April 8, 2009

Keep Smiling

A perfect day to stroll around, not get blown away and just enjoy the moment. I had my perfect moment today. Sat outside, a book in my hand and the best view over the harbor. It felt good, real good. I could do this pretty much every single day from now on. Unfortunately, I can't. I am sure I can find ways to sort of get this perfect moment while I'm not over here but it will never be as astounding. One thing that bothers me for so many reasons is that my camera doesn't want to cooperate. Olympia refuses to work with me. I think I just have to charge her and then she's back to normal again.
Yes, it might be odd to name a camera but most things in my life have names, and Olympia is one of them. Even rental cars get names. Think of it as my daily inspiration, my passion for life and things...no matter where I am or what I do. Inspiration is always needed in my grey life. May it come from a blog, a fantastic book about nature or a family drama, a fun movie, a TV show, a lovely friend telling me she missed me, or giving names to cars, cameras, or even clothes. A fun and maybe even silly day is always better than a depressing one. Don't you agree?

P.s. One day I'll find out how to enhance my blog with pictures and more fun stuff...just haven't had the time for that.

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Hi dear Selma!
thanks for your sweet comment!
your notes are lovely here in your blog!
so ...
keep smiling!



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