April 11, 2011

Have a Turquoise Monday

Hello my readers, 

Happy wordless Monday. Whoops. We all know I suck at this wordless game...
You may have figured out I love pink. Though pink is not the only color making my heart jump a little faster...yes, a color can do that to you. Turquoise, or tale or simply light(er) or dark(er) blue as some may call this fresh, clean, and vibrant color never disappoints me. Especially during warmer (or hotter) days I just love it - on toe nails, on me while wearing a scarf, or a linen shirt, or holding a turquoise bag, at home, in restaurants and cafes, or simply just while wearing accessories; I love it. It instantly brightens my day, and no matter how awful I feel my bad moods are gone in seconds. Not that I have many moody days but ya know what I mean, I hope. ;)

So for today it's turquoise day!!
Have fun.
I know I am.

I'd love to take a shower right there...seriously.


If I could I would add this to my non-existent birthday gift list...I know I would never wear it but it's so gorgeous!

Oh my...I'm in love!
Have a great start into this week my readers.
It's been beautiful over here, and quite too hot for this time of year but I am so not complaining.


♥ S ♥


Dree said...

Turquoise is such a beautiful colour. I think that the colour that I most enjoy is a really deep red. It's almost always on my nails!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

That turquoise bathroom is perfect. Something tells me that a bathroom like this would make me a bit more eager to get up in the mornings. It's hard to start off on the wrong foot when surrounded by blue!

Amy Rene said...

That color is beautiful! I want to jump in that water now.

Anna Walker said...

Turquoise is gorgeous!
I love the first picture and what the print says!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I am loving this color too! That bangle is ah-mazing!

samnhal said...

That bracelet is gorgeous! It's nice to have something like that that always cheers you up.

Deidre said...

Love those turquoise picture frames!

Novelista Barista said...

love love love the blue!

shopgirl said...

Just stumbled upon your blog Selma and I really like blue and this inspirational quote.

Cheers for this!
Rambles with Reese

Lynzy said...

I am just in love with that turquoise bathroom! Perfect way to start the day :)
xo Lynzy

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Such a gorgeous, happy color.

Ocean Dreams said...

Turquoise is just amazing, seriously. It reminds me of the ocean and that last picture? I'm pretty sure I have it - it's a Betsey Johnson (I think that's the brand name) bracelet. :)


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