April 29, 2011


                                                        Source: thehappyzombie.com via Babs on Pinterest

Did you watch the wedding today?
I did.
Which girl doesn't dream about becoming a princess one day?

Did you like it?

Loved her dress!
Everything about it.
And Pippa's was kinda stunning too.

Reuters via this article

Princess Diana would have been very proud!

Even though I'm nowhere near my own wedding I know exactly who is invited (to 95% that is) and who's going to be on my "has to be part of the wedding-list" aka either bridesmaid and/or MOH. Crazy? Maybe. But we girls usually plan our weddings ahead of times. Usually. No?! And it may actually involve a lot of people. Meaning I really have to find me a prince too... ;)

Have a fantastic day everyone.


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April 28, 2011

Fashion. Coming from Me? No way!

Yes, today, a fashion post is coming from me.

One of my awesome friends quite astonishingly (and not surprisingly as I may add) ended up in the fashion business and even started her own line and I am beyond thrilled to share this with you all. I somehow always knew she would go for the fashionista in her. Even when we were younger I adored her style (still do!) and wondered why she was so brave to try on new, colorful things whereas I remained the silent, gray girl. Today I know.

April is usually my month of shopping and finding cool new things. This month not so much. It bugs me a little but I know it's okay and I always have online-window shopping to help me get through my non-shopping phase. Here are a few of my favorite items (I may be biased here) I came across on my online-window shopping day that I'm just drooling over:

It may be spring and soon summer, but this coat is gorgeous!

Love this summer dress
Hello color! 
You don't need to be brave to pull this one off - it is awesome! 
It is a dress, but I would easily use it as a top, too. {scandalous maybe}
This is so cute, it goes with practically anything anytime.

How about a heel in this color?

Or just in simple and perfect black?
Love these pants, and the details to them.

This clutch adds magic to anything!

So want that purse - and I don't even like prints. ;) 
Ha, who am I kidding? I want all of these items.
I am immensely proud of my friend M. and her accomplishments.
The flowery dress is not from her, but it is equally gorgeous. Yay!

Unfortunately, the website is not yet available in English but it'll be up soon. Promised! 
Though looking at fabulous items does not need any language or translator, does it?! 
If you know Turkish you are more than welcome to go read and explore. You won't be disappointed. 
They are constantly working on the site so more information is going to be available soon!

So, what makes these items and so many more on that site special and stand out? 

We all look at fashion from all kinds of angles. These angles do not only include where we come from but also what we have learned in life, what we love, and where we are going. To me these items resemble passion for life, tradition, color, youth, and fun. Maybe it's the Turkish girl in me, or the L.A. lover, or even the Swiss girl - maybe it's all three combined but these items make me proud. It's who I am. It's what I feel and what I see when I look at carefully selected clothing items. It's not something you can define, it is something you feel. And let's be honest, fashion is about just that: the gut feeling that tells you that what you make or buy or long for or even wear is just what you needed in that specific moment.    
And as Coco Chanel so nicely said: 

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. 
Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

I couldn't have said it any better. 

What makes them stand out? - Just about everything and anything.
Hope you enjoyed my little fashion post.
Something I have never done before, and quite frankly loved doing it.
Okay maybe I'm a bit biased here, but still, it was fun. 


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April 26, 2011


For the following post I just want to say that it is okay to disagree here, and not eat eggs. I respect that. I also wish that the same amount of respect finds its way back to me for posting this. Thank you.

Remember my strawberry post? Well, I kind of liked writing about food, and find out fun details about whatever I put in my mouth and body. Today it is about the egg. 

Now even though I am not as obsessed with the egg as I am with the strawberry I have to say I still love the egg. Granted, over the past few years or even decades it has been seen as the one bad guy for pushing cholesterol levels higher, for "causing' heart attacks, making people fat, and what not. Then a few years back I read that whatever we learned was in fact to 50% just nonsense and would not apply to everyone. Made me confused. Then I remember my friend S. saying that she grew up cooking with her grandma and mother. She learned from them that she should include one egg a day in her diet and that she should always cook colorful. Yes, colorful. 
So even if you make salad make sure you add colors and not leave the salad green (although we know that all kinds of green veggies are super healthy!)...add some red (tomatoes, radishes, bell peppers), yellow (bell peppers or cheese), white (cheese or egg), pink (fruits, meat), and so forth...and your salad will be colorful. I have to say, it makes dishes look a lot better and your body gets all kinds of nutrition. I still try to cook like that and love it. Thank you S's grandma and mom.

Now to the egg...some facts you may know or just learn today:
  • Chickens (and then technically also eggs) came to the New World around 1493
  • Eggs are high in protein and a good source of iron
  • They are in general a good source of 11 (!!) vitamins and minerals 
  • Hens are super busy by laying an average of 250 to 270 eggs a year
  • Egg yolks are one of the few foods that are a naturally good source of
    vitamin D (and we all know this vitamin is important for all of us; if not, google it! I'm not your professor, thank you!)  
  • Oh yes, eggs do have a lot of cholesterol but it's the yolk and not the egg white (we just can't get rid of the yolk, can we?!)
  • Apparently the entire month of May has been declared "National Egg Month"
  • Approximately $5.5 million is what the most expensive egg ever sold cost.
    It was the Faberge "Winter Egg".
  • The cholesterol in the yolk is unlickly to kill you. It is much healthier than saturated and trans fats
  • Eating ten eggs a day is not a good idea either, but one egg will not kill ya.
  • Egg shells go in your compost (if you have one!)
  • Quite funnily...I've been eating a hard boiled egg every day for about a week and it has changed my complexion positively. I'm amazed.

I'm sure you noticed I love colored eggs. Unfortunately I didn't color any this year. I normally love doing this but I just didn't feel creative this year. But the eggs I've been eating they are definitely colored...today it was a green one. Not that this interests you but I felt like sharing. And, oh, I wasn't kidding about the skin part; I really do see a difference. 

So, if you excuse me I'm going to find me some fun recipe for tomorrow, or the next day. Eggs included.

Have a fun day.


♥ S ♥

Sources: Sunnyqueen Egg Facts / Incredible Egg / Egg Nutrition Center / University of Harvard
Pictures: Google / Pinterest

P.S. why the disclaimer? Years ago I got into a huge fight over this same exact topic (and others too), and while I totally respect anyone for not eating meat, fish, eggs, and anything else (and see their point to some extend) I do wish to get the same respect in return. It's just how it should work. I'm not a spokesperson for anyone, or anything nor do I want to make people eat stuff they are strictly against. After all, I'm not gonna be rude to you for posting something about chocolate or liver, or both which would be a weird combo but you never know. So just don't yell at me for writing about this, thank you!

April 25, 2011

*Wordless* Man Candy Monday

Happy Monday everyone!
Today it's Wordless Man Candy Day. Yes. Leeann over at Join The Gossip started it last week and I think it's just one heck of a good idea to start any week. Who doesn't like to look at hot guys? On a Monday? Come on! No more words needed. My hot Man Candy for today is:

all pictures via google

Yes, ALex O'Loughlin!
This hot Aussie guy always has me drooling when I watch TV. On TV he is even hotter!
It cannot get any hotter for me today...but I'm sure by next week I have another hottie on my list for you. Go on over to Leeann's and see more hot guys making our dull Mondays better.

Have a fantastic day.


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April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Source: google.ch via Pinterest

Have a terrific Bunny Day!


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April 22, 2011

Dress Like You Mean It

Happy Good Friday everyone.

Some of you have a long weekend, some of you may even have a week or so off, and again others may have to go in and work their butts off. So sorry. I feel you on that front, that's for sure. I know how it is to work odd hours and on days everyone else gets off and enjoys time with friends and family. What I don't like is people who have no idea what kind of an awful feeling this is to tell everyone that they understand. Just can't stand it. *I have only two very close friends who know this feeling because they both work or have worked crazy hours too; the rest is used to the weekly drag of "regular" hours*
My field of work required tons, and one thing was to work on weekends, holidays, and at odd hours. You get used to it and live around it but it is hard. It is even harder to see friends having fun, planning trips and such whereas you are stuck at work or stuck in your own little world because you just can't make those plans or have that much fun. :(
Anyways, these days (so far) are over...and I am happy I can spend Easter with friends and family. Yay! At last. 

But I digress...as usual these days.
Spring is in full bloom...and it's my month of shopping...and even though I am not going out to buy fancy, cute things I am allowed to stay online and browse the online-window shopping sites...And as a girl, I love dresses. I may not wear them often but I still love them. I wish I had more opportunities to wear them, but a girl can wish, right? So here are my favorite dresses I found online, and kinda liked. ;) 

my favorite dress


These H&M dresses are mostly made out of recycled material which brings me back to this post. Not only do I recycle and take care of our precious world, but I also try to use the right materials if possible. There are tons of "green" outfits available but some of them, let's really be honest here, are just downright gross. I would not even touch them. They may be all natural, but still, natural doesn't mean ugly and just yuck! *insert a shivery girl here that can't stop shaking* So when I found these (and touched them too - yes I went inside of one of those stores and touched the real material) I was surprised. It felt good, and I could see myself buying them. All. Granted, and yes, I have to mention this here, they could have done a much better job. I think someone was rushing to get things done in time? Who knows. That's what I get for looking closely at all the stitches and ends. Either way, I just loved these recycled dresses!

There are tons more dresses out there for every girl the right one. This post would be endless if I continued. ;)

Do you see a common theme among my dresses here?
I do, I think. Or hope. ;)

I linked up, did you?!
Thanks Kori for reminding me. ;)


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April 21, 2011

Hello Spring


Today is one of those days that makes me happy.
It's my friend's birthday and even though we haven't seen each other in so long (she lives in Japan) I am thinking of her and wishing her a wonderful day!! Happy Birthday M.!!! :)

On another note, spring has definitely arrived and seems to stick with us for a while. I am not complaining, that's for sure. It's the first spring or Easter time I am back in Europe after quite some time and this has just been more than fabulous. I believe a year ago it snowed over here. Insane. Then again, I know some of you unlucky ones are experiencing snow right this second and therefore I am sorry and sending you tons of warm sunshine over - not too much because we need the sun, too. ;)


Spring is also my time to shop or *in  my case this year* dream about shopping and not spend a dime. It's been hard, and even though I'd love to say I did not shop because of lent I would be just not really telling the truth. I decided not to shop at all and save money for a while. So far I'm doing fine. I have to admit I bought one shirt about a month ago. It was on sale and technically mom got it for me, so I didn't even spend money at all. She handed me cash the other day telling me it was for the thing I got last month. Awww, thanks mom? So not complaining. But I digress...
A girl can never have enough clothes, shoes, bags, accessories...books, pens, and make-up, right? Did I leave anything out? I'm sure I did. And since April and spring isn't over yet I thought I'd be sharing some shopping or fashion fantasy of mine with you for a while. Last year I posted my spring inspiration before I left for Philadelphia. Just going back and looking at the shoes and bags...sigh. Oh wait, I see one pair I actually own!! Marvelous! Next week, I know I will share some fun items of one of my oldest friend's fashion line. Yes, you read right. I have a real friend who designs clothes. Love her funky style and the colors she chooses to make our gray days happier and funnier! So stay tuned.
Today...well, today it's the following shooooooooeeeeeees I am drooling over:

or something more classy like
or funky like

Or keep it simple with the following choices

And yes, today it's only shoes (and apparently I'm not having a summer shoe post...why are there no sandals listed?! Oh well) I don't want to walk barefoot unless I'm walking on sand, and that my lovely readers is not gonna happen for a while. Soon again but not right now so I need options. And again, a girl can never have enough shoes. I just need the appropriate shoe closet for my collection.

But a shoe is nothing without a dress or a proper outfit...let me see what more I can find on my online-window shopping spree. Stay tuned. ;)


♥ S ♥

April 20, 2011

Apparently I'm Stylish

It's been a while that I shared some award love, and quite frankly I've been slacking a bit when it comes to awards and such. Though, I think it's time again...just to get it off my chest. Not that it bugs me but still...it's like a task or a chore you know you should do and you constantly put it off and then time is over or something and you're mad at yourself for not having done it earlier or just in the first place. ;) And since I am not in the best blogger mood I think an award post will be just it for today! :) Anyways, here it goes:

My thank you's go out to two lovely ladies at Living in the Life of E! and at Norwegian Phoenix for this one!

*Thank the person who gave it to you and link back {done!}
*List 7 facts!
 *Pass it on to 5 others!

And thank you again Norwegian Phoenix for the following award:

*Thank the person who gave it to you and link back {done!}
*List 7 facts!
*Pass it on.

Glad I don't have to do it twice! ;)

1) I am right handed - and right armed (ha!). Even my purse has to go onto my right, never on the left.
2) 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s are my favorite decades - I also believe I must have lived somewhere in the 40s or 50s or somewhere there. Ha! Don't ask why I believe that, it's what it is.
3) I am only 5'2'' which can be cute, but sometimes it's a hassle. Though it automatically makes me look younger - so that is a fun advantage.
4) As much as so many of you are looking forward to graduating, I am trying to go back to school again. Here, I said it. I may change my mind once I sit in class and get bored studying, reading, listening, and taking notes and all - but please don't call me a nerd, though. Thank you. ;)
5) I'm obsessed with foot lotion.
6) Lip balm and lip gloss are my friends. I can't stand lipstick.
7) I am always on time, actually always a bit early (sometimes too much). I get nervous and super annoyed when I am going to be late (even by two minutes!)...especially when others are driving or are with me and are the main reason for my being delayed. Cannot stand it! *this applies to appointments that are important, e.g. doctor's, dentist's, movie's (yes it is important to watch the previews), restaurant reservations, etc*

See, nothing special, I am a random girl. :) Haha!

I should pass this on, and although I don't want to do this I just want to mention a few blogs I think are worth mentioning because I just think so, and because I just feel like it. ;) That's why. ;) Oh yeah, and their posts may or may not make me laugh out load, smile and inspire me when it comes to food, songs, colors and fun things to do - and that not just today but pretty much ever since I discovered their blogs. ;) Go check 'em out if you haven't already.

my very own cup yesterday morning before an appointment, I played with my camera a little - again

Hope you are enjoying the day.
I cannot believe how gorgeous it is outside...I just ignore my allergies and enjoy the beauty of spring. Yay!

Have a fantastic day, with or without coffee! ;)


♥ S ♥

April 19, 2011

Oh wow...

Whoops, I almost forgot that Easter is pretty much around the corner. Yes, sue me, I forgot it. On second thought please don't sue me. Thank you. 
A few weeks ago I desperately tried to get into the spring and Easter mood. Well, that was an attempt that majorly failed me, or I failed it. Whatever. No bunny cards, no bunny decoration, no spring decoration in general...I just felt weird looking for it and people must have thought I was weird too. So I gave up. I'm not a crafty person, I don't do that. As much as I love it and wish to have the endurance, patience and imagination...I can't work on it. Call me lazy or whatever else but I just can't do it. I support you all doing this, and I greatly appreciate all the hard work and hours you put into coming up with fantastic items, ideas, and amazing creations. :)  
But I digress. My will to come up with something for spring or Easter just, well, went down the tube in no time. Today I read the Easter business is not going to happen, (apparently, hello? It's this weekend! Newspaper writers can be weird, or just so off when it comes to good timing), because, well, why? Okay, so stores don't want to make money apparently, and especially not with the bunny business. Granted, I agree it's ridiculous...but spring has nothing to do with Easter (maybe a little) and why not try to get some more $$ in by selling cute little spring/Easter/whatnot stuff that may be a bit more on the affordable side? Guess my brain is not made for this business here. Seriously.

Anyways, before I actually start yelling at my computer screen (sorry you poor little thing you! - Ok, Selma, get a grip!) I found the following pics and they just make up for all the useless time I spent looking for some spring or Easter stuff. 

All pics are from my pinterest.

Aren't these bunnies the cutest?!

Do you have any plans for this Sunday?
Normally I'd be attending a huge family get together in California, but I am not there right now. Instead, well instead of spending some fun times and delicious food over there, I am determined to spend this year's Easter with family too. It's going to be interesting since this is the first Easter in years that I am attending over here. Feels quite funny. Wish me luck! ;) 

Hope your week started nicely.
It's warming up more over here.
I so don't mind temps in the high 60's - come on spring weather, get warmer.


♥ S ♥


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