July 6, 2015


And yes that is a cart with fresh parsley in it...want some?!

Years ago I wrote posts about my beloved and favorite city Istanbul. Without fully looking at them or editing them I chose to share those two posts with you. Reason is I am still in Istanbul enjoying a fabulous longer weekend celebrating my cousin's most precious day. Also, my soul is probably healing better and easier. Plus, I hope you had a great weekend celebrating the 4th of July...that is if you are in the US or in general celebrating. So I wasn't planning on going online often or writing much.

If you know me you know how I feel about Istanbul. This city is awesome, very different from what you would think or assume, and holds a very special place in my heart. Unfortunately, this trip is bittersweet to me. Mom is no longer with me and I would have loved to do this trip with her, but I know she is here with me in spirit. We will honor her and her own unique love for Istanbul as well.

So without further ado...here are a few posts I wrote about Istanbul...oldies {you will see my poor picture choosing qualities...but hey, it is fun to look back at those. That is also why I chose those old ones and chose not to edit a thing}.

Why Ashley hates me

Enjoy reading it all...I will be back with photos or updates in general. I have to get back into this regular life of mine. People change once they lose someone or experience a loss but I know that this is okay. I am accepting this change and change is good. Change is always good!!!

Miss you all.



Unknown said...

I'm excited to hear about your time in Istanbul and the wedding. And holy cow, that's a lot of parsley.

Allison said...

That is an intense cart of parsley!
I've been following along with your journey and healing process via Instagram -I hope that each day it gets a little easier to get out of bed and process everything going on. Change is a part of life, and loss is the hardest aspect of change. There are no words that can really make anything better, but just know you are loved and in so many thoughts. You've got a community behind you, and so many who love you.
Looking forward to reading up on your previous Istanbul trips!


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