November 30, 2012

Weekly Loving {4}

The things that made me smile and happy this week

Having one final done
Colder temperatures
Scaring one of my friends
Meeting new people
Having our Christmas tree up
Walmart (don't judge - it's cheap and I'm a student!)
Revolution's fall/winter finale
Criminal Minds
Doggy kisses that I need so much these days
Knowing I will be in Europe in less than a month (wow)
Not having been attacked by a Coyote the other day
Christmas music everywhere including on my cellphone

Hope you had a fun week.
I somehow did. It was a long one though. After any longer weekend, just like last week's Thanksgiving weekend, it is always so much harder to go back to a routine. Any routine. However I did it. I finished one final so I only have three more to go. Yikes. I am slacking off a little with the Christmas cards and gifts these days...I know I should do better. However, I'll be sending out two packages this year. Less than usual but it'll be done. I'm so behind though. Normally I'd be done with all the wrapping and shopping. Oh well. Life got in the way. 

The picture above is from my lovely hometown, Luzern back in lovely Switzerland. I know I just used the world lovely too many times. It's one of those days again today that force me to overuse a certain word for at least three days and then it's over and I overuse another one.  But I digress...I cannot wait to be back there for least to see this very picture in reality!! :) 

Speaking of which...yesterday I learned some devastating news regarding one of my best friends back home. Please keep her and her family in your prayers and thoughts. I wish I could be there right now to support her and give her a hug if not many more. It's things like this one that I won't name that make me question my decision to move away and live in California again. However, as I learn on a daily basis there is always a reason behind everything. There's a purpose for everything...and me being over here in sunny and lovely (yes, I know) California while my friend needs me more than ever at the moment is just one of those reasons and purposes that will shape us forever.

Happy Friday!!!

Live in to the fullest people!!!


November 28, 2012

Coffee Time

Most of you know, and if not now you will now for sure, that I love coffee. I believe my unidentified sister is Lorelai Gilmore of the Gilmore Girls who once said that coffee runs through her veins and not blood. Yeah, that would be me. And yes, I know it's a fictional character but come on...give me a break, here?! Thank you.
Can you believe that I haven't had any in two days?!
I could not believe it but it is true. Last time I drank some of my favorite liquid drink was Sunday. Oh boy.
And yes, it doesn't do a thing to me. I just love how it tastes (not always to be honest here), and I love that I can sit back on the sofa and sip my coffee and watch holiday movies. YES. That's so me.

I have exactly three weeks left. Two weeks left of draining school...and one week then with finals, all of course within two days. Great, really. I'll be probably crying, whining, and what not...but hey, it needs to be done and then it is over. Done. My winter break can start on the 18th, technically on the 19th at exactly 10.45am. YAY???? Of course YAY!!!

And then I'm flying to Europe. Cannot wait.
Actually I could wait but I wanna see some snow, experience the cold and all that. 
So yes, if you don't know it already I'll be spending the holidays in cold and tiny Switzerland.
It sure will be fun. I hope.
And I believe I will be having another blate again. Cannot wait for that to happen either.
Life is good so far, not great, but good!! :) 

Hope you are all doing well.
Will update soon with pictures but I've been so busy and so lazy that I really did not feel like spending hours in front of a computer unless I really really had to (school wise).

And to close this beautiful blog post of today....
...a few more pictures of my favorite drink.
I know I suck. ;) 

November 26, 2012

No Need For Any Explanation

I'm beyond exhausted. I took me also three attempts to write the word "beyond". It always came out to beyong, yond, byond. Don't ask. I'm exhausted. And yes, I'm writing this with my pinky...

Hope you all had a  fun Thanksgiving (hopefully no drama but tons of good food???!!).
My cough is almost gone, and I'm ready to conquer this week.
I have a huge test Tuesday morning, and a long paper due Wednesday (and yes I'm saving it on multiple places so I won't freak out the night before it's due - remember?!). Also, I registered for next year's/semester's classes and I can already tell you one thing...I'll be even more exhausted. I think. Maybe not. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday I am determined to decorate our Christmas tree, and arrange some Christmas flair in the house. :) And I'm also determined to share with you some fun photos of moi, and some other things because I believe this lil blog of mine needs a little fun too.

Can you believe November is now almost over?!
Heck, where did the time go?! HELP.

So, I gotta go, finish my paper, study some more and then sleep. I believe I'll be in bed by 9.30 tonight. Yes, I can predict that much.

Hope you are doing well.
I'll be back soon....promised.
Missed you all and hope you had a wonderful couple of fun days of fun last week.


November 23, 2012

Back Friday And Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are still full from yesterday...I sure am! :)

Happy Weekend, or shall I say....Black Friday Mania???

Trust me, I'm ditching much as I love shopping I don't have money right now and even if I did, I want to stroll around without the hassle and knowledge of someone trying to "steal" my items, yell at me, push me, and just make me feel miserable. I wanna go shopping and try things out without endless lines in front of the dressing rooms (because, yes, I try my clothes on before I spend money on them!!). I wanna enjoy shopping. Black Friday is the day that ruins my kind of fun. If you're out there...or have been...have a fun time. :)

Here's something to make you smile (or not). I lol'ed so much I had to share it.
{All via Lacey}

November 20, 2012

Movie Time

How's it going???
I'm feeling slightly better. Slightly. My cough just doesn't let me rest but it's okay. ;)
Though when you are sick you tend to neglect important things like homework, reading, studying, cleaning, washing, eeeehhhhmmm, just kidding. I did all of that. Not sure how but I did clean, wash, study, read, and my worries. :) But seriously, I watched too much TV and then a movie this weekend and then you automatically get into the movie mood. And when I get into the movie mood I cannot stop because holy cow awesome movies are coming out soon...and by soon I mean next month up until next year. YAY. Or maybe nay because movies aren't cheap even matinee prices.

Either way, here are a few of my favorite upcoming movies...I cannot wait!!!

I think that's enough for one day!!!

Have a great day, and a very happy Thanksgiving!!
And for those in Europe...have a wonderful rest of the week.
Cannot believe that in a month I'll be flying to Europe again. Time sure flies.


November 19, 2012

Weekend Update

Hello lovelies!!

I have been sick.
Not the best way to start a weekend update but hey, it's my second weekend having been sick and it just plainly sucked. But, on the bright side, I am getting better. I have to. Thanksgiving is around the corner and being sick cannot be happening on Thursday. No no no!! And besides, my google reader is screaming at me...I have been neglecting it for at least two weeks. :( I feel bad.

So, my main update for this weekend is...

...yes, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't counting down the days until November 16. Ha! Let's just say that much...I loved it. I have to be honest here, when the books came out and then the movies I wasn't at all into any of those. Could not stand them, at all. Let alone that pasty face of a vampire in the film I am not gonna name here because some of you might be lusting over him. All on good terms. I just couldn't stand them. But I was once bored and started watching the first movie, then the second, third, and well now these two parts and oh boy. I'm glad I did!!!! :)

Have you seen it? Let me know what you thought!

Happy Monday!!


P.s. Yes, I'm linking up with Leeann, Sami and Dana for the Weekend Update

November 16, 2012

Weekly Loving {3}

 My lovely blog has been neglected.
But, I have to admit it felt good not to be online and
not to touch the computer. Yes, not even for school.
Cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week.
Where has the time gone?!

 So here are...

The things that made me smile and happy this week

Monday was a holiday so I did not have to go in and listen to a lecture
Cooler temperatures
Gingerbread Latte
My phone working again
An email from a cousin who's now in NY
Watching the History Channel without interruptions
Modern Family
Fresh laundry

and what pissed me off

Being sick
Loud neighbors
Finding out my cousin is getting a divorce
Not being able to register early (WTF?!)
Buses being incredibly late

Yes, you read right.
Poop pissed me off.
Seriously who does not clean up after their dog?
I mean, yes, I have to admit it I hate doing it, but let's be honest here, I clean up after "my mess" too so I also clean up after the dog's mess too. It's that simple. I don't get why certain people can't do this.
I walked across the lawn and had to jump multiple times.
No bueno!!!

Hope your week was fabulous.
I'm still coughing.


November 14, 2012

Cough, Sneeze, and sexy voice


I have been a little sick lately.
I may not have a fever but my sneezing and coughing get on my nerves.
My weekend was spent drinking lots of fluids, still going out and breathing in some fresh air, coughing and rubbing my nose. Oh, and fighting a headache that was caused by the clogged nose and all. I tried to have fun, but the most fun I got out of this and still am getting out of this is drinking a full glass of Alka Seltzer and enjoying the moment I can actually smell something again. 

That's my main reason for being absent lately.
And school.
I seriously need a break.
Having had only one day off wasn't enough.
Thanksgiving won't be enough either but it will be better than nothing.

I know, I have been MIA and I'm dreading to open up my reader to see how many lovely blogs I need to read. One step at a time...two projects need to be worked at for a whole week and then hopefully I find some time to relax and read and have fun with your shenanigans. ;)

Have a good one.



November 8, 2012

Beauty Tag Game!

I have been busy. And that's good. But at the same time I neglected this lovely blog of mine. Forgive me. On the other hand, don't. This happens and it's okay! :) So, while I am busy trying to work hard so my longer weekend will be happily spent texting people or sending funny photos around...I thought I'd finally post something I wanted to post a while ago. I know I suck. :) Haha!

A while ago I was tagged by the lovely and awesome girl behind Heart Soul Inspiration with the Laine Blogger Award!! If you haven't checked her blog out, you're missing out as well. it is... ;)

 The Rules:
Tag the blogger who awarded you.
Answer the 5 questions below.
Award the Laine Blogger Award to 5 of your favorite bloggers.

1. What is your current beauty obsession?

I have a few...let me think...

Body Lotion by St. Ives! It literally makes me smile every morning!

This lip balm was my Birthday gift that I received from my bestie Sierra. I love it. It smells so good and makes my lips moisturized for a very long time. Yum!!!

I have many more beauty obsessions at the moment but I keep it real here and won't overload you with photos and texts and whatnot. Besides, I decided...cheaper is better!! :)

2. What is one beauty item you wished you owned?

Honestly? I don't have a beauty item I wished I owned. Simple as that. I know, probably not what it supposed to go under this question but that's what it is. :) I'm happy with what I have.

3. What is your favorite post to read/write about?

To Read - I like to read about people's daily whereabouts (not in details though) and what they like/dislike/discovered/recommend. A fun combination or a little bit of everything...I like fashion, makeup, and whatnot, but reading similar info/ideas/posts over and over again makes me sleepy...literally.

To Write - Whatever comes to my mind...whatever happens to or inspires or drives me.

4. What inspired you to become a blogger?
I wanted to keep a little private diary of my whereabouts and what not, and I think I still do. My blog is my outlet, my hobby, my space to be me...and my place to still keep you a little in the loop. The whole wide world (or web in this case) shouldn't know every single detail about me, should it? 

5. What nail polish are you wearing right now? I just applied some naturally looking glitter on my nails. No color, just clear and glitter. I took my last festive nail polish off. I wore black and orange before. Though I prefer my fingernails to be "naked" as I call them. My toenails on the other hand right now have this burgundy color on them and I love it!!! What brand? Essie!! :)

And that's it for this little beauty tag game. ;)
It's Thursday and I'm exhausted. Let's hope nothing like last week is gonna happen today. :) Phone, yes, I'm talking to you!!! 

I'm nominating the following lovely ladies...even though I don't like "favoring" bloggers...we all rock!!

1) Sam at The Married Couple
2) Marjan at Local Living in Orange County
3) Leeann at Join The Gossip
4) Al at Traffic Jelly
5) Christianna at The Girl with the Blue Bow

November 5, 2012

The time I almost cried over my lost data...

...remember a couple of weeks ago when I told you I had lost my whole essay? That problem I solved by writing the whole damn paper again. Not that it was 300-pages long but no matter how long a paper is it is a hassle to write it all out again and to remember what was cited where and how and why. 
I did it. 

Well, on Thursday in the middle of some reading and studying I decided to update my phone and link it to my computer and was told that something went wrong. 
My phone and my computer did not recognize each other. 
Both were plugged in, both were functioning but they seemed to hate each other. 
Then I got an error message.
 I swallowed hard. 
Deja-vu is an understatement.
I was about to throw a fit.
I was done.

I looked at the dogs. They thought I was crazy.
I looked at the screens.
I freaked out.

Out of nowhere I got dressed...
(not that I was naked, but I wore my PJs in the afternoon - don't judge!)
...and headed to the nearest and dearest Apple Store. 
I had no appointment.
Who cares.
I had a problem.
My phone was dead, and my laptop didn't recognize the device.
I wanted help. Pronto!!

And help arrived.
We had to restore everything.
LITERALLY everything.
My phone was empty.
iCloud didn't work.
Yes, it was installed.
It just decided to hate me that day.

I handled my loss quite well.
I mean, ten months were literally erased from my phone.
Can you imagine that?
Can you?
Because I could not at that moment.
But I handled it gracefully.

I walked home trying to look at my empty, brand-new looking iPhone.
No contacts.
No texts.
No emails.
No notes.
No music.
No real apps.
And most of all...

I died on the way home.
And yes, I was walking.
Again, I handled it with grace. 
I think.
I didn't cry.
I didn't yell.
I didn't scream.
I just walked.

The second I got home I updated the WIFI connection.
I set up my email accounts.
I set up my alarms.
I downloaded apps I used to have on.
I literally punched in all phone numbers I could remember.
I stared at my blank photo stream.
I stared at my laptop.
I stared at the dogs still thinking I was a lunatic.

I had a brand new phone.
Empty as hell.
My whole past ten months erased.

I needed a drink.

Never thought I would feel so weird about it.
I mean I thought I was okay...
...but turns out I was not.
We have become so dependent on these little gadgets it's incredibly scary.
Honestly I didn't really care about losing stuff because I'm not that materialist.
But it still felt like I was punched hard in the face, or the body or the brain.
I felt helpless.
I was mad.
I was devastated.
So I drank wine.
Just a glass don't worry.
I never go overboard, I still want to enjoy it all.

And then I was like...
...screw it.
I'm alive.
No one died.
It's just a phone.
It's just photos that might have meant something...
...but it's a higher power telling me I should pay more attention to whatever else there is in life.
I was still mad.

So, Friday comes along...
...I'm still working on school work watching my favorite shows online.
I'm ready to link my phone and my laptop again.
I have to.
The guy at the store said so.
I'm dreading it.
I'm so scared.
But I'm doing it.
It says it's not recognizing anything and needs to be restored again.

So, well, what can I lose at this point?
So I restore it all.
After all...I have no photos on my phone.
And those phone numbers I punched it the night before...heck I can do that again.

It gets restored.


ALL of my photos are back.
Every single darn picture I took over the past ten months.
Not sure why.
All of my contacts are double now.
All of my apps are back.
All of my music is back.
Heck, I don't care why but I'm stoked.
I had to drink a glass of wine again.
Could not say no to that.
Don't judge!

I was beyond happy.
I cannot even tell you how.

Can you imagine losing all of your data?
All of your info?
Yes, most of us have experienced this.
One way or another.
I was just beyond excited to see funky looking, almost scary photos again.
To see all of my lovely contacts and email addresses again.
I wanted to dance like Ellen DeGeneres does on her show.
I wanted to celebrate.

And so, I hugged my laptop.
I also hugged my phone.
And the glass of wine of course.

Lesson learned?
Not sure.
I mean, I did everything right.
Not sure what went wrong...
...but even the backup to computer whatnot we are all promised may at some point fail on us.

So, moral of the story is...
...if you think you are automatically backing up your precious photos, contacts, apps and whatnot...
well, think again!!!
Because it may not be doing it.
Even if it says it is.
Trust me.

My weekend was just least it started "fabulous". :)

Happy Monday!!!
Yes, linking up with Leeann, Sami, and Dana.

*I am fully aware of that fact that there are people out there having nothing, and having lost a lot thanks to Sandy, and other natural disasters or just have more important things to talk/write about than lost data. I am fully aware of this.
 This post does not mean I don't care. This post does not want to rub it in either. 
I care.
Regardless of what people go throw and have to face now after disasters, after health issues, and whatnot...there has to be time for all of us to go throw "fun" moments.
I could write a sad story about how we need to come together and help out and whatnot... wouldn't be unique. It would basically be redundant because we all know we have to.
A fun, quite dramatic post was needed.
And after all, this is my blog. :)
Just saying.

November 2, 2012

Weekly Loving {2}

Time sure flies. It is November! NOVEMBER!! This mean...Christmas is practically around the corner. I am not ready yet. Really, I am not ready. Slow down 2012, please...slow the heck down.

How was your Halloween?!
I had classes, saw a few professors dressed up which looked awesome and awkward at the same time, went out later on and ate some candy...or a lot of candy. I think I'm still on a sugar rush. That's ok though, no?! Once a year is fine...and somewhat allowed.

The things that made me smile and happy this week

Criminal Minds
Homemade (from scratch) banana bread
Snow in Europe and sun in California
Cooler night temperatures
Feeling better
An A+ on a test I thought I screwed up!

Cheers to my ways of feeling better and finding happiness all over the place.

Yesterday I even discovered that my very intelligent and favorite professor cannot spell. This so made my day. The word appetite has two p's not just one...he felt like writing apetite over and over again. I just couldn't tell him...he himself says that he literally sucks at spelling. Didn't hold him back from having 4 Bachelors and 3 Master Degrees though...holy cow! ;) But his inability to spell correctly makes me smile every time!

Have a great day and weekend everyone.



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