March 31, 2010

I'm Weird, You're Weird, We're Weird

Aren't we all a little nuts sometimes?
Aren't we all a little out of control?
Aren't we all a little way too normal and quiet at times?
Or just not what everyone else wants us to be?

I paint my nails purple, I take loads of pictures of the most random things ever (like a cereal bowl or my new flip flops),  I wear sunglasses with a green whale stuck to the side, I talk to my foods (oh hello your cute avocado!!!), I watch TV like it's a religion, I hate cleaning but love to clean my friend's apartment so it's all wonderful, shiny and smelling like a fresh squeezed orange...and yes, I talk to myself and shop like a total maniac. I get ADD when I enter Target! For sure!!!! :) We figured this one out yesterday.

But all in all I'm very normal...haha.
I eat breakfast every day, try to get my daily coffee, read the news (online or on paper), sing when I take a shower (ha!), fight with a mouse, scream when I see it (ha!), shop like there's no time for it the next day, drink water like a crazy person (so want to stay hydrated all day long!), play with kids and little dogs, and just live life and enjoy the warmer weather!!!!!

So even though it's Wednesday I decided not to participate in Wishful Wednesday today. I'm lame, I know that. ;)  Instead I could type what I loved so far...or disliked so far...I love making lists too. :D

♥  my new flip flops and sandals
♥  my friend's cousin's baby (he's a super cutie)
♥  honey bunch of oats
♥  the weather warming up and getting rid of the rain
♥  the pork chops we made last night...yummy.
♥  online shopping (or window shopping)

-  the mouse
-  LOST (what is up with the last episode?! very disappointing)
-  last night's rain
-  my constant shopping failure (not that I didn't find anything but I didn't find what I was actually looking for!)
-  the mouse...oh I've said that already.

Glad the happy side is longer...and the not so happy side gets shorter.
Tomorrow's going to be gorgeous and I can't wait.
I am soooooooo beyond ready for spring. It's not even funny anymore.
I wanna hear the birds chirping and see the flowers blossoming all over...we might even head to an area that's full of cherry blossom trees. Can't wait.

So to sum this up...I'm as weird as you can be, so we're all weird at times and this brings us together! :D

Ok, to sum my little Wednesday Weirdness up...the mouse is still around and it's driving me crazy. I get paranoid!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!


March 30, 2010

Girl interrupted...and a mouse to wrestle with

via flickr
Hello my lovelies.
I am back on this blog world. Not for long but at least for today.
It's been raining. It's been wet and ugly, however, not as ugly as everyone says. Everything's blossoming which makes the city look more beautiful than it already is. And the little rain that came down yesterday (ok, not so little, but the one I experienced while outside) wasn't bad at all. My pants didn't get wet. Ha, this sounds bad. But ya know what I mean? You walk around when it's raining and then your lower back part of your jeans or pants or whatever (almost your entire leg sometimes) gets wet and clings to your leg or so which makes it all feel super gross. This always happens to me. Always. Apparently not in Philly. Oh how I love this place already!!!!!
So yes, I went to the city and walked in my super comfy Shape-Ups up and down and up and down those streets. In short, I went shopping. For like five hours and didn't end up buying lots though. The shopping world is against me. Maybe this is better, but maybe it's also very bad. I need clothes. Sounds horrible but I didn't bring much with me and I want to wear new things every single day and experience a bit with this or that and without many options to choose from this attempt sort of goes down the I need clothes. But apparently March and shopping...not my thing. Oh, but I spent like $170 at Target the other day. I'm one of those that can't stop herself once in that store...and I didn't even buy DVDs...which I originally wanted. Then again, we're going to another Target so they might have what I want...or not. Souvenirs (or what people wanted from over here) are half way bought already. More is needed. I know what they want, and I love that. So the second I have it all together I'm going to send it all away so the heavy souvenir shopping burden is gone. ;-)

Today I am staying home.
YES, I am. I'm gonna be a cheerful cleaning... (at least the bathroom, and living room), and then try and fight with a mouse. Yes, you read right...we have a little monster amongst us. It's not a rat. It's a mouse. Tiny, young, but getting bigger by the minute because that thing is eating our chips...and cookies. So we had to throw them away. Nothing else was appealing apparently. It doesn't like flavored things so we're good there. I saw it yesterday and freaked out. Don't get me wrong, I don't care much about mice and don't normally freak out when I see them. Besides they're animals and all that, but I don't want it in the kitchen nor near my shoes (long story...) nor anywhere on me or whatever. Nope. So I'm going to have a fight long one...haha. Ok, we also called someone so that should help...we'll see. Wish me luck!!!!!!

So, that's about it...I'm ready to clean now...and it's just almost 9.30pm. woohoo...

Happy Tuesday everyone.



March 27, 2010


I made it.
Both of my flights were incredibly bumpy, so I really got plane sick. :) I am feeling better now.
Got to see cool movies on the way to PA so it was all good...I was literally praying during the flight though...didn't like the bumpy trip but what can I do??? Not much.

So yeah...been here for like 24 hours and so far it's been okay.
Slept in, watched a lot of TV...still adjusting to the daily English usage...haha...and PA/LA accents. YES. Very different to what I'm used to and then again it's not really that different...but for those West Coast people who are reading this and might have lived on the East you may know what I mean. Unless you never noticed. I love languages and accents/dialects so I automatically notice. My friend has a Louisiana accent, not as strong anymore though (unless she talks to her family and friendsl in LA...that is so much fun!!!), and the rest of all the friends and people...clearly East Coast. Don't get me wrong that fact. I just love hearing the's awesome. :D

We have lots of plans and I have lots on my list to shop for.
Friends back in Europe gave me long lists of what to buy and what to look for. Things not available in Europe...I try my best. For sure. Don't want to disappoint anyone, not even me. Ya know, I love shopping.

Ok, I'm gonna keep this short.
So gonna watch a movie on demand now, eat some chips or an apple or the combo of both and then head to bed. Sunday's going to be a long day; especially for me.

Happy weekend everyone.
Sorry if this message sounds thoughts are all scattered so my mind is a huge mess now. haha.

Will update as often as even possible.
Just glad we fixed my friend's mac. What is wrong with broken laptops or internet connections these days????? LOL

Have a great evening everyone.



March 26, 2010



Today I'm gonna be here again!
Hopefully with nice and mild spring rain, and absolutely no snow.
I left my bulky scarf at home, also my winter clothes! ;)

Ok, PHILLY HERE I COME would have been more appropriate. ;)

Talk to you all later on...

P.s. Just fyi, this is a scheduled post. ;) I'm probably on my way, or have already landed. Bear with me and my posts...I'll try to post as often as even possible but for the first days I need to settle and see how I'm going to make it on the East Coast. ;)

March 24, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - Handbag

Even in crisis like these I get to enjoy Kelsey's Wishful Wednesday fun. I almost didn't make it today. Why??? First of all...yesterday after work I went online (at home). The usual quick check because at work I am not able to go online anymore. New system means no internet so far except for the regular emails we get in. I went online and checked stuff, and then out of nowhere my connection was dead. Nothing. Nada...I tried and nothing worked. So I gave up because I had to go to bed. I woke up at 5 this ready for work but decided to check again because it just has to be a mistake....nope. System down, server problems whatever...of course I went pissed to work. Not only does this happen to me, but it happens right before I leave for Philly and during an airline strike week...I need to know whether or not I can take off and land as planned. So far everything's good I think. So my trip can start and end as planned and I can enjoy my time away and focus on fun things. this afternoon I got home and tried again...nothing. Exhausted and just unable to think properly I called the hotline. The guy was nice, and very helpful and understanding...I accidentally told him I had windows XP which I don't have at all...yup, I'm tired. So yeah...he helped but nothing worked. So he's sending stuff over to reinstall things on the laptop or whatever, and of course it'll arrive when I'm gone. But at least help is on its way. Then, I just decided to go to my music section and make a CD out of my favorite songs or so and then whoops...the internet is magically working again. Love my helped me to get back on this cyperland...haha. Hopefully it stays this way.
And NO, I am not addicted to the internet, but it has become a helpful tool, a great entertainer, and right now, a good travel source and well...I need to check with my flight it is important right now. (>_<)

So, back to Kelsey...and away from my airline/travel/internet crisis....

Her topic this week is

'I wish' .... I could afford any _coach_ handbag without putting a dent in my pocketbook!

I love coach bags. Wish we had them over here. I do love Gucci and Louis Vuitton too but I just simply stick to the ones I can't buy that easily. Besides, I think I could afford either designer/brand bag (don't want to sound rich now and btw I am not) but would always choose the cheaper kind. That's maybe also why I have like 100 bags at home...and the number is increasing. ;) So, a classic or colorful and sorta sexy coach bag will just do fine!!

There are a lot more bags from Coach that I would want but I couldn't put them on here would be a total overload of awesome-looking and useful bags...I would have to jump right into this screen to get them...that's how much I want them. ;)

For more bags and awesome inspiration...go on over to Kelsey's and look what others had to share. Now I so want to go shopping.

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!

And please keep your fingers crossed for me.
Ya know why...hopefully.


March 22, 2010

New Week

Hello Hello...I wanted to post absolutely different things these days but as it turned out I simply can't. I don't have time and it frustrates me. Don't get me wrong...blogging has not become the biggest part of my life but it is part of my life and sometimes I miss my writing time... :( is a new week, and this means it is going to be a crazy week...not just at work but also otherwise. Lots has to be done beforehand, and lots has to be considered wisely before I go away enjoying my vacation. And trust me on this I need vacation. Now more than ever!!!!!

So here's to what makes me smile this week:

♥  my upcoming trip to Philadelphia
♥  the fact that I won't have to bother with the new system at start it was the worst - still is
♥  the slightly better weather
♥  the sad fact that i watch way too much online tv
♥  my amazing dreams
♥  possibilities....

Things that bother me or make me sad:

-  the weather going up and down and up and down again
-  mom not feeling well
-  irritating people
-  the fact that I hit my knee and it's all bruised  showing lovely colors
-  my amazing dreams
-  possibilities...

Confused now?? Because the amazing dreams and those possibilities are on both sides? Yes. I am confused. However, isn't that part of life? Doesn't this enhance it? Confusion apparently is my best friend and it helps me juggle everything. At least at work. In real life? Kind of a different story.

So what am I gonna do??? Travel. :D
In my dreams and in reality.
Yes, today I can say that I'm looking forward to time away from everything.
I'm literally counting down days...and it's a good feeling.

These make me look forward to so manz things...especially spring though.

Happy Monday everyone...and happy spring!!!!


March 20, 2010

Beautiful Award

Thank you Angela for this wonderful award. I love the green color, too. ;)
This could be me, sitting underneath a tree and reading a book or jotting thoughts down.

I do have to nominate seven beautiful ladies and their here it is...

I am not sure if I should list something here or not, but then again I am gonna skip this step (that is if it exists) because a few days ago or was it weeks? I posted like 101 things about me and it was difficult so I really am through with that for now.
If you haven't check out these wonderful and amazing ladies and their blogs. I absolutely love what they have to say and their posts always make my day. Woohoo!!! AND yes, there are two Sams so don't get confused or think that I made a mistake. Nope. :D

Happy Saturday. Woohoo I quickly made it online. :D


March 19, 2010

Fill In The Blank...

I still have a few days left over here so I'm not 100% gone yet...but soon. haha. ;)
So, without further blablablabla from my side...

It is Friday, and what do you combine with Fridays?! Yes, among other things Lauren's awesome blog and her Fill in the let's get started for today...shall we?! Sure thing...
1.  Today I am wearing     dark jeans, light brown top with a pink tank underneath, black jacket, pink scarf, and my favorite shoes these days .

2.  My favorite childhood food was     frosted flakes    and my favorite food  now is   Thai, Japanese, and some Turkish food...but all in all I still LOVE frosted flakes  .

3.  A day that I am too busy to      sleep in until noon and lounge around    is a day that I am too busy.

4.  The last movie I saw was      a serious man     and the next movie I want to see is   the blind side, I'm so behind on my movie watching.

5.  My favorite smell is     the fresh and cool air right after it rained in the morning with sunshine trying to dry everything   because,      it is so refreshing, new, clean, odorless, and just downright beautiful to watch the sun dry your car, the ground, the flowers, the grass, and everything else...a fresh new start into the day...awww. ;) .

6.  A weird little quirk I have is   that I really don't know if I have one *even though I know I do but I simply can't come up with one mainly because there're so many of them which is planely just embarrassing to name on here so I won't and if I continue to think more about it more comes up and it's just very weird and those quirks better not be told right now otherwise I freak out*...does that  make any sense at all?! No? No problem...I could explain to you what I meant by all that but then I would take up way too much space and your eyes and even mine would be crying because staring at the screen for too long is horrible... to make it all quick and easy...I talk to much and I tend to write way too much and I use way too many letters and words and thoughts....can't!!!! So to sum this one up is my weird little quirk is that I can't stop at matter what it is...this can be good, it can also be bad but for the most part it is just good so I'll see it as a positive thing...hmmm...I think I have ODD or whatever you wanna call it.

7.  When I take personality quizzes they always say I'm      an introvert, BUT only by a couple of points.  I'm a mixture of pretty much everything. LOL   .

And well, before I head to bed because it's past 9pm (woohoo...I'm quite early today, not gonna happen that my bed sees me early today)...well, things at work slowed down. At least for the most part. Then again, my boss thought today was my last day at work so he refused to give me a new password and login name which was weird. Then again, all was good. The new system and its little super details drives me crazy but I'll get the hang of it soon...just have to. Then again, I'm gonna be working with it like for four two full days and then I'm gone...haha. :) So, things slowed down and I'm okay with that.
I keep my fingers crossed for some happy moments while I'm still there, and I'm looking forward to some time away and all. Besides, spring decided to visit us today so it was a gorgeous day and it's supposed to be even nicer over the weekend. Of course, I'll be working so that's no fun. ;) Haha. BUT, I won't be complaining... :)

Happy Friday everyone, and happy weekend.
I might not be on here...because I'll be way too busy using the new system and no internet at work. YES, read it internet. Better that day. For sure!!! :)


March 18, 2010

Ready Set Go

Am I ready?! Not sure.
I looked at *I shall never do this again!!!* and it turned out they're having temps in the 70s right now. What the?! No way. I packed the wrong things...then again, temps will drop by next week so I'm all good. This stresses me out. I hate it. BUT, I'm also loving it. Just knowing I'll be gone for a while, visiting places I have been before but still don't know at all *does that make any sense?*, and exploring new places...yes, this is exciting. My heart aches a little...more than just a little and even though my aunt is fine with my decision not to visit California this Easter I promised to visit hopefully in the fall. We'll see. My fingers are crossed though.
*plus, I'm trying to go up to the Bay Area in July, but haven't figured it out yet and/or if I should and/or if I have time and all* ... so, packing can be frustrating, but also getting me in the travel mood. ;)

So, anyways...where was I?! Oh yes, everything's pretty much done.
I think I'm ready. If not, I'll go to Target *likely going to happen right after I wake up the first day I'm there* and buy whatever is needed (and of course, a lot and Target go way back and I might just spend like $200 on day one!). Then I'm heading over to Bath&Body Works and buy "souvenirs". People here asked me to get them hand lotions, and body sprays...obviously I'm a good marketing/product distributor...haha...I buy what I like in that store, use it and people smell it, love it and want it. Awesome. They should give me some discounts now...big time. haha! ;) Kidding!!!
So, besides the obvious shopping I think I'm ready for whatever awaits me. :) I just hope the weather's going to be nice and sunny...not super hot but nice enough so I don't have to wear a jacket. I'm bringing mine with me, but still it'd be nice not to use it.

Oh yes, and while I'm gone...there might be a few scheduled posts...and some random posts from time to time. I won't have my laptop with me, but am a lucky girl and can use my friend's. So I won't be gone for a long time and will have hopefully time to download pictures and share some with ya. It's spring time and spring time should be celebrated with pictures *not to mention that I need new pictures*.
So, bear with me then...I might not be able to comment often (or at all), post daily, or even update stuff...but I'm going to try my best. After all, it is my vacation time and I'm more than just happy not to be glued to the computer screen that often. ;) 

To round my weird post up...I sort of came up with "weird" pictures...all from google images...thank you for that google!!! :) I watched some shows lately (reality shows too) and their houses were just so awesome. I am nowhere near buying my own, nor do I even know if this is ever going to happen. Heck, I haven't figured out where I'm going to live and how and all so buying a house is so not an option right now. However, dreaming about nice houses can be fun. Looking at pictures too. So, here are a few of those pics I found...nothing special I have to admit but it's better than nothing at all. :D

The last three houses are my favorites. The last apparently exists in Santa Barbara...nothing against that one. Not sure though where. Maybe better that way. ;) And I'm sure you recognize one of those houses anyways. Can I use some magic and get one of those awesome houses please?! ;)

I'll keep dreaming...

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

March 17, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - Lottery

Wow, I made it...I didn't think I would manage to come back today and do Wishful Wednesday but I am here. :) Woohoo!!! So, let's get on with it...

This week's topic is...

'I wish .... I could win the lottery REAL soon, and I would hope part time so I won't lose sight of what's important, and some and spend some, too. ;)

Yes, let's face it...who wouldn't want to win the lottery?! We all do. How nice would it be to get instant $2 million for hitting the right numbers? Or even more than that?! YES. We'd be able to pay off debts, loans, buy things we couldn't afford before, save some so the future's partly taken care of, and of course we girls would go shopping.
However, money isn't everything. It helps to earn lots each month, and have some stored away and all but in the end it is nothing. You can't buy happiness and love with money *even though so many still believe in that*, and you simply can't change lots with it either. Maybe for the moment but not for eternity. 

So yes, I'd be saving up lots, but would also spend lots. 
But most importantly, I'd continue to work. At least part time and doing things in a surrounding I love and with people I care about etc etc. Heck, I'd open up my own shop so I'd be my own boss...then again that's a lot of work too, but'll be something I'd love to do.
Maybe, maybe not.
I would know by the time I hit the jackpot. ;)

So, go on over to Kelsey's fabulous blog and play along!!

Happy Wednesday.

P.s. Blogger's got some spacing and editing issues today, at least on my site here and it all looks weird on here so by the time I hit publish I am hoping it's all resolved. ;)

Spring Outfit?! Yes.

The sun's out, and my trip's approaching like nothing ever before.
I am ready. I think. If not, I will be so I can have fun exploring the city again, and so many other places. :) Spring's about to welcome me with open arms...I hope.

It's still freezing cold outside, but at least the sun's out and makes us feel refreshed and happier and all that.
So, I decided to go over to Polyvore and play a little...and that's what I came up with. Didn't have much time so excuse my quick search for the perfect outift...I will be looking for cute things like the one below soon... :D

Happy Wednesday.


March 16, 2010

Quick hello

we ♥ it

I had a rough's been insane, life's been boring, and the weather's not really helping either. Booooh.
However, my suitcase is packed. Just the very important last little things need to go in and I'm finally able to relax. Until then, my whole body is tense and nothing seems to work as planned. I don't have time for anything anymore. Won't even have time to see friends. Well, I might have time but then they won't. Plus, I might not even be very good company right now. All I want is go home and sleep. Even now while I'm typing this and I'm about to fall asleep. :( So yes, I will go to bed in about five minutes. :D

I can't think straight anymore...not just now but for the past few days. I blame it on the big and ugly change at work. Yesterday my co-worker and I realized the way it was introduced to us in the first place was wrong and the new system seems to be nice and all but we can't say much now. We have to see and wait. I worked almost twelve hours straight yesterday to get things done smoothly and right. My head was about to explode. It is also now.
So my current life is a bit strange. A while back I was weirded out by some signals...signs that probably wanted to tell me something. This happened again. It drives me insane. It's also good but it sure irriates me. Why is the word California or any picture of it haunting me?! T-shirts, songs, shoes (yes!), articles, documentaries, and worst of all...five phone calls today...oh and one was from Colorado...but that was weird...the guy was calling around 4am his time...insane or what?! ;)
So needless to say, I am beyond stressed, exhausted and just not very good company right now. Oh yeah, did I mention my mom got sick, too?! Right. So not only am I doing miserable, now my mom thinks she's about to faint any second and I should concentrate on work, life, my upcoming trip (it's close, very close and I'm excited to see friends again...not so excited if the weather's bad, but I saw and read the sun came out and it's quite warm?!!!??????) and some more work and life issues???? I can't do all this and make sure mom is doing well too. I only have one head and two arms and two legs and they're in need of some pampering and relaxation, too. 

So, bear with me...I'm not even gonna do Wishful Wednesday tomorrow. At least I think so now.
We'll see about that tomorrow.

Everything will be okay, just as the picture says it...but still...right doesn't feel like it at all.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!

the exhausted one...I blame it also on my age...haha!

P.s. good thing is I am having gorgeous eye-candy at work...can't hate that fact!!!! ;)

March 15, 2010

Where's Spring?!

Apparently, spring's not anywhere close...I make myself even more miserable by comparing locations' weather...this city, my deeply missed town in CA, and Philadelphia...don't like what I see. I'm more determined now to dance for spring. Some people dance to make it rain, and I'm gonna do something like this just to get spring knock on our door...come on!!!! Can't tolerate this cold's uber-annoying now. :(

To get into the spring dance mood...*sounds sort of corny* here are my pictures...not only to make me dance, but also dream of comfy spring clothes, sandals, sunglasses, flowers, the sun, and just no winter jacket anymore.

Happy Monday!!!!!

all via we ♥ it

The last picture reminds me that I need to paint my toe nails.
Pink of course!!!


March 14, 2010

Sunday Love

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.
Mine was...ya know...the usual...filled with work.

You would think it being mid-March and all that spring would slowly decide to appear or at least send its tiny brothers and sisters "blue-ish sky, cute blossoms, and baby birds" so we'd finally start to enjoy the season. But's extremely cold and extremely gray outside. The only thing that cheered me up today was my regular Vanilla Latte...and the fact that I wasn't the only one complaining about the weather. :)

What bothers me now *and yes, it's not work related...woohoo* is that I have to pack my suitcase. Well, let me rephrase that...I already did pack my suitcase but I'm not happy with what I've got in there so I'm tempted to take everything out again and start from scratch. BUT, I don't have time for this and I don't want to do it and well, traveling sucks. ;) I used to be good at this. I suck today. This task is very difficult. For years I just put in a few shirts, toiletries, one pair of flip flops, underwear, some PJs and souvenirs. Nothing more. This year?! I'm flying to a completely different city, with a very different climate (although checking it is definitely nicer in Philly than it is over here and we normally have the same weather). I don't want to pack too much because I want to have lots of space for my future purchases. And you all should know by now that I love shopping and I won't be stopped doing so when I'm in the US. ;) I already wrote down all the stores and boutiques I need to visit, and friends handed me notes with detailed items they want me to get them. Bath and Body Works' hand lotion is apparently a very very very loved item. ;) Won't disagree with that. ;) But, packing in general is just horrible. I think I'm okay with what I've got so far in my lovely "red" *and yes, it's my suitcase's name* Red is not fully packed and won't be, because I need space for whatever I'm gonna be buying. I won't overdo myself in PA but given there's not sales tax on clothes in Philly...ya never know. And if you haven't known this tiny fact now you do. ;) It's not a secret, it's also written in all those guide books. Plus, I emailed my friend and asked if they by any chance changed that fact and apparently they haven't so I'm gonna be in shopping heaven. And I bet ya, now I'm so looking forward to all that crazy window and store shopping...the second I enter those stores and boutiques I won't find a thing and end up wearing the same clothes day in and day out. Grrrrr....

So yes...packing's my thing this weekend. And I'm almost done. I want to be prepared ahead of time. Way ahead.  I'm already nervous. Good nervous. Sad nervous, but excited nervous. Makes sense?! Sure does to me.

And oh, if any of you have suggestions on what to see/do/shop/eat in either NYC or Philly let me know. I'm always open to new things and great suggestions. I've been to Philly and my friends live there so it's likely that I know the place or read about it or whatever...but NYC? It's been ten years and the city's the more suggestions the betters. ;) We'll be going one weekend I think, so there might be a chance for us to discover some fun places. Let me know. Email or comment, either way is fine.


And well, in other news....I'm literally catching up with LOST.
I love this show. It's one of those that makes me think 24/7, and which lets me dream and have visions and ideas. It's a crazy show but its fantasy filled plot makes it almost impossible not to watch. BUT, if you fail to watch one episode you may lose your mind when you watch the following one...and this is what had happened to me, so I stopped watching entirely. I was fed up with all those new faces and couldn't understand a bit. So now, something hit me and I just decided to watch it all again from Season One and Episode One...up until pretty much now. ;) I watch up to four episodes a day. Insane I know but apparently I need some insanity right now. I'm way too serious and need to be distracted a bit. This insane show keeps me sane! :D
So looking forward to the moment it is over and I can resume my normal non-TV life. ;)

Happy Sunday everyone.


March 12, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday and Friday Funny and the usual me

So it is Friday again. I love Fridays. No, not because it's a day before the supposed weekend, but just because I could play along Lauren's Fill in the Blank and also Kelly's Friday Funny...but today...I really have to push myself.
The computer crashed today. Of course. The first three hours it worked fine and around 9am it all went down. Luckily I did most of the work before 9 so I didn't lose anything or had to improvise much. However, guess who got the blame???!!! ME!!!! I got yelled at *he may not have yelled at me, but it sure felt like it because his voice is so strong and sounds so aggressive* and he wondered why I didn't say anything right away. I was like "What do you mean? I said it right when it happened. Right where everything crashed I came to you and told you. *he's also the main computer guy now, his wish, not ours* What else is there to do?!" Then he said "You should have said something when it happened." Me: "I did, right at 9am. It worked fine from 6.30 on so there wasn't any need to call you or let you know about anything that didn't even happen!" *or should I have called him at 6 in the freakin' morning and let him know that the system might crash at 9am?!* Really. What the hell was that?! So then he realized I might be right, but of course I got the blame. Then after about two hours or more the system worked again. Someone needed a guy to fix some things somewhere (ok, don't know exactly what but that's why we have guys for that...haha), and he wanted the phone number. My answer *and I know how that sounds but it's all true*: "Sorry, we don't have his number. We're not allowed to have his number apparently because our architect doesn't allow us to have it!" *and yes, all true, he doesn't want us to have that guy's number - we have no idea why not but it's the way it is* He went: "What's his name and his company's name?! You at least should know that much." Me: "Unfortunately we don't. We have no say in whatever and therefore don't know squat. We asked him thousands of times to get the number but he wouldn't let us. Call him and ask him yourself if you don't believe me, but we have absolutely no idea where he lives, works, or whatever. And his name alone doesn't help us much it's way too common." Of course he didn't believe me and kind of wanted me to look bad. I got back-up by some electrician who knew our problem with our architect and his say in anything regarding everything. But of course that didn't help. Eventually they found out...YES, that I was right and they were wrong. They didn't get the number, so go figure. I felt like a very very very stupid person. I knew I was right, and I knew that nothing was my fault but I got the blame for everything that went wrong today, didn't work at all or wasn't right.
So, needless to say I hate today. I just hate it. I don't like talking about hate or bad days but I always claim that writing helps and it does help a little. But sadly it's not enough. :(

I was sooooo looking forward to this Friday and everything and now this?!
So, in other work pants got dirty too, and I was about to walk out the door when everything went weird and fell onto me for no good reason. :(  So, Friday, March 12, 2010...not my day. For sure.

However, yes, today is the lovely Katinka's wedding day!!!!
So everyone be incredibly nice and hop on over to her great blog and wish her happiness and lots more on her very special day!!!!! :) Woohoo!!!

And, it is Lauren's Fill in the blank I'm gonna do my very best here!!! :)

Here we go...

1.  The best day ever was  my friend telling me she was pregnant. I called her *our routine back then* and she told me she was expecting her first child. I was so excited I wanted to book a flight out to SF right that second. I didn't but I was definitely happy and super excited. *and yes I know this doesn't top much but I'm sure there's going to be a better best day for me some time in the future*

2.  My favorite meal of the day is    when I can sit at a table and eat a warm dish because at work I don't get to eat anything but some nuts if I'm lucky .

3.  This weekend    will be like all the other weekends...spent at work and feeling lonely and sad. :( oh well... .

4.  Never in my life have I   felt so hopeless and stupid as this week. I know I am not stupid but it sure feels like it. Time to say bye bye to work, and hello to new adventures. Really.

5.  The only thing better than   sleeping in is   taking a bubble bath, listening to chill-out music, and then watching TV or a movie in my PJs all comfy and warm...and then go to bed and maybe sleep in the next day. Ha!!!

6.  I could really do with some   waffle with strawberries and whipped cream and a good cup of coffee .

7.  The most recent thing I bought myself was   a scarf. I felt I needed something that might cheer me up and make me look forward to spring and its warmer weather...and it just so happened that I saw it again and couldn't resist, so I bought it. And if you were wondering...of course it is purple. ;)

If you want to read more Fill in the Blanks...make sure to go over to Lauren's blog and join the fun.


And yes, it is also Kelly's Friday Funny...and I just thought I'd combine all of it in one post...and yes I know how long this post is going to be but I better do it now or I'll forget it or worse I write about my miserable life or whatever. And of course I know that I live a blessed life and that I have to be thankful for everything I am and have and all...because there are millions of people out there not being this fortunate and not being this healthy and all. I know that. Don't want the focus on me, but sometimes it's just leading towards the narcissistic Selma writing. But here we go...

Keeping Up With Kelly & Co

The only happy and funny moment I had was going out for dinner with friends, and then cracking up on the way back to our Sushi table/bar/whatever because we were just being very silly...but of course I don't have a picture of us doing silly stuff in the bathroom *don't ask, it always happens there* and then cracking up in front of some very hot guy. Crap. ;)
But I also got an email from a friend with cute little pics and I just wanted to share this on today's Friday Funny post. It's rather cute than funny but oh well. It's something that brightened my day so it's worth sharing.

Poor little one but it kinda looks cute. ;)

Happy Friday everyone.
I'm so gonna take a bubble bath and then head to bed early.

P.s. Blogger has again some space issues...and please ignore my typos and weird sentences today...couldn't think straight any longer. ;)

March 11, 2010

Thursday Blah...

This week has been insane. Good insane for the most part.
Not only did I have to work more, I also almost got into a fight with one of the bosses. Reason is simple...he thinks that whatever we do is stupid and that we as human beings are useless. His words, not mine. He also admitted he thinks that we need to be observed more on how we do things, because it seems we're doing squat and if we do relevant things it is just not right. Basically, we're useless and should be monitored like rats in the lab. And what my co-workers had been doing for the past twenty plus year is obsolete now. Literally. It's all in the past and the future is bright and waiting for all of us. His words, not mine.

On Tuesday I just knew that with the big change at work nothing will be the same anymore. Can't say if it's going to be positive or negative change. It's change, and I don't mind it at all. I mind the way it is introduced to us and how we've been treated lately. There wasn't a day someone was happy at work. Talk about good work climate. Everyone was tense, everyone hated whatever they had to do and no one seemed pleased to see the main guy responsible for this mess. So this was insane. Good but also quite bad. It may not sound insane but trust me, I almost cried at work and almost lost it. And when that happens it happens and I know right there and then that I am unhappy and this is just not what I'm supposed to do.

Don't worry I am okay now.
I hope. ;-)

I believe that it is time to start what I've been literally talking about for so long. BIG Change.
I may just start with a hair cut but at least it's a beginning, right?!
What I also believe is that we're responsible for our own happiness, and on Tuesday I told my mom the news. If my work is unappreciated and gets reduced to nothing I don't think I can stay any longer. Six more months I am officially done. It is time to end this mess. However, I do not know what comes next. In all honesty I am lost. But ya know what...I won't think about it now. I may deny my miserable state for the next six months, I may not. For right now, I'm going to be enjoying the rest of the old days at work, and the horrible gusty winds we've been having and then head on over east for a few weeks. Woohoo!!!
After that and all...things may change for the better...but that I can't say and won't even think about for one minutes. We don't know how this change will affect us. We know it will, we just don't know how so we're going with whatever and see where it leads us to. :(  Uneasy feeling but oh well.

So besides the weird and tense work climate and the fact that winter seems to linger on forever...there are some happy moments in my life, too. :) YES.

♥  Sushi Night  that cost us a fortune but was worth every penny *I so wanna go back now*
♥  The occasional rays of sun
♥  Lots of chocolate in my half packed suitcase *so not for me, because ya know I hate it*
♥  An email from my cousin letting me know she's coming to visit me in Philly
♥  Knowing the weather's way better over there than here *what is up with this weather here??!!*
♥  TV that keeps me sane and entertained
♥  my right hand not hurting anymore (finally!!!!)

And yes, if I could I would go back to that Sushi place and order some more tea, dessert, and all that. We had a blast and we laughed so hard it was beyond funny...some funny incident happened with my friend and I on the way out of the bathroom there and we just couldn't stop laughing anymore. :) Besides, I would give anything to have a sink just like the one looked like a real white almond with flowers all over. Ok, weird description but still...just wonderful.

And YES, winter's still here...we have temps in the 30s now. Luckily not in the 20s anymore. I hate it. I want to scream and say "HEY, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING HITTING US WITH SUCH COLD AIR IN MARCH!!! AND SNOW??? INSANE OR WHAT????!!!!" but of course I don't and just go with the flow. I can't even look at spring clothes because by looking at them I automatically start to shiver and that's not good. :(
 via we ♥ it
Happy Thursday...
I am so glad I'm back home now. It's been snowing every since I stepped out. Today is my "wear glasses day" and of course even with them on I wasn't able to see a thing. Thank you snow for making today a horrible day!!!


March 10, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - Gown

Kelsey's Wishful Wednesday topic this week is 

"I wish' .... I could wear an elegant, classy, and still sexy dress on my wedding day!"
Something I would be proud of, something I could and would see me wearing *because I hardly ever wear dresses*, and just something I would feel comfortable in. Nothing too fancy, or "flowery"...I like it simple, sweet, and classy.
Here's the thing. I am not married.
Sigh. I wish sometimes I was.
I always thought at around 23 I would be ready and have my first child at maybe 25 or 26. Nope.
Life has different plans for me. 
Not so sure what these plans are but I'm going with the flow. I think. I hope. I can and will pretend.
Plus who said girls don't one!!! 
We all do, and we love to do it, right?!
So there's absolutely nothing wrong with my dreaming of a wonderfully fitting wedding dress that will make me shine and feel happy for the entire day.
I sure keep my fingers crossed.
Maybe one day it's my turn.
Until then I am dreaming and looking at pretty pictures...
...just like the following ones.

 I think this is just very simple, and I love the A-line.
I don't like the hair piece or whatever that is but it's ok. Adds some touch.
Those embroided flowers don't even bother me. ;)
I would probably go with the second one.
Just not in white.

So, I think that's about it...since I'm not even close to getting married the thought of any wedding dress never fully occurred to me. It wasn't easy to find samples of what I have in mind. But I think to give you an idea I did I great job. ;)

Don't forget to go over to Kelsey's blog and see what other's had to say.
I know I will.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


March 8, 2010

Monday Inspiration

Last night was the Academy Award Night aka Oscars Night.
For years it's a ritual of mine to watch it - no matter where I am on this planet.
We used to dress up on Sunday night and watch it with little appetizers and such. That was all back in the day when I lived closer to the big event and when time wasn't a big issue. Not so over here. I worked till 11pm and by the time I got home I was exhausted but still determined to stay awake. And I did. From the beginning till the was nice. Not spectacular or overly great or whatever...just nice. My eyes barely stayed open (just imagine me lying on the sofa in my PJ's *so much for the dress ritual* and a huge cup of hot tea, three blankets wrapped around and the TV right in front of me) was 1am till 5.30am. YUP. Insane I know. But okay. It's my ritual and I did it. :) I will not be talking about the dresses or the winners as so many of you already have. All I'm gonna say is that I wish I'd look half as pretty and elegant as Helen Mirren did last night. She was my absolute favorite of all. Yes, I admit it...she's no young actress and definitely not one of those "well-known kinds" but to me she pulled it off with her dress and grace. :)

Today I woke up quite early...thinking of when I went to bed. BUT I have to be back at work this afternoon so there's no real time to sleep in and relax. Hopefully I can find my make-up skills somewhere and make me look fresh and happy and all. Right now I look pale. Booh. Might also be the lack of sun we're getting here. This got me thinking a lot...I'm a lot happier when the sun's out. Sure, everyone is...we discovered this a long time ago. However, I truly believe I am a totally different person when the sun's out and shining...I'm more relaxed, energized, open to everything and everyone, full of ideas, dreams, and just happy. Some say the winter blues hits a lot of people and I believe that. I just discovered that I am a summer me it could be summer all year long. Not hot summer but just mild and wonderful summer...75 degrees every single day, max. 80 degrees...a mild breeze from time to time...almost blue sky and the sun right there looking down and smiling for about 10 hours or so. :D Nothing against that. So I conclude...I live in the wrong part of the world, wrong time anyway, and just will make myself miserable the longer I try to do what I think is best when I know exactly that what I think is best is wrong and that I just deny what's good for me. This sentence makes a lot more sense when you can feel what I've been feeling. Needless to say, I'm gonna try and change lots of things. Yes, I know I've been talking about this for so long it sickens me. However, it is always easier said than done. Plus, sudden changes scare me so I'm trying to stay cool and take it day by day...slowly.

Ok, I wanted to make this short...I am exhausted and my soup's ready...great lunch. Really. The only decent meal I get to eat today. Just awful. Very unhealthy too. Oh well.

So, I wanted to wrap this up today...with pictures of course...and hopefully these will not only inspire me but also you. Happy Monday everyone!!!!! Hope you had an awesome weekend and an even greater start into the new week!!!

  via weheartit

AND...I wanted to shout out a very happy birthday to one of my oldest friends. We've known each other for 23 years and it's been a blast!!!!! Love her and am so thankful for having her in my life. She's always been like my older sister (even though we're only a few months apart) and therefore family to me. Happy Birthday Girl...have a blast and I'll be thinking of sorry I can't celebrate with ya today. But I told ya on the phone a few minutes ago...we'll celebrate later!!!! For sure!!!!  Love ya!!!

Happy Monday.



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