August 26, 2011

Fashion inspired

Most of you know I love fashion, and I have to admit I also love certain designers or brands. I never talk about it though. And now I won't really either, but I have to confess that although I wanted to save money while I am back in California again I spoiled myself a little bit. I wanted to be a good girl and save, but easier said than done when your shopping buddy M is into fashion and makes you try on clothes and shoes and whatnot. I just wanted a dress, and what did I end up with? Two dresses, one top (which could be a dress too I assume) and a pair of new sunglasses. The latter inspired me to share with you...and since today is Fashion it goes!

Tory Burch!
Thank you for my awesome new sunglasses! I love them.

I got them two days ago. Not that I wanted to buy sunglasses. We actually went shopping to look for a new pair of shoes that I would need this Saturday at a fundraiser party but nope, instead of the shoes I got me a pair of new sunglasses. Oh well. I will just attend the party with blue flip flops. And please don't freak out, it's an outdoor event on the grass and not super dooper formal, so it's okay! Sigh...
Going back to the fashion inspired post...I was browsing through the main website and found the following cute items...the boots are my favorite. Not because I love boots (I love them, but I can't wear them I'm too short and it just looks weird on me!), but because of what they are called. Tory Burch I love you even more!

 Click on the shoe and see what they are called! I just love them because of that! :) 

And to get a bit more fall are my favorite shoes and items for this fall season.
Not that I'm gonna get any of these...unless someone else pays for it!

And to formally end my fashion inspired Friday post I thought I'd share an item I'd love to get for my birthday. Oh wait, it was in June. Never mind!

click on the image for source

 And I decided to participate again in 

Have a good Friday!!!
And hello new followers!!

♥  Selma


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Ok forget the fact that those riding boots are gorgeous - you HAVE to get them simply because of the name :)

And I wish I could afford all of this stuff. Everything is so adorable.

Amy Rene said...

love the boots! and the sunglasses of course. now to find me a money tree...

Claire said...

sunglasses are always a total nightmare for me. Every year it is a trauma to find any i like. This year i spent the most ive ever spent on them and i'm hoping they will last, and that i will still love them next year :)

a Bug and Bird said...

i also seem to favor the same group of designers as well j.crew, kate spade, tory burch... i like cleanliness

love those boots, ah

M.R. said...

love everything!

i need to start putting money away in my fall clothing fund! im ready to start buying! :-)

Kori Donahue said...

I love Tory! She was my first Fashion Friday post! My mom just got herself a pair of Reva flats today for her birthday. Thanks for linking up honey! Kori xoxo

Susan said...

Totally on the lookout for a pair of wedge lace ups just like the ones pictured.
All great finds.
Stopping by from Fashion Friday!

Ocean Dreams said...

Oh wait were the glasses you wore at DLand Tory Burch? I totally forgot to ask you!! Love those boots and this designer is fab!

Kristin said...

Looooooove your new sunnies and those riding boots are oh so fabulous!

Erika Peterson said...

I really do like the boots!


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