December 30, 2009

Bye 2009

The end is near...and 2010 will have started before we know it.
Did you like this past year?! Or are you happy it's over?!
Either way, this year had its ups and downs. Every year has that. Thankfully. It would be boring otherwise.

What I liked about this year?!
Lots of things.
I also disliked so many other things I rather stick to the good stuff.
I wonder why this year sucked, for me, personally, spiritually, physically, and well emtionally.
Maybe it was time to have all that in my life. At a very wrong time but hey, it's part of life so I'm guessing whatever I had to go through and actually went through and did has some sort of future super outcome for me, and I will look back and laugh like a crazy person because whatever I think I went through this year was literally nothing. I tend to overdo things and see the worst in so many people and situations. I can't see the good stuff. I used to and wonder where all that went to. Then again, as I said, it's part of life. I'm dealing with it and that's about it.
So, before I start rambling on how awful I've been feeling over the past months, honestly, years, I better stop and list (in no particular order) the happy moments 2009 had in store for me. Yeah!!!! Stay positive Selma, stay positive!!






It was definitely great to visit Barcelona, meet family and friends again in and around Istanbul, Philadelphia, New Haven and Los Angeles.

My friend's wedding

Going on a spontaneous trip to Italy (even just for one day)

Seeing my cousins again (in Philly, in New Haven, and in Istanbul)
It's actually neat to have family all over the world!

Seeing one of my best friend's again (after so many freakin' years!!!!) 

Don't remember what we were looking at or what was so funny but I love this picture.

Playing with my friend's little daughter (can't believe she's a mommy now!)

Getting a Christmas card from a friend, telling me she's expecting a baby and it's due like today! I'm gonna spoil that kid with all kinds of stuff! :)


Being in and around Los Angeles

Shopping (how lame, but it literally makes me happy)
I don't have to go overboard and spend ridiculous amounts of money. I love to have a budget and limit myself in a hopefully timely fashion. Ha!!! So far I've been a good girl, trying to spend money but not trying to go out there and go crazy...although if you saw me going in and out certain stores at the mall for might want to tell me to rewrite this again... ;)


Ridiculous TV shows that distract me and take me into another time/era/life
Can't help it. I'm addicted!!! I love reruns, too...but the current shows have something special...
...can't wait for Season 3 of True Blood, more Brothers & Sisters, Gossip Girl, LOST, Heroes, and HIMYM...and oh boy, so many more. Hopefully I have time to watch them all next year. I don't record them; can't I either watch them on TV or try to catch up online. So exciting!!!

Inspiring books of 2009

I definitely need to read more next year. If you have any suggestions whatsoever, let me know :) I'm more than happy to know which books inspired you, or are on your shelf and you so desperately want to share your ideas and all...I read pretty much everything...currently reading The Little Book by Selden Edwards, and Secrets to Happiness by Sarah Dunn. Can't say much about either one so far though. I just started.

There is plenty more to this list like music, my health (at times), money coming in, movies, and such but for right now this is it!! :) 2009 you are pretty much over by less than 48 hours (on my side of the world).

2009 you could have been better, but let's be frank, you could have been a lot worse, too.
I'm trying to look forward to a new year, a new start, a new everything...trying!!!
So, 2009 enjoy your last hours, and let us all start the new year beautifully with lots of positive spirit and happpiness.

Not sure if I'm able to post anything tomorrow, New Year's Eve, so in case I'm not...just want to wish you all a wonderful last day of this year and an even more terrific start into the new one.


Wishful Wednesday - Santa

Wishful Wednesday

It's Wishful Wednesday time and the last for this year!!!

This time Kelsey's topic is...

 I wish...Santa would have remembered ...was on my list!

There was never really a list in the first place.
I used to have extremely long lists when I was younger and sometimes I was fortunate enough to get one or two things out of that list but today a list seemed pointless. Then again, I would be lying if I said I wasn't thinking of any particular gifts during this holiday season.
I didn't get any of those things, but I'm fine with that.

I would have loved to see...


Greedy?! Maybe.
But I've always wanted to get a new distraction in life (hence the Wii),
and with money you can't go wrong...and I could buy whatever I wanted.
A raise would be nice, too, but I doubt this is gonna happen any time soon.

Needless to say this again, but I'm glad I didn't get any
of the above mentioned.
I'm happy with what I've got and can still enjoy life.

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

Hop on over to Kelsey's blog and read some more WW's stories!!


All images via google images

December 29, 2009

Three More Days!

This year flew!!! In three days we're having to say good-bye to the year of 2009 and slowly tell our brains to start using 2010!!! Wow! Years ago this date seemed so odd, and so far away and now? It's basically around the corner.

Are you excited?!
Do you have any particular plans for New Year's?!
Me?! Not so much. At first I thought I did, then they got cancelled or whatever, and then I wanted to keep it all low and stay home and wallow in self pity but got then two invitations...and now I'm kinda struggling. But I think now I know which "party" I'm going to attend. It's just going to be a get together with friends which is cool too. Plus, we're now hoping for some snow - just like last year!!!

Though since I'm in need of some fun stuff...winter inspiration! ;)

Hope you're having a fabulous day!!!


December 28, 2009

I'm back!

So, even though I posted quick blog entries over the past few days I wasn't really here. Yes, I was here. No weird person was posting stuff - don't worry. I wasn't really able to read all your awesome Christmas and holiday posts and comment on them, but now I'm slowly catching up. If you didn't hear from me it was just because I wasn't really around and in the mood to do anything, really, except for a few times when I posted things and then after that I mainly tried to relax and get away from the internet.

In other is Monday...normally it's TV night but since it's practically the holiday week they never show anything "normal" on TV. I'm not sad about this, because I went to the movies!!!! Yes, I did. It's been a while and I'm so glad I went. Which one?!

As I was telling a few of you, I wasn't really gonna watch it. I was so against it I totally forgot it was even still showing. Not really a fan of James Cameron although he's some sort of a genius when it comes to movie making, and I'm not really a fan of huge budget movies either. However, I've read so many good reviews, and so many recommendations I slowly started to like the idea of going. Slowly, in like maybe three months from now?! But then my friend asks me to go and I started reading more about the movie and read what you all had to say and then I was like "OK, why not!" So, about twenty minutes before I was picked up I read Heather's blog and how she watched it with her husband. Her thoughts beforehand were similar to mine and at the end she says "I LOVED it!". This was a sign...a sign I did the right thing to say yes to my friend and yes to that movie. And let me tell you one thing...I LOVED it!!!!! Plus, nothing can beat 3D. So glad we went and watched it. :)  If you haven't seen it, go watch it in 3D. It's gonna be amazing and not at all what you may have heard or read.
*quick side note...and well, I now have my own pair of 3D glasses!!!*

And oh so yes, I gave myself a little Christmas gift!
Apparently mom wanted to give me this on my birthday (6 months from now) but I couldn't wait. I told her that I am trying to live life now and not then, because unfortunately we can't foresee what's going to happen...we might not be able to buy this in six months or we might not be around...who knows. Live now, and nothing else!!! Harsh? Maybe. But maybe not!
Here's what I got like less than five minutes! Went to the city, got into the store, told them what I wanted and I was out and about with a very huge smile on my face!

And if you were wondering why I wanted a strawberry dangling down my neck...well, first, I love strawberries, their color and their sweet taste, and'll always remind me of Oxnard!!!!!  ;-)

Happy Monday.


December 27, 2009

Joyful recap, maybe

How was your Christmas?! Hope you all had an amazing time, enjoyed being with your family and friends, opening lots of presents (or none), and just had an absolutely perfect holiday time.

Christmas on my side of the world was okay.
As you may have figured we do celebrate on Christmas Eve, and most of us open our gifts on that evening as well. Can't beat that one. ;) I opened mine actually in the morning. I simply couldn't wait any longer which made me realize how silly I behaved and how much I was looking forward to all of this. Ridiculous. However, the little girl inside of me was stronger and I loved to open each and every gift I received. I received four things I was really looking forward to and the rest was pretty much a bonus (however you want to look at it). My DVD collection has grown, I have one more tree ornament (thanks to my Starbucks addiction!), new clothes (yay on that one for sure), new comfy socks (oh I love these so much), and stuff to pamper myself.
The best gift though I received on Christmas Day. While I was trying to read the news online my cousin called. She absolutely made my day, or my night. I was trying to read quickly and then head to bed but couldn't because she was calling me from England and well, I couldn't say no. Praise the internet, and praise Skype. :)
Yes, of course, I know how ridiculous this all sounds, but hearing her voice again and having a girl-to-girl talk was something I'd been missing. A lot. It was a blessing. Funny thing was she wanted to hear my stories, the way we celebrated the holidays (she didn't grow up celebrating just recently learned and all), and was just beyong great to talk to her again. My best Christmas gift. Ever.

Actually, my Christmas was disappointing. Yes, we went to my aunt's place and yes, she did cook beautifully, but it wasn't what I expected. We were only four people!!! What the heck?! My cousins (both way older than I am and married and having kids) decided not to join us. Not even to say hello. I mean? Who does that?! Yes, my cousins have other family dinners to attend but they did that on the 26th, both of them, so the 24th or even the 25th would have been perfect to get together. I haven't seen my cousins' kids in over two years. They're growing up and even though we're family it doesn't feel like it. Anyways, my aunt cooked, my uncle made jokes, mom was, well, mom and I was in the middle of everything not really feeling it and missing the family and Christmas spirit. Have I mentioned that there wasn't any Christmas decoration?! No? Now you know. Not even one candle. Not even music. Nada. I'm not expecting the house to be lit like crazy and decoration all over so you can't walk through the house but come on!!! Holiday-ish candles would have been nice, or just something...but no! My heart broke into pieces...and even though these pieces were glittery and all (yes, deep inside I felt great about the holiday) just wasn't what I wished for or hoped it would be. Just disappointing. I'm still so disappointed in my cousins. I still wonder why they didn't show up. Did they quit the festivities? Nope. I have no idea. I don't want to think about it anyhow. It's just so sad.
So, midnight mass, no snow, no gifts from my family, just amazing friends whom I miss like crazy sending me awesome treats and a phone call that just lightened up my mood the next day. At least that.

So, thanks S., you are an amazing cousin. Even though we don't live near each other I hope you can come visit me here (at some point). I love you. You've always been my best friend and will always be the person I turn to when I need guidance, happiness, laughter and just love. So sad we're not sisters, but then who knows, we might not have the bond we're having. :)  Thanks for making my day!

In other news...on December 26th (a holiday over here and well, everything and by that I truly mean everything, is closed) I would have normally spent the day in my PJ's watching holiday movies, reading books, drinking hot coco and all, but this year I tried something new. Ok, not really tried. Two friends of mine and I went out on a so-called field trip. Apparently they do this every year on December 26, but I never participated (either because I wasn't here, or was working or was sick or all of the above!). This time I decided to go and unfortunately we were only three people. It was still fun though. Expensive fun but we all know my life needs excitement and some adventures. We met at 7.30 in the morning, took a train to some distant city, went up a few mountains (gosh that was scary fun!), and walked through tons of snow and tried to catch some sun. We failed with the latter part of the wish, but the snow was fun. The sun just seemed to hide from some point she came out and we cursed ourselves for not having brought our sunglasses with us but all in all it was a good day.

That's about it...Christmas is over, and New Year's Eve is pretty much around the corner. Can you believe this?! I simply can't. It somehow scares me, but it's okay. I'm trying to end the year positively (even though I want to scream and yell - maybe I should do so) and then start the year as positively as even possible.
I need to believe that whatever happened this year (or whatever didn't happen) has its own little purpose somewhere and this is part of my life and at some point in the future I will understand why.

Have an absolutely awesome Sunday!


December 26, 2009

Let there be light... ;)

Not really into blogging today...but hey, that's ok.
However, I still wanted to share something with you.
Maybe you've seen it already.
Either way I think this is quite a cute youtube video.

Have a great weekend!!


December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hope you're having a fabulous Christmas Day!

More on my Christmas adventures (or boring moments)...maybe next week.
For right now I keep it simple...


...and yes, our streets looked like the picture above. Unfortunately. Santa was unable to send us some snow.


December 24, 2009

Dear All...

Hope you are having two wonderful days filled with whatever you wished for and of course lots more.

I'm heading over to my aunt's place.
Looking something similar to the picture below! ;)

Yes, it could also be a New Year's Eve outfit but I've never seen people dress up over here.
I think I met the wrong kinda friends!
Maybe not.

Either way, have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

Thanks for reading me.

Love you all!


December 23, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

Dear Santa,

Please make sure it's snowing tomorrow and the day after.
That's all, thank you!

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

My wish won't come true, I can just tell you that much.
It doesn't look like anything enough cold is coming our way.
My hopes are high, but I don't think Santa's that magical and strong to make sure it's gonna happen.
Oh I wish we all had that power.
So yeah, so much for my little wish there.
It's all melted now and the streets simply look gross.

In other news...cleaned everything, looked into new apartments but failed to even find a good one, watched Christmas movies, listened to some fun Christmas songs my awesome friend A. sent me, met a former classmate of mine (that was beyond awesome...we're the same age but he looks like ten years older! Oh boy!), bought something purple for my Christmas outfit and that's pretty much it.

Off I go now...meeting a friend for coffee!

Happy Wednesday.
I'm so sad it's almost end of December!
Crazy how fast time flies's kinda scary and shocking.

Have a grand day.



P.s. And Santa, if you are reading this...can you please help me with that wish of mine...thanks a million!

December 22, 2009

In only a few days...

All my Christmas presents arrived! I'm so excited. I feel spoiled. Last ones arrived yesterday morning at 7.30, and around noon. All the emotions I'm feeling take me instantly back to when I was ten and when I was looking forward to getting the biggest and best gifts ever. I don't remember what I got but I remember I was super excited at that age. Okay, I'm sure I was super excited at any young age (who isn't). Today I just love to receive much as I want to work against super consumerism and materialism alone I can't ignore the fact that getting pampered once in a while makes my day!

And no, I haven't opened any of my valued gifts yet...but can't wait...just two more days! Presents are opened on the 24th over here! :D Hooray!!!

And here, a few more cute and inspirational pictures.

all via We ♥ It! :D

Happy Tuesday everyone!



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