May 23, 2012


I love blogging, but while I am busy getting ready to leave beautiful California, and slowly getting settled in Europe for the summer (I will be back, and will be blogging too - don't worry!!) I have amazing guest bloggers ready to help me out a little. Today is the first day...and we are starting with Amanda. 

You've seen her posts before. She doesn't have a blog but I believe she has started to like writing on mine. I've known her for over, gulp, fourteen years and I'm very fortunate to have her as one of my best friends in my life. Cheesy - I know! 
So without further ado, here's her post for today - and many more by a few fabulous bloggers over the next few days I have chosen - to help me out while I'm going all over places...miss you all already, but I'll be peeking in from time to time no funny business there, okay?!

xoxo,  Selma


hello everyone! it's amanda again!

i know... it's been a while.

i just finished a REALLY amazing book! i wanted to tell you about it because well, why wouldn't i want to share something that made me laugh and smile and giggle and be filled with joy (ok, and a few tears, but only happy ones!) all at the same time!

it's called The Silver Linings Playbook, written by Matthew Quick. here's a peak:

           Yes, I really do believe in silver linings, mostly because I've been seeing them almost everyday when I emerge from the basement, push my head and arms through a trash bag - so my torso will be wrapped in plastic and I will sweat more - and then go running. I always try to coordinate the ten-mile running portion of my ten-hour exercise routine with sunset, so I can finish by running west past the playing fields of Knight's Park, where, as a kid, I played baseball and soccer.
           As I run through the park, I look up and see what the day has to offer in the way of divination.
           If clouds are blocking the sun, there will always be a silver lining that reminds me to keep on trying, because I know that while things might seem dark now, my wife is coming back to me soon. Seeing the light outline those fluffy puffs of white and gray is electrifying.

welcome to pat's world. he's a little crazy. the book is all in first-person, so it's only his perspective and it's super fun to be a part his world for a while. i guess what i'm trying to say is that his crazy helps me escape my crazy. and let's be honest, we all have a little of that!

this book is also great because it is based in the area of Philadelphia, which is where i currently live, and talks a LOT about the E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! (that's philly's professional football team for you non-sports folks)

like most of us have at some point or another, pat has had a rough couple of years, although he believes it's only been a few months. this book is about his journey back to reality (kind of) and the people who help get him there.
it's a great read that i highly encourage you to check out. and bonus ladies, Bradley Cooper is playing the lead in the movie, due out in the fall!

in other words:

while i write this, i'm listening to music by my friend Austin Hartley-Leonard. he's an amazing musician! you can check out his music on iTunes or at this website: AND he'll be performing at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles this thursday! if you live in the area, you should DEFINITELY check it out! you won't regret it.

i watched We Bought A Zoo tonight. GREAT MOVIE! if you haven't seen it yet, you most certainly should.

i started training for The Color Run, which is in philly on july 8th, today. i must be ca-razy! i downloaded the couch to 5K app, which is amazing, except that every time that crazy bitch told me to start running again, i wanted to break my phone. seriously. i'm not even kidding. now, i can't feel my legs below my knees. i'm sure tomorrow will be even better. awesome. i'm sooooo glad i let my amazing friend selma talk me into this ridiculousness! oh well, at least i didn't feel bad for eating ice cream this morning for breakfast after i ran tonight!

well kiddos, i must go because it's late on the east coast!
look forward to chatting again soon!

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Sam Morgan said...

I want to do the color run so badly! That's awesome that you're both doing it at separate times. That book sounds interesting, I'll have to see if I can get it on the kindle.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Thanks girl for your random update on life, music and a good read. So looking forward to seeing Bradley Cooper in that movie!!!

Ocean Dreams said...

Bradley Cooper = yum! Glad you are training for the Color Run - looks like fun!! Want to do that run badly.


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