November 25, 2011

I am "blank" because...

Well I should I titled it I am copying things. There I said it. No, don't worry...I'm not stealing things, I am just borrowing the idea. Maybe it's the same thing. Either way I saw the following on different blogs (like here and here) and just felt like sharing this great idea. I feel I'm lacking ideas and feel my blog needs some lift-me-up moments (which of course, this post today doesn't really qualify as a lift-me-up post. You better be the judge of that one though!), and so I think a "I am "blank" because..." post is needed!

So here it is...have fun!!

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I am weird because...
I don't like chocolate or peanut butter
I talk to myself when I feel lonely (I know it's horrible!!), stressed, or irritated
at my age I don't have my shit together (excuse my language!)
music can easily dictate my mood these days
I watch teenage drama shows on TV even though I am no longer a teenager

I am a bad friend because...
I leave my friends behind and move on with my life (in another country!)
I sometimes do not respond to text messages right away because I have nothing to say
I am jealous of what my friends have and I don't

I am a good friend because...
even though I'm far away I always think of them and want to share every detail with them
I sent my condolences across the ocean when I learned my friend's dad passed away on Monday
my friends know I'm bringing home any kind of souvenir gift wherever I go (clothes included)
I remember birthdays easily and would never ever forget them
I support them with anything I can contribute if they are in need

I am sad because...
I can't spend Christmas, New Years, or even Carnival season with my family and friends
"aunty" Selma misses out on her little nieces and nephews growing up
next year would have been the year I would have taken my cousin to Vegas with me (as promised)
     but this is never going to happen - so instead I'm planning on going and drinking on her behalf
sometimes I have nothing really to say or do and it makes me feel awkward about life

I am happy because...
I live in California again
I have friends I can rely on and never have to feel left out
of new friends I met over the past year
I can walk around without a heavy winter jacket and scarf all around my neck during winter
the dogs accept me and want to cuddle every day
this semester is almost over

I am excited for...
little things happening on a daily basis
my trip to St. Louis and countryside Illinois
my friend visiting me soon
the future and what it has in store for all of us!

Hope you had an amazing week, and a fantastic Thanksgiving if you reside in the U.S.
And if you went out for Black Friday hope you didn't get pepper sprayed!


Ocean Dreams said...

I think you are the most amazing friend EVER and don't you forget it!! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks and I also think you are good at getting back to text messages and thanks for always being there for me. Love you and he he I'll stop being a mush now.

Excited for you for your happenings coming up and I'm sure your friends understand why you are in CA - you are making dreams come true! :)

Vanisha Mishra-Vakaoti said...

I think you're a great friend too :)

I really enjoyed your answers, glad you played along Selma <3

Christianna said...

What a cool post! You're awesome Selma!

I love all these little deets!

Ashley said...

I have news for you...nobody really has their shit together! :)

You're doing great girl.

And yes, I've talekd to myself before ;) ha.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I wish I was living in CA, enjoy it girl! And you're not weird.. I watch those shows too. lol

dina vanessa mercado said...

very sincere and straight from the heart post, so love it!!! i think you really are a wonderful person your blog, following you now, hope you could visit my blog too..kissess!!!

little t said...

Aw, those things don't make you a bad friend. But not liking peanut butter or choc does make you weird!

Can't wait for Christmas either. It's soooo near x

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I can totally understand not liking chocolate but peanut butter!?! Eek!

Val said...

I'm happy we are blogging friends and I love this post!

Alexa said...

Hold on. You don't like chocolate or peanut butter? Weird! ;)

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

I too have a text message delay. I totally understand that.

I hate talking on the phone and people who pester me via text. I'm a loner when it comes to that mode of communication. :)

Amy Rene said...

oh I love this idea!! I may have to steal if from you :)

And Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you had a great weekend!


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