to protect those pretty eyes of yours!
A good read!
School is out (if you're still in school!) and summer is here so forget those textbooks and indulge in happy reading!
This lady is MY FAVORITE.
I have loved each and every one of her books.

And of course what girl doesn't need a new summer wardrobe?
{top & shorts -jcrew//sandals -target}
A chambray top keeps it casual and goes with ANYTHING! truly.

And after all that hard work of relaxing by the water, treat yourself to a 
cute summer mani ;)
 {essie haute as hello}
{essie bermuda shorts}

Those were just some of MY favorite summer time things!
Thanks again Selma, for having me!! 
Stop on by sometime ;)

May 23, 2012


I love blogging, but while I am busy getting ready to leave beautiful California, and slowly getting settled in Europe for the summer (I will be back, and will be blogging too - don't worry!!) I have amazing guest bloggers ready to help me out a little. Today is the first day...and we are starting with Amanda. 

You've seen her posts before. She doesn't have a blog but I believe she has started to like writing on mine. I've known her for over, gulp, fourteen years and I'm very fortunate to have her as one of my best friends in my life. Cheesy - I know! 
So without further ado, here's her post for today - and many more by a few fabulous bloggers over the next few days I have chosen - to help me out while I'm going all over places...miss you all already, but I'll be peeking in from time to time no funny business there, okay?!

xoxo,  Selma


hello everyone! it's amanda again!

i know... it's been a while.

i just finished a REALLY amazing book! i wanted to tell you about it because well, why wouldn't i want to share something that made me laugh and smile and giggle and be filled with joy (ok, and a few tears, but only happy ones!) all at the same time!

it's called The Silver Linings Playbook, written by Matthew Quick. here's a peak:

           Yes, I really do believe in silver linings, mostly because I've been seeing them almost everyday when I emerge from the basement, push my head and arms through a trash bag - so my torso will be wrapped in plastic and I will sweat more - and then go running. I always try to coordinate the ten-mile running portion of my ten-hour exercise routine with sunset, so I can finish by running west past the playing fields of Knight's Park, where, as a kid, I played baseball and soccer.
           As I run through the park, I look up and see what the day has to offer in the way of divination.
           If clouds are blocking the sun, there will always be a silver lining that reminds me to keep on trying, because I know that while things might seem dark now, my wife is coming back to me soon. Seeing the light outline those fluffy puffs of white and gray is electrifying.

welcome to pat's world. he's a little crazy. the book is all in first-person, so it's only his perspective and it's super fun to be a part his world for a while. i guess what i'm trying to say is that his crazy helps me escape my crazy. and let's be honest, we all have a little of that!

this book is also great because it is based in the area of Philadelphia, which is where i currently live, and talks a LOT about the E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! (that's philly's professional football team for you non-sports folks)

like most of us have at some point or another, pat has had a rough couple of years, although he believes it's only been a few months. this book is about his journey back to reality (kind of) and the people who help get him there.
it's a great read that i highly encourage you to check out. and bonus ladies, Bradley Cooper is playing the lead in the movie, due out in the fall!

in other words:

while i write this, i'm listening to music by my friend Austin Hartley-Leonard. he's an amazing musician! you can check out his music on iTunes or at this website: AND he'll be performing at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles this thursday! if you live in the area, you should DEFINITELY check it out! you won't regret it.

i watched We Bought A Zoo tonight. GREAT MOVIE! if you haven't seen it yet, you most certainly should.

i started training for The Color Run, which is in philly on july 8th, today. i must be ca-razy! i downloaded the couch to 5K app, which is amazing, except that every time that crazy bitch told me to start running again, i wanted to break my phone. seriously. i'm not even kidding. now, i can't feel my legs below my knees. i'm sure tomorrow will be even better. awesome. i'm sooooo glad i let my amazing friend selma talk me into this ridiculousness! oh well, at least i didn't feel bad for eating ice cream this morning for breakfast after i ran tonight!

well kiddos, i must go because it's late on the east coast!
look forward to chatting again soon!

all pictures via google (unless otherwise mentioned)

May 22, 2012

A little bit of Fashion

Summer's around the corner and it's that time of the year when I love and hate shopping the most. The colors are vibrant, the fabrics are soft and so comfy...and it's just so girlie. However, I also dread the time I am eagerly looking for the perfect swimsuit or the perfect dress or the perfect fitting pants/jeans. It's horrible. Once I find the right items I'm happy, but until then I just want to turn around and go back home and put on my sweat pants. Ha! ;) 

That's when online window-shopping comes in. I love it. I don't have to spend anything (although I'm always so tempted), and best of all I don't have to go into a dressing room to try on stuff that may not even fit me. I can drool at home. For free.

For weeks, well, months to be honest I've been online window-shopping. I simply can't afford anything new. I do indulge maybe once every three months? Or even less than that, but that's then it. So, no wonder that I often end up going online and looking at dresses and tops like the following...

If you haven't known the following fact about me don't worry...
...but it is rare to find me say "I like a dress or a skirt" because I somehow lost my taste years ago and stopped wearing dresses and skirts. Don't know why but it happened. I am slowly getting back to the dress and skirt days and I'm loving it. Emphasize on slowly though. I'm still adjusting.
So if I say I" like it and want it" you can bet on it that I really really really like it! :) 

My favorites above?!
Almost all but especially 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8

 And if I could I'd get these tops...and the bottoms too. They look so cozy, and are so me. :) 
My summer would be almost complete...but I'd need a little beach vacation too.
Haven't been on a beach vacation in years!!!
Oops, I know!


So what are your summer plans?
Traveling like me?
The beach?
Saving money?
Meeting friends more often?
Enjoying life?

Let me know!!
I wanna know!

First images/outfits by Ella Moss
Second images/tops by Splendid
Click on photo for sources

May 21, 2012

Man Candy Monday - Sigh!

It's Monday. It's officially summer for me, and well, I just feel like a good man candy is needed today and for the rest of the week. I'm packing, organizing, mentally preparing myself, you name it. I need a distraction that really distracts me and yes, some eye candy does the job. Right.

 Linking up with the lovely Leeann again...hope you enjoy my man!

all via pinterest
Chad Michael Murray!!

What ever happened to him?
Kinda lost track.
But it doesn't hinder me to look at him. ;)

Don't forget to hop on over to Leeann's and link up!


May 19, 2012

Culture Shock Alert

Funny, I was walking through the mall (I know I can't stop myself) and out of nowhere realized that there are going to be things while I'm away in Europe that I need to get used to again. You'd think it's the same, but for all of you that have lived abroad, that grew up somewhere else other than the US or are living abroad right now, you know what I am talking about. No matter how close or similar one country is to another it is never the same.

Today, here's my list that I need to remember so I won't get shocked while getting used to another, very familiar culture again:

1) Prices are going to be insane
2) No tax will be added whatsoever, so if it's 5.50, it is 5.50!
3) No refills
4) Water is not free, unless it is clearly stated that it is
5) Tips will be included
6) Public transportation will be very much on time
7) Cars will stop at the crosswalk to let pedestrians pass
8) No right turns on red!
9) No 12-lane plus freeways
10) Smaller cars are going to be all over, including more narrow streets
11) Teenagers will be walking around drunk
12) Dogs will be all over, too
13) Self-seating in restaurants
14) Unable to use my Starbucks card and earn rewards (I know, scandalous!)
15) Less pool and beach time
16) Lots of political, environmental, and educational talk
17) Tourists trampling all around the city
18) Finally, no more brand names and designer awesome as they are, it's not everything!
19) ... I am sure there is more...I just can't think of it right now.

And once I enter wonderful Istanbul...lots of more changes will come my way...but hey, I won't bore you with that! I'll just stick to being myself...the easy-going and adaptable me. Love being a Gemini.

I am just so looking forward to seeing my friends and family again. At least part of it - since all of my relatives live all over the world. It is always a hassle to coordinate visits and trips to all kinds of places. It sounds all so glamorous and fun, but at some point you just wish your family lived in one spot and you could visit them all at once. 

Let me enjoy some of the amenities this wonderful country has to offer before I enter another one. 

Where's my refill?!


May 16, 2012

One Week

Oh my readers....

...I can't believe time has gone by so quickly.
It's past mid-May already, finals are over, summer's basically around the corner and I'm heading to Europe in about a week. Yes, I'm excited. Thanks for asking.

At the same time I'm not looking forward to it just because it involves saying "see-you's" to dear friends and family and worst of all...PACKING. Seriously, it's not the first time I'm flying or traveling and I still have a hard time getting ready. What do I bring, where do I put it, is it really necessary, do I need it, or should I leave it and buy something new again...questions I hardly ever find the proper answers to. So I usually happen to bring too much with me and that's it. Oh well. All I know is that I'll be having a fabulous time and a blast seeing my family and friends again. YAY. 

I know I'll have a blast and will update as often as even possible.

However, I'll be also quite busy in the first two to three weeks...I'll be traveling back and fourth between two countries and may or may not have access to the internet. I am betting on the latter option, and quite frankly I could use some time off where I don't stare at a screen for a while. I've had enough of that. When the fall semester starts I can do that all again. :) 

And while I'll be doing mostly this for the first two weeks...

 ...I'll be having awesome guest bloggers entertaining all of you.
I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoy reading their blogs and tweets! They'd love to hear from you, too. And I'm so thankful they are helping me out while I'm soaking up energy in a fantastic country with awesome history and culture! :)

So yes, stay tuned.

I'm so's in about a week and I still have so much to do until then. Can the day not have 36 hours? Or something like that? Really, I could use a few more hours a day.
Either way I'm happy I'm leaving for Europe and can't wait to update you all!

And no, that's not me...but imagine that's me laughing and sitting on grass in the middle of an amazingly cozy and beautiful park somewhere in Europe! Trust me, I'll be doing that; the sneezing included (darn you allergies!)

Happy Friday everyone!!!

all images via pinterest

May 14, 2012


Wish me luck!!
They have arrived.
Finals are upon me!

We all know how I'll be feeling by Wednesday at 10.45am PST.
And ready for a lot of coffee, sunshine, and fun!


May 11, 2012

Friday - Girl Crush

I have to admit I have always liked Rachel Bilson and her style. If I was a guy I'd be all over here. Haha. But jokes aside she is just so naturally pretty. And as a girl, I love her style. Granted, we all have our ups and downs, and even the best dress women today happen to wear something incredibly horrible once or twice in their life. It just happens. I may not always agree with Rachel's fashion choices but I pretty much always loved them and probably always will because it's a combination of girlie, down-to-earth, and fun! My style could not be described better through Rachel's style. 

Wish I had more space for clothes, more money to buy more (not necessarily going for the expensive kind), and more time to wear it all. :) Nonetheless, I like her style, and wish I had her hair. Why did I ever think of having mine cut?! It's a pain to let it grow...but it's worth it!

 all images via pinterest

And since I talked about how much I love Rachel's girlie and still somewhat classy looks I'm also linking up with Kori and her Fashion Friday post! Don't forget to hop on over to her and look at more fun fashion posts, as well. It's always worth it. 

Have a fabulous Friday, and a great weekend.


May 9, 2012

Pool Party Summer Bliss - Who's Coming?

The other night our very own Selma went to an amazing pool party in Beverly Hills (see her last post). Though I'm quite jealous (this is Sierra from Ocean Dreams blog), I'm super happy that she was able to get away from her studying and have a bit of a break and not to mention some fun!

I myself have never been to a pool party in Beverly Hills, but how she described it - it sounded like a blast! Now that I'm getting older (eeek 28 this Sept!) I want to live it up a little bit more. Do you blame me? Oh, and those of you are in your 30s, you are still young too, he he! So I'm thinking of having a pool party in the future - what do you think?! You all are welcome to join in and come. ;)

Having a pool party with my bestie and other friends in toe would be amazing. Plus - I'd be sure to pack picnic baskets Baskets full of my favorite party food and maybe, just maybe there would be sushi and other yummy food and drinks by the pool? Oh, and of course lots of fun summer colors that remind me of the ocean and the rainbow. A girl can dream.

Whew I am so ready for summer to be here. So just so we have a run down of the main food and decor pieces that my pool party will consist of, here they are:
  • balloons of all different colors floating in the pool and outside of the pool too
  • cool drinks such as punch, lemonade, and Diet Coke (my fave)
  • food like sushi, cupcakes, and meat and buns for mini sandwiches
  • cute picnic baskets that will have more decorations and food packed away for backup
  • lounge chairs with pretty pillows with a ocean and bohemian vibe
  • inflatable pool floaties and inner tubes that are bright and fun
  • candles either floating in the pool or situated outside on a table
  • friends and fun times - a party wouldn't be the same without them!
  • and of course the pool located in Beverly Hills or another amazing city with a great pool setting
Have I forgotten anything? I don't think it's time to plan! Who's coming?!


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