May 18, 2011

My happy drink "medicine"

Being sick is never funny. And by that I just mean the really not too bad and horrible stomach flu, or the flu in general. Yes, it is nasty and yes it's annoying. Though it's really nothing compared to a lot of people out there (even among this beautiful blogger community) who suffer from a greater illness, have endured more pain than we could ever imagine, and really who see a little nasty cough, fever, stomach flu and such as nothing special. I salute them all for being brave, strong and so wonderful in what they are going through. I really do. So naturally the following makes me feel bad, because really, I just had the flu. A nasty one, yes but again it wasn't anything at all. 
I'm feeling a lot better today and I'm happy about this. Sometimes our body just wants to have a real break from it all and I think it was my time to have that break. :) 
Though today's post is not about my silly flu. Over the past 20 years (yes, I'm that old!) I have learned that one nice drink helps me get better in time. It's not the best drink and it certainly is no solution. Though feeling dizzy, incredibly nauseous, and having an incredibly upset stomach has made me reach for the coke bottle. Yes, the Coca-Cola bottle we either love or hate. I know lots of people that don't drink it (and I'm very okay with that) and I know those that only drink this and nothing else (hmmmm!), and I know me who drinks it when she feels she's about to faint or can't walk straight because she's hungover. Okay, the latter part hasn't happened in a very long time (meaning years!!), so let that be put aside. Now you may think I am totally going crazy here, and may it be that way lovely readers...but today's post is about this very unique drink I call my emergency drink. Especially when there's no doctor around or any medicine I agree with. 

Call me insane.
I just love my little 125-year-old "medicine".
Yes, it just turned 125 years old if you haven't heard, read or seen it by now. Amazing!
Imagine the person who came up with this. How crazy people thought that person is to think a funny syrupy thing would be a good drink to offer people, and that this silly idea would last this long. Just wow! Sometimes I wish I had some genius brain going that would come up with something as grand as this drink. Hmmm, maybe I'm just going to try. Ha! I wish.

And since I'm a huge sucker for anything "old" and "interesting" looking...I found the following pics and I just have to share with you all. Hope you don't mind, especially those lovely once out there who just don't drink. :)

*this is a drugstore with a CocaCola sign from 1920 - awesome!*

5 cents for a glass of coke in a tea glass?! Sure!!

*it changed a lot over the years*

 *but this is the ultimate thing we all know today*

So if you excuse me, I'm going for my last glass of medicine today. No more after that. We all know this isn't the ideal drink when it comes to making sure we are on a healthy diet. But nonetheless the real deal (no diet, or zero, or whatever else there is available) will always be my medicine if I feel nasty again. Nothing else has worked for me. But I heard that other bubbly drinks do the trick as well...not as good, but definitely help, too!

Have a fantastic day!!!


Photo source: click on images 


Val said...

I agree with you 100 percent!!!! Coke always cures all.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I my heart has a special place for Coke! It is my instant cure to the summer heat.

feiane (fe-yan) said...

this is my life saving drug! when i have a bad stomach... my life!....

always coca-cola

Christianna said...

I also have a wonderful addiction to Coca-Cola! It's the best thing ever, it helps with my headaches, can't get any better then that!

Polyvorina said...

I love old soda ads! I don't usually drink soft drinks, but like you, I have my moments! For me, it's my "concentration" drink (or at least it was) whenever I had a big school project or exam coming up - I would load up on Pepsi! We all have our "things," right? ;)

samnhal said...

Those ads are so cool. I hate coke though, and pepsi. I don't drink a lot of pop, but when I do, it's root beer. I like seeing the history of the coke bottle, that's so cool.

Claire said...

i don't drink much coke, but every now and then, after a hot busy day at work, i love having an ice cold bottle :) I love those adverts!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I'm not a huge pop drinker but every now and again I CRAVE Coke!

Titine and totoche said...

Hello! I'm not a big coke drinker, but the adds are so pretty, any old adds are cool no?? I have this cookie jar with old kelloggs adds, it came with cereal inside, and yeah, definitely does its marketing job hehe.

Hope you get better soon!!

Saludos :)

audrey marie said...

old coke bottles have such a fantastic vintage feeling! i want to gather a few and use them as bud vases!!

Ocean Dreams said...

I love coke, except, I am always hooked on Diet Coke. Yum.


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