November 26, 2012

No Need For Any Explanation

I'm beyond exhausted. I took me also three attempts to write the word "beyond". It always came out to beyong, yond, byond. Don't ask. I'm exhausted. And yes, I'm writing this with my pinky...

Hope you all had a  fun Thanksgiving (hopefully no drama but tons of good food???!!).
My cough is almost gone, and I'm ready to conquer this week.
I have a huge test Tuesday morning, and a long paper due Wednesday (and yes I'm saving it on multiple places so I won't freak out the night before it's due - remember?!). Also, I registered for next year's/semester's classes and I can already tell you one thing...I'll be even more exhausted. I think. Maybe not. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday I am determined to decorate our Christmas tree, and arrange some Christmas flair in the house. :) And I'm also determined to share with you some fun photos of moi, and some other things because I believe this lil blog of mine needs a little fun too.

Can you believe November is now almost over?!
Heck, where did the time go?! HELP.

So, I gotta go, finish my paper, study some more and then sleep. I believe I'll be in bed by 9.30 tonight. Yes, I can predict that much.

Hope you are doing well.
I'll be back soon....promised.
Missed you all and hope you had a wonderful couple of fun days of fun last week.



shopgirl said...

You poor thing! I hope you feel better soon Selma!

Adore this photo! So awesome!

Sam M said...

Man school is time consuming. Dec 14th. I just keep saying that to myself. I never would have thought that someone being busy in school effects other people too. I can't wait for this supposed hardest semseter to be OVER! It sounds like you have another busy one coming up though. Good luck on your test and paper!


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