May 28, 2012

welcome summer!

I'm Brianna and I blog over at Heart of Life (feel free to stop on by sometime!)
First I wanted to say THANK YOU to Selma for letting me hijack her blog today (:
I am SO jealous of her trip!

But at least it's Memorial Day and the official start of summer!!
Once upon a time I lived in Hawaii and we LIVED by this quote.
It may or may not have been the reason I had to transfer because I wasn't too focused on my studies ;)

Summer is by far my favorite season, so I wanted to tell all ya'll what I think YOU should do this summer!

First things first, beach it up! Don't live by the beach? Any body of water will do- pool, river, lake, you catch my drift?
If you have none of these by you, let this girl know and we'll work on moving you somewhere where there's water! ;)

You'll need some cute swimsuits...

Don't forget your spf!
I love Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy products that help your "tan" a bit
without all the harmful rays...
just do yourself a favor and MAKE SURE you wash your hands
after you apply...
this girl forgot to do that the other night and I woke up with some nice brown hands :/

Some sunnies to protect those pretty eyes of yours!
A good read!
School is out (if you're still in school!) and summer is here so forget those textbooks and indulge in happy reading!
This lady is MY FAVORITE.
I have loved each and every one of her books.

And of course what girl doesn't need a new summer wardrobe?
{top & shorts -jcrew//sandals -target}
A chambray top keeps it casual and goes with ANYTHING! truly.

And after all that hard work of relaxing by the water, treat yourself to a 
cute summer mani ;)
 {essie haute as hello}
{essie bermuda shorts}

Those were just some of MY favorite summer time things!
Thanks again Selma, for having me!! 
Stop on by sometime ;)


Ann said...

Love the beach too.
Nice post,
and those nail polish,
oh so fab!

Christianna said...

Girl, we should hang out during summer time! I think we'd have a blasty blast!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I am so with you on Jen Lancaster, she's SO funny!

Sam Morgan said...

I was just at the beach and this makes me wish I was back there already. Also, now I need some new nail polish!

Ashley said...

I was at the beach yesterday...I have already made a pact to go as often as I can this summer. AT LEAST 3 times a week? I think so!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I need to read her books...I've heard so much and always failed to read her books. I need some easy stuff, now that summer's around!

Thanks for your guest post lady. I enjoyed reading this!!!


Claire Kiefer said...

Perfect! I love all those swimsuits, and oh the nail polish. I have never read Jen Lancaster but those books look like perfect beach reads. :)

Ocean Dreams said...

So many great things on this post - love the sunglasses and want that nail polish stat! So glad that summer has arrived. :)


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