May 31, 2016

Weekly Hopes {44}

Good evening my lovelies. Yes I know it's Tuesday!!! I know. I also know it's late. I took the day off yesterday because of Memorial Day here in the US. So I thought I'd give the blog a rest on that holiday as well. And now it's almost six at night...the day flew by like crazy. In a good way, of course.

What have you done over the weekend?!?

It's the last day of May and it's ridiculous how this day just happened to welcome us. It's been a great one. Today marks the day I challenge myself to better myself; physically, mentally, spiritually, you name it. I spent the first half of this beautiful year contemplating on the what if's. I kept doing it and although I don't like what if's I caught myself constantly falling into that trap. Terrible I know. So I gave myself an ultimatum. June 1 will be the day I start challenging myself to be a better version of me. Work out more, cook different foods, drink more water, do more for me and connect more with people. I slacked a ton in the past nine months. Trust me. I slacked off big time. I noticed it today when I tried on a dress I wore last summer...I still fit but it doesn't feel right so I know I not only gained some grief and frustration weight...I gave up on myself. This has to stop. I will make it stop., with a new week and tomorrow with a new month I am going to challenge myself to be a better me. :)

Now onto my Weekly Hopes...

1 - Work out every single day. Every. Single. Day.
2 - Enjoy my birthday week to the fullest.
3 - Lunch date out on Thursday.
4 - Massage on Friday.
5 - Wake up early and start the day earlier {due to the heat here anyways}
6 - Donate clothes again
7 - Go to the movies
8 - Staying hydrated

This week will be scorching hot. Very hot. Today we hit 100 degrees! 100!! If it's that hot already what will July look like? Holy cow! Wow. So yes, I'll be staying hydrated. My birthday is this week too. I have mixed feelings about it. It's not the new number {who am I kidding, it is too!!} but it's mainly the fact that I don't know what to do on that day or the weekend. Wish my friends would live closer or that we had friends here that we were closer with so we could do something. Yet, besides my wallowing and all I am going to enjoy this week to the fullest. I'll embrace the happy moments, and the fun cat sounds I's the little things. :) I'll cherish life and will live it happily and passionately. 

How has your week been?

Happy Monday...oh wait, Tuesday...evening. Oops. Hey, I'm only human!!


May 27, 2016

A Summer List

Seasonal lists are my favorite lists. It gets always a bit depressing at the end of a season though when I see my lists barely tackled. However, I always believe in the positive and with my lists I hope to encourage us to look forward to new ideas, new places to discover and exciting new recipes to try. I always have good intentions but life takes over, we know how that goes. Let's hope both B and I accomplish a little more this summer than this spring. Fingers crossed. And as always I will be back crossing things off this summer list. 
  • Bake a pie or cake {I baked my favorite blueberry peach cake again; we love it so much}
  • Go to mom's favorite church and light a candle in her honor {SF trip in August}
  • Go to the beach
  • Make a fun and refreshing summer cocktail {mmmm, I failed two times...oops!}
  • Make popsicles 
  • Eat more fruits, veggies and fish
  • Play miniature golf {indoor mini golf in Reno!}
  • Read at least 3 books! 
  • Go to an outdoor theater
  • A day trip, just the two of us {Placerville, CA in July}
  • Get a healthy tan
  • Happy Hour at a new place 
  • Lose a few more pounds
  • Attend a local event
  • Donate a ton and live lighter 
  • Organize a family get together because family is everything! {quick trip to Reno in August}
  • Have an end of summer dinner party!
If you ever make seasonal lists like I do, what is on your summer list this year?

updated: august 28, 2016

May 25, 2016

Five Risks When Using Essential Oils

I have personally used essential oils for months {almost one full year} and researched them for years. I always knew they were special but their true power was unknown to me. Some of my friends and family think I'm nuts having decided to use essential oils for my occasional pains and aches. I, however, feel it's a step forward towards a better me and a healthier lifestyle. These oils aren't only to add special scents to any room. Sure, they do that too but essentially {pun intended} we use them because of their therapeutic grade and power. Who would have thought we would end up using essential oils every single day?! I certainly wasn't.

Now, you can read pretty much anywhere on the internet about essential oils. Different brands, different ways. I chose the company that works for me, and the one I know I can trust. People have asked me how it is possible for me to you use these on my myself and my family when I don't even know their "so-called power"?! All I say is then how can you use OTC or easily prescribed drugs without knowing what's truly in them {and being able to pronounce it all correctly!}? Why are people skeptical when it comes to something natural but jump for the first chemical pain killer or what not in a supermarket?! Hmmm... Regardless of all that, I love my oils. 

Yet, with everything you purchase, not matter the product, there is always a risk involved. Always. And here are five risks when using essential oils:

1. You will feel and notice your family being happier and healthier

Oh yes. It's annoying to get sick or feel the onset of a sore throat. We have all been there. Well, believe it or not we are not popping pills for this anymore {or praying for a miracle}. We rub a couple of oils on our throats a few times a day. Instant and long lasting relief.

2. You will have more energy

You won't be running around places on super speed. Sorry. I wish. However, you will have natural energy. No more sugary bubbly grossness and aftertaste {oh the aftertaste} whose contents we can't pronounce. Why were we drinking those energy drinks before?! I seriously don't know. Convenience, I'm sure.  My stomach always hated me afterwards. Now I have essential oils helping me stay more alert, supporting my overall well being, and acting as a great booster when my body and mind go into this dreaded afternoon slump.

3. Your home will smell better

Yes. I mentioned it before. And yes, it's true. Your home will smell better. Also, we had people over that are allergic to cats and thanks to what I diffused they didn't feel a thing. Also, I'm allergic to cats {not dramatically but I am} and anything else that may cause me to sneeze, get red eyes, and itchy moments all the time...and since I'm diffusing my lovely oils I don't get it any longer and I am oh so happy. So be aware...your home will smell and feel better without doing much.

4. People want to talk to you and ask you questions

People will eventually ask. I have been there. I started researching first, but then I asked. You want to know what may help for a headache other than popping Tylenol or Aspirin or what not. Why? Well, because just like me, you may be fed up with how those other meds make your stomach or body feel. You may not want to pop a pill any longer the questions, yes, they will come!

5. You will notice that you want all of the oils

When I started using essential oils I had specific reasons and aches. I needed something to help cope with my mother's loss, the heavily felt fatigue I felt thanks to that grieving process, and the constant aches and pains that occurred while I was letting myself accept that I had lost one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Doctors didn't know what to do with me. Ha. Go home and rest up. That's what I heard way too many times. Sure, yes, doc I will. Yet, this can't go on like this. Oh yeah, take a pain killer pill, it'll do its job was another suggestion by one of my docs. Okay then. I was jet lagged, frustrated and blahed out. So, I chose to go for what I thought could only make it all worse. Well, like everything in life we take to make ourselves feel better {pains, thoughts, what not} essential oils don't work right away they take their sweet powerful I thought yes, sure I'll purchase a kit and see how it goes. It went so well I had to reorder and then I needed something else because I heard great things about it that may help my super anxiety. After that I needed something else to help me with my digestion and energy...the list went on and YES, I want them all. I really do. Do I have the money at this given moment? Nope. So I won't get them all...but I can tell you this stash is growing and we aren't ashamed of it one bit. Best decision ever made. 

Oh I am sure there are more risks involved. After all, whatever we purchase in life involves some sort of a risk. We buy a new car, new house, clothes, pet, bed, kitchen utensil, OTC meds, and yes, even hair products; there is always a risk involved. That risk is different for everyone but it's there. Same goes with essential oils...they won't attack you, but it may just be that you will want to attack them because you feel and see a huge difference in your life and energy. Best part? Our daily caffeine and soda intake has dramatically decreased which makes us spend less money when we go grocery shopping. Oh, and I don't think we have bought any new over the counter meds in the past ten months...I know we have saved a ton there you might as well, add this to the sixth risk factor. You will save money over time!! Now that, yes, that, is very scary!!! 

Hope you're day is going well. I felt I needed to share my love for these powerful oils with my readers. I'm okay if you think I'm a hippie. I have experienced tremendous success using them and I am so glad I chose to try them out. So, I'm not sorry for posting this today! :)
I have so much to do today...but it's all good, best part? My chiropractor appointment this afternoon. I'm so excited to get adjusted I can't even describe it. Yay.

Have an amazing day!


May 23, 2016

Weekly Hopes {43}

Hope this weeks starts wonderfully for you! I can't believe May is almost over. I mean, how on earth is this even possible? I know I say this every month but time needs to slow down. I feel I don't get accomplished anything at all and all I see is a new month starting and then a new year welcoming us as well. Time flies that fast!

For this week I have a few things I am hoping for, or looking forward let's get started so we can work on Monday and the rest of this week:

1 - Donate my stash of filled paper bags full of clothes
2 - Give the fur ladies a bath {smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?...}
3 - Renew my Driver's's a must {didn't do it last week}.
4 - Costco run! 
5 - Date Night {I hope because well, it's needed}
6 - Do one thing I normally wouldn't do
7 - Reach out more to others
8 - Finish a book
9 - Sell a few books back for extra $$
10 - Plan a few events/trips for this year

I know most weeks I get about 60% accomplished of what I'm listing and that is fine. I do get weeks when everything gets crossed off which feels amazing. I hope this week I get to do most. DMV is a must, because without a proper license I can't drive and get around. The ladies need a bath because well, spring cleaning means clean cats, too. And I really want to push myself out of my comfort zone. I want to do something I normally wouldn't do. I'm not talking about getting a tattoo or a super piercing but something else...something that will make me feel accomplished and fulfilled. I shall see if I find that something this week.

What are you looking forward to this week? Any Weekly Hopes for you?


May 20, 2016

5 Ways to Stay Sane {Work & Study}

When you are in a relationship, especially early on, everything feels great, glorious and just beyond anything you had imagined. Life couldn't be better. When that relationship intensifies by you living together under one roof you get to experience a different kind of relationship. You get to enjoy {or not} each other's daily moves, habits, and what not. Both sides need to adjust and accept new rules, new ways to live life. No need to change everything but there will be adjustments and there will hardship {not too much I hope}.

When your other half returns to school, then, well then life changes a bit more. You'd think, hey yes, I remember going to college, I remember that lame homework, those awful papers and assignments and the projects no one wanted to work on. It'll be a breeze. Yes, I remember all that.

I do, too. I still do, and I see it every day. *insert crazy face here*

Don't get me wrong I love that B is in school. It shows dedication and determination. He wants to get his goals accomplished and he wants them accomplished soon. This not only requires us to spend more on life than normal {hello, schoolbooks that cost $120 each and that is the used book price, not to mention the parking permits}, but it also requires us to find a balance in between school, home assignments, work and marriage. I'm kind of happy we don't have friends here who want to hang out often. If we did I'd welcome them of course, but that would add a bit to the already full load. So how we {heck, I} stay sane?! Here's 5 things I do to stay sane while my other half works and studies his butt off at the same time.

1. Let him do his thing
Literally. My way to study and cram stuff in is in no his way. I need a quiet, or maybe a semi-quiet, environment. I can't have music blasting or chatter next or around me. I also can't have distractions around me. My laptop stays shut off {unless needed to study and type homework up}. My phone is on silent and far far away from me. His way? It's all over the place. Laptop open, YouTube open {I am not joking}, music blasting and what not. He studies for about 15 minutes and then takes an hour break or more. I do it the opposite around.
So, I am forcing myself to let him do his thing. It has clearly worked for him in the past and until now so why make him change a thing. I also try to stay far away from him because, I so want to turn off the TV, radio and Internet so badly every time I see him "study".

2. Find something that occupies you, and you only
I read, he doesn't. So while he is doing his thing at night or whenever I am around I grab a book and start reading it in the bedroom. Or, I catch up on my TV shows. It's little things like that. It's things I only do. Or, if I feel I need to splurge...I go shopping by myself but we all know how this usually ends. Find something that you can do by yourself and only yourself. It definitely helps not to be around hearing him curse at the assignments or life.

3. Schedule, schedule, schedule
While I was studying I had my planner, and I wrote down when I had midterms, assignments due, and finals. I also wrote down when I needed to return certain items, turn something in, had a date, and needed to meet up with my monthly book club. I scheduled it and I made sure I wouldn't miss any thing. Well, B is a guy. He doesn't schedule well. He doesn't write down important things. It's a guy thing. So, it is important to schedule for your other half so you stay sane while your other half is trying to survive under so much school pressure as well. Half the time he didn't remember he had an exam in a week. I knew it though and reminded him. So yes, schedule schedule schedule...for you, for your partner, and yes, even for the two of you. No one has time to forget anything or miss a special date or meeting.

4. Schedule Time Out
This may sound like part of #3 and it may as well be but it is crucial to schedule a time out day. This day doesn't have to be a day where a date occurs or you go hiking together {that's a date, too, no?!}. It's a day no one does a school or work related thing. Sleep in, don't touch the course load, don't even check any social media {and if you have to, have scheduled times for that like 9-10am and 5-6pm}, don't do chores...just be you and only you. Watch a movie together, explore the city, or yes, go on a date for all I care...just don't do a thing about school or work or both. Take that time to be with your partner. It's called time out from the work/school take that day as an opportunity to find a way back to your pre-school/work days. And turn your darn cellphone off!!! I schedule such a day {yes, see, I do it} about every two weeks. It's not easy but it is oh so worth it.

5. Picture the Outcome
Yes, picture the outcome. Let's be honest here, there are times when I want to tear every single book and notebook of his apart. I'm done with school and seeing him being exhausted and in a way unhappy makes me sad and mad. It's frustrating to work and go to school. It's frustrating to be in school at times. He wants to be done. I get it. I can't help him much with the load. I don't make him do a ton around the house unless really necessary. I want him to focus on his studies. I have to remind him of the outcome almost every day. There are times he wants to quit. Badly. I have to sit down and make him picture the outcome. Once he pictures it he knows he is on the right track towards something awesome. It's hard to do this when you're exhausted and fed up, so trust me when I say that we have to picture the future almost daily these days. Yet, it is doable. And it will be so beneficial!!

These 5 ways are not the only ways to stay sane while your other half works or/and studies. There's is a ton more, yet, these five steps have helped us stay relatively sane. Granted, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit it, there are moments all these steps fail. We are only human. Yet, I make an effort to help out and be as understanding and supporting as I can be. There is only so much I can do at times. I can't write a paper for him, and I can't help with projects but I can help with printing out things, letting him do his thing while I cook or clean. It's the little things that count. And when I'm all fed up I grab a book, pour me a glass of red wine and head into the bedroom while I get lost in the written word. That always sounds like a fabulous time out for me. ;)

It's definitely not easy to do both, work and school. I see the future and I know he does too but we all know, sometimes the future looks too far away and even off the wishful, easy path. Oftentimes we have to take the rougher, more difficult way to get to where we want to be. He's chosen the middle route and I am so hoping this won't kick him or me in the butt one day.

We work hard to get to where we want to end up and I have to tell him every day how much I appreciate his hard work, his dedication and determination. He's usually not into praise like that but he certainly needs to hear this; more now than before. He actually told me he needed to hear these words so I am making this effort to let him know how I feel about his hard work as often as I can. We have had our differences and as I mentioned, sometimes these five steps fail. Again, we are only human. We are not perfect. Yet, that imperfection makes life beautiful and quite worth the struggle.

Any school/work stories out there that you'd like to share? Are you still {or again} in school trying to better yourself? Whatever you do I hope you are doing a great job, and keeping yourself and your family as sane and happy as even possible.


May 18, 2016

Humble and Kind

I'm not a huge fan of country music I have to admit. However, I listen to it because well, it's easy to listen to and as boring as it can be there are a few pretty darn good melodies and lyrics. B likes it a lot. It calms him down while driving. I have to admit it's better than faced paced anything nowadays that doesn't make any sense or has no lyrics or meaning whatsoever. Anyways, so on my quest to happiness, to a happier me and a happier life and all I was told to sing along to songs and/or dance. Well, in a car it's a bit difficult to dance but I move along {when on the passenger seat of course}. Yet, to sing, that I can do. It took me a while to get back to my normal self, to my funky singing along self. I caught myself a few times singing along and then had to smile. 

A while back I heard Tim McGraw's song Humble and Kind...and man, that song speaks truth on so many levels it's amazing. It's one of those songs I love because of its message, and yes it's mellow melody that is quite catchy. Its message though...that I love. And guess what? I always turn up the volume and I always sing along when this song comes up.

Hold the door, say please, say thank you
Don't steal, don't cheat, and don't lie
I know you got mountains to climb but
Always stay humble and kind
When the dreams you're dreamin' come to you
When the work you put in is realized
Let yourself feel the pride but
Always stay humble and kind

That's just one part of the song but this alone sends the perfect message. There's hardly people today, my age, who say thank you or please let alone both. It's so sad. I want my children to grow up knowing what manners are, and how to be polite in this world today. You can teach a child to say all this but it takes more than just that. Your teenager, your adult child needs to remember what was taught back in the day and implement this on a daily basis. I even hold doors for others because, well, that is what I want others to do, too. I set an example. It's baby steps but in the end those steps may finally be seen and felt and hopefully repeated by others. 

With all that in mind...hope you're day today is going well. I'm off making this very hot day a happy one. I will be holding doors and saying thank you's and what not. I will set an example today!


May 16, 2016

Weekly Hopes {42}

Guys, I am back. I believe I am back now on a regular basis. I know I know, I keep saying this and then, baaaammmmm, I vanish for a whole week. One year ago I was in a completely different state of mind. My season last year was a harsh one. Reality kicked in. Reality of course is still kicking my butt but I am handling it all as gracefully as even possible. With that out in the open {again}, I had to take some time to myself and decompress and let May and its dull days be dull and sit back. I focused on work and life rather than on this lovely blog of mine. I truly missed spending time reading and commenting {which, yes, I am going to catch up on with}. I'm excited to announce I believe and feel to be out of that initial slump, that dragging anxiety, that agony and "I don't care" phase. Here's hoping!

So, without further excuses why I wasn't fully blogging and being around here's my weekly hope list for this week:

1 - Blog more often {at least three times: M, W, F}
2 - Be more present on social media platforms 
3 - Apply again
4 - Cheer my man on for all his finals {two more to go}
5 - Get rid of cleaning supplies we no longer use {and it's a lot of bottles my dear readers}
6 - Clean out the medicine cabinet
7 - Cook all week with what we have in our pantry, fridge and freezer
8 - Study at least two hours per day {gives me enough time to do other things and not go overboard}
9 - Visit DMV *insert crying face here*
10 - Morning walks before the heat knocks on our doors again

This week is going to be a hot one. We have temps in the high 90s approaching again and it won't be fun. So early morning walks are a must, all heavy duty movements must be accomplished before 10am. Everything else can be done inside or in the evening. I'm mostly looking forward to B being done with his finals, and me renewing my DL at our awesome DMV {no joke, it's a gorgeous one!!}. Other than that, I want to make our home as clutter free as even possible. I already started throwing away a few thing but I'm going to throw out more. Yes, throw out. I am all for donations but I can't donate expired meds and what not. Gone, gone, gone!!!

What are you looking forward to accomplishing this week?!

May 11, 2016

Currently {8}

Thinking about: How to save money. It's an ongoing thing. With B still in school we have to calculate parking permits, books, material, gas, and groceries. We save by me not attending any gym or class, by not going to therapy anymore {yay}, by only going twice a month to my chiropractor {instead of every week or every other day...I have come a long way!!}, and by us cutting back a ton on fun. We still have cable which makes me scream every month because its bill is ridiculous...BUT we don't go to the movie theater and we don't eat out often {maybe once a month if at all}. I am still thinking about canceling our cable tv but B is against it as we watch free movies thanks to OnDemand. I have been researching and I am convinced we could save a ton canceling it. Granted, I love my morning and evening news but everything in between I am sure I can find somewhere in all honesty, canceling our cable would be awesome. I think. HELP.

****If you have ideas on this particular thing please let me know!! Please!!! 

Listening: Turkish music. Lately I have been more into my roots and all. It's an on/off thing for me. There are moments I can't stand anything related to my roots and then, bam, I am all over it. All day, every day! Also, despite the music I am also listening to my neighbors' sounds. We have three neighbors, and two of them are beyond ridiculous. One doesn't know how to close a door properly and how to get rid of trash, and one feels it is okay to leave their two dogs barking all. day. long. A dog barks, fine. I have lived with dogs. I love dogs. BUT, when it gets excessively loud and annoying...I am over it and I am reporting the "nice" neighbors once again. Oh, not to mention the screaming and yelling. What on earth is wrong with people?! Get along!

Watching: End of Season Finales and the News. Gotta know what is going on in the world and locally. This is important to me!

Reading: Loving My Actual Life by Alexandra Kuykendall. The book I read last made me choose this book. Well, Amazon told me it may be a great one so I read more about the book and realized it may not bee too bad, and here I am reading it. Just knowing that I am reading again makes me happy because this shows me that I am healing more and more. 

Loving: Snuggle time with my fur babies, but besides the obvious cuteness factor I am also loving warmer weather, great hair days, and the fact that I can cook more "cooler dishes" like pasta salad, rice salad, quinoa salads, and Mediterranean dishes I miss a ton. Just realized there's a theme in my spring cooking here. ;) 
Planning: What to do on my birthday. With B in school, us working, and everything a bit crazy busy we currently have no plans. This drives me insane. HELP! Also, B's best friend is moving up north this summer so that will be awesome. He may even move very close to us {about an hour away} so if that happens I am planning a few meetings, get togethers and what not. Excited about that and really hoping he will move to that closer place because, well, a familiar awesome face is always welcome.

What are you currently up to?!
Enjoying May and the hopefully warmer temps?!


May 9, 2016

Weekly Hopes {41}

Hi my lovely readers,

I am back. You probably noticed I took a week off blogging. It felt so great to stay away from the Internet. I did post on my FB blog page but that was it. I stayed away from a lot of things last week. Sometimes a little hiatus is needed; it refreshes and rejuvenates the mind and soul. I needed just that, especially with the one year of my mom's passing being so vivid and so real. Today though, today is a new day and a new week and I want to embrace that. With that in mind here's my Weekly Hopes for the week:

1 - Fresh start for anything and everything
2 - More spring cleaning {tossing away products I haven't touched in months or years?}
3 - Approaching new ways in whatever I do
4 - Finishing up two books
5 - Studying more about Essential Oils
6 - Date Night
7 - Sending out mail
8 - Chiropractor appointment {love my adjustments}
9 - Window shopping

My Weekly Hopes vary from week to week. This week will be a mix of education, work and a happier lifestyle. I would like to enjoy every day and live it to the fullest and not worry about a thing; and I believe this week I will just do that! 

What are your Weekly Hopes for this week? Anything exciting you are hoping to happen? 
Whatever this week has in store for you I hope it's going to be a great one!


May 2, 2016

Weekly Hopes {40}

Good morning my lovely readers.
This week's Weekly Hopes will be a bit different. This week will be a tough one. It will be essential to look at this photo and look at these waves and let myself go. When I started this weekly series I chose to do so in order to look forward to something new, something different, and to look for any hope and any wish I may have during a week. We all have a calendar filled with events, appointments, and what not. So do I. So Weekly Hopes gives me a chance to look forward to whatever is about to happen or whatever I wish would happen instead. The week is seven days long so a lot can happen in one week. 

I chose to use this photo above for a while because waves and the ocean represent life. Life never runs just straight. It has its ups and downs. It's rough at times and smooth at others. The ocean to me is endless giving us infinite possibilities and infinite opportunities to live our lives and look at our lives in different ways. 

This week, these waves represent my current state. I am all kinds of emotions this week and I am okay with that. Time does not heal wounds, but wounds heal themselves. My wounds have healed. Not to 100% but they no longer bleed. This week, these waves help me survive, help me breathe, help me rejuvenate my soul, my mind, and everything else in between. 

This week my only hope and wish is to be okay with it; to be okay with May 5 and with May 6. I want to have fun, smile, embrace every day and not remember what was but what will be. This week I want to laugh and get distracted, eat out, cry if need be, receive hugs, and let go of a very tough year. This week, my Weekly Hopes consists of a positive attitude, happiness, and lots of love. 

May this week be better for you!
May this week be fantastic for me...even when the waves are strong and pushing me outward. 



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