July 22, 2015


It is time. I am finally going home to California.
I have spent the last 2 1/2 months in agony. I have questioned my future, my life, life in general, and just wished to be back home. The day has finally come and I am going to be reunited with the love of my life, my favorite state, and my home forever. I am so excited it's not even funny. I am ready to say good-bye to Switzerland, and to take with me memories I will share with my future children, friends, and whoever. This summer will be unforgettable as it wasn't the most beautiful summer ever. However, I have learned that life is full of surprises and that life does continue no matter what obstacles are in the way.

I am beyond excited to wrap my arms around my man at the airport. I have missed him more than words can say. So, enjoy the rest of this week and think of me as I am letting go of my sad summer and making the best out of this summer that is left of this year. I need to work on my summer list as well and will edit it from time to time, so don't forget to stop by there as well. And of course, I will be back writing posts again...just give me time!

California here I come!!!!! 
I will be home again!!

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The Flynnigans said...

You're probably high in the sky as I write this and that makes me so very happy.

Enjoy your week and try to decompress my love.

Xoxo talk to you soon hun!

Lindsay said...

Enjoy the time with your man! I know how hard that can be!

Allison said...

Welcome home, darling! I cannot imagine what this time has been like for you, but know how strong you are. Keep holding on, and keep squeezing your man! Happy to have you back in the States, xo.

Sara Strand said...

You know what the great thing is? Is that you unequivocally know what and where home is. Think of all of the people out in the world who genuinely have no clue. Welcome home! :)


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