September 30, 2014

12 Healthy and Relaxing Bath Ideas

With temperatures dropping the time has come for more bubble baths. During summer I never took a bath. California is known for its constant drought, so why waste extra water just to soak up when it is actually 100 outside? Exactly. When it cools down though, and the state doesn't tell you to preserve water etc, then it is time again. Plus, I am cold all the time I need my warm baths. 

I found this over here on Picklee, and I cannot wait to try some of these out. My favorites are the honey, oil, lavender, and cinnamon. Plus, what's so good about this is that I have all these ingredients at home. I don't have to run to the store and buy anything, nor do I have to add weird soap to the bubble bath. It may not be bubbly, granted, but it will be beneficial to my skin, mind, and probably health. Cannot wait.

What are some of your ways to get into fall, or to keep healthy?

September 29, 2014

One Month

One month ago I married my best friend.
We are so different, and yet, we are so alike.
We think we are clones, made on different continents at different times and raised to different standards. We get along, we think alike, we laugh alike, and we breathe alike. That should be enough for now. Haha. We differ when it comes to watching TV {after all I am a girl and love my girlie shows}, and we differ when it comes to how much food we consume but other than that, we are ying and yang, the black to the white. Very easy. I cannot believe it has been one month. I also cannot believe I have not shared photos with you. One day, I promise. 

Until then I am drinking some bubbly!!

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September 26, 2014

All You Need is Gray {or Grey}

Fall has officially arrived. Cooler temperatures in the morning, earlier darker hours, and the smell of apple cinnamon and pumpkin wander through our streets and houses. With fall new colors enter our wardrobes as well. I usually go for gray {or grey}, brown, dark red, and occasional mustard. No matter what I feel gray calms and soothes me. It also refreshes me. Gray makes me feel sophisticated, clean {now, don't get the wrong ideas here, okay?}, makes me comfortable and loved. Weird, I know. It's what it does. This color is powerful.

You can combine gray with every color. Pink in the spring and summer, turquoise in the summer, red, orange and brown in the fall, and black and eggplant in the winter. Everything is possible. I like gray because I am not a huge fan of white {too see-through for me, and too delicate...sometimes I am clumsy when I eat}. Gray fits with everything, goes with everything, and make everything look pretty; even flowers, nails, and mugs. 

I own my favorite gray nail polish by Essie {ChinChilly}, I even own a light cardigan, but a mug, something cute to decorate the room, or/and a gray fall jacket would be just the perfect addition to my everyday fall life these days. Whatever I come across though I do not like. It feels weird, uncomfortable, or just unfit. If you have suggestions on where to go and to look for gray items, clothes, and whatever please let me know. I don't want to rely on the internet only. I would like to walk into a store and see, feel, and touch those gray items {and yes, this just sounded really weird, I know, sorry}.

Please excuse me while I am putting my old gray sweater on now.

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September 25, 2014

Confetti Nails

I while ago I really wanted Confetti Nails.
I was too lazy to do them. I have no patience when it comes to nail. Yet, I want them done correctly. No smudged edges and all. As we all know that is hardly possible. Ever. So I got my Confetti Nails as well as smudged edges and color all over my right thumb. Just what I wanted.

I got this idea from But First, Coffee.
Her directions were simple. All you need is a white base, and colors and a toothpick/bobby pin/paperclip and a topcoat. It's easy, and it doesn't have to be perfect. That is the most fun. Imperfection is key here. Confettis aren't perfect either. They are scattered around, in all colors and sizes.

I think I kind of succeeded. 
I learned that all you need to have fun with this nail art done easy is patience, and lots of nail colors. Fortunately for me I have enough. So I created my own confetti nails. For my first attempt I think I did well. No?

It is fall, so I decided to go for warmer and darker colors with a hint of light pink. After all we are still having temps in the 80s, and lower 90s, so I cannot think of fall as much as I would like to. So, if you are in the mood to change your nail polish and have some fun with it...go for Confetti nails. It's fun, and so easy.


September 24, 2014

Japanese Chicken Egg Dish over Rice

I seriously have to learn to take photos right when I serve a dish. However, to my defense we don't have a serving bowl {it is on my Christmas wishlist} and we usually do self-serve and just spoon it all out directly from the pot. I don't want to have more dishes to clean. So, I won't apologize for some funky looking pot/pan photo...I am poor and need to wait until the holidays. 

Anyways, this dish, known as Oyako-donburi, is one of my favorites. It basically means chicken and egg over rice. If you thought Sushi was the only Japanese dish there is {I am sure you did no such thing} then you were mistaken. There's more to this wonderful cuisine than raw fish, but I digress.

Years ago, and by that I mean like 14 years ago, my friend S. taught me how to make this dish in a few simple steps. Her version, turns out, is slightly different to other people's versions. I believe it depends on where you are from in Japan. She's from Nagasaki, and I learned that those from the Tokyo or even Osaka areas cook it differently. Needless to say, at some point I decided to make it my own way. So, I often refer to this dish as Selmanese. Yup, you read right. Selmanese.

So, here's what you need:

2 chicken breasts cut in small pieces
2-3 green onions {if you don't like green onions, then just use one}
1 white onion sliced in slices
1 egg per person {so if you are two people, then 2 eggs, etc}
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 tablespoon or more of mirin {sweet cooking wine}

Here's what you do:

Cook rice separately {in a rice cooker or pot}
brown the chicken in a pot {either with a little oil or none; I use none, yes! no oil}
add white onions as well, cook 5-7 minutes on medium high
add soy sauce, stir
add mirin, stir
add a dash of sugar and salt, stir
let simmer for about 15 minutes
add more soy sauce or mirin to taste
add water if you feel like it just tastes too salty
slightly beat eggs and then pour over the meat-onion dish
let simmer for another 10 minutes or until you think it tastes well
{I usually cover the pot, and have it on medium-low}
sprinkle the green onions on top of everything
let is simmer for another minute or two

Put some rice into a bowl and then take some chicken/egg/onion mix out and put it on top of rice.

That is it then. :)



Years ago, my friend told me not to use water. If you look up recipes people use/recommend chicken broth as well. Most of my Japanese friends did never use chicken broth. I guess it all depends on personal taste. I was once told water would do the same. After all soy sauce is already salty, so why add chicken broth? The amount of water I add to the dish depends on my mood. Do I feel like a salty dish or a more watery kind. I like to have some sauce go with my dish. I don't want it dry. I don't want to choke on my chicken or beloved I made this dish to Selmanese...with a soy sauce sauce so to speak. My favorite person loved it and would not have it any other way!!!!

It is an easy dish, made in less than 30 minutes and fills you up real quick but won't make you feel stuffed!

September 22, 2014

Excuse my Absence while I watch TV

I so want to be a Gladiator. Maybe I am one. 

Aren't we all living a Modern Family life?!

I am eager to know what this new show is all about.

Bones. Oh Bones.

These are just a few of the shows that will air this week. Some started last week, more to start next week and the week after. I am so excited. While I am working on redefining my life and the permissions, I will have time to watch these shows. I will not be distracted with long reading hours, and the ridiculousness professors want from their students {not saying it's bad, in the end it will always make sense; I learned that much}.  Also, I will have more time to change things on this blog {new URL will follow, maybe even new platform, we shall see}, blog more, and finally share some wedding stuff with you {after all I am sure you wanted that to happen}, and help my lovely guy figure things out with one of his last classes. He cannot stand it but in order to graduate, in order to succeed he needs that class. It is his nightmare this semester. Poor guy. 

But for is catch up time on some of my favorite shows!!!

Happy Monday!!!

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September 19, 2014

Happy Notes From Me

It is Friday. Time to quickly look back at this week, and time to look forward to the weekend.
I decided to share my happy and also my unhappy list with you. I feel I need to balance the two and not just focus on the positive. So, I can start working on the negative points. 

Cooler temperatures (and by that I mean low 90s)
Finally changed my address at DMV
Apple Cinnamon Candle
Thank-You cards delivered to us
New Girl
The 5 Love Languages {great book}
Thoughts to change up this blog here

Unwritten Thank-You cards
Paperwork we both have to work on
No photos of us as a couple {we simply don't like photos taken of us...big problem}
Decisions in regards to this blog

My main concern this weekend will be how to change this blog.
I know I will get my own domain {yes, finally, it's long overdue}, and switch a few things. If you have ideas, suggestions, etc please send them my way. Shoot me an email, please. :) Thank you. 

I will also focus on fall cleaning. This will include the regular cleaning {carpet, cabinets, windows, mirrors, floors, and laundry}, and the cleaning of the closet {getting rid of clothes that no longer fit or have not been touched in years!!!} I can already tell that our walk-in closet will look splendid afterwards. It will be phenomenal. We will have space for new items and more colors!!!


September 18, 2014

2 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Bad Days

Ever had a horrible day? Week? Even month? 
We have all been there. We have all called a certain year one of the worst, even called a decade one of the most horrible ones. It's what we do. Some people even strive to find negativity in order to make their lives feel either better or worse. For a while now, I have been trying to make my life happier, more positive, filled with laughter, smiles, love, good food, and lots of pink and purple {and TV and films, and exciting books}. 

Honestly, since last year in November I have been wondering when my life will be fun, and happy again. My life changed from the moment I learned I couldn't finish my educational plan and it devastated me. Then I decided to go another route and earn money so I could maybe finish it in time. Friends supported me and the guy I had been dating for a while became something steady and permanent. Today I am focusing on the little things that will lead me to more happiness. I still have my bad days. Oh, I do. Ask my favorite person. He keeps saying I wasn't like that a year ago. Probably true. Back then I thought I had all my ducks in a row; straightly lined up and ready to go. 

When I feel sad, alone, and see only the negative things in life...I go for food. 
Don't get me wrong. I won't over-eat. I will try to enjoy healthy snacks. Just like the photo above. I go for fruits, fun "healthy" drinks, and whipped cream {cause I can, and want to}. How I do that? I will try to create something at home, but won't run to WholeFoods right away. I will rather try to find a new place to try around here in the city, and explore. So far, I have been very successful. My favorite person and I have not had a bad experience. The research takes a while because I have to make sure that the place offers gluten free items or a menu, but other than that, it has been fun and definitely lightens up the sad darkness.

The food usually gets me motivated, inspired, and happier. Win win!
I get nutrients, enjoy a date with my man, experience a new restaurant, and get happier? Yes, that's a win!

Second, when I feel most down and don't seem to be motivated to work on anything {not event this blog} I try to find happy photos or videos. It is that simple. I know people who get most creative when they are down, and plan projects {change wallpaper, paint, create jewelry, or  go to meet-up meetings}. Some even go to the gym and work off some steam they had built up over the past weeks or months. I do that too, but it doesn't make me feel whole or smiley. Cute photos or videos of animals on the other hand? Yes, they do.

1) Food
2) Cute animal photos or videos

That simple. So far it has worked for me. I don't want to spend money, and I don't want to be negative all the time. Laughter keeps people healthy and happy, and I am trying to find the good in most things. Maybe not on our water heater in our place, and maybe not in this ridiculous heat. Yet, when I see a squirrel jumping from one tree branch to another I get happy. When I see the turkeys look at me in fear because they think I am about to chase them down the road so I will have an early Thanksgiving dinner I get happy. When I find a perfect pair of boots, or a real leather bag for a great price I get happy. When I see puppies, or kittens stumble over nothing because, let's face it, they are clumsy at that stage in their life, I get happy {PetSmart, Petco, and all those other places thank you for having cute little ones available to look at!}. 

It is the little things.
If riding your bike, and cooking elaborate meals is your thing - then kudos to you.
If running, and getting rid of old clothes on a regular basis is your thing - then kudos to you.

Today, I am trying to smile by recycling my wine bottles, cans, and plastic bottles and get money back.
I will also try write down a Christmas list so I know what to get and send away, and then go look at cute animal videos...just the the following one {an old footage but it still makes me laugh}:

What is your remedy to a bad day{s}?

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September 17, 2014

Cold Cucumber Yogurt Dip

Healthy, gluten free, and easy-to-make dishes are my favorite. Living far away from Europe I always try something new and different when I cook. I also want to incorporate dishes I grew up with, or just simply cannot live without. This dip {or sometimes people call it soup} is just one of many of my favorite dishes!

I call this dish Cacik. It's Turkish. You may also know it as Tzatziki which would be the Greek way to call it. Either way, it's pretty much the same dish. Persians use this dish as well, so let's just say it's Mediterranean and Middle Eastern - food brings people together!

Anyways, I make this dish when I need to cool off {literally}, or just for fun when it goes with the dish. My favorite person loves it too. He loves it so much he just eats this by itself, kind of like a snack. I am not complaining, that is for sure.

Here's what you need:

2 - 3 Persian Cucumbers {the little ones}, or half of a regular cucumber 
{look at my homegrown, almost forgotten cucumbers!!! They still worked!}
olive oil
1-2 garlic cloves {pressed}
plain yogurt {Greek or Turkish works, too}
salt {optional}

Here's what you do:

Peel and slice the cucumbers into thin and tiny slices/cubes/triangles
Press the cucumbers either in your clean hand or a strainer or something to get rid of excess water
Put in a bowl
Add yogurt to bowl
Add garlic and mix
Add dill to your liking {I use a lot}
Add olive oil, mix again.
Add a dash of salt {optional, I hardly ever do}
To your liking you can decorate the bowl with mint leaves
{I usually don't have fresh leaves handy so I skip that step}
Put in your fridge and cover until you are ready to taste it {no need, but colder it just tastes better}

That's it.
Very simple.

Pardon my messy looking yellow bowl. I should have cleaned before taking this photo but trust me, five seconds after I took this photo I started eating it.  Really, I am just human and I was lazy...and hungry!

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September 15, 2014

How I Spent My Weekend

Our weekends usually start on Friday early afternoon. My favorite person chose Friday as a school day {who in the world does that?} and so he doesn't get out until 1pm. For weeks he had been bugging me to go find a massage place because his back had been killing him. I am not a huge fan of anything chain related {except Starbucks} but would not know of any other well-known company that offered massages and wouldn't charge a super fortune. So, we got us both appointments for Friday late afternoon and oh boy, it was just what we both needed.

I knew I was stressed and therefore tense, but apparently I was more tense than I thought I would be. Moving to another area, trying to adjust to a whole different lifestyle up here {I miss Los Angeles and Orange County, let me tell you}, the heat, the problems we have had with our apartment/TV set up, the many things I have to work on in order to make it happen here in general, our whole new life together, and the's peanuts but they all add up and they all cause pain. So, the massage was needed. Next month I am going back. I felt so much more relaxed and happy afterwards. Best Friday Date ever!

Saturday and Sunday we pretty much just chilled. He had to work and I was trying to find new recipes. Also, since moving up here we both have been dealing with allergies. We have always had allergies before and after a few weeks they'd go away. Not here. Anything we have been taking works only a few hours and then we are right back to where we started. Crying, sneezing, more crying, swollen eyes, you name it. Many people suggested to go to a local beekeeper and buy local honey sticks, or honey. Saturday it was our turn to stop by and get some honey because I was tired of the constant sneezing and watery eyes. The honey is amazing, and hopefully after a while will help us get adjusted to the area.

Other than that it was a boring weekend.
I am hoping for some more fun ones. I miss my girlfriends and brunch dates, or just coffee dates. Hopefully I find a way to enjoy these fun moments up here as well; with or without my friends. Hahaha. I will have a Selma-by-herself Brunch weekend update coming soon...let's hope that will never happen.

Happy Monday everyone.

Sending you warm hugs, literally.


P.s. I am linking up with Leeann and Kimberlee for Monday Morning Gossip. You should, too.

September 12, 2014

Fall Wish List

Wish List

1) Kate Spade Glasses {I am obsessed}
2) Plates by Kate Spade {different design}
3) this wallet comes in different colors {I want magenta, or dark blue}
4)  Kate Spade Crossbody in either cream or black {did I mention I am obsessed with KS?}
5) Ankle booties that are comfortable
6 LLBean fleece sweater {purple is a must}
7) LLBean vest {it is getting colder and I always wanted one}
8) I have my stylist on Stella&Dot and found this necklace
9) a new phone. maybe the iPhone 6? Maybe just the good old 4s is deteriorating

Fall is around the corner even though we are still having temperatures in the mid and high 90s. I cannot wait for cooler temperatures to arrive. Living in California this may not be happening as fast or as beautifully as it does in other parts of the world but I am still looking forward to this season change. Having moved up to NorCal fall does happen more up here than it does down in the south. I am excited. Also, we have family in northern Nevada and since that is high dessert it does get cold there and it may even snow, so I must be prepared.

You probably noticed my Kate Spade obsession. I found cute glasses and plates and would love to add some fun, color and sophisticated yet still subtle touch to our little place, but I will wait. I might add these to my Christmas list. I am all about money saving, and I am actually pretty good at it. Also, this month I am not buying new clothes or anything for me or the man unless it is truly necessary {like when he comes home with a hole in his work the heck did that happen? Luckily those pants were old}. 

Are you ready for cooler temperatures?
Are you always buying new items, or use your old items for years?
Do you have a wish list?

I try to keep my clothing items as long as even possible, but what I wore at 20 may not fit me anymore and kind of looks outdated and used by now. Cleaning my closet for fall is always fun!!! I am so getting rid of so much stuff, and yes, will donate if possible.

September 10, 2014

Easy Peasy Tilapia

I am no cook. Sometimes I don't feel like standing in the kitchen for an hour preparing the most delicious meal ever. Sometimes I just want to sit back, read a book, or watch ridiculous amount of tv shows. Dinner needs to happen, and even though I don't want to cook at times I also don't want to go out. When I am in a little food/cook dilemma I defrost my tilapia and look for possibilities to spice them up.

Today, I'm sharing with you the easiest way to make a boring fish fun, spicy and just delicious. 

Here's what you need:

Tilapia fillets {one per person}
olive oil {one tsp per fillet}
fish rub of your choice {make your own or buy one, but use about 1/2 tsp per fillet}

Here's what you do:

thaw the fish
preheat oven to 400F
put the fillets in a non-stick pan or spray a pan
sprinkle oil on fish fillets and rub the oil in
then rub the fish rub on the fillets with your fingers {yes, get dirty}
put the fish in the oven
after about 25 minutes {or until the fish flakes easily or/and is browned} take it out
that's it.

So easy, so simple.
While the fish is in the oven you can make salad, make a rice dish, or like me, watch your favorite show on tv. ;) And oh my, I chose a really spicy rub and it was beyond delicious.


September 9, 2014

Garlic Love

Oh garlic!!
Are you like me loving this stinking rose?!

For years, well thousands of years, garlic has been used as food and even medicine. My mom always said it is good for the heart and soul. She had a point. After a little research on several medical centers' websites garlic was used as an antiseptic to prevent infections during war times. It was also used to fight plagues. Today it is commonly used to prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even boost our immune system, and help with iron metabolism. Some say it may also protect against cancer.Since it is rich in antioxidants it helps to fight off free radicals which contribute to heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease. I am sure it has many more benefits but to go into details here, or for me to research would be too much.

I am by no means a doctor or expert in this field of garlic awesomeness. However, I know that a little garlic won't hurt any meal or body. I try to use it as often as possible. When I make my Turkish cucumber-yogurt dish, prepare pasta and its sauces, and to spice up and add some flavor to my fish dishes first thing I use is garlic. My favorite person likes garlic and is okay with it as long as he doesn't see it. I'll crush most of it or really thinly slice it anyways, so that's fine.

Garlic smells best {not tastes best} when I brown it slowly with butter. It's to die for. Ever done that? Love garlic? Then you know how yummy it smells. Knowing that when I use garlic I add some beneficial factor to our daily diet is just makes me happy. I cannot get enough of this 

Oh, and just if you were wondering if there is a place dedicated to garlic go check out The Stinking Rose in either Los Angeles or San Francisco!!! If you're into garlic I think that's a pretty good place to go, too. I'm already hungry. I might cook something garlic-y tonight!!

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September 8, 2014

How to Protect Your Own Wedding from Overexposure

Everything happened so quickly.
When my man asked me to marry him in May I was shocked. We had talked about taking this next step together but I had never thought it would happen so suddenly. Then again, why wait. It was hard for me to comprehend the changes that will come with an engagement, let alone a marriage. I told my best friends immediately, and even told my mom {of course}. Friends that I wanted to tell personally I waited, but then the opportunity never came and so I did it impersonal and kind of weird over text. Not my best, I know. One of my dear friends doesn't know yet and I am soooooooo eager to tell her BUT, she just got married Saturday afternoon and I did not want to tell her before just because I felt the timing was wrong. Once she is back from her honeymoon I will gladly tell her the news {if you were wondering, we live in different cities and she got married out of state and I sadly couldn't attend but made up for it with an elaborate wedding gift - that is what friends are for, too}. 

Anyways, back to my blog title.
I told everyone that I could, and thought would actually be happy for me.
There were a few that weren't happy and that is when I thought I won't be pushing details down their throat. I wouldn't tell them where and when we wanted to get married. I just couldn't. Well, if you missed it, we got married on August 29, 2014. It was a small, intimate and quiet wedding in our lovely Californian wine region. I didn't want the news to be spread all over social media and all but one {why oh why} of my friends/family respected my wish. There is just something about my life I feel you don't need to know. I would love to share my happiness with you, don't get me wrong, but I don't think you need to see all details about my life. I don't want to see yours either {just a hint, a touch, something}. Well, and that is why I have chosen to share a little bit of my special day with you today. I cannot believe it's been over a week, and literally happened last month. Time sure flies. I cleaned up the other day and saw a few remnants of our special day and thought it was time to slowly let the cat out of the bag...just for a few minutes. Once I get all photos in I will try to write a little wedding post. After all, this is my blog, and I see it as a journal, a notebook, something that I can come back to and be happy about.

So, how to protect my own wedding from overexposure? I choose to share details...on my own time and terms. That simple.

So, stay tuned.

In the meantime, I hope you had a great weekend and start this week with a gigantic smile. It is September, school started, and pumpkins are coming back in fashion. Love it already!!!  


September 5, 2014

The Happy Drug: Music!

Happy Friday!!!

You know, when you don't feel well you need something to cheer you up. Some people prefer to just simply keep to themselves, drink wine {or something else}, eat, read, go out and get distracted, listen to music or even work out. Whatever works for you when you feel down or sad, music and tv are my distractions. Sunday and Monday of this week weren't my happiest days...this stretched to Wednesday and even to today. I guess that is normal. You know what my man did? He created a radio station on his phone that literally plays music based on my taste of music. Guess what? Apparently, Maroon 5 rocks my world. They rocked my world when they first started over 11 years ago, and they rocked my world driving two hours over a pass to see his parents and back to our place.

Also, just knowing Adam is still as hot as ever {yum!!} made my sadness a little less dramatic. Plus, hello, they just announced the new tour dates. Hmmmm, yes please! 

Making me smile and feel slightly better was needed. So, I am choosing to share this video with you. I am sure most of you have seen it, if not, watch it all. To me, it is a reminder that nobody and nothing is ever perfect but we can strive to work hard on ourselves and believe in a positive and perfect world; don't judge, don't hate, and just accept and tolerate. 

September 4, 2014

Afghan Hands

Just yesterday I watched the news and then forgot to change the channel while I was cleaning our apartment, and Katie {the show} came up. I am not into daily morning shows unless it is the news. Yet, I kept watching. That is how I learned about Afghan Hands

Afghan Hands is a nonprofit organization and wants to give women in Afghanistan a chance for a better life, and show them that they can create objects of great beauty. The scars of great trauma and long-time abuse, and the loss of hope is slowly being transformed into something beautiful and good. Women learn to create embroidered shawls and scarves, and their exquisite embroidery connects them to a wider world - and to us.

As a scarf lover you can just imagine my instant happiness. I was blown away. Also, I like nonprofit organizations that help others in need and actually make a change. So I thought I would share this with you, my lovelies. These scarves are not cheap. Yet, we sometimes splurge on a big fancy bag, so why not splurge on a scarf - that is, if you are into scarves. I already started saving money and will order hopefully one by October or November. :) I don't want to spend any money on new clothing, accessories and all that for the entire month of September.  Also, I don't think my favorite person will enjoy to see another scarf in my already huge collection. At least this one will be beneficial to women in need. I also know how hard it is for women to grow up. It is far more difficult to be a woman. Maybe not in the western world, but once you learn about or hear of stories from women in the Middle East, Africa, or any other country not as fortunate and as open as others, you will agree with me. 

Anyways, here's a few scarves I loved when I went on their website. I cannot wait to splurge and wrap myself in a comfy, elegant, and just gorgeous, handmade scarf!

The last one is by far my favorite!
Do you love scarves as much as I do?

Happy Thursday!
Cannot believe this week is almost over. Time sure flies.

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Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I was NOT asked to write for Afghan Hands and was not gifted anything.

September 3, 2014

We Miss You

Over the weekend I was supposed to laugh, dance, smile, and enjoy a memorable couple of days to celebrate not only a new stage in my current life, but also the last couple of days before fall time really begins. It already has cooled down a little, and is now also darker sooner at night. I am officially excited about fall. However, my happy weekend came to a sudden halt when I heard that my beloved uncle in Switzerland had passed away over night. Monday was a day I recall as The Crying Day. Literally. Not my finest moment but hey, life happens and I have learned that keeping emotions in for too long is never a good thing. So, I cried. I mourned. Even today, just writing this and letting my thoughts flow as they come along makes my eyes feel weak and teary.

My uncle was the kindest, sweetest, and most quiet man I remember. His wit was beyond funny, and he knew how to work hard, enjoy life with the finest wines and foods, and be a happy husband, grandfather, uncle, brother and friend. He was so mellow, so down-to-earth, it was always a pleasure to be around him. When something was sad he would make sure to bring at least a smile back to our faces. He would always joke but in a decent way, just to lighten up the sad or boring moments. His jokes made me cry - that is how much I laughed. He was our calm soul in the family, a man I always looked up to, and admired for being strong and determined to never give up.

Unfortunately, his strength and determination deteriorated this year. Two years ago he was diagnosed with cancer. Well, a huge tumor grew next to his lung and even though it was reduced, removed and literally killed, it decided to come back and hunt this gorgeous man. If you didn't know it you would not have known that he was going through chemotherapy. His hair stayed black naturally, and hardly went gray. He didn't lose his humor, and he was still himself. Yet, the ugly tumor was stronger. He got weaker and my mom told me that he was deteriorating lately; keeping to himself, sleeping a lot, and staying in his room watching movies. 

Without much pain, and that I call fortunate, he finally fell asleep forever Monday early morning. Quietly, just how he lived life, he departed and left a big void in our lives. I am more than just heartbroken knowing I cannot be with my family. Whenever I think of him, I start crying. His jokes are needed now. I really need a good laugh. Hopefully he will send some funny stuff downward so I can smile and maybe cry because I have to laugh so incredibly hard. I am so over this sadness. 

We know you are looking out for us, and are watching us live our lives with your friends, siblings, my grandma, and my cousin. You won't judge us, or roll your eyes. You will enjoy what you see, and we look forward to see you and your humor in others. I know that much.

We will miss you R.

September 2, 2014

Back to School and Reality!

back to school

My school years are over. At least for the time being. Hoping to go back at some point. Either way, my man went back to school today and that made me all excited. I am more excited about this than he is. Also, it is fall, it is a new season, and it is definitely time to make some changes. Among most changes it will be my wardrobe. What I put together above is probably what I would like to wear in the next couple of weeks. All I have to find are red flats, and a cute fall-colored blouse, and skirt, and hope for cooler weather. I don't own the KS watch and won't go out and buy it, but the inspiration is there. I can then combine it all with jeans, dress pants, and even pull my favorite green pants out. The possibilities are endless.

I have always loved fashion, and the feeling I got when I wore something new or tried a new look. I am excited to see how I feel when I come up with new items in my closet. It will be fall cleaning, not spring cleaning! :) It will feel perfect. It will be liberating and just fun to get rid of items I haven't touch in a year or even two. They will most probably be donated. 

So excited about this.
Red flat shopping here I come!

September 1, 2014

Welcome, September

Good morning.
Can you believe that yet another month has ended and started already? We are in month number nine, and I cannot believe how fast time has been flying. It is officially fall!!! Yes. To me at least. You may want to wait three more weeks, but to me, September 1st marks the first day of fall season. These next three months will be fantastic. I can decorate the apartment with warm colors, pumpkins, candles, and what not. Halloween will be scary funny, and then I can pack it all away and put up Christmas stuff. In no time we will celebrate a new year again. Insane!!

Yet, let's start with this month. I will not work on a fall list but tell you a few things I am looking forward to. Whether or not I will fully enjoy these items/moments/places is then totally up to me. Hopefully I can accomplish more during fall than summer because frankly I failed my summer list.

Things I look forward to:

- pumpkin spice lattes {the best thing during fall if they are not from Starbucks!)
- pumpkins in all sizes
- pumpkin patches {so want to go to one again, and pick a few cuties out}
- spiced hot apple ciders {oh yes}
- Halloween decorations 
- no more flip flops/sandals but actual closed shoes {fingers crossed this happens here in Sac}
- wearing my scarves
- cooler temperatures
- Christmas time approaching faster

I'm not particularly looking forward to potential rainstorms but if they happen I will just enjoy them. Note to myself: by a new umbrella. 

But right now, I am enjoying a Mrs! Wow!

Happy September!!
image via here


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