April 26, 2011


For the following post I just want to say that it is okay to disagree here, and not eat eggs. I respect that. I also wish that the same amount of respect finds its way back to me for posting this. Thank you.

Remember my strawberry post? Well, I kind of liked writing about food, and find out fun details about whatever I put in my mouth and body. Today it is about the egg. 

Now even though I am not as obsessed with the egg as I am with the strawberry I have to say I still love the egg. Granted, over the past few years or even decades it has been seen as the one bad guy for pushing cholesterol levels higher, for "causing' heart attacks, making people fat, and what not. Then a few years back I read that whatever we learned was in fact to 50% just nonsense and would not apply to everyone. Made me confused. Then I remember my friend S. saying that she grew up cooking with her grandma and mother. She learned from them that she should include one egg a day in her diet and that she should always cook colorful. Yes, colorful. 
So even if you make salad make sure you add colors and not leave the salad green (although we know that all kinds of green veggies are super healthy!)...add some red (tomatoes, radishes, bell peppers), yellow (bell peppers or cheese), white (cheese or egg), pink (fruits, meat), and so forth...and your salad will be colorful. I have to say, it makes dishes look a lot better and your body gets all kinds of nutrition. I still try to cook like that and love it. Thank you S's grandma and mom.

Now to the egg...some facts you may know or just learn today:
  • Chickens (and then technically also eggs) came to the New World around 1493
  • Eggs are high in protein and a good source of iron
  • They are in general a good source of 11 (!!) vitamins and minerals 
  • Hens are super busy by laying an average of 250 to 270 eggs a year
  • Egg yolks are one of the few foods that are a naturally good source of
    vitamin D (and we all know this vitamin is important for all of us; if not, google it! I'm not your professor, thank you!)  
  • Oh yes, eggs do have a lot of cholesterol but it's the yolk and not the egg white (we just can't get rid of the yolk, can we?!)
  • Apparently the entire month of May has been declared "National Egg Month"
  • Approximately $5.5 million is what the most expensive egg ever sold cost.
    It was the Faberge "Winter Egg".
  • The cholesterol in the yolk is unlickly to kill you. It is much healthier than saturated and trans fats
  • Eating ten eggs a day is not a good idea either, but one egg will not kill ya.
  • Egg shells go in your compost (if you have one!)
  • Quite funnily...I've been eating a hard boiled egg every day for about a week and it has changed my complexion positively. I'm amazed.

I'm sure you noticed I love colored eggs. Unfortunately I didn't color any this year. I normally love doing this but I just didn't feel creative this year. But the eggs I've been eating they are definitely colored...today it was a green one. Not that this interests you but I felt like sharing. And, oh, I wasn't kidding about the skin part; I really do see a difference. 

So, if you excuse me I'm going to find me some fun recipe for tomorrow, or the next day. Eggs included.

Have a fun day.


♥ S ♥

Sources: Sunnyqueen Egg Facts / Incredible Egg / Egg Nutrition Center / University of Harvard
Pictures: Google / Pinterest

P.S. why the disclaimer? Years ago I got into a huge fight over this same exact topic (and others too), and while I totally respect anyone for not eating meat, fish, eggs, and anything else (and see their point to some extend) I do wish to get the same respect in return. It's just how it should work. I'm not a spokesperson for anyone, or anything nor do I want to make people eat stuff they are strictly against. After all, I'm not gonna be rude to you for posting something about chocolate or liver, or both which would be a weird combo but you never know. So just don't yell at me for writing about this, thank you!


Unknown said...

I used to HATE eggs. But over the years have grown to really appreciate them. Love the pics :)

Unknown said...

I like eggs baked in things, I just don't eat them by themselves, but I love chickens! You can also bake the shells and give them to your chickens to eat, it has I think good calcium for them, but you have to bake them first otherwise they'll just start eating their own eggs.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing! Love it!♥

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

I love me some eggs. Especially egg salad. When I do those for lunches I am full for the whole day!!

Love that you eat them as part of a beauty routine. :) Good to know next time I break out.

Claire said...

Hello! Love your blog too! (and i eat eggs) xx

k said...

I loooove hard boiled eggs...maybe I will try eating them everyday, I wanna see what happens with my complexion!

Cat said...

Interesting! I used to HATE eggs but since hubby started to whip up some for Sunday morning breakfast, they have really started to grow on me :)

xx Cat brideblu

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I am a big egg fan! A runny yolk is my weakness. Hmm for some reason it doesn't sound as appetizing when I see it in writing, but I hope you know what I mean! haha!

p.V.e said...

I have a love/hate relationship with them! As of right now though I love them!

Blicious said...

cute blog!!


Fresh Out of Lemons said...

I'm curious- does anyone else eat their scrambled eggs with ketchup?!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I learned a lot about eggs :)

Sierra said...

What fun and colorful eggs - I miss Easter already and wish you were here to dye eggs with me. We would have had a blast. :)


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