November 29, 2011


Life happens these days.
I don't know where I should go or what I should do in order to keep smiling, breathing, and heck, surviving. Thanksgiving break was fun, saw a couple of movies (J. Edgar and The Help - yes I know, I am so behind watching this movie...but hey, at least I saw it!), slept in (so needed) and appreciated the blog/twitter/facebook world a lot. Why? Well, you got to sign in at the right time, read the right posts and then decide in seconds. I scored some awesome sold-out tickets for December 3 to the Improv. We wanted to go but couldn't decide whether work and school allowed us some time off, and then it was too late to get them. You should have seen my face when I saw someone trying to sell her tickets (yes, Kori I'm talking about you!). I went gaga. Ok, maybe not, but I was seriously not even thinking twice about it...I said yes, asked my friend, checked work schedules and yes, got them the same night. Sometimes you just got to answer and act quickly...otherwise, the luck is gone! I think I was lucky that night! Thank you!!!
So, am I excited? You can bet on it!!! (Happy early Birthday M.!!)  :)

I am also working on preparing Christmas gifts these days...I have pretty much everything ready and will send them soon. If not, Christmas gifts turn into New Year's gifts which is nice, too. Everyone gets something for why not for New Years?! Ha!!!!

So yeah, do I sound busy?
I hope so, because I truly am.
Did I ever mention finals are coming up, too? No? Well, yes, they are and I am already freaking out.
However, after finals I'm going to St. Louis so yay!!! I'll be having a blast there.
Oh, right...I'm also packing for my trip...seriously...these next two or three weeks are going to be insane!

Have a fabulous day everyone.
Stay warm...enjoy life, and don't take it for granted (I have my reasons why I'm saying this today!!).



Courtney said...

hope you're able to find some time for you too! :) i love being busy, but often I realize I've forgotten to take care of me too :) Happy Holidaysssss!!!!

Vanisha Mishra-Vakaoti said...

Remember to steal moments in the day just to have a bit of a break and relax :) It'll be over soon!

Meghan said...

Girl, you are SO busy! I hope you get through these next few weeks and maintain your sanity! :)

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Good luck on finals! The end is near! :)

I'm so glad this semester is almost over...I'm in need of some new subjects before I go crazy!

Christianna said...

Life sounds like it's going well! Busy, but good!

Sometimes you've just gotta jump on things, and then it all works out!

samnhal said...

eee, good luck with your finals. They're so hard, but it's such a nice feeling to be done with them and relax for the holidays!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You do sound busy!!! Hope you get some free time!

Ocean Dreams said...

I'm so glad that your finals are over now. You worked so hard and congrats on your A! Weee! Love that LIFE pic - so true with all of the words that comprise of our life!


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