April 28, 2010

See you

Time has come.
I'm leaving for Europe in a few days.
I'm sad to leave this place but also happy to go back...so I can earn money, see a few friends, spend some time with my mother (and hopefully cheer her up), get a new cell phone (because mine is about to die soon), and just hopefully enjoy life as it all comes along.
I'm not excited about my job and the fact that I'm back at work in less than one week. However it's part of my life, and part of who I am at this very moment.
I am determined to change a ton of things while I'm there, enhance my life positively and just find my path (and I know it's right in front of me). I'm determined to change 2010 again. For the better. So far it's been good to me and I'm thankful for that so I am trying to keep this good vibe and hold on to it. ;)

Philadelphia has been good to me too.
I am a big city lover, and I can't believe I enjoyed five incredibly awesome weeks in this terrific metropolis. It is a place I will return to. For sure. Plus, having family and friends in this city makes it easier, doesn't it?! Hopefully. ;)
I'm gonna miss this city and all the incredible opportunities it offers each and every day.
So not gonna say "good-bye" but rahter a warm "see you"...because that makes it easier to return. :D

So, without further blabla from my side...I'm hoping you are all doing marvelous...and by the time I get back to normal body/mind time I hope that I can show you some pictures and share maybe some stories to those pictures. :)

I'm gonna miss Philadelphia and its never-ending glow and uplifting spirit. Yes, sounds like a totally bizarre love story...and who knows...it might just be the city for me. :D Who knows. ;)

the traveling girl...


April 26, 2010

Monthly inspiration

Ok, I've been lazy...doing absolutely nothing at times and shopping all the time. :)
I've been enjoying Philadelphia and I'm sad to say "see you" soon but until then...I'm gonna enjoy every minute that's left over here. :D
Lately, we're so into music it's not even funny anymore...and my friend and I made our must-have CD with our favorite songs that fit not only road trips but also our moods, the weather (which is awesome), the rain (which can be awesome too), and just about everything else...plus, yes, I mentioned that I've been lazy lately and being lazy can be fun at times...especially when you drive to work at 10.30 in the morning when you're supposed to be there by 10am...but apparently no one really cares so it's all good?! I would die on the spot if I allowed myself to do that but my job requirements are different so it's all good. :) Or not?! Haha.

Anyhow...my monthly inspiration (ok, for the past two months now) is the following song...unfortunately without the video...but who cares...the song is what it's important. Right?! Yes. :)

Happy spring everyone (I hope it reached all of you...no more snow for anyone anymore!!!).


April 21, 2010

Philly update

we ♥ it
Couldn't agree more.
I found this last year on my very own cup and this year I found this on one of my favorite sites. :) Coincidence?! Maybe.

I'm sorry I've been a very bad blogger lately. Never thought I would end up not writing each day or every other day. I don't even want to look and see when I wrote my last entry. Better not. :) I'm still enjoying every single moment I get in Philadelphia and I can now honestly say I am not unhappy about my decision and the fact that I came to this city/area rather than the usual Los Angeles area. Both are marvelous and so very different. Can't and won't compare the two, but I will always have a huge spot in my heart left for the both of them. Dang that sounds like a love triangle story or something :) For sure. :D

So, what I have been up to?!
Taking pictures (and of course not posting them so far...bear with me, bear with me, bear with me...pretty please????!!!! Thanks.), going to baseball games, watching sports on TV, watching movies on TV, shopping (I think I'm done now...no more will I ever spend or use my wallet ...unless when we're in NYC!!!), sightseeing, walking, eating out, meeting cousins, having fun with cousins and friends, getting spoiled in a super fancy hotel, walking through Yale, eating out in Brooklyn, enjoying train rides to the city, and a lot more.
Currently, the mouse situation is under control (I hope), but my right eye has been bothering me for the past 20 hours. I blame it on allergies (I hope again), and the fact that it's soon time to change my contacts. I'm now wearing my glasses and use eye allergy relief eye drops that hopefully will help me. This is the only thing that bothers me here. I never had any problems in California when it came to allergies. The ocean maybe helped. Who knows. Here? I'm suffering. I hate it. So not a lot of fun. I need drugs...haha!!! ;)
But other than that, I'm doing marvelous. My suitcase is halfway packed again, and my bag too...now all I have to do is enjoy my last days in Philly and hopefully leave as planned. :) Hopefully. I keep my fingers crossed. Big time.
You all know about the volcano in Iceland...well, that specific one also affects me. So far it hasn't fully affected me and I feel sorry for everyone out there being stranded at the airport not having a place to stay or go anywhere. I keep my fingers crossed that the situation is going to change soon and everything will slowly go back to normal. Don't get me wrong. I would stay if I could. I just can't. I need to fly back and go back to work. I have 10 more days and I need to fly back. Money is needed but it's not only that. I can't be a "tourist" all the time over here...I need to live life too...with the grown up responsibilities...besides my credit cards need to be paid when I get back over there, and after one day I need to go to work. I already notified them that I know what's been going on and that they need to prepare themselves that I may not arrive as planned and may not start as planned. Due to the new system (which is still very bad and I heard it doesn't make things better but screwed tons of stuff up...so much for new technology!) a volcano and its ash making it difficult if not impossible to travel is not a good-enough reason...so if I can't start work as planned/scheduled and miss days due to this my vacation/off days will be taken out...hmmm...wtf?! Excuse me? It's not like I don't want to return on time. It's not like I'm doing this on purpose?! Not my fault anyway. So I don't get it. I think it's unfair. But yeah, I think I should be use to this...unfair apparently is my biggest enemy these past few months...so yeah, if I don't return as planned they just extend my vacation time and don't call it "emergency" or whatever...oh well.

Other than that I'm doing awesome. :D
I wish I could upload pictures to show you how silly I looked on Saturday. We went to the shore and on our way there we had to kill some time and stopped at ROSS. So my friend A. found this ridiculous leather jacket and made me put it on...with my giant glasses...and yes, a new profile picture was created. :) I looked like a rocker chick. Horrible...but oh well...it's all about the fun, huh?!

Ok, everyone...I wanted to say hello and let you all know I'm still around. :D

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!!!



April 16, 2010

Friday Funny

Hooooorayyy! :)

Keeping Up With Kelly & Co

I finally made it...I'm online on a Friday and I have something to share that cracked me up this week. Actually today while watching TV...thanks to Ellen and her awesome show I have to share something with you all. ;)
So, the video you're about to watch is about a girl just having her wisdom teeth pulled out and well...that's what happened after. :) Her mom recorded all that. Pretty cool considering she didn't even shake the camera at all. I'd be cracking up so bad. Don't get me wrong. I know how it is not knowing what you're saying or that you said something...and then seeing it later on. The girl was on Ellen's show today...and she said she really doesn't remember anything. :) It made my day for most of the part. I got awesome looking pants at Kohl's today too...for $7.20!!! Hello? Is that a deal or what?! So the video was fun, and the shopping later on too. :D

Anyhow...here's the video.

Happy Friday everyone! :)
AND YES, don't forget to check Kelly's awesome blog out.



April 13, 2010

We have a Wii and life is distracting us like crazy...

So, here's the thing...I feel bad about not writing. I miss it. Daily. I miss sitting down and jotting down whatever comes to mind. I miss sharing things...even if it's just pictures from We ♥ It! I just miss doing all of this. Don't get me wrong. I love that I don't spend as much time as I probably should online. I love going out and taking the train to the city and shopping and just strolling around with my green tea frappucino in one hand and my camera in the other (if at all). I love just walking...and then going left instead of right or straight and find new buildings and sights that I haven't seen or maybe have but don't remember. So, I'm definitely not missing the internet. I haven't checked my emails for a long time. And when I do I'll find a ton in there. I don't really miss much. I may miss my iPod (yes, which I didn't bring with me), or my stuffed closet (which is going to be stuffed even more...hmmm)...but I certainly don't miss much. I've got it all right here...including an awesome thing called Wii! :) OH YES, we got it yesterday (finally) and can't stop playing with it. :D Awesome!!! And yes, I'm going back and will be buying one too. Just has to happen. Why?! Because. ;)

My uncle's supposed to come to town this weekend, and staying for a few days. We're (without my uncle though) going to the shore this weekend. Can't wait. :) Not that the weather man is going to be nice to us because it may rain that weekend but who cares. Girls' weekend is going to be like a slumber party back in the day. Woohoo.

Oh and yes, I know you all hate me for not posting pictures of my current trip. So sorry y'all. I really want to do this soon...hopefully I can. I haven't uploaded any onto my friend's computer (that's what I'm using because as you may remember I didn't take my laptop with me) because I just don't want to overload her storage space, nor do I want to use her computer as it was mine, because obviously it's not mine it's hers. :) I'm just thankful for being able to use it from time to time. Like today. It's been raining and I cleaned the kitchen, cooked (woohoo), and want to take the trash out but can't. Don't want to get wet. I know it's silly but oh well.
The second mouse is dead. YES. We called the house manager or whatever, and let her know that the maintenance guys need to take care of the hole they always come in. We've been so good with all the food and cleaning and all but they seem to love this place which is unfair. So in order to get rid of them we need to make sure no holes are allowing them to even enter this place.
I know a few of you may think "oh no, don't kill that animal" etc etc...which I would totally agree with you but with mice like these...you need to kill them. Right there and then. If you have a live trap or whatever that's called and try to get rid of them this way, it won't work. They will always return. We've tried it already. No chance. Mice might be small and sorta cute, but they're also clever as hell and know where they found stuff in the first place. Besides, your kitchen can be super uber clean and still they will find stuff and live there and have a giant party at three in the freakin' morning. Not that this bothered us, because we just went to bed that time. But I'm just saying...the best way to get rid of them is make sure all holes are gone, and if they still find tiny holes or whatever to come through they will and then you need to kill those little bastards. I'm still waiting on maintenance by the way...haha.

What else...so yes, don't hate me for not posting any pictures lately...I will as soon as I upload some or find some my friend has on her computer or whatever.
Don't hate me for killing mice, because it's just yuck.
And oh yeah, hope you don't mind my writing today...long and ugly and all but so very me...and well...I guess without a picture.
And, I'm so sorry I haven't commented in a long time...because let's face it...I don't have much time to read blogs or comment on them, not even to write on mine...so bear with me. I have 500+ blogs to catch up on and it might just be that I'll be doing this next month. OH NO.

Bear with me.

Until then, I'm gonna enjoy some more fun times over here...send packages to my place with stuff I don't want to carry with me when I return by the end of this month...and well, I will enjoy the weather, seeing family and friends, shopping, BASEBALL (woohoo), and cheesesteaks...and yes, we have plans to go eat at least one next wekk. Hopefully that happens...our plans have been upside down these days. So, our Japanese cherry blossom festival needed to be cancelled or let's say ignored...because just 20 minutes there would not have been tons of fun. :(

So enough about me and my weird writing or adventures.
Hope you're all doing fabulous. :)
Miss reading your awesome blogs but I promise I will do that again...soon. :D

Happy Tuesday.



April 10, 2010

update...as always these days...

This past week was just hot, and so super awesome. Loved every second.
This upcoming week's going to be even better. Weekend's great so far...with a jewelry party on Saturday (I ordered a cute necklace), and tomorrow with the Japanese festival thing going on is going to round up this perfect and easy-going weekend. :D
Next week, I'm going to be doing my favorite walk to the art museum...and if the weather's on my side it's going to be just more than just awesome. :) Pictures will be taken on the way (as always) and I promise you get to see them one day. I just can't upload any onto my friend's computer because it would just take too much space away and I won't do that to my friend A.
On Thursday we're so going to a Baseball game. Finally. Can't wait....it's been a while, and even though my favorite team's not playing, the Phillies are my second favorite so this counts for something too, no?!?!???
And we are about to eat a cheesesteak again...last year we went on a cheesesteak marathon...ate four different kinds in about four hours which made us almost die on the spot but we survived and had fun. So on 4/20 we're heading to a place no one has been before but I'm sure it's going to be good (more than just that). I go outlet shopping first, my friends are picking me up on their break and then we head over to have some yummy food. :D
Wanna join us?! ;)

Hopefully we'll make it to NYC too...and will get rid of our furry enemy. Yes! A mouse is back. Traps are set and we're ready to hear the trap snap....I'm counting down the hours...can't stand that thing anymore. :) Wish us luck.

Happy weekend everyone. :D



April 7, 2010

It's getting HOT in here...

A hot but gorgeous day just ended. It's still warm outside, and all my windows are open letting air come in. The fan is on too and occasionally lets me feel cool air. Loving it. 

It's been just beyond gorgeous. :) It started last week on Friday and Easter Sunday it was just super nice. I even got a slight sunburn while watching the kids trying to find all the eggs the church people hid on and around the grass section. Speaking of Easter...I hope you all had a fantastic bunny day. Mine was awesome...waffles for breakfast, having lunch with my family, going to a friend's house and finishing our raspberry champagne cake (so yummy), enjoying the sun, interesting conversations and a day to remember. :)

Yesterday I went to get my monthly mani/pedi sessions...we found a cheaper place so we decided to cancel our appointment. It was worth it. I love my pink toe nails. And the massage I received....awwwwwwwh....soooooo good. :D

And today I just chilled...went to a little picturesque town about ten minutes from my place and strolled up and down its main street. :) Just couldn't stand the heat and got me a green tea frapp (without cream, and yes I know how many calories I'm drinking but also how many I'm not drinking by cutting the cream) and headed home. Cleaned everything, folded laundry, and started catching up on Lost, and Fast Forward. 
All in all a very good day.

Tomorrow? I go with the flow.
I might head down to the city, stroll around as well...take more pictures because Philadelphia is an awesome city and so photogenic. ;-) And yeah, my friend and I are determined to take pictures of the Phanatics...all of them spread around the city. So far I got five...I'm not running around like a crazy one trying to find them and take pictures...but I'm gonna find all of them. ;)

And yes, no real plans for me...temps are expected to go down which makes me sad but then again I'd rather enjoy 80 degrees than 90. ;) Right?! Right.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Hope your day was good.

I'm about to crash and it's not even 9pm. Wow.
As I said it was a long day and it's been hot...makes me automatically exhausted. :)



April 4, 2010

Bunny Time!

Happy Easter everyone!

Whether or not you celebrate this holiday, it is here. :)
It's not my favorite holiday but I still love it, and I love its pretty and cute decorations and flowery things. Not to mention the bunnies, the cute egg-shaped chocolate (yes, they're cute, but I don't eat them at all!), the colorful baskets, chicks, and much much more. To me, Easter and its deco stuff means SPRING ARRIVED. Granted, in certain areas it may be snowing or raining and in others it may be extremely hot and just more summer than spring like.

I'm sad that I'm not with my aunt and her family and friends back in sunny California though. I know I know it's ridiculous but it was our annual tradition...I'd fly in a week or so before the holiday and stay for about one month and all. Not this year. I'm not complaining it's just that it's weird not being over there this time around. BUT, flights were more expensive compared to last year's and with me not driving anymore it would not have been lots of fun. :(  This way I'm saving money...for sure. Then again, I'm spending lots of it too...haha!

But yes, Happy Easter everyone.
Hope you get to be with family and friends.
Plus, for some of you I hope you won't have to work today and if, I hope it won't be hectic at all.

Here's to Easter...my Sunday inspiration :

 I'm kinda digging Sushi right now. ;)

Happy Happy Happy Traditional Bunny Day!!!
*and yes I know this is a special holiday just like Christmas
but it feels so much better calling it bunny day*

April 2, 2010

Long hot sunny day...

...I'm definitely exhausted. Today was a very long day...first, we slept in until 9am, then were lazy, babysat for an hour and then basically went out to enjoy a super awesome day at Longwood Gardens. It was great. Not everything was blossoming so it wasn't as awesome as we hoped but it was still a terrific day, and super hot. My tan's improving. ;)

Right now, I look like this bunny though. All curled up in bed, laptop on me and watching Kourtney&Khloe on E! Not sure if dinner's going to happen at all...we had lunch at 4 in the afternoon. :-)  My head hurts like crazy and the aspirin I just took kinda helps me relax and all. :) Finally.
Easter weekend's here and it's been crazy. So much to do until Sunday....
...today all we'll be doing is coloring eggs, tomorrow we're heading out to Atlantic City and some fun outlet shopping or whatever, and on Sunday brunch/lunch with my cousin and aunt, Easter afternoon event at a friend's place and then I think Easter's about to end. Woohoo.

I've been taking pictures but well...no time to upload them at all now...bear with me.

So far I've been enjoying Philly. :)
Had Sushi twice already...last night at Morimoto which was beyond amazing. And, not expensive at all. Ok, I only ate Sushi but spent half the money I would spend in Europe and I ate double and had even some yummy tasting Sake. :) Went Outlet Shopping (but I still prefer Camarillo's), shopping in the city (I love the city), went to Church (oh yes, and if you know me well enough you know that I never ever go, but I decided I wouldn't let me friend down and join her at least when I feel like it - wasn't disappointed but well, it's not for me), cleaned the apartment (kitchen will be done soon) and well just enjoyed being over here.
Oh yes, the mouse is gone now. Dead of course. It got caught in those 432 mousetraps we had in here and yesterday when we came home she was there...lying dead next and on top of that trap. ;) So glad this part is over. Finger's crossed though. Ya never know.

So yeah, that's about it for now.
Hope you all are doing terrific.

Happy weekend. :D




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