June 28, 2011

Old and soooo beautiful

If only I had the funds I'd be buying these and making sure they are taken care of in an organized, appropriate, and wonderful way. I love old buildings. Rotten or not they have a story to tell. And I think it's just so incredibly and ridiculously sad to let such beauties wither. If you were wondering whether or not they will be torn down at some point the answer is NO. They practically wait till the building collapses and then they build a modern, gigantic monster in that same spot again. Of course it ruins the whole view. What else.
So my favorite thing to do in Istanbul (besides the obvious: eating, drinking, taking in everything and anything culture-related and family-related) is finding such buildings in every possible corner.

Almost two years ago I wrote how I felt about such buildings, the history of Istanbul, and everything else...and today it is not any different. I also shared that my family owned such an old building, or lets say house. I also mentioned it was rotten and pretty much in bad shape due to vandalism and a fire. You should have seen my face and heart lighten up when I learned that finally after so many years someone decent and respectable was found who takes care of this magnificent structure and rebuilds it the way it once was. It may take years but they already started working on it. I of course had to walk by every day and see how it looked. Obviously you can't see anything, but I was just curious like a little kid. Cannot wait to go back next year and see the outcome (if any!).

The picture above is my favorite building in our area. I took this last time I was in Istanbul because this year there were too many trees in front of it blocking my view. I still love it today. However, I am not sure if there are still people in there. If so it is mostly offices, and I think this building belongs to someone powerful and all but I just want to have it and call it my own. Is that bad or what?!

In other news...summer has decided to come back in full force with temps in the 90s. Yay. 
However, even with daily sunscreen and an SPF of 40+ and all (and I wasn't pale before, let's just be clear here) I got sunburned on Sunday. Granted I was outside, and yes partially the sun was on me, but I was sitting in a cafe drinking apple juice and water and under a huge umbrella providing lots of shade (hence the "partially"!). Nonetheless I got burned. No blisters but enough to be mad at the sun and at myself for not having worn long sleeves. Okay, with 90 degrees it's not fun to wear long sleeves...needless to say I'm slightly red. My friend M. called me Sunday evening and asked how I was doing and when I will be back in awesome Los Angeles, and all I said was "you're talking to a Lobster Lady"! She thought it was funny, and yes somehow it was but I've been taking good care of my skin and I'm sensitive about such subjects and now this. So, anyways...what I wanted to say was take good care of your skin and go read Danielle's blog post if you haven't already!!!

That's all.
Happy Tuesday everyone!!!



Neely said...

Love this!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Wow I love these! Gorgeous!

choose to be happy blog said...

ok it wont let me comment down below from your post yesterday. but i just had to say...
i feel very sorry for anyone who doesnt know who Gerard Butler. is. oh my goooooodness gracious.!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Ah we are so much alike. I adore old building as well. They have a story to tell. I can't help but get excited thinking about what must have happened in them years and years ago, and who was in them. It's amazing to me. It's unfortunate more people don't appreciate them :(

I'm glad your family property is being properly taken care of!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love old buildings and houses and it frustates me so badly that here in the US they are disregarded. Everyone wants a McMansion or cheaper home made out of crap materials. And all the history gets torn down. :(

These photos from Istanbul are beautiful.

PS. I'm sorry you got sunburned!!

Abby said...

Ack, sunburns are the worst! I love that you find the beauty in old buildings. They have such history!

audrey marie said...

i love vintage buildings - a place with charm is my favorite!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I am so on board with D. I'm a sunscreen maniac!

Shellena said...

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Unknown said...

amazing places!!!

xoxo from rome

Unknown said...

I love that you love old buildings as much as I do. You'll totally have to take pictures of the restored building when you see it next! That's so wonderful that someone is willing to make it beautiful again. You could never make a building now a days that would be as beautiful the restored original would be.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love the buildings!!!

Sierra said...

Hopefully your one side burn is doing better girl! I love how you love history - it really is never ending and fascinating!


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